Survey Reveals Quarter Of Americans Have Never Eaten Vegetables

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    Um 25 percent no veggies…. it smells of bs even instant meals have wilted sickly stuff in frozen and fast food.

    As for not knowing how to cook this is more omportant than gender studies. Maybe teach them as many are to stupid to watch a cooking show. Oh wait the attention span of less than 5 mins. Or actually know how to parent. All ignorance is willful in information age. Sarasm

    As for most hated veggies it goes back to being shitty cook. So many farm helpers say wow this is ( broccoli, brussel sprouts, liver, kidney, okra, turnip, parsnip ect) why because people are lazy as shit and never even bother to try new ways of eating something.

    Saying i dont like cooking, is like saying its a guys job to fix things and do mechanics basics or its a woman job cooking cleaning sewing laundry better learn it and be self sufficient or suffer. Only gender job is childbirth.

    The 12 year old girl just rebuilt her first two stroke engine last week by herself in fall maintanance and one of the boys won the baking competition with apple strudel. Everyone cross trained not saying you cant do what you prefer just saying you need to know how to do it all just in case and life has a way of punishing the stupid.

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    Turnips, brussel sprouts…total yum

    but the stuff in the grocery stores are just ghastly taste wise.

    Perhaps if some ate farm fresh veggies they might have a change of heart

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    Crow Bar

    Well said.
    When my parents were visiting, we used some of the tomatoes from the garden. They raved about how good they were. That lead to a discussion about how much better organic (true organic) is over commercial stuff.

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