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    Osito Arelano

    So, I have heard that if the power is out long enough, the sewer systems will back up into people’s homes. Since it is essentially a closed system, if one end isn’t being emptied out, it will eventually become a problem.

    1) Seems plausible, thoughts?

    2) If it’s plausible, then what? The only thing I could think of is a sewer gate.

    In some cities with older infrastructure, having a sewer gate is pretty common. But in suburbia it’s apparently unheard of.

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    .. if the power is out long enough, the sewer systems will back up into people’s homes.

    Depends on where you live and how the system works.

    What we have learnt:
    Problem 1: With power failures the pumps that moves water around stops. So your house may run out of water, meaning you cannot flush either.

    Problem 2: With power outages the sewage farms also come to a standstill.

    Problem 3: Depending on where you live ito height you can have it push back up due to pressure from areas higher up if the pipes lower than you are clogged due to insufficient water keeping the sludge moving / pumps stopped pumping it.

    Or it is simple as your drain clogs due to insufficient water to flush the paper and solids down to the main sewer.

    If the sludge does get to a point where it overflows the system, not much you can do in suburbia. The stench becomes unbelievable not to mention the flies if it takes too long to resolve.

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      i been reading sewer issue live in henderson navada  duplex small yard what we do retired namvet we burned waste in military  is  quick lime a  idea   lord it hope we do loose power i will be a mad house ..anyway any ideas??? out there…please????

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    Osito Arelano

    If the sludge does get to a point where it overflows the system, not much you can do in suburbia. The stench becomes unbelievable not to mention the flies if it takes too long to resolve.

    Hmmm. Good point. Even if I managed to keep it out of my house, my neighbor’s house probably won’t. Which means this may be something I will put on the back burner. Odds are, if it does get to that point, it will have taken a while, and there will be other more pressing issues.

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    Lots to take in but it can and sooner or later will happen and then we have a whole new host of other issues because of it. How soon depends on how high up you are from the lines.

    One of the things I have been doing is reading up on possible things we might have to be doing. We have 5 gal buckets with toilet lids just in case. But also an outhouse. Yes, been there used those and they can stink.  So one thing I am thinking about buying and storing in shed is type S-Hydrated lime. You just sprinkle some in bucket or can after you go, and it will keep the smell and flies down and out. So that is on my need to get list.

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    When buying lime for emergancies , it is more than out house, used in making home made concrete, disposal of animal corpses when burning not available, gardening soil amending.

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    I don’t think that garden lime is the same as quicklime that you would use to dispose of animal corpses.

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    Crow Bar

    A 5gal bucket, half way filled with wood chips, saw dust (I get it from my local Amish saw mill, $1 for 3 50lbs bags), cover waste with the bio-mass.
    Empty into a compost pile. Let breakdown over 2 years.

    Large enough compost pile, you can breakdown a animal over time.
    Buried a chicken in the compost pile. Turning it over a few months later, found what was left. The meat was cooked. The pressure from the pile, and the breakdown action generated heat.
    Makes great compost.

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    Crow bar, that is great. Wish we had an Amish place around here. We don’t have much of anything where we can get things like that.  One of my granddaughters works on a horse farm, so we can get all the horse poop we want free. We use that to get a compost pile going. Has been really good for garden. Makes for some rich soil. That is about the only thing around and we have to drive 30 miles out to get that. Where we live used to be country and then became urban. Now they are dumping the town on us and it is really bad.

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    No, quicklime and garden lime are different products but you can make some interesting things with the quicklime.


    For or most people, the garden variety is enough.

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    Quick lime becomes slaked lime as quick lime gets slaked from moisture it becomes slaked lime. Once you open quick lime it begins. You buy quick lime and can make slaked with water and a mixing bucket use a mask gloves and mixing see article for ratio. Only buy quick lime.





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    For those of you who have never dug and used outhouses, dig 2 holes smaller one for urine and big one for the number 2 mixing the two leads to horrific smells. We use an auger put in a drainage pipe to 8 feet (gravel here)  this is also.where your hand wash water goes. If you have kids make a smaller hole for them freaks them out having to use fullsized hole some kind of fear of falling in or monster living down there at night lol. Have a shavings bucket there so everyone sprinkles after a number two.. use a small yoghurt container or people.tend to use a whole bucket of shavings on one outing.


    Sink can be a bucket with drain on bottom we have a 80 gallon tank on roof which we fill  weekly there is a hose   to a faucet one temp only lol. There is towel for drying and a liquid soap dispenser.

    You can make a big enough outhouse for 3 holes  more than one hole helps vent it keeping smells down but good use of wood shavings and lime and it smells better than many public toilets.


    In spring to fall we ask the guys to pee on the  hay piles that where cleaned from the poultry coops it helps the breakdown and does not smell. In fall we turn and cover piles by spring they are soil amenders.

    Side note get a small bucket with easy to remove lid place the toilet paper and set wipes in there or squirrels will use it all up to make nesting material damn limb rats.


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    Matt In Oklahoma

    I’m on septic and I’ve got plans ABC. Back when I lived in town I had bags of quickcrete to pour down and stop up the line with a cardboard plunger in front. It’s a whole lot easy to replace a few feet of line than the damage of sewer flooding the place.

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    If we loose power long enough, raw sewage will back up into homes. We have a one way valve that they say would stop that from happening, but I question how that would work. We still have our septic tank and city forced us all on city sewage. Will have to replace the septic lines and reconnect it. One of the things I am looking into. Need to find out how much it would cost to rerun the septic lines.

    I have used an outhouse many times growing up. Grandparents home didn’t have a bathroom when we were small. That changed later but granddaddy kept the outhouse to use when he was working in the gardens so he wouldn’t be tracking into house. I know how to build one but don’t think I would have the strength to do it now. But I do have buckets with the toilet lids and the kitty litter that clumps and no dust. I need to get more of that. We have no Amish places around here and no where that I know of to buy wood chips. I am going to get sand like you would use in a sand box also. We also have lots of liners for the buckets. We have a hospital type toilet as well. So hopefully that is almost fully taken care of. Just need to get some back ups for the back ups. We have lime in the garden shed but need to check on how much is left. It is what we use in garden when needed.

    Right now my biggest concern would be more water sources. I am looking into that soon.

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