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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Hi, all.  Cinnamon Grammy here. I thought I would share some new info about how to treat SAD/depression. I hope it helps someone.

    I have depression which is exacerbated by Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter.  (I think I have been depressed most of my life, with a touch of anxiety, and just did not know it.)  I complained to my MD at the last check-up about the meds not working very well.  Well, mostly Hubby did because I argue with him more and tell him that he is wrong.  The MD took a blood test to determine which medication I should use.

    Apparently there are now DNA tests that determine which meds are taken up by your system better than others.  He sent a letter back saying the one that I was on was not effective and recommended a change of medication.  Hopefully that will work.

    The Prepper issue with this is, of course, I have about 90-days worth of my current pills stashed.  LOL.  Well, some is better than none when the stores run out.

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    Red Carnation

    Probiotics help (gut health affects the mind) along with Vitamin D.

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    Move !

    Seriously , thats the only cure . I also have that , however its the opposite of the most common variety . I hate warm climates . I was in an area of perpetual heat and sun , the effects are the same . Only way to resolve that is to relocate . I went from AZ to Maine . Black and white difference , I no longer have that issue .

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Tokil:  Moving is how I discovered that I had SAD.  I worked in Hawaii for three years.  When I returned to Minnesota, in November, I immediately spiraled down.  My daughter noticed it and my now Hubby found a light.  Relief in a month.  I love my light – Sunbox DL at http://www.sunbox.com.  I have long breakfasts under the lamp

    Red Carnation:  I had not heard of that.  However, I have recently discovered that I can not tolerate dairy products.  While I have known this, I have used Lactaid for symptom relief.  That no longer works.  I have been taking pro- and pre-biotics for the last month in order to be less intolerant.  It will be interesting to see if it also helps with SAD. But with changing anti-depressants at the same time it will be difficult to determine which helped the most.

    Enjoy the winter sunshine – when you can find it.



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    Cinnamon granny if you are near farming area with cows first find one who will sell raw milk and tests for a2  gene a a2a2 cows milk is tolerable for alot of Lactose intolerant people, or buy vitamin d2 make sure it’s that kind d3 is a little  sun time

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    I second the DNA tests. I had that done through Genelex. Insurance companies can be picky when it comes to paying for it though.

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    Cinnamon Grammy, the lamp is what my daughter uses. It has helped her a lot. Though she does go outside even in the cold weather for at least 15 minutes during cold weather. That also seems to have helped her. She also found out her Vit. D was low and was put on Rx Vit. D. Now she just takes the over the counter D. Doing much better now.

    I have been unusually tired these last few days. I assume it is because I have been pushing myself to get things done around here. I still need to get the clothes and books done. Have 2 big boxes in foyer to put them in to go out. But no energy right now. Thinking thyroid is low again plus with the diabetic issues as well. Did change doctors. so hoping things will get better. Doc will be doing test on both myself and hubby in March. Had to get away from Doc quack. He was a reality check.

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    rob stef

    23 and me has the med compatibility lists as part of its DNA tests. you should be aware that various agencies have been forcing the DNA testing companies to turn over all DNA info en mass to enter into data bases . Some access is also being sold to insurance companies who are raising rates or cutting people off based on problems they might have later in life. So while it provides useful info keep in mind you have no real control over who else has your info afterwards. I have also seen a couple articles of drug companies trying to patent any interesting genomes.

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    Tuffy Rickabaugh

    Have had SAD diagnosed over 10+ years.  Looking back it’s likely I’ve had it my whole life. As winter progressed each year I got sick more and more often in school. Spent 50% of Christmas Vacations as a kid sick in one way or another, cold flu bronchitis.   Much easier to deal with if you know it’s there and aware its coming each fall.  Still need my wife to remind me occasionally because some years I don’t feel it coming on but she sees me change.  That’s one of the reasons were moving, beside PA becoming a crap hole.  Working from home with a basement office makes it imperative to go out for lunch or walk or take a long drive in the sun when its to cold to walk.

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    OldMt Woman

    For me, I got some good advice.  Take off your sunglasses.  I’ve always light sensitive eyes – documented by numerous pics of a younger me with eyes shut as camera flashed.    About a decade ago, I reluctantly began to be outside with my eyes exposed, especially as winter was coming.  Not staring at the sun …just living.  There is a gland that has something to do with S.A.D.  I haven’t had a problem since then.  I didn’t have a very serious case, I suspect.   But I did always felt like I was about to come out of my own skin in late fall/early winter.  Celebrated that day in Dec when we’d get a few more moments of sunshine each day.  🙂   Dunno if that will help anyone.

    ..still hate exposing my eyes without my sunglasses but I now tolerate it easier.

    OldMtWoman  …good luck to you all!  It’s a creepy, sneak-attack sort of thing, isn’t it?

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    My daughter has done much better with her SAD but now moving to N. Carolina. Hoping she will not have any issues. Hers is a mild form of it and just using the sun lamp has helped her. She is doing much better with that now.

    Hope everyone that has that, will improve as time goes on. Winter can be a dark time for a lot of people.


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    Crow Bar

    I get outside as much as I can, even in the winter. Gotta walk the dogs!

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