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      Selco’s most recent article on TOP.

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      It’s mainly true but real separation is mental, fine shoot after cold hungry run to see your skill…. but can uou really kill your neighbours kid for trying to steal a chicken? Can you deal with family after you do that?  Can you live with yourself when assasin greif (ptsd) catches up with you?


      If it comes to knife fight can you stab beat or kill a former friend/co worker who thinks your food is theirs?


      There is one of selco truths abut guy with gun killed by guy with knife….. not equipment it’s willingNess to use it.

      It’s not like a video game, it’s not like a movie, even most police never kill on job though scary trend now unfolding. It’s not easy to do this it fundamentally changes you forever from that second on ward certain mental saftey switches are turned of for ever and you lose a piece of yourself with each subsequent action…. training even for military in first engagement most if they can fight fall back on training because they mentally check out from horrors. Are you ready for that?  What would you do if clan member was killed by another in wrol? No jails, not like you can afford to keep and feed this person, so now what? What happens if wrol returns and people start asking questions?

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      James Mitchner

      It may be possible to get an idea of different circumstances you could encounter, like your neighbor’s kid stealing your chickens or a ‘friend’ gone bad.  But we will not be able to predict how we would react to them, really.  Many things will impact our reaction, not the least of which will be both physical and mental state.

      I’m not 21 any longer and a hard physical career has left behind its marks.  I’m under no illusions now at 68 even though I’m in good health and visit the gym regular.  Age and previous injuries have a way of whispering in your ear, “Lets not do that!”.  Like the old man in one of Selco’s stories who made himself valuable to others by just passing along information or the one who kept that inoperable museum piece.  Perceived power IS power whether its real or not.  We just may have to be smarter and go about things a bit differently.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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