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    Crow Bar

    Here is another . . . discussion I got into on another forum:
    How to go to the bathroom in a SHTF/post-SHTF situation.

    The guy I got into it the discussion, his idea was this: He, his wife, and daughter would stay in the house, make it look abandoned and ransacked (broken windows, a dead dog/cat/animal on the front walkway), and they would do business out in the fenced in backyard at the far most point from the house.
    Note, he claimed he had like 20k rounds for every firearm he owned, and a years worth of MREs for him and family.

    At this time I just finished reading Humanure Handbook. According to it, the average American defecates approximately 1,200lbs of waste a year. 1,200lbsx3 people, in the backyard . . . that better be a deep hole. And the hole was not dug yet. He/they would be doing it as they went.

    I thought composting it (per the Humanure Handbook) was a better option.

    Anyone have any other ideas?

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    John Park

    We’re out in the boonies, with a decent piece of land, so we’ll be making an outhouse and moving it from time to time.
    We also have a camping potty (originally it really was for camping) for when it is the middle of winter and we can just do our business and put the bucket outside for relocation later when someone is all dressed for the weather.

    We do have a neighbor nearby, and we’ll have to make sure they aren’t disposing of waste too close to our well.

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    We have one out house that two of the adults use as primary…. men.  it’s 3 feet by 3 feet 10 feet deep. 2 years and still room. Nearly no smell.

    Keep your toilet paper in small plastic jar or squirrels will destoy it.

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    For urban areas , the Turdmaster 2000 is here !

    Features : Can remove waste up to a range of 500 yards .

    Built in seat with no mess bag , for easy tie up and release .

    Built in bag holder , with paper dispenser .

    Grid down ? No worries ! , with the Turdmaster 2000 , sanitation is just a release lever away .

    MSRP $ 1299.95 free shipping available in the lower 48

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