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    Crow Bar

    Ok, so I heard (from 2 people in person), or read about this one on various forums: Someone from outside of your group/neighborhood comes into your Area Of Operations (AOO, re: geophysical area you have control over).
    Let’s say it is the classic pretty young female, dirty, hungry/thirsty, with a tale of woe.

    The argument is what to do with this person?

    The one, and most disturbing one in my honest opinion, is they shoot her straight out.
    The logic being she could be a infiltrator/spy sent by a rag-tag group of MZBs to gather intelligence/RECON on your position, number of people, arms, things worth looting/fighting over (e.g. gardens, livestock, water, fuel, etc.). Once said intell has been gathered, she will beat feet/sneak away to report her findings and the next morning/day the MZBs attack, using the intell she gathered to undermind you defenses.

    Two, turn her away from the get go, not letting her even close enough to see anything, and then go on the defense.

    Three, let her see only what you want her to see. A broken down house, no livestock or gardens to be had, but many men with guns. Trick her into seeing a armed camp with nothing of real value worth the risk.

    Four, take her in, use psy-ops to undermind/turn her, get info out of her and then launch a offensive against the MZBs.

    What have you heard?
    What would you do?

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    In that case you are missing more nasty things, lots of ways to get info not all.of them pretty


    There is also baiting trap with person.

    Grab her for slavery.


    Also if many single men might create other issues.







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    Crow Bar

    Very good.
    Those are all points I have not seen the Ramboz-wannbes mention or take into consideration.

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    Dan the Old Guy

    Wow, this thread is kind of dark, isn’t it?

    I think the first strategy is to locate your home base somewhere that makes it rare for people to come by.  Obviously, if you are stuck in an urban area, this isn’t feasible, but if you have a home in a rural area or a bugout location, then choosing something off the beaten path is best.

    My thoughts on charity are pretty simple.  I plan on giving the excess that I grow to the church and then directing people that need help to the church.  I think simply turning people away from your personal property is enough, especially if they know there is a church in town that might be able to help them.

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    Here is another reality , what you do in SHTF may come back to haunt you when its over ………….and it will always be an end . Chickens come home to roost . Outright attacking people outside self defense , is not only wrong , but foolish . Reason is what separates Humans from $hit . The only thing . I would strongly advise against option number one . In that scenario , you have to also keep in mind that it goes against female nature . What I mean by that , is , a woman would have strong hesitation to even approach armed MEN only group . For obvious reasons . Now they would feel more inclined to approach a group of people , if she could see a ” healthy ” mix of people , other females and kids around . Here is the thing , your there . There is no hiding that fact , its no secret . People of any description WILL attempt to approach at some point . Another reality , that may be more tricky , is how do you handle ” authorities ” , as in LE and Military . You going to fire on a group of Marines ? Good luck with that . Some , if not all of your group are going to die ……….who is it going to be ? Are the LEOs real or rogue ? very difficult . We may have to , but once done , you may be forced to relocate , as you now have a ” price ” on your head . Homesteads are easy to isolate if you get a group out for revenge , because you made a bad choice . Hard to say .

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    Crow Bar

    Well said Tolik.

    Not my idea, but I have seen option one as the,
    “You have to do it! Or they will come and kill you and take all your things!”
    floating around out there, in more than one forum, and met 2 people who were of the same mind set.
    One of them, I think he was all talk.
    The other, yeah, I would not want him in my group/tribe.

    Me, I find the idea disgusting.

    But that is the point of this mental exercise, all the differing ideas and POV.
    Thank you all for participating.

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    Crow Bar

    Concerning LE/Military, I live in the sticks. The nearest LE is a good 10 minute drive via 2 lane highway, 55mph.
    During SHTF, post-SHTF, I highly doubt they are going to bother with us up here, especially if fuel availability is an issue.
    More than likely, our local community, if it still stays somewhat cohesive, will have to form up its own militia, and elect our own sheriff and deputies.
    I dont expect to see the military or even the NG up our way. I think they would be more concentrated in the urban areas initially. But if the SHTF grinds on, I question if there will be LE/military at all as the situation worsens.
    Note: I am assuming a full on, multi-year SHTF event. Think, EMP.

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    @ crowbar it depends on two things are the transgressors part of your group or not. If yes then punishment and feeding them is not that big a hardship. I would think there would be physical punishment, extra work, death and make amendments. If outside and times very tough maybe just death and physical punishment. If community barely hanging on sparing food to keep someone alive would not be worth the effort for a criminal.


    It’s not popular but there will be two sets of rules one for your group one for outsiders that will govern your interactions. stealing from others might be a need stealing inside a group a death knell.


    I have a what if questions …..what if you are a leader of a  group post shft  and this happens


    Your medical professional  has it revealed that they are a pedaphile by molesting a non group.member child how do you deal with it? Losing thier skill will surely lead to deaths in your group.


    You have a  three people in your group that ask you for permission to marry as a group of 3? What do you do?



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    Crow Bar

    Hard questions to really answer.
    Easy sitting here, behind a keyboard.

    Now, the pedaphile, yeah, I think he would have to go, keyboard or not. Some things are just plain evil.

    As for the group of 3, what grown adults do in the privacy of their own home, and they are not abusing one another, is none of my business. Nor is it anyone else’s, the government, or the church.
    I got a feeling we are going to be a bit more concerned with keeping food on the table, and heat then who is sleeping with who.

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    So cb you would go without health care person and risk death of your members because of what the person did tid to non member? Morally right but what do you say to next person who dies family  who could have been saved with tgs persons skill?


    Do you banish them or do you kill them?


    Another two questions that are more likely to happen  but are equally as hard. You see a group of  6 kids from about 10 to 14 years old they are going house to house for food. You are well enough hidden then won’t find you but they are in rough shape and won’t make winter. You have extra food but taking in 6 means everyone starves and some will surely die before  spring… what do you do?


    You capture two women stealing food, they claim to be mothers stealing for their children which are hidden. You can spare anything, there are no other groups near you letting them go means they will have to come back to take food /supplies from your group.  Killing them.means kids  die hard outside. Banishing  them is also either death or re offend. What do you do?



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    Crow Bar

    I was an EMT-B and a Wilderness EMT.
    In our Wilderness EMT course, we had a MD going for her Continuing Education requirements. Take away the labs, x-rays, antibiotics, etc. and we are all back to the 1800s, to include her.

    What would you do?

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    Would depend really first how old the other was and what was done. This sounds weird but let’s think back two generations ago marriage at 14 was not unusual.

    Second if they situation could be avoided ie person gets zero time with juveniles . Without basic skills even with all the gear you are useless. Skills are required equipment is a sliding scale..


    Same with you on the three people no one else’s business.


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