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    Slowly the scientists are getting the messages through Watch this short video

    With special thanks to Greta Thunberg and what she started worldwide with publications like The Guardian who have now also committed to telling it like it is.


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    Mouse Wizard

    Video is geo-restricted. Oh well.

    11,000+ scientists, 183 countries, across many disciplines not just climate science.

    Wait, where are all the deniers? They’re usually on this stuff like a pack of dogs on a three-legged cat.

    Problem is, it’s too late. What we’re seeing now is the result of greenhouse gases pumped out during the ’80s. This gets us hottest decade ever and major weather events happening worldwide with regularity. A regularity that was not evident in prior decades.

    Half the ocean plankton is already dead. Plants love a high-carbon, low-oxygen environment. Humans, not so much.

    Got wasteland survival skills?


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      Here you go Mouse Wizard : Scientists declare climate crisis upon us

      In searching for it, I see that video is all over the main outlets.

      Before the 80’s …
      Note: Co2 is not the problem, plants need that. HOWEVER, if you burn down the forests, rip out natural fields in favour of farming, THEN you have a Co2 problem: Latest data shows steep rises in CO2 for seventh year

      BUT … I also have a strong suspicion that the BIG fast global changes are somehow linked to the effects the sun has on the earth. Ever X thousand years there are changes happening that has nothing to do with humans.

      HOWEVER, that humans are fouling up the earth good and proper … Abso-Bloody-Lutely.


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    Dr Judith Curry, climatologist, over 140 published papers, declares climate change a hoax, no media coverage.

    Greta Thunberg, 16yo teen that reads off a script, not a scientist. Full media coverage.

    Who are you going to believe?

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      140 papers … that is fishy. she must either be under the whip to publish and/or she is earning a ton of cash for publishing so many papers.

      You have people who are publishing for the sake of publishing, then you have people who spend a lot of time researching and then publish a few papers on real research.

      Who am I going to believe? Greta Thunberg.
      As a matter of fact, I believed LONG before she was born.

      1) She is still a school girl i.e. not on someone payroll.
      2) I can see the changes that are taking place for myself in just 25 years, where we live.

      Any scientist who says climate change is a hoax is either blind or on someone’s payroll.:-)

      The real question that is coming around more and more: Why is the US of A so against accepting climate change?

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    Mouse Wizard

    Folks, you’re standing at the edge of a meadow, looking uphill at the trees, and focusing on this tree, or that tree. Meanwhile, that rumbling you hear is the avalanche heading your way from above the very thin line of trees.

    That avalanche is composed of four interacting predicaments:

    • Climate Chaos
    • Economic Disruption
    • Resource Depletion
    • Social Disintegration

    The whole band is building to a crescendo. Interlocking triggers and feedback loops between natural and human systems will kill most of us. If you plan to come out the other side of that bottleneck, you’ll need supplies, fortitude, luck, and wasteland survival skills. Get cracking.


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      @Mouse, You keep talking about “wasteland survival skills”. Are there any books specifically on those skills? Or are you just pulling our leg with that phrase? A quick search on Amazon shows only fiction book. Anybody know of such books?

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    Mouse Wizard


    Dr Judith Curry, climatologist, over 140 published papers, declares climate change a hoax, no media coverage.

    Greta Thunberg, 16yo teen that reads off a script, not a scientist. Full media coverage.

    Who are you going to believe?

    Uh, I’ll go with the 11,000: 1 ratio. Thanks for playing.


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    Crow Bar

    Here is my totally unscientific CC/AGW evidence:
    On the first day of school, my mother would take a pic of us, outside, in front of the same maple tree. This would of been the first Wednesday of September (why the school system chose that date, I dunno).

    Early on, you can see fall is in full effect, the maple tree and the trees/woods in the background are a riot of yellows, reds, and oranges. We usually have some kind of light jacket on. Yes, at one point in time, I had a Members Only jacket (hangs head in shame).

    As we aged, starting around the mid to late 80s the trees are less and less turning colors and more and more green.
    I recall my sister’s senior year, she is in a dress. No jacket required (without looking it up, name the artist).

    That is my evidence.

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    Crow Bar

    To add: But I dont think we have a computer model and enough computing power to really give us a true forecast.
    What I do know, there are too many of us nasty humans running around, we pollute way too much, we use wayy to many resources on dumb things, and we kill off other species.

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    Crow Bar

    We need something like the ending of the modern The Day The Earth Stood Still.
    Or Escape From LA.

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    I have read many articles on climate change.  True we need to clean up the waterways and true there are things we can do to clean up the air. But this is a lot of what I have been reading and hearing.  And yes this could be tin foil hat stuff but with our government like it is and socializm on the rise. Our food issures as we head for a possible famine. The way the squad as they call themselves say cows are polluting the air and wanting to do away with us eating meat.

    Climate change is not about the weather but about reducing the people. Our healtcare system is not failing because of insurance issues, obama care or anything else. It is failing because the one world gov. wants to reduce the carbon foot print of the people.  Climate change means less people to feed by killing us off. Like I said it could be tin foil hat stuff but if what I have read is right. We will have a lot to deal with.

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      A very dark view/thought/idea.

      To reduce the human population, all you need is a good old fashioned conventional/biological war. You can get double or even triple-digit percentages during that “culling”.

      To try and slowly reduce the population with like global climate change/populace control, is not going to work so well for the people wanting that. That is just going to get billions of furiously frustrated people in the end and that is not going to work out so well for anyone in the “one-world government” in the end. No quick double or triple digits like with a good old fashioned war.

      So now I wonder, by not wanting to engage in a world war, instead using global climate change/populace/media control/police states, is that because the “one-world government” may be scared that they may also get caught in the process when some nation/s react badly and go nuclear on their arses?

      Now I wonder, does having nuclear capabilities mean one is keeping the “one-world government” at bay?


      Ok, back to the real issue. I think it all is about money and power, the richer “they” get the more “they” want to keep it the less they care for the masses. The “one-world government” will come as a desperate last ditch attempt at keeping that control over the masses, which will work for a while until the masses one-day stops and says: ENOUGH!!!
      With a “Be gone you are.” in Youda’s voice.

      That will reset it all.

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    They want to do away with asthma puffer for co2 emissions and cut beef from menu to cut carbon….  you know what just like greta go f#$k yourself want to change climate get china to control emissions  want me to believe sky is falling learn math and physics so it not a feeling  but a fact conversation. Want less people tell coloured people to stop having kids.




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      Yea, like China, Australia, Russia and guess what, the USA. SA too.

      And here is a tidbit on non-whites birthrate outpacing white birthrates: Everywhere whites “intervened” non-white births have increased immensely.

      Flipside: White birthrates have been declining the richer the country gets. That is due to living costs increasing exponentially and as a direct result, the increased cost of having children/bringing them to adulthood. Unintended consequence or planned?

      Where they got it wrong, a couple of reasons I picked up, and it is not an exhaustive list at all::
      It starts off with whites wanting the resources that are in a non-white country with resultant corruption/bribes/war to get it.

      Over time the populace gets poorer and poorer due to corruption/famine/war until the whites start “helping” the poor. This is a problem. Anything given/taken for free never ever works out well for the receiver over extended periods of time, ever. Teach people to fish as they say. Better yet, get out of their countries.

      Then you have mother nature: When you live in constant hunger/fear/war/famine, birthrates escalate to ensure survival. Couple that with the above, and you have a serious problem.

      So yea, if non-white countries did not need the resources/opulence they insist on having and left the countries that had those “required” resources well alone, the world would have looked quite differently today.

      The Middle East/South America/Africa to name but a few.

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    So many years ago I used to run around with a bunch of people who worked at NCAR.

    After watching them ply with the numbers, data and statistics until they got the results they wanted.

    Since then, I haven’t believed anything that the climate change people put forth.

    And if we believed AL Gore and the scientists, we only had 12 years to go, and that was 25 years ago.

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    <span style=”font-size: 100%;”>The bottom line, ignore the scientist’s papers, ignore the Greta’s, ignore the politicians, ignore the media.</span>

    Like Crow Bar and I have said, we saw the change in our surrounds over a few decades.
    The question is: Did YOU notice anything where YOU live?

    The farmers here: Do/Did you observe changes that force you to alter your farming practices over decades?
    Any severe droughts/snow/flooding noticed?

    We can argue the causes, we can argue the solutions, the facts are:
    1) The climate IS changing, the poles are melting, the oceans are heating up and they are rising.
    2) The oceans are affecting the weather.

    And we agree: The world we are living in is getting more and more toxic. The water, the air, the soil. THAT is on us, humans, collectively.

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    Here is a thought I have had, before I read it, on earthquakes/volcanos spiking:
    I even emailed the USGS, they said nope. So I sent back some of their own research … not a word back.

    You have the polar ice melting right – BOTH poles – not just the one in the North. 🙂
    Billions of tons are therefor “moving off” the crust on both poles, the water flowing into the oceans.
    The crust over both poles moving ever so slightly upwards.

    No? O yes: Melting Glaciers Are Wreaking Havoc on Earth’s Crust

    You have read about this Magnetic north just changed. Here’s what that means.

    Now if the earth’s crust is rising ever so slightly over BOTH poles, the earth axis is moving due to some weight shifting with the sphere (most of us believe that) we live on having to re-settle coupled with say stuff like Newton’s (not papers published) tried and tested laws … equal but opposite reaction … what can possibly go wrong?

    Maybe more earthquakes or new quakes zones in places no-one knew/forgot them to be?
    Maybe a few existing volcanoes popping a top or two, maybe new ones appearing?
    More of what happened in Hawaii?
    Or the worst, a subduction zone – or two – slipping ever so slightly a fraction of a centimeter or two?

    All because of the polar ice caps melting resulting in the ever so slight movement of the earth’s crust over BOTH the poles necessitating a global resettling/stress release along some/most/all faultlines?


    So here is a tin-hat-high-on-exhaust-gas scaremongering thought:
    Which 1st world countries would be most affected? USA definitely, maybe China, not Russia so much.
    Which states in the USA have a higher GDP than some countries, have the “brains” of the world in one place?
    Are there any subduction zones close to these rich, highly educated states?

    Now ask: Which countries are fighting Global Climate Change?

    What are the chances that maybe this is one seriously nefarious cleverly disguised strategy to bring the USA to its knees by allowing the poles to melt?

    Like I said, tin-hat-high-on-exhaust-gas scaremongering thought.

    The science in the first half of this post still stands.

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    Mouse Wizard

    @ Anon 411:

    In partial answer to your question, I started a new thread:

    Wasteland Survival Skills


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