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    John Park

    I type up responses, often somesort of reset happens on the screen, and my response is lost. I’m not sure what is going on.

    I’m also having trouble with responding to private messages: I type a full response, hit send, and it appears to have just sent the first line or so.

    Lastly, I cannot figure out how to get the system to register that I have read a PM and make the little number in the top right of the screen go away.

    I apologize for the remedial nature of my issues, or at least I would if I could find my carrier pigeons to send the messages to you….

    Feeling like quite the unintentional luddite this morning.

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    OldMt Woman

    I think I can help with making the notification number go away.  Click a check mark on any you want to delete.  Click on “Bulk Actions” and chose “Delete”.  Then make sure to also click “Apply”.

    As for lost responses….haven’t had that problem.

    OldMtWoman  …hope that helps.


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    I have a techie looking into this! So sorry you’re having issues.

    Of course the first suggestion is to shut down your computer and restart it. 🙂 I don’t know if that will do anything but it’s the most technological thing I know to how to do.

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    John Park

    Old Mt Woman, I don’t see an apply button anywhere. Mind you, I am not trying to delete anything, because I want to save the info that was sent to me. I just want to mark it as having been read, so the little blue number on the upper right disappears.

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    John Park

    Ohhhhhhhhh, I think I’ve got it. I was in the “message” sub heading, rather than the “notifications” heading. Thank you for nudging me into the 20th century (yes, I know it’s the 21st now… but I’m still catching up LOL)

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