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    I live in a old farm house, so the creeking floor is a real thing.

    Loading a shotgun quietly can be difficult.

    He is right about a sling making noise.

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    I say the same thing about battle rifles and shotguns , keep them loaded , it only takes a split second to charge the weapon . Slings will help you keep possesion of your weapon , should you get surprised . This can be important if you intend to be the one moving around , instead of letting them come to you . In my case , the KSG was made for the close confines of a house , one tube holds slug , the other with turkey shot , I don’t plan on moving around if I hear something , just being ready .

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    I agree, We do keep our gun loaded but never thought about the shotgun. Am looking to get a rifle. Yeah that rabbit under our shed is nice and fat now. No I wouldn’t really kill it and put in pot. I enjoy watching it run around our backyard. I thought it was a tame one but beginning to think it might be wild.  I also have some creeking floors. Might be a good thing when I am in back of house and no one else is home but me. Then if someone did get in, I would hear them when the floor creeked.

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    I always thought I just wanted them to get out of my house. Just the sound of racking a shell into the chamber of a Remington 870 ought to scare the heck out of most intruders. They should skedaddle hearing that sound.

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      I always thought I just wanted them to get out of my house. Just the sound of racking a shell into the chamber of a Remington 870 ought to scare the heck out of most intruders. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>They should skedaddle hearing that sound.</span>

      The ones that don’t are a harder proposition to deal with than the ones who flee.  Friend of ours shot a home invader back in September.  She loaded the gun, accosted the invader, and bid him halt.  He didn’t.  She shot.  He died.  If he’d closed, his history suggests that she’d have been badly hurt or killed.

      Don’t bank on the sound sending an intruder fleeing.  It may make him come your way faster.


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    Shots till death shot gun is 1 that says something  at close range is pretty much beginning and end of argument.

    Who would  enter a situation like that without one in the chamber is a fool.


    While pump and semi  auto are good  no way in a house would I face an aa12.  Even the semi civillian version from them with the drum mag  with near zero recoil is fearsome.

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    This is where your dog or cat is a plus . Your pets can be a good early warning system . Yes even cats . No they wont attack any intruder , but they do sleep with you . Every one I’ve ever had woke me up when anything was around the outside of the house . Can be annoying , but if you get it , you learn that its actually a good thing . Dogs and cats hear things long before we will .

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    Back in the bad old days, I was around the 12 gauge revolving clockwork shotgun that was used in Rhodesia.  It was quite effective at carjacking ranges, where it was intended to be used.  Think they called the bowlderized version Streetsweeper, or something like that over here before they banned it.

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    Best alarm for us day time is llama it is with cows… at night dogs we have 4 now and expecting a new litter in new year…we have tried other dogs but the two breeds that work for us is Irish wolf hounds for outside and longer distance and ural mountain shepard for close to house and animal protection.


    Have seen the wolf hounds ( year old now breeding pair)chase and kill a mule deer in our field…the shepards are military trained  Super nice to family but guest told never to leave house without escort at night.


    Big sign and two barriers on road so no way some one can just wander on. It’s in glow in dark neon sign with a call box to reach us at home stead.  Cop had to call us tonight he got stuck on back roads…he could not look me in eye whole time I think he was not being honest about reason for trip out here as there is no one else out here. More than a day walk to cell service and was -20 last night.



    But the geese are kinda penned around barn and green house…. those are mean as hell and loud put tasty.



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    Caucasian Mountain Shepard ……………Great protection , not entirely domesticated . They are wolf killers , and fearless , but again , not exactly a family pet .

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