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      Odd Doll

      Hi All, question about uses for the area above my sand trap and leach field.

      I have a nice 1/2 acre, but a beautiful sunny section that would be really convenient for a garden is taken up by my sand trap (where the grass is long and remarkably green LOL) and the leach field. I had a sanitation guy out about a year ago, and when I mentioned it, he said not to grow anything there but grass. He said that the field could be very close to the surface.

      So does anybody know of anything useful I can safely do with this piece of land?

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      Crow Bar

      We have something similar.

      We did raised bed gardens over it. With the garden cloth, the roots never get into the leach field.

      After 8 years, the boxes finally rotted out to the point we cannot use them again.
      Based off on of one of Daisy’s guest posters, we are going to try tractor tire gardening. They will be deeper in soil depth too!

      Hope that helps!

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      Odd Doll

      That’s a good idea. The sanitation man did say, though, that evaporation was important to the process. I’m not certain about that, though.

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      Odd Doll

      Just to further clarify, I’m reading that evaporation IS important to the process and raised beds inhibit that.

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      I would get a shovel and find out how deep take the guess work out of it.


      As for growing veggies…. why not the evaporation process will be unhanced by surface area of the aspiration from plants as part of photo synthesis. Would wary  about any deep tap root veggies like dai kong , un mounded potatoes and carrots till you make sure you have the depth you need.


      Be careful with tractor tires wash thoroughly before and be aware of the weight. They use salt and caustic liquids to fill equipment tires  that look like tractor tires to the untrained eye.




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      Matt In Oklahoma

      I pull my chicken tractor over it and let them graze and dig out junebug larva etc.

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