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    Old Goat

    Gave one of the grandchildren their first lesson in snow tracks. Have been teaching him to be aware of the bunny’s in the neighborhood and squirrels. So this morning with a light snow showed him how to tell which prints were older by the amount of snow in the tracks. How a cat was hunting the rabbit by the way the cat’s prints were situated and when the rabbit knew it was being stalked by the distance of both sets of foot prints as they ran. Which prints were dogs vs cats and how the different people tracks could tell you something about the people who had already been out this morning. (such as the cane print and dragging foot marks vs health walkers.)

    Didn’t see many bird prints so didn’t get into that. Maybe I’ll teach him to smell rain this spring. He’s about the age I taught my kids these things.


    Crow Bar

    That is great!



    When my daughter and I lived up north in Ontario, we loved going out the morning after a snow and checking out all the tracks. We had a really cool laminated thing to take with us that we picked up in Algonquin Park to help identify the different tracks.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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