The age of rage: are we really living in angrier times?

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    Crow Bar

    I think there is real actual anger: cheating spouse, passed over for a deserved promotion, Obamacare etc.

    But what I have been seeing I call faux rage/anger. Getting upset over something that is really trivial.

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    I think some of the rage comes from our instant lives as we all want it NOW and when it does not come as we think we are entitled to we feel cheated.


    I also think stress is cumulative, since changing life styles and profession I have noticed many of the rages are not there but then again I avoid most of them. No traffic no pos co workers no bad clients. There is still financial stuff but much less so.   When we reach boiling point most don’t focus on true issue they just lash out at next issue or easy target. I also think head meds are a contributing factor as well as huge financial stresses on most normal people as regardless of government lies we all feel the pinch as ends are harder to meet and income has flat lined at best.


    We are hard wired fight or flight, how do you do that in modern world without serious repercussion?





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    JoEllen Jennings

    Anger is usually not a primary emotion but instead covers the real one–feelings of loss, hurt, etc. I think that the root cause of anger is selfishness which certainly involves not being able to compete in a “I’m going to have it all right now” environment. That leads to frustration which in turn leads to feelings of hate toward others whom you perceive as having more than you do and lashing out in anger.

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    Hate and anger will eat you alive and destroy you if you let it. I’ve been there. I hated a lawyer that I paid a lot of money to represent me in a business deal. He worked to screw me, his client. After 10 years of hating him I realized that my hate was not hurting him at all. He didn’t know and if he had he wouldn’t have cared. My hate was only hurting me, so I stopped.

    The world is not fair, we all know this. There are people out there that will cheat anybody and everybody they can. You are not a person to those kind of people, you are only a target of opportunity. Something to use up and throw away, like an empty drink bottle. Sometimes this is called dog eat dog. But dogs knows they are fighting a living dog. To these people you are just an object to use up and throw away.

    These people are the worst threat we as preppers will face after the SHTF. They will kill you without a second thought for the half of a candy bar in your hand. These are the guys that will become warlords, if they live that long. They are also a threat to you now, everyday. But you have to figure out a way to not let losing a battle with one of these persons cause you emotional damage. Best to figure out who they are ahead of time and avoid dealing with them. If you can’t avoid dealing with them then demand cash (or a cash egualavent like a cashiers check) as payment in full before you hand over your part of the deal.

    In the real world it doesn’t matter how smart you are. These people know all the tricks, they use them every day and you have little to no chance against them. I’m a reasonably intelligent person, but I’m also a reasonably honest person and I’m living on SS. What few other assets I have left, I dare not spend! I don’t know those tricks and I have not figured out how to counter many of them.


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