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    I think it was Jack Simonton who mentioned hearing protection in another thread.

    Reminded me of another online discussion I partook in: Wearing hearing protection, indoors, during a SHTF event.
    The discussion was he would be sitting at his kitchen table, wearing his electronic muffs (note this was pre-inside the ear electronic protection, and electronic muffs were common (and still are).
    I, for one, found the idea somewhat ridiculous as he had no idea if hostilities were to ensue right then right there, or 3 days later, or even never at his house . . . running down the battery.

    I argued for the non-electronic types as they are battery independent, and less bulky. I use SureFire XP3 ear plugs. They fit well, work well, and so comfortable I was once half way home from the range before I realized I still had them in.

    What do you think and or use?

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    I use rechargeable batteries with my Wolf Ears.  Solar panel charging….  And those are an Item I backed up, because they are useful to an old man with tinnitus.

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