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    Crow Bar

    Overnight looks like we got a few more inches of snow.

    Tis the season.

    What seasonal gear do you use the most or find to be the most practical?

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    For winter good boots and socks, mohair socks and big baffin boots. I have been using Terrex gloves (costco) the rubber outide and synthetic fleece inside they are pretty good and take longer to get wet.

    I have a cashmir and raw silk scarf the size of shemaugh and that helps stop the wind on bad days, I find my face itches when I put synthetic fiber on it. You can get the scarfs cheap in the 1 m square in Pakistan and Afghanistan where the pashtun sp? People wear them and weave them. Scarf not dyed it comes out  same color near a pine 2×4 off white yellow.

    Using udder butter cow teat treatment on your hands helps dried cuticle and seems to prevent infection, warning it is made with vaseline and turpentine oil and creosote.

    If  anyone hunts cariboo tan some of the hide hair on make folding tip mitts ie you can fold up tops so you can keep mitt on while using fingers for dexterity task. The hollow hairs keep you super warm but feel like shaving bristle brush so nice when not against skin.


    Good wrap around sunglasses made for safety glasses a two for one safety, wind and sun protection glare from snow is brutal here.


    Good overnight emergency kit in vehicle. this has alot of stuff too much to list







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    Crow Bar

    I normally gravitate towards performance gear like North Face, REI.

    But the other day I looked up for military surplus cold weather gear.  Found a Condition 2 (lightly used) Swiss army wool sweater, 1/4 zip, for $40.  I figured what the heck, give it a try.  Cheaper than some fleeces.

    Supposed to be here this week.

    Got a Smartwool shirt too.

    Will do a review once they get here.

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    Crow Bar

    Got out the snowshoes.

    I used to have a pair of Tubbs, but after . . . 5-6(?) seasons the decking cracked.  That is with nearly daily use.  I got my $200 out of them!

    Last year I got a pair of TSL Symbioz Motion snowshoes:

    They are even better than the Tubbs!

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