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    Depends on the weapon.  Friend of ours recently had to use her shotgun on a home invader.  It was a pump, stored with the chamber empty.  She loaded it, confronted the invader, and dropped him at a range measured in feet….

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    I have two , a KSG , and a Mossburg 590 . The 590 is a good general purpose , hunting or defense . It pretty much stays in its case at home . The KSG , I call it the ” hedgehog ” , is my go to for home defense . Its pretty much designed for that , you would be hard pressed to hunt with it . One tube has Hexolit 32 slug , the other steel BB or sometimes turkey load , in either case , I dont believe in having one in the chamber , when not in actual use . Arguments in both directions , I just feel that having one in the chamber is asking for trouble , same with my battle rifles , it only takes a split moment , to charge a weapon , if you dont have that , chances are , your screwed anyway . To each their own .

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