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    I posted a really great article from a fellow blogger, Erica, over on my website today. There were several ideas I had not considered.

    55 Ways To Save Money on Your Utility and Water Bills

    One thing that I often think about is that the ability to greatly reduce utility usage will be very important in the event that we run into widespread economic difficulties. I believe that a lot of people will go without utilities because they won’t be able to keep the bills paid. As well, frugal measures will help if you are using alternative power too.

    What are some more ways to drop your power bills?

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    Crow Bar

    Doing nunmbers 32 and 33 now.

    Tee-shirt, a long sleeved performance over shirt from REI, and a NF fleece.

    On the bed, along with a comforter, I have a wool knit blanket that is very warm.

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    8. Replace old dying appliances with new (or newer) energy efficient ones.
    If you really want to be green, check the Co2 cost ito manufacturing vs using the device until it is properly broken.

    9. Use your grill or firepit to cook a meal instead of the stove.
    Point to ponder here is the sustainability of the wood source and smog if too many people decided to do it. Unless it is gas. With gas the thing to keep in mind is the cost of energy of a unit of gas vs unit of electricity. Gas where I am is more expensive then electricity, and in some cases, not as effective ito transfer of the energy than for example a stove top or the best thing ever, induction stove / plate.

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    I’ve just put in some motion sensitive LED lightbulbs in the hallway, porch and bathroom for the times I have a senior moment and forget to turn said lights off.😁

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    #9, have a look at coppicing.

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