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    I live in a old farm house, so the creeking floor is a real thing.

    Loading a shotgun quietly can be difficult.

    He is right about a sling making noise.

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    I say the same thing about battle rifles and shotguns , keep them loaded , it only takes a split second to charge the weapon . Slings will help you keep possesion of your weapon , should you get surprised . This can be important if you intend to be the one moving around , instead of letting them come to you . In my case , the KSG was made for the close confines of a house , one tube holds slug , the other with turkey shot , I don’t plan on moving around if I hear something , just being ready .

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    I agree, We do keep our gun loaded but never thought about the shotgun. Am looking to get a rifle. Yeah that rabbit under our shed is nice and fat now. No I wouldn’t really kill it and put in pot. I enjoy watching it run around our backyard. I thought it was a tame one but beginning to think it might be wild.  I also have some creeking floors. Might be a good thing when I am in back of house and no one else is home but me. Then if someone did get in, I would hear them when the floor creeked.

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    no money

    I always thought I just wanted them to get out of my house. Just the sound of racking a shell into the chamber of a Remington 870 ought to scare the heck out of most intruders. They should skedaddle hearing that sound.

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