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    Crow Bar,

    I’m doing the ‘chicken funk’ now.

    And if you know that obscure reference, I am impressed.

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    For them , this is nothing new . During the Cold War , they had an EXTENSIVE civil defense program . It was very well equipped , they even had a small radiation kit made for every person , as well as gas masks . Much like ours in the 1950’s , but better equipped , and farther reaching  , which is very odd , considering the regime . When all the satellites broke off , they had literal warehouses full of that crap , they didn’t know what to do with . Its almost criminal that we stopped our civil defense program , in favor of FEMA . The old program was set up to give people in even small towns a well known rally point , usually department store basements , but it was something . Like us , the modern federation , has let theirs go as well . Anybody prepping , should have a form of iodine anyway , and I’m sure we do . As far as the implication of nuclear war goes , I really don’t think they would be the ones doing a first strike . They would do retaliatory / response strikes however , no doubt . They are not the Soviet Union . Germany and France together could easily hold their own against them . The bear is still dangerous , but its missing a lot of teeth , as well as having a population crisis , making any sustained conflict with a major power impossible . The Chinese , on the other hand could lose half their population , and still have plenty . They scare me .


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    Crow Bar

    Tracking you Whirli! Tracking!

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