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    Atypical Sapien

    We had a state game officer talk about bears and bees at a recent beekeepers meeting. The coyote issue came up. He said that the country folks know how to take care of problems. The officer said that city people on the average don’t have a clue and cause more issues.


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    I live in a very rural area.  We all know for the most part, we are on our own or if you dial 911 it could be up to an hour before there is a LEO on the scene.  Not any fault of theirs, just fact of the matter.

    EMS on the other hand, we have a good volunteer department.  Response time from them is usually under 15minutes.

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    James Mitchner

    We have lived in a rural setting for almost 30 years.  At our new location we are very isolated.  We have access to a loaded firearm in every room.  We have two metal gates… one at the paved road entrance to our driveway and another 200yds below the house.  Also have a driveway alarm alerting us to any visitors long before they arrive.  We also habitually keep the garage door closed and the doors locked at all times.  If I’m out on one of the ATVs there is a rifle in the gun rack.  I also carry a handgun.  When moving around inside the house I am always checking what might be outside.  I’ve done it for so long now its second nature.  It would be correct to say that I stay in Condition Yellow.

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