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    John Park

    Just reposting this into the new section, I’d love to hear if you guys have any favorites.
    I’d also like to recommend the Larsen’s book, “Light infantry tactics for small teams.” It’s a great starting place that covers the basics in a solid and easily accessible way.
    I’ve also read Max Velocity’s “Contact”, but have to say that while having a ton of info, it is too extensive. It’s arrangement isn’t as accessible, it’s not particularly user friendly, and is more likely to lead to paralysis by analysis.
    Mind you, I do not mean to put down the work or the author. The work is great if you have want to read this for enjoyment and have the time, or if you already a solid tactical foundation.
    But for myself, busy working, raising kids, homesteading…. it was too much. Larsen’s book was a much faster and simpler read.

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