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    James Mitchner

    I have the Ruger ‘Gunsite’ Scout in .308 with the laminated stock.  Great little rifle.  It has put meat in the freezer.

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    Crow Bar

    I think it is better to keep it simple, rather than go down the AR route.

    I do like it takes AI mags.

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    Jack Simonton

    I agree with, and the link is outstanding.

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    Had a Remington 660 .308 that I had partially “Scouted” out.

    Conventionally scoped, never liked the forward mounted scopes, it was probably the one rifle that I have let go that I should have held onto.

    Detachable mags are good but not something that I like on a severe duty/hunting rifle.

    Not giving up my AR, but I am planning on tweaking a Mauser 98 for this purpose.

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    Crow Bar

    The Ruger Gunsite is still on my want list.

    Like to have a Steyr, but that is also twice the price. Same goes for magazines.

    Where I live, single digits and even negative temps are not unusual. I need a rifle I can count on when I squeeze the trigger, it goes BANG!
    Not CLICK!
    I have had that experience with the M16A2 service rifle happen to me too many times for comfort.

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    Dan the Old Guy

    I think Jeff Cooper did some incredible things for gun training in this country and I do not want to discount his enormous knowledge on firearms, but I never got the scout.  Apparently, neither did the guy who made the rifle in the photo in this article.  The scope covers the action instead of being forward as Mr. Cooper wanted.

    I understand the concept of the multi-tool which can do most things in a decent fashion, and I guess if you can only afford one tool, it is a good idea to get one that does as much as possible.  I think the idea of the scout is that you are out in the field and can only have one rifle, so better to have something that can do as much as possible.  I am home based though, so I am personally not limited to a single rifle.  I would rather have the proper tool for the job at hand.  If that means I need six firearms that are specialized for doing certain tasks very well, then that is the route I choose for myself.

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    Jack Simonton

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