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    What are you doing this month to prep? Are you canning, building a food supply for winter, or working on any projects? Please share in the comments below!

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    Crow Bar

    The new wood furnace is on order.

    Got the first of 3 loads of wood in.

    Have to wait for the next two as the furnace guys have to come in through the wood shed.

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    got my 3 cord delivered & stacked in April. trying to finish up organizing materials in shed, other room, to make it easier to work with.  Had summer off, was able to get so much done, but now back to school, and having hard time completing tasks.  Farmers Markets, dehydrating veggies. Finally a little rain here to help with air quality due to all wildfires in general area.  Grateful to not be in hurricane zone.

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    Filled water bottles and put in the freezer. Stacked some concrete pavers along my front porch at a known point where water flows. Still need to pick up the rat bait stations and put them in the shed; so they dont go flying and something for the rats to feast on while taking shelter.

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    OldMt Woman

    Well hello to everyone!!  WHAT a past few months this has been!  I have no idea when I dropped off the radar here… but have been thinking of you all.  Had to come back today….Thinking of Florida and the other SE states.  Corsair!  I can read that you are certainly getting ready for whichever way H.Dorian decides to plunder.  🙁  Praying for all of you in potential path!!  And for those islands in Bahamas…..cannot imagine what they are enduring right now.  🙁  Over 200+ gusts?  Unimaginable.  I was only in 1 hurricane..a big one.  That was enlightening.

    We’ve had a pretty much delightful summer weather.  Rain when needed.  Haven’t had too much in the way of wildfire.  What there was…was quickly put out.  Nonetheless, we remain vigilant and ready.  ‘Tis our season for wildfire….and not yet over.  Very tall wild grasses – tall as me and I don’t think I’ve seen that before.  Potential fire-fodder.

    DH and I have had medical issues….not serious but time-consuming.  Our elderlies….that’s a whole ‘nother story.  🙁   They. Are. Elderly.

    What we have been doing mostly is clearing out stuff/junk/nonsense!  It’s slow but every itty bitty corner of renewed organization is wonderful.  As in:  Oh look!  I found ….this or that…   Often it’s prep stuff I’ve stashed and ….if you can’t find it — you can’t use it!  Even micro-decluttering is valid and time-worthy.

    I’ve also continued walking…with dog.  I’ve done as much as a mile a day…counting AM and PM walks.  For my level of disability – I’m thrilled.  I’m getting faster too, on the good days, of course.  BUT I must remember not to ‘have my head in the clouds’ on a couple of blind spots in the road.  Had to make an unexpected leap to the ditch one fine morning.  Hmph!  I know better and should have had dog on short length of retractable leash.  So then I calmly move over from edge of road to well-out-of-the-way in ditch…and she’s right next to me.  Welll, she was about 10 feet in front ….meaning I have to get waaay sideways to drag her off road and out of the way of vehicle.  The wise vehicle driver always slows down right there, fortunately, so we were ok.  Unfortunately, my leg seized and I fell on knee – still frantically zipping-in the leash to grab dog.  Driver stopped to help cuz I fell, tho I was completely off the road and safe.  My only concern was dangling dog.  All was well but that’s the last inattentive moment I want to have!!  Gouged knee is a reminder…hmph!

    Well, I want to go back and catch up a bit in the Aug….July  Check-In posts.  With all that’s going on here on our home front, not sure if I’m able to be regular.  But miss you all.

    OldMtWoman ….definitely keep on prepping!

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    Great to see you OldMtWoman. Dont be a stranger

    Today cleaning and organizing. Everything is done storm prep wise. Will do an exterior inspection later to see if anything came flying my way yet and to look for things I may have missed.Hurricane force winds are due this evening.

    Nice to see all the new faces. 🙂

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    OldMt Woman

    Prayers for you, Cosaire, and all others that will get whatever magnitude of storm this unpredictable monster will produce.  Have kin and a friend in the middle of FL too.  One on the Tallahassee side but likely she’s out of the path…mebbe.  I see the rain bands already on the Doppler Radar.


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    Good Morning everyone

    Last night was filled with rain and wind.So far so good. Hurt my toe while moving lights, so a bit of limping. Ok now.

    Had a talk with a couple of neighbors about the importance of having an emergency radio. They didnt obviously.Came as a surprise to me, cause I thought heck you are in a hurricane prone area and dont have one? Spoke about not getting crap. ( Running Snail, you guys need to be out of business).Running Snail ( amazon vendor ) is crap do not purchase. Will talk about this later in the “lessons learned” forum.

    Hurricane warning in effect until 5pm for us.

    Hope everyone is well

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greeting Forum Friends.

    I have not posted for awhile, just enjoying being outside, weeding and appreciating what we have here. Eating outside in our screened in porch has been a delight. One I need to indulge in more often. After reading the August Forum, it looks as if I did not post at all! And, others of you were equally busy this summer. Hope it was a good one for you all, but I see that some gardens did not cooperate.

    I hope that all who are on the East Coast are safe from whatever path Hurricane Dorian, or any other tropical storm that shows up. Take care!

    Ii The I key is loose on my computer. It may cause some interesting words.

    Crow Bar: Lucky and Good for You! Three cords of wood. You are ready!! Hubby is just starting to split. He is splitting what fell last September.

    akPoppie: Enjoy school. A lot of work, but it is amazing to be there.

    Corsaire: Good for you. Water bottles help keep the freezer cold longer. Hope the concrete pavers work. Best wishes for avoiding the storm ahead.

    Old MtWoman: Hope those potential fires stay away. Congratulations on cleaning out stuff and junk. Happy to see you are out walking again. Sorry about the “Space Cadet” that showed up one day and glad you are ok after your trip into the roadside.

    Emergency Radio: Corsaire, you spoke about this. Are you talking about a weather alert radio or just a radio that gets the local stations? What brand do you prefer and what are its features? Solar? Crank? Hopefully, the track of H.Dorian takes it away from you.

    Little Sister: How in the world did you can 78 pints of green beans in one day? How did you get enough – at one time, to can 78? The most I ever had was 15 quarts after being lazy for a week. Multiple canners? A large canner? Whew! You NEED a day of rest! My All American only holds 8 pints, or 7 quarts. I need a larger one.

    Perhaps next year you could join a CSA? A local farm that brings you farm fresh food each week? Or, make arrangements directly with some of the Farmers at the Market for what you would like to can. I have no idea if that will work.

    How was your eye surgery?

    Granny jSmith: How is your commercial kitchen? Are you still going to have one if you move back to the cottage? You need to be where you are happy.

    Muffy 1938: Keep on Sparking Away! Hope your KonMarie method has worked for you. It is amazing how fast a year goes and how much you can accomplish in that time.

    Mama Cando: How is your new stove? The with the change from electric to gas/propane, it was baking that gave me the most difficulty – How to adjust the heat and time for cookies.

    Love the pancake ideas!

    Keep challenging the kids, no matter what the age, to those games. It keeps the brain and memories sharp and vital. Good for you.

    Moving blankets!! Great idea! Help not only with light discipline but the cold.

    Gas prices over the Labor Day weekend ranged from $2.49 to $2.59. I scolded Hubby for sailing past the one station that had $2.33 on Friday. It all adds up in the long run; but not that important in the immediacy.

    My poor knees: I scraped my knee and lower Right leg when I got into a relatives boat over the Fourth of July. Deep abrasion, and the bruise covered most of my shin. I used hot and cold packs on it for over a week. Then I tripped over a rug and landed on my Left Knee. That was a terrible bruise; very deep and painful. Hot packs again. This meant I could not easily weed the vegetable garden for weeks. Hubby found other things to do, so the weeds took over. I could not see the cabbage or tomatoes. A month later, I have a scar on my right leg, that is not a problem, but I had to keep applying a heating pack because the bruise was deep along the shin bone. The left knee took a long time to heal, too. Still, I cannot just kneel on that knee. I wonder if I chipped the patella or something. Thankfully there are soft weeding cushions. I just put the sore knee into the handhold and things are fine.

    Then ended up with a cough, lasting nearly a month; well just getting over it. Not much of a cold/runny nose attached to it, just a cough that shows up after exertion or closer to bed-time and a lot of headaches. Been fighting that with red-wine vinegar gargles, Echinacea tea and capsules, and zinc lozenges for the sore throats. It is amazing how such little things like sore knees and a cough can stop you from being normally productive.

    Grandson #1 is off to college. North Dakota State University. NDSU. Only one week so far. Looking at his schedule…I could not do it. I hated 8 am classes. Plus his combined physics and engineering field has him taking classes that would have me screaming in pain. To each his own.

    He has a great sense of humor. At his grandfather’s lake home we always visit a candy shop in town; it has a great assortment of penny candy, plus fudge, ice cream, etc. Since he was not with us this weekend, I asked him what his favorite candy was, and he said Jolly Rancher. So, we purchased some. I cut up some small pieces of wax paper into the size approximating the JRancher wrappers, and took a picture of his youngest brother with a “Yum” look on his face, saying,” thanks for the idea, they were delicious.”   I will send them to him, though, since only a couple were eaten. Yes, he can buy candy there, but it is the idea that we were thinking about him at the store.

    I doubt he will be home much, but at least with cellphones, computers, etc., he will be able to communicate much better and more often that I did 50 years ago. He has already played video games with his two brothers, and they can chat while they do. I was impressed with how his father  handled a conversation the other day. We had all been on a video chat. Then people went their own way and SonIL asked GS#1, “Is there anything you would like to talk about in private?”  Good for him/them.

    Talk to you all soon.  Enjoy our Secret Club and its September Challenge! Thanks, Daisy.




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      Mama cando

      Good to hear from ya Cinnamon, Stove is AWESOME. Grandson2 and I baked a Caramel apple cake for when DH’s cousin came last week in the oven.  Figured out that when doing baking oven has a convection mode. Makes cake baking go really good. Everything went smoothly, although GRS2 is a bit impatient(hyper like his dad Son2 LOL).

      Talked to cousin in FL , they made it okay the two storms went around them but his Brother in Bahamas, not so good. The house is standing but flooded out.  His MIL and aunt were on Abaco, his wife was going nuts until they were found, house was partially destroyed but they made it safely thru it. Her cousin there evidently was on the Weather Channel seen riding on top a fire truck, either rescuing or being rescued.But they are all okay. FL cuz sent a pix of his dad (my uncle) looking at the “damages” from the high winds. A lot of  fronds from his Royal Palm tree in the back yard are all over the place but nothing else. That neighborhood has a lot of stuff to pick up but nothing like the Bahamas. Still praying for the Bahamians.

      Old Mt Woman, Funny your DH took a job, not sure I posted this but my DH is now a Census worker. He can sorta set his own hours but that may change if they don’t get enough done before the actual census. He’s physically verifying addresses  so when the stuff is mailed out next year , it will actually go to “real” residences.

      Glad you’re safe Little Sister. Was worried about Family down there but as posted did get thru to cousin and uncle down there.Have to check on Sisters as they are on the peninsula in VA tonight and see how they are, IF I can get thru. Took a couple of calls to actually get thru to uncle, kept telling me was something with the reception./wires ??. Baby sis said they were hunkering down but expected to be okay. Hope all are staying safe.

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    Hello, have just found the forums today.

    As for my preps, I have not done too much lately, just moved them around a bit. I’ve been focusing more on trying to convince my friends to build up some preps and things, but is a bit slow going at the moment. And that is my free time, been busy with work recently, so have had less time to tinker as well. But I have been looking around and reading online, and seeing many different writing contests for preppers and similar that have rewards that would greatly help my preps, so I’ve been debating about writing to them and about what I could write about. Compared to my friends, I look like a paranoid expert, but I have basically just put my foot into the water and am new to so many things, and tend to not have too many interesting and relevant things to write about. But I used to be one of the best writers in my school when I was still in school, and I think it would not be wasted effort, as in the process of writing something formally, even if it does not win contest, it could help my focus on some of my own preps around the house or something. Those are just my thoughts and opinions though, so any advice is welcome and appreciated, even if in reply I get caught on a point or so and forget to say it. Thank you!

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    grannyj smith

    Cinnamon Grammy

    I wish I could say the commerical kitchen was still on for me, but no, dh and kids want back in the farmhouse and rent this house out.  Dh said it will bring in money to get us debt free and then later on build or have a cabin moved in for a commerical kitchen.  I still have my home bakery that doesn’t require a commerical kitchen under the cottage law in Texas and it’s going to get really busy with baking during the holidays, so maybe it’s not the best time to go commerical.

    Had to change diapers and wipes we were using on the baby, so now trying Seventh Generation diapers and wipes and having Target ship them every four weeks, maybe I will not get caught short on diaper and wipes if an emergency hits.

    This morning I used the Krusteaz pancake mix to make breakfast sandwiches, poured a little batter into an egg mold and mixed some maple syrup crystals in the batter so it would melt into the pancake and when they were done split them, put bacon and egg in between and it taste good and cost less than a McGriddle at McDonald’s.

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    @Cinnamon Granny

    the radio, both. A combo unit where I could get am/fm and NOAA stations. The one I have now is a midland ER310. NOAA stations are coming in extremely clear.

    It has solar, crank, lithium and AAA batteries. I have energizers in there now, but they are discharging pretty quick. Will need to find a better solution.

    Since I only have 1 now, I’ll probably get a backup.

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    Farm Girl

    Hi all!  Last month, I cleaned out and organized my big bathroom.  It is a huge room, with a jacuzzi type tub, shower, toilet and some very nice cabinets.  Unfortunately, the water pressure here prevents us from using the jacuzzi, so, I use it to store my water bricks in.  I had been purchasing medical supplies and putting them in a large aluminum trash can until I had time and energy to organize it all.  I had bought plastic drawers in several different sizes to do just that.  So, last month I got determined to organize the room, and label everything so it would be easy to find.  I worked on it a couple hours a day most days, didn’t rush myself, and got the whole room organized.  Was very proud of myself, after spending 2 years buying stuff, now I can actually find it!!!!  This month, so far I have been canning chicken in pint jars, made some Hungarian Goulash from Daisy’s book “The Preppers Canning Guide”, got 7 quart jars of that.  Used some frozen homegrown tomatoes to make Tomato Basil Soup.  Only got 3 quart bags / servings out of it (plus the one I ate!), but it will be nice to have it ready to eat when I want it. (DH doesn’t like tomato soup, so it’s ALL MINE!!!  LOL!!)  For this month, I plan to try more recipe’s from Daisy’s book, plus a few of my own and get quite a stockpile built up.  Also plan to can some more chicken soup, as my son took all I had when he was sick, so I need some more!!  Hope everyone stays safe and healthy!  Prayers to all those hit by and in the path of Dorian.

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    SE Florida checking in

    All is well. A few branches around the neighborhood and apparently a power outage across the street,which has been repaired. Thats it. Looks like mail has resumed as I saw the truck. Trash and schools tomorrow

    Cut my finger yesterday with a knife and its still oozing. Must have been deep ( not large though). Went to HD and picked up cut proof gloves as I still have to take down and put away metal hurricane shutters.

    Ordered wing nut drivers for my family as they always wait until the last minute to get things and of course stores are out. They have one that I gave them 2 years ago, but they needed 2. Gave them mine, as my shutters were up already. Time for a talk. One thing not physically being able to prepare, another just not being on top of things.

    Ordered another first aid bag. As my system in theory was ok, in practice… no. ( more on that later in the “lessons learned forum”

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    OldMt Woman

    Glad to see H.Dorian indeed did slide along side FL…..hopefully same up the coast.  Whew!  Poor Bahamas!  🙁

    FarmGirl….yeah, we’ve got a LOT of 1stAid stuff and finding what you need quickly is tricky.  We choose to be portable….using different bags but all of them are Red.  There is overlap but some specialty bags like cuts/trauma/bandages.  I now have thermometers in several of them. Two bags are a nearly identical basic bags.  One for DH’s vehicle on EVAC/BO and the other in my vehicle.  We’ve prepared for wildfire Evac so many times, our most important stuff is geared for leaving.  If we were ever in a different situation [not living in crispy woods] I’d organize things up differently, I think.  But no matter what order….being able to find things is so….satisfying, isn’t it?  🙂

    Our lives been so mixed up around here for a while but much worse for the past month.  DH took a temporary full time job and the entire rest of our life came to a halt — or fell on me.  [see me flattened under a wall of fallen bricks]  They liked him so well, now they offered 2 days a week….trying to lure him to stay.  He will, gladly….cuz that will be much more doable for us all.  And not getting up at O-Dark-Thirty in the morning!  We haven’t even been able to see our elderlies for the past 6 wks.  Verrrry glad this ‘season’ has passed and this will be much better.  This whole year has been one huge shift after another.  Tired…..real tired.  But now hopeful.


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    Glad to see everyone back on posting again.. We have been getting ready for Dorian. Looks like for us it will be a tropical storm.  But have water for back up and everything ready to go.. yard has been picked up. Tomato cages had to be put up for next year in shed, so got that done.   Some areas are under flash flooding and schools are either closing early tomorrow or not going to open.  Friday all schools will be closed. They have opened about 3 shelters in some of the lower areas that are prone to flooding.  For us though we are ready, Are high up and not in flood zone.  So we will make out good.

    Farm Girl, I also have a great deal of first aid stuff. When I retired from the doctor I worked for whom also retired at same time, told me to take a great deal of the first aid stuff. So was very lucky on getting a lot of free first aid things.  I even got one of the lights out of the exam rooms. I have been adding to that over the past few years. So still got a few things to redo as I had to buy another container for that.  Fishing boxes make for great first aid boxes also.

    Well we just got the notice that we have been upgraded from a tropical storm watch to a tropical storm warning with potential for flooding and trees downed. Which also mean power loss in some areas.  Now I can just sit back and relax a bit as I am as ready for whatever happens as I can be.

    Stay safe everyone.

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      Farm Girl

      Hey Little Sister!  I have found the plastic tool boxes with the dividers that you can use or leave out / rearreange make really nifty first aid kits!  I have two of them, AND they can be stuck together so they won’t get lost!

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    On the topic of first aid stuff, a lot of the farm stores around me tend to carry a fair bit, so if you need something and the normal stores have run out, check the farm/pet stores. They’re probably not a thing people think of when it comes to first aid, so they might still have stuff on the shelves- one near me has a small shelf dedicated to first aid kits/bandaids, for example, so if the ones in your area are similar, that could be a good last ditch option. Hopefully that’s a little bit helpful

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      Farm Girl

      Thats an absolutely great idea, Drakarus!!!  Most pet meds are the same as human meds, except for things like worming!  LOL!!!

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    I just bought and filled a 55 gallon water barrel. I also recently purchased mylar bags and oxygen absorbers, which I have been testing on various foods.  I also put away several shelf stable meals in a jar soups and made a beans and a rice bucket, along with other various foods. I’ve been taking inventory of my preps, and researching what I might can do to add to them.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Corsaire:  Thank you.  There are so many hand-crank, emergency radios on the market it is good to get a reference.

    Tracy:  We are also SkyWarn.  We happen to live in a county that on the west side, is partly under a major city and on the east side it is under a different state.  So the people in our ham radio club report to the other state, while we report to the major city.  Makes for an interesting challenge during storms.  Have not done any spotting, yet. Weather has been quiet.

    Thoughts for those of you on the East Coast.

    Today I made, and canned, seven quarts of corn chowder.  A farmer brings his delicious sweet corn to the “city market” site every day.  I picked up two dozen and used one today.  Today, I made 4 jars with chicken, and three with ham/bacon.  Tomorrow, I will probably just make a Vegan corn chowder.  That will give me 14 quarts, so one a month if we have no company.  By making tomorrow’s batch without meat, I can heat it up for anyone.  Also tomorrow, coleslaw is on the canning list:  regular, Asian flavored, one batch with pineapple – none with mayonnaise.  (I am a rebel canner, though, so no canning police, please.)

    I had hoped the cabbage would grow larger, but there was a problem.  Well, maybe two problems. There is a pocket gopher digging tunnels under the cabbage patch.  I have had no red cabbage, those were the first attacked.  The stem was nibbled until it fell over, then the cabbage was eaten from UNDERNEATH!  Sneaky critter.  I don’t think it is the gopher, though, that is eating the green cabbage heads.  Those are being eaten from the top – almost surgically.  Very neatly chewed off in a wedge.  I harvested the ones affected. I will cut off around the chewed off part and use the rest.  I figure that soaking in salt water, plus pickling in vinegar and canning it should kill any germs.  I hope.

    All is calm here in the midwest.  No raging storms, except those that Daisy declares.  Weather is beautiful at partly clouds and low seventies every day.  Hubby’s thoughts have turned to splitting the wood for our wood stove. He chainsaws;  that is one tool I will never touch.  Either one of us will use the splitter, very glad to have that, then haul and stack.  I pick up the kindling.  He still volunteers to clean up after my canning messes, though, bless him for that. Good team work.

    Prepping for a predicted difficult winter.

    Take care, Everyone.



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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Did you get Daisy’s enforced bug-out hike in?  No, me neither.  At least not today. I got a different kind of exercise.  Up and down the stairs and step ladder to reorganize my long-term canning storage shelves.

    I have been canning the last few days and it was time to put the jars on my shelves.  I decided to move things around a bit first, and make sure oldest items were up front.  Well, guess what I found. MISTAKES.

    I had made 14 jars of Corn Chowder, I found 19.  I thought i only had 5.  When things get put behind others, because there is only one or two of the “other,” you mistakenly think you only have that 1 or two.  I asked another canning group how they organized their shelves.  The general answer was they put jars wherever there was space.  Well, I guess they are not peppers who plan on having the food last for two years, or care about finding things, or have as many jars as I home-can.

    Green beans?  Good crop year.  Put some up in pints – our preferred size for two people, and some in quarts.  I knew I had older beans downstairs so I wanted to make sure the oldest were in front…Guess what year?

    2014!!, And, 2015, 2016, 2017, I think we must have put 2018s in front of all the others since there were just a few of those.  So, I had hubby put the 2019s on the very top shelf, in the original jar boxes, and clearly labeled as 2019.  I then organized by year and told him to start on the left and work to the right when I send him for green beans.

    I guessed how many jars there were.  Most people, like Jackie Clay Atkinson, shoot for 1 meal/jar a week, so 52 a year for us.  I have about 12 dozen in pints and quarts = so about 144 jars  Of just GREEN beans.  There are still more beans in the garden!  I won’t throw them away.  But, I will surely not plant two packages of green beans next year.

    I found several other jars that did not seal well since the lids were off.  Re-fried black beans. Mice did not touch them.  chuckle   I made some for a neighbor’s party last year and had so much left over that I decided to can them.  Well, now I see why the powers that be do not approve of canning refried beans.  “They” say it is too dense.  Yup,  dried to a brick in the jar.  If I had canned the runny beans before blending them smooth and cooking them down I think they would have been fine. So, if, IF, I make some more, I’ll just mix up the ingredients and not cook them before canning.  They can cook down and be blended when it is time to eat them. Fortunately, I only have three more 1/2-pints; a little goes a long way.

    So, now I am dusty, cobwebby, and feeling ready for a bath.  Nice cloudy, dreary day for soaking in the tub and reading a book on my Kindle.

    Take care Everyone.

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    144 jars of Green beans WoW. Something to barter or sell if need be.

    I’ve been poking around hardware stores opening and closing tool boxes with one hand. It works, but the configuration doesnt. The bins are too small and the boxes too deep

    Train makeup boxes however…….Bins are square, easy open.But I am concerned about durability as they look junky and pricey.

    Makeup bags do seem to fit the bill though

    Search continues

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Corsaire:  what are you going to use the tool boxes for?  Tools?  What are train makeup boxes?

    We had a very heavy thunderstorm last night.  Today, the old part of the basement is flooded. Hubby is now sucking up the water with our shop vac and hauling the water outside.  The water is so dirty in that area that it killed the old sump pump a while ago.  The water comes through the cracks in the original limestone wall.  There is a concrete “door jamb” about three inches tall between the old and new sections that holds most of the water back.  It is time to get it fixed – new chinking, new sump pump, and make the door sill higher in case the chinking is not the solution.  Just another project when you live in the country.

    I canned 18 jars of coleslaw!  I posted it on the Prep Month challenge.  I did some last year and it was nice to take it from the shelf for immediate use.  Last year I canned a regular slaw and an Asian flavored one.  So this year, more of the regular slaw and tried a couple fruity ones.  I am looking forward to a hot and tangy pulled pork over a cold, creamy, fruity coleslaw on a toasty bun.  Better get some pork to slow roast and can.

    There are some smaller heads of cabbage in the garden that I hope will grow a bit more.  Perhaps I did not get any cauliflower to grow this year.  The large plants that are Brussel’s sprouts seem to be starting to sprout.  It will be exciting to have our own.  Since I cannot can the cole crops by themselves, people say the flavor gets too strong, I will need to freeze them.  Since the freezer is full, I should pull out something I can can and do that to make room.

    I  have not spoken to Grandson #1 in the last week, but his mother reports that he is finding college a challenge.  He is no longer the big fish in a little pond and no longer one of the smartest in the class.  It is good to be humbled a bit.  Now, he is just a number and finding Calculus 2 a challenge.  When we spoke before I gave him hints about how to get personalized help, from when I was in a large University twenty years ago.  I doubt he is at that point yet, though.

    His 16 1/2 y.o. younger brother is now 6′ 41/2″ tall.  I call him Shorty.  Also Brat, because he likes to tease and do things to “get my goat.”  Like dropping the sheets on my head from the second floor, or turning the decorated plates with Moose on them so the Moose’s feet are in the air and standing on its antlers.  Comparing him to his mother yesterday, it was obvious how strong his bone structure is, not just tall and thin, he is solidly built.  The youngest of the three, turns 14 in two weeks and is 5′ 10″.  I told him I am going to call him “Little One” because he is not.  Plus, he is supposed to be the tallest of the three.  I am very lucky to have a good, strong, loving relationship with my daughter’s family.  (They even like, love, and respect my husband, step-grandpa.  Fortunately, my first and second husbands are friends and we are all able to be together to celebrate birthdays and even vacation together.  I am very blessed.)

    I should go help hubby with the flooded basement and search the freezer for something to eat and or can.  Rubber boot time.

    Enjoy your Autumn.


  • #22545

    OldMt Woman

    Don’t know if it would work for your 1st Aid or not, Corsaire.  [also: pardon if I’m repeating myself.  I’ve been so busy, don’t know if I’m comin’ or goin’ ]  But I use the toiletry bags that zip open and hang for easy look-see.  Yes, zippers again…gonna put loops on those pulls soon.  But the good part is the multi-clear pockets that are open to reach into.  If you can hang it from the hook, it’s pretty accessible.  This is my main one for multiple types of 1st Aid needs.  It’s also so portable and would go on a BugOut.

    However, I looked up “train case – cosmetics boxes”.  These are very similar to the ones that EMPs use.  I have a garage-sale EMP case.  But there’s a reason it was set out for cheap sale.  Harder than I would like to get the thing open..something has warped??  But, it stores the overflow.  This one has some drawers to label and easily find what you’re looking for so I wish it wasn’t so jammed to open it.  Hope you can find something that suits your needs.

    Cinnamon Grammy….what a mess in your basement.   🙁   It brought up a memory from my childhood.   I remember sitting on an overturned ceramic crock in our basement in MidWest.  Dirt floor/limestone walls.  Smallish tornado overhead that “only”  took out the wood corn crib.  But the pressure was SQUIRTING water between the limestones.  It didn’t usually leak but it did that time.  Good luck with your clean-up and eventual renovation.  It’s always something, right?

    I’m having a hard time keeping up with the Sept challenges.  Some are easy and some….lead to other things that have to be done.  Like yesterday…cleaning/sorting BOB when I really only meant to get out the water filter.  But I found some water damage and yike.  Turned into a 2 day project…still working on it.  Well….it ALL needs to be done so I’m trying to persevere.  We’re in the city tomorrow – so I hope Challenge # 12 is an easy one!  At least I already updated and sorted my Goin’ Into Town BOB yesterday as well.  It’s a Get Home Bag, actually and is somewhat different than a “Goin’ Into The Woods” BOB.  Praying we don’t have the need for either!

    OldMtWoman  ….brrrrr!  Can feel summer’s gone up in mts.

    • This reply was modified 4 months, 1 week ago by  OldMt Woman.
  • #22603


    @Cinnamon Grammy. Tool box for a first aid box.You can open them up with one hand ( clumsy fingers here ).

    train cases. gosh I’ll post a link to what they look like as its kinda hard to describe

    OldMt Woman. hanging Toiletry bags, yes Namelus also suggested that.

    EMP cases, nice but very expensive.

    At least one rain maker is on its way. Hurricane Season continues.

  • #22610


    I am getting things ready to can beef stew tomorrow as well as some chicken breast I picked up on sale today.  The green beans I canned are still sitting on bed in spare bedroom as I haven’t had time to get them under the bed.  We really don’t have anyone spending night any longer other than youngest grandson and he is almost 18 and looking for a job as well as college. So don’t think he will be popping in to spend weekends near as much as he used to.  So I am thinking about redoing that room as it is the smallest bedroom and having either son in law or someone to hire to put up shelving down one wall for canned goods.  I am not sold on doing that but with no pantry and 3 closets full of food along with 2 book cases. I need more storage. My only other option would be to redo the shed that now houses all the Christmas things on loft and canning jars and larger pots I use for canning. That the idea of having electric run for a window air conditioner might be my better option. Just not sure where to go with this one.  Looking at all my options at this point.  I have no basement and no pantry.  Kitchen has no storage for that much canning.  Very small kitchen. If anyone has any ideas, I am open for suggestions. My second bedroom is my office, sewing room, craft room and the closet is also full of food. Just hope having this much food in house will pay off as about 10 years ago I never would have thought to store this much food.  Canning adds up fast.

  • #22611


    Prepping the vehicles for winter travel.  Organizing closets to better accommodate preps.  Purging unnecessary items. Planting the greenhouse for fall. Preserving the last of the summer harvest.

  • #22613

    Mama cando

    Hi all, Just checking in , DH’s friends are gone (early because of the weather) and Surprise, Son1, DIL and Grand baby are on the way tomorrow. Will have just enough time to wash the bedding and get it back on the bed before they arrive, LOL. They just got back from So. Korea, where he was working for the past month. I swear that little one will be so well traveled BEFORE she hits kindergarten LOL. They’re going to stay till Sunday AM , then go up to DIL’s folks for a couple of days  then head home. Where he’ll start another movie with the possibility of going overseas again. So not much is going on here. Barely keeping up with the challenges as it is.

  • #22618

    OldMt Woman

    MamaCanDo …Barely keeping up with the challenges.  Yeah, on that!  Whew!

    Had to go into city today for some business.  Never go unless mandatory.  I like my isolated region.  I felt like I was in the middle of the Indy 500 with vehicles going this way and that so fast.  I tend to get my nervous system overloaded and yes, it did today!  Then it was a bit too hot for me too.  Had to get out my big ice and gel packs and lay down in back seat…and hang on!  Always have my stuff to handle these events.  When we reached nearer to home, it was cooler and I began to “come back on line”.  I hate those spells.  Just not used to that much activity for the brain to process anymore.

    And last nite, I dipped water out of our pond for the water filter challenge.  I’m eyeing the water I know my ducks poo in every day.  😮    Hmmm….how much do I REALLY trust the filter-in-bottle?  Maybe I’ll just try the Katadyn which I do trust.  Then I can plan to buy a Sawyer Mini.  Sawyers aren’t that expensive like the Katadyn but have great reviews.  Just ZERO time the past 2 days to finish that challenge.  Pond water is sitting on the porch….waiting.

    Snow in the high Rockies yesterday.  Uff ta!  We’re high but not that high.  Trees are beginning to fade a bit here…where’d summer go?

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all.

  • #22651


    OldMtWoman, I can understand how trying to keep up the the daily challenges. I run to office to check in to post on them but am getting busier each day. I am not real good at posting stuff as it is.

    Today I canned 14 quarts of beef stew and my daughter came over and has claimed a couple of jars. Though she couldn’t take them home at the time as they were still hot and needs to sit a bit. I will take them to her tomorrow. Went to drug store that is now closing after 34 years to see my friend and pharm.  He is also our Delegate and is running again. He has served us well so he has my vote. Though I will miss his drug store and all the great people that work there, I understand with a small pharm. and how the insurance companies are trying to force people to use mail order or the bigger box pharm. like CVS..  The small private drug stores can no longer compete as they do not order in the bulk that it takes to make the money to keep them running. I am afraid I will be seeing more drug stores like this one closing as well.  The one at the hosp. near us has already closed it’s doors. So much is changing and not all of it for the good.

  • #22664

    Mama cando

    OMW, little sister I feel for ya. It’s been tough keeping up with everything.  Hey, Little sister, you think your friend would cut you a deal on some first aid stuff or other goods in the store? We have a grocery with a pharmacy in it and it does good business. DH’s med plan uses one of those mail order places but allows us to use local if we want. The one his plan uses kept screwing up our meds so we switched to the grocery store pharmacy.Just praying they won’t have to shut down due to pressure from the mail order company(ies).

    OMW when you DO get to the “duck” water don’t forget to strain it thru a cotton undershirt or coffee filter before you try the filter.Found it helped me clear the water so I didn’t gunk up my filter.

  • #22688

    OldMt Woman

    Yes, thanks, MamaCando.  Was planning to pre-filter.  Setting there has settled the solids to the bottom too.  I have coffee filters put back and one of the permanent ones too, for water pre-filtration if we ever need it.  I always cut up old Tshirts for the material….bandaging, cleaning up nasty livestock wounds [which are fortunately few], and prefiltering would also be good.  I have a stack to cut up sitting near my chair ….for the past month!  [roll eyes]

    We’ve actually turned on the furnace the last two mornings.  BRRRRR!  We’re in the 40’s but warm up in the afternoons.  High 70’s.  Such drastic swings from low to high and back again daily in this high country.

    Been resting but feeling better today than yesterday.  A day in the city always costs me a great deal of energy.  Homebody is better for me.

    OldMtWoman ….gotta read Katadyn instructions…

  • #22698


    Mama Cando, yes, my friend has already reduced all the gift items at 50% which I really was not interested in but did pick up a couple of things.  Due to legal stuff, he cannot reduce RX prices but is going to call me when he gets the inventory for the first aid and other things they carry.. He will give me a great price on first aid and hoping wheel chair and other things like that for a much reduced deal. Will be checking in with him on Monday. He is closed on Sundays. Walgreen stepped in and is taking over all the prescriptions but I have already transferred to Harris Teeter. I am hearing good things about them, so hoping that will work out.

    Canned 6 pints of chicken breast today. That was all I had and getting ready to can some pork tenderloins next week. Need to get them out of freezer and into fridge to thaw before I can get them ready to can. I am going to try to empty the freezer by canning everything I can from there.  The beef stew came out great. Had enough left over for a meal. So going to have that tomorrow for dinner.




  • #22722


    Today I had a “why didnt I think of this earlier” moment

    Boiled eggs, removed them, added potatoes ( instead of dumping the hot water). I probably could have added rice or pasta. I’ll do that next time.

  • #22730

    Jessee Jones

    In September, I have been working on the daily challenges. I have purchased a solar dehydrator and  have an electric dehydrator. I want to dry some apple slices. I have stacked the very dry firewood (used to start the fires and for the fire ring) and had a new load of seasoned wood delivered and stacked. I will get another load at the end of the month. It has been so hot here (southern Ohio) that I haven’t gotten to work outside like I usually do in September. We have cleaned out three of the raised beds and are getting ready to plant other things this month. I still have some tomatoes, peppers, jalapenos growing. I found three big tomato plants which have blooms on in the old chicken yard. I will bring them with me when I move. We are going to construct a small greenhouse and some tunnels over the raised beds. I have canned some chicken and will be canning more this week.

  • #22809


    Inspired by yesterdays challenge

    I researched sprouts and microgreens. Easy to grow with low light and nutrient dense. Cause I may not be able to get out safely.

  • #22820

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All

    Black Beans

    When I cooked from our garden and the market, for day 14, I discovered something.  I pulled ONE plant of black beans determined to use that for dinner.  It yielded 1/4 of black beans.  That with ONE cob of corn, ONE green pepper, and quite a few cherry tomatoes, yielded a stuffed pepper for two.  No rice.

    So, how many bean plants do I need for enough DRIED or SHELL beans to get through the winter?  I have no idea how many dried beans I use, but I started looking for ideas online.  I found this from a vegetarian permaculture farmer who eats 1/2 kilo of shell beans a day.

    “The figure I found for planting annual bush beans, kidney and pinto and white, says about 600 plants per 10 square meters, theoretically resulting in around 10 kilos of dry beans. So, doing a little more math, it seems I’m figuring about 60 plants per square meter resulting in one kilo/two days of dried beans to eat. That equates to about 130 square meters of growing space needed annually to produce the prescribed beans.”

    OK.  A square meter is about 40 x 40 inches, so, about 155 square yards for enough bean/protein for an entire year for two people. That is more than the 8 -10 plants per person recommended by one site, and 15 by another.  155 yards square is 1/2 of my garden and would preclude many other vegetables. Still need space for potatoes, corn, tomatoes, etc.  I don’t think my garden is large enough to grow enough beans for one year.  Better get some chickens.

    Or maybe, dig more beds for beans and let the squash climb.

    Does anyone let their squash climb?  Is the vine and arbor strong enough to support a bunch of acorn, butternut plants and fruit? Or a fence?

    Questions, questions. But, that is what we are here for, right?  Ask questions, get answers, and share with everyone so we all learn.

    Enjoy your Septembers.

  • #22821


    Picked the last of the butter beans today. Now need to get them ready for freezer.  Looking at all the meat I still have in freezer and trying to decide about how I want to can it. Still have a lot of beef in freezer and have already made up beef stew and before that veg. beef soup.  I might just can the beef to use with what ever dish I want for supper or other stews. Didn’t have much chicken left in freezer but did have several pork loins. So I am going to get those canned as soon as things calm down around here.  I have been trying to catch up on housework and moving some things around to make room for things I have canned in the past few days.

    Corsaire, I have tried to do the mircogreens, but did not have a lot of luck with them. I bought a book on how to grow them.. I am looking into getting a grow light for growing some things in the house. The way my house is, it is hard to get things in the right place for proper sunlight.  This is one of the things I have been working on.

  • #22829

    OldMt Woman

    @CinnamonGrammy ..I have seen where folks grow vines up strong trellis and support the individual fruits….like acorn squash, or musk melon …with something like old nylon stockings.  Put growing fruit/veg inside and it expands enough and tie up the stocking.  Or some sling arrangement to support, instead of being inside.  Depends on your wind too…how strong everything would need to be.  But if you research vertical gardens….there is a LOT about that now.  I like reading your calculations….important to get an idea of just what it would take to feed yourselves.

    I’m still waaaay swamped with finishing up a dozen projects.  DH is supposed to be working part time now but he’s covering others for 3 days.   One coworker looked like a chipmunk with her dental issue….very much needed the days off to deal with that.  The other had a lawyer appt. ….also legit need for him to cover.  Both are grateful ….so if we ever need him to take a particular day off… 🙂

    Kinda still wears me out tho.  I finally recovered enough from our city trip to walk dog today.  Not very far either but it’s something.

    OldMtWoman   G’nite all.

  • #22863


    Just read something about how bad the flu was in Australia and that it could be just as bad here.

    Realized I had no idea where my dried elderberries were

    Ordered more and like many vendors on Amazon, on back order, and will be in stock September 25

    The rush has begun

  • #22867


    Thanks for the reminder Corsaire.  I need to order some elderberries also. I had forgotten all about that.

    Shelled butter beans today so that ended the garden.  got only 4 lbs shelled. So they are going in freezer tomorrow. That should get us through the winter.

    We have been talking about the garden next year. So we are not going to plant one next year. Going to give it a break. Though I will plant lettuce and herbs.

  • #22954


    Ok the first aid kit situation is finally solved

    I ended up with a toolbox after all. Its a stanley 2-1 quick-connect. I purchased the top portion only.I can open it with one hand, its the right depth without being too shallow or deep. Will need to get either the second lower part or dividers, cause it only came with one divider

    Blood type on emergency cards, yes of course.I know its nowhere on my medical records thanks Namelus

  • #22960


    Guess I can say I sort of took a break today.  DH and I went out to lunch with our Sunday school classes today.  Had a great time but DH was so tired when he got home that he set in his chair and went sound to sleep.  The sleeping pill his doctor gave him is working and he is sleeping at night. But I think it has a lingering effect. So he sees Doc again end of month and I am going to see about it being reduced to half. Hopefully that will work better for him without staying in his system during the day.

    Corsaire, Yes it is a great idea to have blood type on our medical list. I know mine and will get it on my list asap.  Got to find out about DH. I think he knows his so I will find out and get it on his as well.  Thanks for that reminder.

  • #22965

    OldMt Woman

    Hmmm, do they even trust that someone knows their own blood type anymore?  I’ve never been asked.  Don’t they just automatically test themselves?  I don’t really know what they do.  I think we know our blood type…If correct, DH and I are the same.  Very handy.

    Elderlies wore us out today.  I didn’t have any reserves anyway tho.  This week we got 3 full sets of battery packs for each of our two-way radios.  Finally that bag can go back to where it lives inside a metal space.

    I’ve gotten so far behind that I had to write out the list….took a whole sheet of paper.  Just didn’t have a lot of energy this week.  Not a new thing….we deal with it often.  A written list helps tremendously….settles my mind and I get to check things off.  Already got a couple.

    OldMtWoman  …G’nite all

  • #23072

    Mama cando

    Hi all, checking in. house guest is still here,so not so much done so far.  Not sure if I posted this, Did get to an Emergency Expo this last Saturday, picked up a few things: two credit card knives a tactical emergency trauma kit and some Thrive White wheat in #10 tins. Gentleman was closing out @$5.00 a tin. Can store that is new this year so storage on it about 20-25 years,  picked up a bottle of Colloidal silver and a couple of books.  Oh almost forgot met up with a really nice couple. I hope I didn’t jabber too much Crusher 1. It was really great meeting you .

  • #23076


    Emergency expos, now thats nice.I looked around couldnt find any, but I did find some online resources that I never knew existed. had a wealth of info-one stop shopping as far as current conditions like wildfire risk and Hurricanes. The health department website also had some info.

  • #23110


    Hi, all!!! September has been crazy busy as I’ve finished the major de-cluttering of my house I started back in August. I’m really pleased with the results though there are some places where a bit of tweaking remains.

    I’ve also made an effort to attempt everyone of the daily challenges Daisy has posted and reported on my results. That has been fun and in some places a real eye opener for doing a better job of prepping.

    I think Fall has finally arrived in my neck of the woods. Love the cooler mornings and evenings. As I can find a bit more time, I’ll go back and read all your posts for Sept so I can keep up with you. Be blessed all!

  • #23156


    I started the decluttering. Gosh all the papers. Picked up a vegetarian cookbook at the thrift store, and ordered water proof bags that Daisy mentioned. I ended up with a package of multiple sizes. My elderberries came today, so making the syrup is on my to do list for this weekend. Need to make fire cider also, but getting some of the ingredients may be challenging; eg fresh horseradish.

  • #23162

    Mama cando

    Guests have gone and I’m “recuperating” LOL. Going to start the old laundry room,(finally) have a new purpose for it now. Grson2 (9) has been watching you tube vids on bunkers, don’t know why but he seems fascinated by them. Wanted to build one in his back yard, however mom said no so I suggested we turn Grandma’s old laundry room into “our bunker” when he came over last week , I told him we have to clear it out before we could do anything with it.SO he went downstairs to “inspect” it.Came up and told me we have to put cement blocks where we have studs, put a cement roof in and I “need” a new door. Then he wondered how to get fresh air, told him the old dryer exhaust vent was still there, he said we could get one of those NBC filter machines and put it in. Guess he’s been paying attention. So I guess I’ll have help clearing it out and reorganizing it now, LOL. It might help keep his(and sissy’s) mind off of worrying about other Grandpa right now.

  • #23229


    Sept. has flown by.  Have been getting outside in early morning to clean out garden and get it ready to rest for a year. We will not be planting anything next year. Will be taking a soil test to see what the ground needs and then getting it ready for mulching. We will be using the local farmers markets next year.  This will give me time to do some much needed things in the house.  Went to Walmart today and bought a few things. Got a sling shot that has a laser on it.  We haven’t played around with one in a long time. Thought it would be fun to hit some targets with it. Also bought a couple of new pillows from Bed Bath and Beyond while I was out shopping today. My neck has been hurting for a while now and I think it is the old pillow that’s not helping that problem. Hoping the new one will be better.  Did a lot of canning this month. Made pasta sauce, soups, beef stew and canned veggies. Still trying to get it all put away. Still need to go through freezer to can more meats. My freezer is over flowing. Guess that is a good thing for the winter months. But I really need to get more meat out of there and get it canned. Trying to think of other types of soups and stews I can make to can. Will need to pull out my canning books to see what I can make.  I have been looking at the meals in a jar book. So want to make some of those for quick meals. There are some really good ideas in that book.


  • #23251

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All

    Fortunately I checked the “Notify Me” box so I can keep up with everyone’s accomplishments. I have been negligent in posting my own.

    Corsair: I like those train cases; yes, they do look familiar once I looked them up. Perfect for First Aid/Medical kit as long as they are waterproof. I need to collect our supplies into one location. Mostly, the First Aid stuff is in the bathroom near the main door where we would most likely head if we had an injury. The general health/medicinal stuff is in the second floor bathroom near the bedrooms. I need to check out your Stanley tool box.

    So, the Train Cases, are kinda like tackle boxes. When my family was heavy into Scouts, I used a plastic tackle box to store items needed for Pack/Troop Meetings. It held additional ranks, badges, Arrow Points, markers, glue, tape, etc., everything that could be needed at the last minute. Then my daughter took it and it evolved into a box for her flower arranging supplies. She worked for a florist for a time. Because of her experience and eye, she was able to prepare the flowers for weddings of friends and relatives and fixed or finalized many items on-site. I’d like to have that box back again, but alas, it has evolved.

    Little Sister: I hope you are finding places for your food. I have a full basement to use, and there are not enough shelves. Somehow, what we have is never “quite” right…not enough of this, too many of that…

    You have put up so much this month it sounds as if you have tremendous energy! I know we are about the same age, but I marvel at how much you do and it makes me tired just thinking about it.

    I hope you were able to get some needed items from your pharmacist. And, your DHs sleep patterns have adjusted.

    Laser Slingshot: At Walmart? Cool, I’ll look for it, too. Perhaps I might even be able to hit something with it. I have poor depth perception and need a laser sight.

    Mama Cando: My ex was in the military, and it is a definitely different way of life. Both sheltered, by the cocoon of the military/government, and widely exposed with the travels. It takes a special person/spouse to live that life, best wishes to them. This northern girl was shocked when she lived in Georgia for a year. As a very young wife, with a sheltered life, I had no idea that other than climate, different parts of the country were not the same as mine. I never got to live in another country though.

    Bunker: Sounds like a great idea! Your grandson will be a big help and will learn so many things in the process. He should take great pride in his work. I wish you a lot of fun, energy, and best wishes in outfitting your bunker; plus, prayers that you never need it.

    Butter beans: Interesting that we have different names for things. Here we don’t grow Butter Beans…people might grow Lima Beans. My mother never liked to eat them, so did not serve them, and neither my husband nor I appreciate them either. No wonder I get confused looking at recipes. The English and American recipes need translation into local dialects. Lol  Courgettes, for example



    • #23277

      Mama cando

      Cinnamon Granny, Thank you, Son 1 is in the film industry, not military. Sorry if I gave that impression. As for grandson 2, I don’t think he really understands what a bunker is, he thinks it’s a hang out space for him and his friends and I am not going to “correct” that notion right now. With the uncertainty of other Grandpa’s health, I don’t want him to worry about that right now. I hope YOUR tomatoes do all right, we lost all of ours but I’ll trade ya Gypsy Bell peppers, LOL. They are still producing and I see more buds on the plants plus the salad greens are sprouting again. Evidently DH didn’t clean the box out real good so it looks like we’re getting a second crop in. Just hope the weather doesn’t turn too cold for them. We’re supposed to get into the 80’s this week but I’m not holding my breath. It was supposed to be sunny today but I got soaked by “liquid sunshine” coming out of the grocery store this morning and it just stopped raining a couple of hours ago. I had one of my migraines today so I am WIDE awake right now.That’s what happens when I zonk out during the day until head clears.

      Before we learned about FIL’s dad , DH booked a (surprise to me) trip for our 45th anniversary, just glad he was able to move it to November.  Hoping to connect with my cousins daughter when we’re down South.

      Little sister, I wish I had half your energy right now LOL. I am praying your friend is doing better.

  • #23253

    Cinnamon Grammy

    As usual, Autumn finds us busy – outside, and I failed to keep up with Daisy’s September Challenge.   Some of the items I can do, but have not. One I hate to admit…we do not have A BOB. We do not intend to bug-out.

    We have camping gear – in the garage in plastic cases ready to go. Tent gear and lights in one box, cooking gear in another. They are complete with towels, dishes, salt, sugar, and spices, but no food. The sleeping bags are protected in a closet in the house. There are no clothes packed except for the winter bag that I keep for traveling to relatives homes with extra sweaters, wool socks, etc. There is no food packed and ready to go. <– That is a big downfall. I have much I can take, but it is not packed. Something I need to remedy. Something to do on a heavy rainy day – perhaps tomorrow. At least make a list tomorrow so I can start to pack into a milk crate or bucket.

    Hubby has been putting in a brick sidewalk. We don’t need a brick sidewalk, but the sidewalk needed repair. He has had one at three other houses and wanted one here. So, this September he started. There was enough sand under the concrete squares to allow him to just remove those 18 x 18” squares and insert brick. It looks very nice. However, our walkway is a sorta lazy Z shape, and it needed to be realigned. The entrance from the driveway while being perpendicular to the house, is not aligned with the doorway. Therefore, we will need two wedges of something perhaps a batch of concrete to fill it in the needed angle changes.

    While the brick walk is a vanity thing, the concrete squares that are in good shape have been placed around the firepit in the back yard. That is useful. Now we can have the old, peeling, lichen-covered lawn furniture on the concrete and pull an old stainless commercial kitchen table close to the firepit so we can have a prep table for cooking. This will develop more next year. As campers, and former (if you can ever be former) Scouts, we like cooking over open fires and have wanted to develop a permanent set-up with cast iron cooking system and grate.

    Hauling those heavy concrete squares and the bricks is a tiring job for an 80-year old. He is sleeping well at night. Thankfully the project is nearly done except for the wedges. It is rainy today and he is enjoying a much needed nap.

    Meanwhile, I am left to tend the garden. I am trying to prepare a new strawberry bed. We had a great crop this year. The plants have grown past their bed’s limits and those will be planted into a new one. Reading about strawberries, it sounds like there should be three beds, and a three-year rotation to allow new plants to start and flourish. I requested a sorta raised bed to keep the strawberries inside. Not much, just 2 x 8 boards to surround it. The area is undulating, so the boards will allow the bed to be more level. Plus, I should be able to put a net over this to keep critters out of it. Hubby has been busy and hopefully will get to my bed frame soon. I have dug compost into it and hope I can transplant before everything freezes here.

    We never did get large heads of broccoli this year. Don’t know why. I was able to rescue most of my cabbage. I see the sprouts are growing on the “Brussel’s” plants and hope they grow quickly before the gopher takes down the entire plant. Those critters are smart. Need a new strategy for them next year.

    Falls chores: I am pulling out the legumes and preparing those beds for next year. Adding compost to the top that I hope I can dig in before the temperatures plummet. They will become the cabbage/broccoli/ Bok choy/etc. bed. The cole crop beds become the tomato beds; and the tomato beds become the new legume beds. Not sure where the squash beds will go. Vegetable gardens are an art form – what grows well where, and with what.

    Now if only the tomatoes will ripen so I can Can them. There are hundreds of green tomatoes just waiting for me!  I have made one batch of tomato soup that is not very tasty, just more like just cooked tomato than soup. I have enough, 14 pounds of Roma and San Marzano paste tomatoes, to make another batch of soup today. Then I want to have just plain canned tomatoes on the shelf for casseroles. While I don’t want the BPA and additives in the tomatoes we buy in the store, I do NOT like the tomato soup from the store, so, my priority is tomato soup. Ripen, please!!!

    I found four huge cucumbers. I made a potato soup with one of them: potatoes, onion, garlic, dill, a bit of lemon juice, and diced cucumbers; plus, some cannellini beans for protein and creamy texture. It was interesting. The cucumbers made the potato soup taste fresher. The white cannellini beans substituted for the creamy milk base after all was blended. I am going to try and dehydrate the others. Not sure what to do with the dried cukes but perhaps grated and sprinkled into winter salads, or dips. Or perhaps as a dipping vegetable chip? Any ideas? Already have too many pickles from last year.

    I do not like the colder weather. I can tell my mood is drooping since I do not want to go outside to work. Time to get out my SunBoxx light and treat the seasonal changes.

    Time to go to the kitchen and make more soup. I am happy there is a TV in there so I can just work away and enjoy programming that I want to see but is not important enough to sit down and watch.

    Enjoy your Autumn everyone.

  • #23262


    Went to church this morning and as we were leaving to come home,  we had a friend from DH Sunday school class that wasn’t feeling well. He was going to drive home and we wouldn’t let him.  So DH drove his car to his house and I followed them. his family got to house and took him to ER. Turns out they had to call a GI doc in and they did a scope and found out his throat was closed up. So they got it all taken care of but keeping him overnight. Seems he’s going to have to be careful with things he eats. He is 88 years old and I guess things just happen at our older ages. But so glad is will be ok.

    Cinnamon Grammy, it has been a busy month of canning and I am still trying to find places to put the food.  Everything I canned this year is now under the beds, so what is in the 3 closets and kitchen will get used first. I wish I had a basement, but only a one story house and 3 bedrooms. So not much room.   Sounds like you have been very busy also. Like you I don’t have any energy some days. Hypo Thyroid does that to you. If you are not on vitamin D3, start taking it now and hopefully it will help you get through the winter months.  I hate when it gets dark at 5 pm. Those are the hardest times for me. I like it to stay light till 9 pm. I get more done during that time. But it is what it is and we get through it. Those sun light boxes are great. They helped my daughter a lot.

    We call the small beans butter beans and the really large ones we call Lima beans around here. Seems funny how different states call different foods something different. We like the butter beans better than the Lima beans.

  • #23312

    OldMt Woman

    Wow….I’m sure envious of all of you who have gardens.  I so enjoy reading about them!  Have had gardens in many regions but not doing this region currently.  Cinnamon Grammy….love the fire pit cooking area.  I’d love to have one but much of the time, we have fire restrictions.  Like right now and there is wind to spread anything so quickly.  Oh…yes, dehydrated cukes make great ‘chips’ with dip!

    Lil;Sister..glad your friend is going to be ok.  Sometimes folks don’t take the message from body serious enough/soon enough and major events happen.

    Thanks for reminder about Fall and sunshine.  I need to get my eyes out into the sunshine or I’ll have that Seasonal Affective Thing.  Preventable…but it’s been so WINDY that it drives my nervous system nuts.

    Butter/Lima beans:  Back in Midwest, our area called the tan beans shaped like that, butter beans.  Called the green ones lima beans.  I like limas [green] but don’t think the butter beans have flavor – until you put butter on them.  lol  Regional variations are interesting….but can sure be confusing.

    I’m going to be spending time catching up on a little here and a little there…things from the Sept Challenge that I didn’t finish.  That should certainly take me all the way thru October…at least.  Never time to get bored, that’s for sure!


  • #23368

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Daisy has not posted the October Prep Every day Challenge, yet.

    I spent yesterday writing up the Sept. 30 day challenges that I had not posted to the contest page.  I still have a couple more to do and to write.

    My mother used a lot of prepared mixes to make her dinners; I did not always like them. But, she had a heart condition and used whatever short-cuts she could.  I decided that the mixes that were out there now had too many chemicals, sugars, and salts in them.  I also did not like the flavors.  So, I went way back to old school and no longer purchase prepared foods and not boxes or mixes.  No cakes from a box. No soups in cans.  No meals from a can unless that is the only way I can purchase it.  There are some iconic things such as Hormel Chili for a Minnesotan, and SPAM, but not much else. And Olives.

    So, for Daisy’s challenge to purchase a week’s food, I thought about buying the Dinty Moore Beef Stew, etc., then said, no, lets see what the prepackaged spice/gravy mixes will do.  I bought some today to put together that week’s worth of food, with the idea that I will make them into a bucket of to-go meals for camping.  The criteria for me was no refrigeration, and try not to use glass.  Now I am working through the seasoning packets to see what balanced meals I can put together into buckets.  It should be interesting.

    It has been raining here for three days.  Mostly just a drizzle.  It is enough to be annoying and make us want to stay inside.  So, inside stuff is getting done -little by little.  Such as, finding a place for my tomato soup jars on the shelves – with the oldest in front.  I worked retail for many years and am very familiar with fronting the product with the oldest face first.  I need more shelves to be more organized.  I don’t like the unused jars and canning equipment sitting on the floor.  That will come over the winter.  Getting rid of junk to make room for the shelves must happen first.

    So, with that, I am going back to work on my To-Go-Food Bucket.

    Enjoy October.


  • #23369


    Got the hot peppers ready to string up. Decided to do it the old fashion way. The habanero peppers I am putting in dehydrator in the morning, then headed to the city office to get my permit to have driveway redone. It has cracked all to pieces and the sand has been rolling out to the street now for a few years. If I ever want to sell this house one day, I would have to replace it anyway. So doing it now as it is a total loss.

    Cinnamon Grammy, I have tried those boxed dinners in the past. Like you say, they are not very good.  I bought some Dinty Moore beef stew and DH did not like it. And it had to much salt. So that was why I canned my own beef stew this year. He liked that better. All I have to do is make the gravy for it and it’s good to go.

    Wish we could get some rain here. It has been well over a month now and no rain. Today hit triple digits and now it will be 88 tomorrow. I need to get my house cleaned and I still have the yard to finish so our grass man can put down the mulch for us. He is going to be trimming bushes. The only thing I am doing is cleaning up the garden and getting it ready for the mulch. We are not doing a garden next year. Going to give it a break and go to the farms next spring and summer.


  • #23378


    Greetings all

    Elderberry syrup is made. Found horseradish and will be making fire cider today or tomorrow. I’ll be using limes and anaheim pepper(kinda mild though) cause thats what the stores I went to had, and just wasnt worth walking and driving around with the hopes that a store would have lemons in a bag.

    The weather channel keeps reminding us that hurricane season isnt over yet, so nothing is packed away.

  • #23383

    Mouse Wizard

    Disassembling our Vermont Castings Encore stove, replacing the catalytic combustor, general cleaning and gasket upkeep in prep for winter. For the other stove  (an Aspen) I need to replace the pipe up to the ceiling and sweep the rest above the roof because it really needs it.

    Got most of my wood in, with the exception of two sources where friends are holding summer cuttings for me to pick up. Lot of bucking and splitting over the next couple of weeks, as well as hauling “too old” wood from the pile to the dump.

    So stove upkeep and wood in prep for winter.

  • #23403


    Got the two small garden plots cleaned out and ready for newspaper to go down and then mulch.  Pulled up the rest of tomatoes in larger garden but still have to get that one cleaned up to be ready to put down newspaper and mulch. Going to be checking the soil as well.  Still trying to get the hot peppers dried. They have been in deydrator since last night..  Right now I am so tired I can’t hit the key board right and my hand is hurting. Arthritis is rough.

    They are getting ready to tear out the front walkway and porch to redo and when that is done, they are going to be tearing out the driveway, or I should say what’s left of it. Bad shape.

    Talked to granddaughter that is in Maryland. She drove up to Texas with her DH as he is in Navy and works in hospital. He starts school on the 8th.  She will be flying home in a couple of days.  He will be back in Feb. and then they are going to be transferred but she doesn’t know where as of yet. She’s hoping either Washington State or Texas.  This time they are going to buy a house when they move. That would be great and beats renting.

    DH went with me yesterday to get building permit for driveway and it wore him out. His energy levels are getting worse. It just doesn’t take much for him to get very tired. Just something we will have to deal with on a day to day basis. Heart problems are nothing to play around with.  So I do what I can to keep up yard and house.


  • #23406


    Made the fire-cider today in 1pt mason jars. Had ingredients left over, so another jar tomorrow. Also realized I didnt have back up ethernet cables…ouch, so those were ordered today.

  • #23407

    OldMt Woman

    Sorry to hear about your dh ….as things show up more and more.  Adjust life around medical stuff.  🙁

    I haven’t had my normal energy for  a week or more.  I do something and then flat again.  Not very efficient in getting things done  Even the normal stuff is sliding.  Let alone any catch-up.  But I just remembered one thing I must do:

    In the fall I must get out into the sunshine…into my eyes, specifically.  Not that I have to look directly into the sun, of course.  But I sit on my porch and read on Kindle.  That will do it…for that factor anyway.  I love fall best but….it doesn’t treat me right.  Hmph!  😉

    OldMtWoman  …reminder for any S.A.D. folks…it’s time to be proactive.

  • #23428

    Mama cando

    Haven’t done much but have been trying to clear out some old things. Update on DIL’s father. He’s out of the hospital and on some medications to help with water retention and an antibiotic?. He had an appointment yesterday with specialist but we haven’t heard anything yet. Hope to talk to Son2 soon and see how he’s doing. Man went back to work Tuesday, just hope he didn’t overdo it and cause more problems. Thank you for your prayers and support, it means a great deal to us.

  • #23440

    grannyj smith

    Got one beadboard wall pained in the farmhouse bathroom doing the bathroom in a light sage green and hung a large picture of a Magnolia tree in full bloom on one blank wall in the bathroom and the light ivory tint in the picture goes well with the light sage green and it looks beautiful.  I am reusing and repurposing everything in the farmhouse to make it nice and cozy for this will be our forever homestead.

    Dh and everyone is not happy about part of the Livingroom at the farmhouse being used as a bunkroom, but I have no other choice for the babies need a private room, the girls need private space and dh and I need a private room.  What is the old saying “family closeness or family togetherness, well that’s the way it is going to be, but it will work out.

    I just have to get the farmhouse kitchen together for I have a short amount of time left before all the baking starts for deer season and the holidays.



  • #23441


    Grannyj Smith you have been busy.  Your Farmhouse will look really nice I bet when you are done.

    Got the hot peppers deydrated and put in mason jars with 02 obsorbers.

    They are going to be starting on replacing the front walkway, porch and driveway either tomorrow or Tuesday. Waiting on miss utility to come by to mark where the gas line is under driveway.  Also got to tell neighbor across from driveway to please keep his cats in house while the cement is being poured. One of his cats thinks my yard is his litter box.

    Still have to get the larger garden cleaned up and ready for mulch to go down. Need to get the newspaper down first for mulch to go on top of that. Then not next year but year after I want to start the raised beds. I think that would be easier for both DH and myself. I am thinking next summer to start getting the stuff together to get the raised beds going for the following year. By skipping a year, it will give me time to get the food I have canned down as I have got so much food canned, and can’t seem to get it all eating fast enough before garden comes in the following year. And that is with giving food to family and neighbors.  I canned 144 jars of green beans this year and haven’t finished off what we have from last year and just a few jars left from year before. We had so much squash from year before that this past summer we didn’t plant squash and still have plenty of squash for the winter months. Though this year the garden didn’t produce as much, it still produced a  lot of green beans.

    Haven’t done much over weekend as I have been very tired. Thyroid may be getting low again. Blood work in Nov. is due so I will find out if Synthroid needs to be tweeked.

  • #23452

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy October, Everyone


    It rained a lot last week, so we must move a bit faster outside before the snow arrives here in SE Minnesota in a few days; I’d better get my bulbs planted. DH has finished the brick work on our sidewalk and it looks fabulous. There are a few low spots that need to be dealt with, but it is 100% easier to walk on that the broken concrete squares. Now, he must fill in the triangles formed where the sidewalk changed directions, twice, with some colored concrete so we don’t fall into the “holes.” It will be great!

    Corsaire: Do you use the wild elderberries, or do you have some cultivated plants for your elderberry syrup? Our elderberries are eaten by the Catbirds before they are ripe enough for us to pick. I was thinking of purchasing a few cultivated ones and hoping enough of the larger fruits will survive for me to do something with. I actually like the elderberry wine/vinegar that we still have around from several years ago.

    Thinking about making some fire cider. Have not done so before.


    I am sorry to hear that some of us have low energy, or are dealing with health issues – our own or that of others. Why can’t our bodies keep up with our minds? I don’t like this getting old bit. I turn 70 in two weeks. I have too much to learn about and do! Yet, we are getting older and do not have the endurance we had even ten years ago.


    One morning while figuring out how many more bricks we needed for a particular section of sidewalk, and how many of what colors to purchase, DH and I had a wasted morning. He told me the area, and I did basic math to figure out we needed 149 bricks. DH has a PhD, is great with statistics and higher math, and he could not do the basic math. He did not trust my numbers for some reason. He eventually came up with 150 bricks. The next day I sat down with him and told him he was having a bad morning and we were not communicating, he had not understood me, and he was confused. I made him write on a notecard saying that we are having a problem communicating and need to take a break. He had agreed once before that if I asked him to “Stop” he would, but he is confused enough that he cannot remember it and tells me to “stop.” This notecard is in his handwriting and we both signed it. I can use for a future incident. He seems to be having trouble with some reasoning skills. He is 80 and in good health; I know he is not as strong and has less endurance, sadly I can see his logic starting to fail. He has trouble with the TV remote. My daughter says it is “Sun-downer Syndrome”, and while I have seen that for several years already, this is something different. He is not as mentally sharp. Period. I don’t know what it is. Tiny stokes? Injured neuro-pathways?   Whatever it is, it is a sign of things to come – for both of us.


    So, it is not just food and water that some of us are prepping for. Sadly, some of us here are preparing for the failing health of our loved ones. I can handle a “simple” injury such as needing a walker, or watching a diet for diabetes (which I think is coming). I am not sure how to handle the mental decline.


    Time to get into the garden. I don’t think the Brussel’s Sprouts will produce much, fortunately they and the broccoli will survive a snowfall. Time to cover the tomatoes.  I am still working through some of the September Challenges.  Most I will be able to complete.

    Talk to you all later.


  • #23454


    Thanks for the update MamaCando

    Ah the synthroid. I had a NP decide to lower mine cause I was loosing weight, and as we all know correlation=causation( sarcasm). Got to a regular doc and it was corrected.

    Cinnamon Granny. I purchased dried elderberries from Amazon.These are really good. I am very happy with the quality

    This is the company

    ( the URL for the elderberries was a paragraph long)

    Gosh,your DH perhaps a visit to the doc is in order.There has to be something to help with mental decline

    I got my directory on Florida Campsites.Its 72 pages worth of great info. Besides the map, its a must have for floridians.

    • This reply was modified 3 months, 2 weeks ago by  corsaire.
  • #23456


    Been working on yard most of morning. Got the newspaper down on one of the smaller garden areas. Mulch should be coming Wed. or Thurs. so need to get the other 2 areas finished so mulch can go down over the newspaper.

    Corsaire, You were lucky that they could correct your thyroid problem. Mine is hypothyroid and I will be on Synthroid for rest of life. I have hshimoto’s thyroid which is autoimmune disease. It is under control but have to take the Synthroid to keep it under control.

    Got DH to vac. the house for me today and by the time he was done his feet and ankles were swollen so had to have him prop them up. Looking better now as swelling has gone back down.

    Still waiting for the driveway and front porch to be redone. He said this week but we will see.  They keep calling for rain but no rain now for 24 days straight. We do have a chance for it over next couple of days but not looking good for anything more than a sprinkle.

    Cinnamon Grammy, glad to hear your sidewalk is almost done.  My sil is doing the brick pavers on the back of their house. They took out the deck and doing the pavers. I don’t know how far he has gotten as I haven’t been over there in a couple of weeks. But it was half way finished when I was there and it really looks good.  I’m going to see if by chance he can take a break to come till my larger garden. I don’t think DH can do it now and I can’t get a good grip on it to pull the cord to start it. He is so busy though I hate to ask him but I know he would do it for us.


    • #23489

      Cinnamon Grammy

      Little Sister,  it may be a challenge, but it is good to keep those/these old bodies and minds engaged.


  • #23477


    Grandson came over today and had dinner with us. We talked about what he wanted to do after college. He starts on line classes in 2 weeks. Going to be either a computer programmer or maybe something in computer gaming. Was talking about working for Sony when he finishes college. Starting pay right now is 50,000 a year. Not bad for just starting out.

    Been doing a bit of house cleaning today but am bored for some reason. Just can’t seem to concentrate on one thing at a time today. I think it’s the weather. We finally got rain and it has been cool and drizzling all day. Suppose to be like this tomorrow as well. Thinking that after 25 days and no rain and me working outside for a couple of weeks, got me feeling like I am cooped up inside for a day. Must get past that.

    Miss Utility has come today and marked the yard for the gas lines. Wow! Our whole yard all the way around under ground is gas lines. And we are on a corner lot. Then it comes up the side of house and around back under driveway to meter. It is running under our front sidewalk as well. So they should be tearing out the front walkway and repairing front porch first and then the big job. The driveway is huge and curves down from house to street. Plus it is steep. But it will be better and no tripping hazzard.

    Well off to read a good book. Maybe it will take the boredom away. Or I am just tired. Not really sure which it is.  Anyway night all. Later.

  • #23471


    I guess this is the October check in site? Whatever, I’ve been trying to catch up on all your posts the past few days. In September, I participated in the everyday challenge which really showed me some serious gaps in my prepping efforts. I had thought to go back through the challenges this month to see if I had done enough to cover those gaps but now can’t seem to find the list of daily challenges. Oh, well. 🙂

    A couple of unexpected emergency repairs to plumbing and to car made me glad I have set aside money for such matters, but it means I will now need to replenish that which was used. So, I’ve made October my cash only month so no credit charges for anything as my habit is to pay off in full any credit card charge by the end of the month. I’m blessed in that I do have other reserves I can tap if need be, but none of us knows how long we need to make our resources last. So, I work to make certain that I do not overspend in any one month. Encouraging my grandchildren to learn personal discipline in money spending habits. They watch us more than we realize don’t they. 🙂

    Now here’s one for the “oh, pooh” pile. Many months ago I decided I needed to add a coffee percolator to my prepping supplies so I could make coffee over an open fire. Since I didn’t figure to use it very much I bought the cheapest one I could find at Walmart. Well, I should have know better…truism, you get what you pay for. Long story short, I finally decided this morning to try my coffee percolator using the stove and it doesn’t work!!! It simply will not perk! The water boils, but the coffee grounds in the basket stay perfectly dry. I even looked at some youtube videos to see if I was missing some step. They made coffee….mine just sits there and boils the water. So now I guess I’ll use it to make cowboy coffee?

    The weather here is absolutely lovely…my favorite time of the year. Sweater weather at last. Typically we don’t have severe winter weather here, but I think I am basically ready for the occasional power outage from ice storms. I’ve planted spinach, turnips and lettuce seeds which have sprouted and seem to be coming along nicely outside. Our first frost on average is Oct 24 so I’ll need to be looking at ways to protect these plants. I’m also getting the shed ready to grow greens inside as I did last winter. And, I’m going to plant some garlic bulbs to see what I might get next year. Love my gardening hobby…keeps me up and moving around a bit.

    Love reading all your post and sending best wishes your way!

  • #23481

    Crow Bar

    right you are!

    I will get on the OCT thread.

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