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    Josefina Arenas

    What recommendations do you have for RVs, Campervans, or custom conversion? I just read the thread on sanitation and followed the link for the AirHead composting toilet, which seems like a great option for an RV or Campervan.

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    Try before you buy. Rent something the size you are thinking of purchasing. Find out before that you need more space/seating.

    Composting toilet? For a family of 5-6, not gonna work. Overload.

    For anything longer than a couple of days, a spare gas ring (turkey burner) is wonderful and keeps from heating the entire trailer up in summer.

    Auxiliary power cable and alternative gas source.
    It may be just a regional SHTF and you end up parked at cousin Jethro’s place two states away, riding out the hurricane.
    Being able to piggyback off his houses propane tank, water and power makes your life so much easier.

    Don’t max out the vehicles tow weight with just the trailer alone. Once you start adding gear, food and water, you can quickly overload your tow vehicle. Running a second vehicle loaded with food and water helps immensely.

    Trailers commonly need seal work done every 5 years or so, plan on it as a regular chore.
    Buying a used trailer, I would plan on it before the next winter/storm season. Black mold and water damaged wood are no fun.

    All of the normal maintenance items also apply, grease the hubs, the ball, use antifreeze in the water system, and so on.

    Right now, I am considering the rebuild route, picking up a $500-1000 trailer and doing a gut and rebuild to it, to get what we want.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Whirlybird is dead on.
      Have 2 or more load plans. For me it’s vacation then hunting then SHTF. The hunting and SHTF are very close.
      You take different things for vacation area hookups as opposed to no hookups like where I camp to hunt.
      In SHTF the cutsie lights, flamingos and kiss the chef apron gotta go. You need to know what to quickly dump out.

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