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    Crow Bar

    Welcome to August everyone!

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    checking in from Memphis,would be interested to hear from like mined prep folks on various topics

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    OldMt Woman

    Hi Everyone.  OldMtWoman checking in……a bit LATE.   Haven’t forgotten y’all at all.  Can’t figure where my time goes each day….seriously!  I certainly am not out-and-about these days.  I will have to read the July Check-in and catch up.

    Briefly, DH and I are doing fine…basically.  Age has not been kind in the past months.  Seems like we’re collecting a few pains that are having more long-lasting effects on general functioning.  Still doing BATTLE with those….and that steals time/energy!  Grrrr!  Not happy about that….but still hopeful that we can gain back those losses.  KWIM?

    Heading over to read July posts…  Watch out for that hurricane, coastal folks [Corsaire, and all].

    OldMtWoman …still topping off ALL preps….it’s WILD out there, folks!

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    Oh Hi

    All is well, Thanks OldMtWoman. Some rain, some wind but thats about it.

    Didnt do much as far as a staging area, cause it wasnt and didnt turn out to be a huge storm. My old system wasnt ideal, so I need to rework things.

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    Crow Bar

    After nearly a week with no rain, hot, a small but powerful microburst popped up yesterday afternoon.
    The weather station says we got almost a quarter of an inch of rain in less than 5 minutes!
    Last night it has been raining off and on.
    Tomorrow and tomorrow night the remnants of Isaias will be coming through.

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    Mama cando

    Hey all, Doing ok. Garden is a fail this year. Not sure what we did wrong. Although the peppers are doing good, they are a bit on the small side but still good. Acorn squash has 3 little “nuts” on them with several blossoms still growing, cantaloupe has gone south, not sure why, still lots and lots of flowers but no melons yet. Little onions look like they are pearls. Still crossing fingers on the tomatoes got a few little greenies and they seem to be growing. As for the first planting of peas we have a total of 12 peas from 6 pods(darn doe got most of the plants). DH replanted in a box on the deck and they are starting to sprout(yeah) so we may yet get peas. I’m afraid we REALLY are going to have a very hard winter, got a couple of squirrels and chipmunks raiding the feeder now.They have not done so in the past unless we got a nasty winter.  The doe keeps “sampling” the feeder too.

    Son1 called the other day seems the psycho ex let Grandson 1 go back to visit his friends in AZ and Grand daughter 1 attended a volleyball camp at her (now old) school and one of her team mates tested positive before they were coming back to Dads. So son sent DIL1 and baby(both high risk) up here to visit with her family until the kids (and Son) are tested and negative.We’re doing okay on that aspect so she’s coming here for lunch this week. She texted all are negative down home so she’ll be heading back probably Friday or Saturday . GRSon1 is back with his mom and as far as we all know started back to school today, I pray he wears his mask as he is high risk as well. The psycho says virus is a hoax so no precautions are taken. Praying hard that he will be safe. On the other hand, Grdaughter 1 is now living with dad and will start on line school the 17th as they are going slow on getting the kids back in school.Two kids camps down there have shut down as 85% of the kids and staff are positive and some are now in hospital. I pray for all of us and hope you are all staying as safe as you can.

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    Can’t believe it’s August already. This year is flying by.

    I have had a very busy few months. DH has been very sick and weak.  He is in congestive heart failure since October or Nov. of last year.  It has gotten worse. Of all the times for him to end up in ER was near end of April. 4 times to ER and 3 was admitted to hospital. Those were scary times to say the least. He is still having to have another surgery. The first was that they had to clip his mitral valve to stop it from leaking. Things were really bad before that was done. Now he is going in for a procedure called the watchman.  It is a device for people with Afib. that cannot take blood thinners as that was part of his issues. This device will stop any blood clots from entering the heart and going through his body. This will stop them and they will dissolve on their own with no issues of having a stroke.  So I have been a full time caregiver for my husband. It has been touch and go but he is starting to get a bit stronger and will be starting heart rehab to build the heart muscle back up. This will also give him back some much needed energy.

    Otherwise I have been busy canning everything from freezer.  We were unable to do a garden this summer with everything going on. But I was already well stocked.  Canned chicken, beef, turkey, made barbeque and canned it. In process of canning several types of soups and beans with ham as well. Since the Corona virus is keeping us home as DH is high risk. I am trying to get my huge freezer emptied and then going to restock it.

    Hope everyone is doing good with all this mess going on.  Glad to see everyone here still. Stay safe and I will try to get on here more often.


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    Hi Antigone69 here. Hello August! checking in here and not sure where to even begin. Just got back from up north,near Chicago and have never in my life been so glad to get home. My garden was attended to while I was gone and so I was happy about that. Was going to can some tomatoes but we ended up eating them and making salsa. Hope all’s well with you all.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Hi and welcome Antigone69.  I don’t visit this thread often, but should.  My garden is yielding tomatoes, bell peppers, and jalapeno peppers.  I’m seeding the tomatoes, cutting them in half and roasting them on a cookie sheet with parchment paper, then using my new vacuum seal preserver to preserve in the freezer.  With the other tomatoes, I’m making spaghetti sauce and salsa (that’s where the jalapeños come in).  We’ve prepared a larger area for a fall garden and will plant a much larger spring/summer garden next year and are hoping to grow potatoes and onions, as well as greens.  Earlier in the year, I froze white peaches and some strawberries to can when I fire up the water bath canner in a few weeks.  I tried my hand at sourdough starter earlier this summer, but failed miserably.  Now, with some dark rye flour, which the internet has assured me is easier to make starter from, I seem to be making headway and hope to make a couple of loaves this weekend.  We’ve also topped off our wood pile with some downed and split trees.

    Mama Cando…I’ve had gardens like that in years past.  It’s hard to know why they go that way.  Hang in there!  Praying the grandkids weather the psycho with no ill effects.

    Littlesister…you’ve got your hands full with caregiving and canning.  You are a strong woman!

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    Hello Antigo69 and welcome.

    Josefina.  I am to a point I am mentally tired. Picked up car today as they have had it since Sunday night when I dropped it off for warrenty work.  I am so tired of the lies from these people. I called them this morning to find out when car would be ready. They said they texted me. Lie number one.  Then said because of hurricane they couldn’t get the parts delivered but when I went in to pick car up they said they haven’t been able to get parts for 2 weeks. Well since the hurricane was on Monday They told lie number 2.  And I got a letter that I am now involved in a class action suit against Hydundai as they are not doing the warrenty work or anything. I am going to make some phone calls. tomorrow.  No idea when I can get car fixed now and DH is going to have more surgery and heart rehab. So I told them when I bring it back I want a loaner car or rental and I am not paying for either since this is warrenty work.

    Also the post office delivered 2 packages to a wrong house. I have been back and forth about it and nothing. I have a code and the tracking numbers and they are not doing anything. I don’t know what packages these are at this point. So I am going to file a high price claim for the inconvence. I am so over people at this point.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy August, Everyone.

    Life is interesting. Trying to stay informed has us watching multiple TV channels to try to be balanced in our perspective. Most of the people we know agree with our point of view so we are lucky.

    I have been concentrating on the vegetable gardens. The broccoli did not take with the first set of seeds, so I reseeded and we now have some tiny plants. We really like broccoli so I have three 17×3-foot beds, two rows of broccoli in each with something else in the middle so I don’t waste space. The cabbage is being eaten. This morning I sat and picked over each leaf and pulled off the cabbage loopers. All plants had multiples, but one has twelve! I hope I got them all. I have about a dozen cabbages. Not sure how to preserve them, I have never made sauerkraut, but I do can coleslaw, and freeze the sliced cabbage for winter stir-fries.

    We used the “Florida Weave” on the tomato plants. It works well, as long as you remember to start when they are young and actually circle each plant and stake. Leave no slack. Finally, in zone 4B we are starting to get paste tomatoes and our first table tomato. Not enough for canning. No flowers on the pepper plants, yet. The cucumber vines are dutifully climbing the fence but the actual fruits are fat on one end and skinny on the other. Not many, either. The yellow summer squash is doing too well. I will need to slice and freeze or dehydrate all of the fruits from two plants.

    I did not plant green beans this year since we still have 100 jars in the pantry. I did plant black beans and they are tall, full of pods that already seem to be drying out. No luck with the lentils and garbanzos from the panty; they just did not survive. Reseeded the sugar pea rows with rutabagas, spinach, basil, lettuce.

    We are preparing for another strawberry bed just like the one we have with foot tall sides. The plants that I transplanted in early spring are happily growing baby plants that need to be transplanted to a new bed so we get more actual berries next year from those original plants. I gave most of the berries to the neighbor.

    The flower gardens are out of control. I just do not have the incentive to get in there and weed out those dang perennials that have rhizomes that do not respond to being dug up. The big garden is full of yellow narrow-leaved sunflowers, OVERCOME with yellow, and a foot taller than the phlox. I don’t care for yellow.

    I have been canning hamburger in various forms. I made meatballs for spaghetti and canned them in ½ pint jars in a beef broth. I ate too many while I was stuffing the jars since they were really good. I also fried up some hamburger, with an onion and put 1 pound in a quart jar for a future meal – stroganoff, tacos, or whatever I need. Every week it is another thing to can for long-term-storage. I am hoping to get a shelf full of home-canned meats so I have more room in the freezer. The local sweet corn arrived two weeks ago. It is delicious and that means some corn and black bean salsa, and corn chowder on the shelves. Things are getting busy again now that the vegetables are ripening.

    On a personal note, I made us medical appointments for the two of us this month. Time to get our check-ups and my eyes checked. We’ll see how that turns out. Once those are dealt with it is time for hearing aids for both of us. I can tell that Hubby is getting “older” since he is having trouble doing some basic reasoning. To be fair, a wayward finger, or click of the wrong link really sends the computer and its owner into a tizzy.

    We have not really been anywhere except one of us to the grocery, or pharmacy. Trying to stay home and out of trouble. But that does not mean we still are not spending money. The microwave died and so did the basement dehumidifier, they are still to be replaced. One way or another I will either get new glasses or cataract surgery. Plus the boards for the raised garden beds. Our printer was not working, just not putting anything on paper, so we went to Best Buy and purchased a new one. It had to be delivered because they had none in the store. Well, our house is “out of the way” and you have to know where we are to get here. There were two attempted deliveries and the driver did not follow instructions. Finally, we got hold of the company and said specifically go to the end of the drive – beyond what you can see. Finally! Hubby gave the young driver what for because he was close, had our phone number, yet, still did not call for help. Now, we still cannot use the new Epson printer because we have Macs not pc computers, so no disc with instructions for us and the online instructions don’t work. Sometimes things just do not work. While we do not “need” the computer for business, I am tired of writing directions for canning, recipes and knitting out by hand, and I cannot print more mask patterns in different sizes.

    My family has been faithfully wearing the masks that I made for them. Each of them has a different lining color or thread color. I should probably make some for the college-bound grandson’s roommate. I have been making masks for the people I know. I am happy to give them as presents for the little things that they do; especially for our friends in the ham radio club. I made some for my great-nephews. They may only be 2 and 5 but their faces do not fit a child size and I will need to be creative to make some that fit.

    We welcomed two new nieces this month; Lucia Noelle and Olivia Samara were born to first cousins. It is wonderful to see the new families – through pictures. Simple joy. Lucia has a ten year old older 1/2 brother who has been waiting very patients for a sibling. Reportedly he is over the moon.

    We have not seen our family in months, but get to chat with mine on zoom. We got scolded last week because we could not hear them. Their fault of course, oh, wait, our computer volume was off. More fodder for the grandkids’ teasing file. For some reason, Hubby’s son will not set up a meeting. We need to work on tha

    The grandchildren are getting ready for school. Two of mine are doing remote learning and the oldest is expected to return to college on campus. My daughter is willing to stay home and help the youngest with the on-line learning since he has “ignition” problems; he just cannot get started and stick to things. If she can be patient, it might just be a really good thing to have that 1:1 help.

    All-in-all, we are safe, well, and happy. No real complaints. We hope all of you are well, too.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings to Antigone and everyone else.

    It is apparent that it is summer time since many of the conversations are about gardening. And the weather in Florida; glad this one missed you Corsaire.

    Mama Cando, hope all stays well with your grandchildren. My grandsons went on a campout with their scout troop and supposedly were exposed. One of the scouts had played ball, with someone who had been tested for the virus, the day before he went to the campout. The first mother did not bother to quarantine her son so there was a huge possible exposure. Fortunately, all were well.  And good luck with your garden

    We know of no one who has tested positive, and no family or friends of extended family or friends. Our family is being very careful about errands and exposure, so hopefully it will stay that way. Our state has a mask requirement and a low transmission rate, so, lucky so far.

    Little Sister, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. We all want our loved ones to thrive and live a long healthy life without pain. Please remember to get a break yourself during all of this. I am not saying that you cannot do this, but such concentrated attention takes a toll. Your sanity is very important, and you need to get out and relax even if it just for tea with a friend. Caring for my father-in-law nearly killed my mother-in-law, so please make sure you get respite.

    Stay healthy everyone, have fun with your gardens or whatever project you are working on.

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    Thank you so much Cinnamon Grammy for the prayers.  It has been a long hard several months, but DH is getting a bit stronger. He still can’t do much of anything without loosing his breath but hopefully after he has the second surgery to get him off the blood thinners and starts the heart rehab, things will start looking up within a couple of months. I am tired but still doing ok.  My thyroid was way off and hopefully that is getting back in line again.

    I have been doing a lot of canning though we don’t have a garden this year. But what I have seen and from what people are saying, I think maybe it might not have been a bad idea to have decided not to plant the garden this year. But on the bright side of that. The soil got a rest.

    I have been canning all sorts of things from the huge freezer we have. I have canned hamburger, veggie soup or as DH calls that stone soup. It has all kinds of veggies in it from freezer.  Made barbeque and canned it, beef, chicken and turkey.  I am looking to finish canning what is left in freezer. I have it a little over half way emptied now. Need some new canning recipes for what I have in there.  Still a lot of frozen veggies, beef, chicken, Not to mention bacon that DH cannot eat due to salt. So thinking of calling my granddaughter to give to her if she has the freezer room. I bought turkey bacon with low sodium that DH can eat. Though it’s not the same as the real deal, it will do.

    We are staying home for the most part and only talking and texting to family members. Due to how 3 of them work, We must keep our distance.  ER and other places that can be a high risk. Can’t take the chance with DH’s heart issues.

    DH has had his shower and is now in bed watching TV so I do have a little time to myself right now. That does help to have that little bit of time. Though now that he is walking on his own with the rollator, without my being right there walking behind him and the fact that now he can take a shower without my help also, has freed up my time just a little bit. Hoping this next surgery doesn’t set that back. He will be in hospital for just an overnight stay. I will be staying there with him as well.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hi everyone.  Popping back in for a bit.  Trying to stay more regular here…..yeah, we’ll see if I can hold that.  Glad the hurricane/tropical storm didn’t do too much damage in most areas.  Some got nasty side affects of flooding and tornadoes.  *yike*

    So far our elderlies have been fine.  With increasing elder health issues, they stayed home and we did shopping during most of this spring.  Going to store in our rural area at 7am means store full of products from unloaded trucks.  Also means very few people shopping. We’d done a bulk shopping in Feb to restore what we’d used during an illness.  So we merely tried to keep stocked up as product was available.  And shop for elderlies …drop their supplies off at their door.

    We continue to sanitize or wash with dish soap all things from store.  If it’s cardboard we might repackage.  Or, if we don’t need it immediately, we just set it to the side for a week or more.  Cuz we’re stocked up and really don’t need it til well past the time when virus will have died.  We’ve got a system now of washing all veggies/fruits immediately.  Advantage is when we cook, we know it’s clean already.

    We’re staying away from most people events since we’re rural and we can.  Always have good masks at-the-ready.  Visits to the National forest are safe and enjoyable.  …except the day a HUGE number of quad and tri riders met out in a parking lot.  Must have been 47 of them all taking their toys home.  A sheriff’s vehicle was at the end of that  DUST-stirring parade.  So they must not have been keeping any distance…probably parking lot party.  LARGE party.

    Many people don’t want to play “COVID Precautions” any more.  Tired of it!  Wanna go back to “normal”.  Well, it’s their choice ….but my choice is to do what protects me and mine.  Been doing that and will continue.  I will gauge my own risks and make my choices.  They can make their choices/live with results.  Wish them well but…. I can do my own ways.

    However….I don’t know why it has to get into fist fights and broken legs in stores when there are differing opinions.  Everything’s a BATTLE these days.  Everything’s HOSTILITY.  Too many take offense at someone simply minding their own business.  Doesn’t it seem like if you go your own way…..take personal responsibility for your own choices….that the “herd” is near to panic?  {shaking head}  As if we ALL should be screaming and fearful and furious over….something!!!   “Calm and Sensible” has gone waaay out of fashion.  Hmph!  Makes no sense.

    OldMtWoman….keeping to our own business..

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    Osito Arelano

    The great potato famine, as my DS likes to call it, was at least better this year than last. Still not high yields per plant. I keep scouring the internet trying to figure out where I went wrong.

    We did have a good carrot crop that i canned.

    I had ONE Bell pepper plant and ONE jalapeño plant survive.  Slim pickings there.

    More zucchini than I could ever eat. Tried a new recipe to use it up. Zucchini marmalade.  Man that was a lot of work. It came out good, I got around 20 jelly jars full. But did I mention how much work it was?

    Plenty of green beans, easy peasy to can.

    Ran out of canning jars for the first time ever. And of course they are hard to find anywhere.

    Not sure yet if I’ll have enough tomatoes to can this year. Guess we’ll see.  May not matter if I can’t find jars. Plan B is the dehydrator.

    Everyone in our house is healthy.  Some of us are creaky, but healthy. We do know several people who have caught the virus, fortunately none needed hospital.

    Masks are hit or miss here. We have a state mandate, but I don’t think that made any difference to people’s behavior.  They’ve already decided if they’re going to wear one or not.

    Stores are starting to look like they have stock again on most things. The exceptions being guns and ammo, and big packages of TP.



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      Crow Bar

      Yeah, my potato plants are doing, meh, at best.

      Beans are doing well. I need to pick the garlic.
      Spinach did really good at the onset but went to seed. Going to collect the seeds, Same with the rutabaga, garlic, dill, and anything else.

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    Joe Bag_O_Donuts

    Hello all.  Spent much time trying to remember my login.  Doing fine here in ???????, hot and muggy as usual.  Preps going very well, expanding our water catchment by 1200+ gallons in the very near future.  Built a wood crib, but used very old tin and now the tarp I placed down first is full of water. So now I tear down and rebuild with tar paper and left over shingles.  We have been calling ahead to find lids for our canning jars and scarfed a few, but it is tight.  Firearms paraphernalia is hard to come by right now so stock up if you can.  Do Not forget the shot gun ammo, especially Buck Shot.  Be good and catch you later.  On a final note, does anyone use HAM radio?  Very good source of information but mostly Line of Sight for me.  If there is a generally accepted freq I would love to know.  GOD BLESS ALL

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      Crow Bar

      There are a few people on here that do HAM radio. Maybe they will chime in.

      Ammo, have not had to buy anything but .22LR, and I got a few bricks last year just as a just in case.

      I have been stocking up on .22 air gun pellets and slugs.

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    grannyj smith

    Have any of you heard of this “pandemic fatigue” that plagues one with anxiety, depression, exhaustion, heightened irritability, brain fog, lack of motivation and sick of all bs.  It left out job and home loss and trying to feed a family.

    After years of wearing my Earth Sprit sandalls which is the only pair of shoes I owned and would wear wore out along with my five dollar handbag, so dh gave me money for new sandalls and new purse. I used coupons and saved enough money to get me some new denim capris with money left over, my wallet has not had cash in it in forever.

    In September going to order more soup mixes that require only water for making which is good for storing and using during winter months, that will be my prep for next month.


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      Crow Bar

      I call it “COVID fatigue.”
      Depending on who you listen to, it is a super killer virus that only wearing a mask will slow it until there is a vaccine.

      Or, it is a mild cold for the 99.95% of those it infects. As usual, protect the elderly and those with compromised immunities.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Yes, grannyj, I’ve sure heard of pandemic or COVID fatigue.  Many of my coworkers are suffering from it, mostly because we’re all working from home, penned up, and when we go out in public, we’re supposed to wear masks. Travel has come to a standstill because of quarantine requirements.   It’s getting old and we’re just getting ready to go into regular flu season, so it won’t let up any time soon.  I agree with Crow Bar– we should be protecting the elderly and those with compromised immunities and let the rest of the world go on living as usual.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Joe Bag-O-Donuts: we are Ham operators. Currently only Technicians and hoping to get our Generals this winter. We do have a long antenna in addition to the 2 Meter.

    There was a huge storm nearby yesterday, some tornadoes, and thousands without power. All we got was rain. ‘Tis the season.

    Last Saturday, we had a huge storm.  Very sudden-like, just a 20% chance of rain and it really blew into high winds and driving rain. 1000 families without power.  Grandson was at Scout Camp 10 miles away and they lost 60 trees.  We had five trees down on our drive, mostly dead, plus branches off some in the back yard, and the old chicken coup was flattened by one of the huge trunks of a multi-trunked silver maple. The silver maple is too large for our saw and we will need help getting the base cut up. We know a sawyer who sells firewood and hopefully he will help with the tree base.

    On the drive was a beautiful, straight hickory tree. Our neighbor was needed with his Turbo BobCat to lift the tree. The chainsaws kept getting stuck. The neighbor now has a nice 30’ tree trunk to make into “kitchen cabinets” or whatever he wishes. That is at least one way to pay him.

    In the process, the brake lines broke on the truck. So, that needs to be fixed now. We usually haul the twigs and leaves to the city recycling area where that is made into mulch or compost. Also the chimney cap came off the wood stove’s pipe and broke a window. Just another thing that needs fixing before freezing temperatures.

    Medical exams went just fine. Doctor did not come out and say it, but he implied that Hubby is now a Type 2 Diabetic. We have an appointment with a nutritionist next week to learn what to change. It will be interesting to see how I need to change my menu

    My eye exam went the way I wanted it to. I need cataracts removed. This is a big deal for me because I have one eye that is significantly far-sighted and is a “plus 4” while the other eye is a “plus 1” whatever that means. So they will do the poor eye first and that will mean my vision will greatly improve in just a couple days. That of course will be a challenge because I still need glasses for the right eye. The Doc said that most people just pop out the lens on the newly fixed eye so the old prescription does not get in the way. The appointment has not been set up yet, but I am looking forward to getting rid of my double vision. Since I now need a “prism” to correct the double vision, think of using a magnifying glass to pinpoint the sun’s light, I will still be wearing glasses, they are needed for reading, too. That is fine with me. I’ve been wearing glasses for 60 years, I don’t need to be vain now. At least, getting the cataracts removed will improve vision and be a bit of a boon to any prepper situation – I’ll be able to see.

    Take Care Everyone.

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    OldMt Woman

    DH and I are having some very annoying health issues.  Ones that should heal up and go away….the sooner the better!  He’s losing some days of work due to this…but he’s ready to cut back anyway.  Getting too old.  But a little stream of income is nice.

    Has been hot and then cold at night up here in the mountains.  Grasses/weeds/plants have begun the color change.  Some are just less bright green.  Others have more tan than green.  Goes early at high elevations.  Just praying we don’t have any wildfires.  We’re already getting smoke from the MANY that are ablaze out here in the West.  Smoke and I do NOT get along so I have to stay inside.  Well, injury has me pretty stationary anyway so….  {shrug}   This shall pass….at some point.

    I was out one night last week and saw the best trail from the Perseid showers I’ve ever seen.  Only had a small patch of cloudless sky.  Big streak all the way thru that patch and you could nearly see it smoking!  Very neat to gaze in just the right direction/just the right time.  Usually…and we watch every year….it’s a very thin line of light against the starry sky.

    OldMtWoman  …take care, all…

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    Loving Life

    Checking in after a lengthy absence. I have managed to review the August posts. Sounds like many of us struggling with the same burnout.

    My house outside Philadelphia is under contract but the sale had to be delayed for a month due to COVID-19. My buyers had discussed a forbearance on their business loan with their lender. They did not take the forebearance, but just because they discussed the possibility the bank noted it and wouldn’t approve a loan until they had 4 months of payments past the time they had the forebearance discussion. Really?? Not making this up! I tell this story so people are aware.

    The house will close in mid-September then I am down to just one rural residence. I am so excited! I have been very concerned about my one house being so close to Philadelphia. In May, June and July, looters and rioters were running rampant in Philadelphia. The violence is still awful. The local DA doesn’t charge criminals for low level property crimes. II don’t go into the City at all anymore.

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    OldMt Woman

    Well that sounds like a mess, Loving Life!  Banks always protect themselves first!  Hmph!  IS that even legal?  Pray it will all go smooth when it finally happens.  Will be nice to pull your assets before they can become liabilities!

    Lots of folks in that situation right now…especially with businesses.  Our friends almost sold their restaurant and retired before COVID.  Now….what’s it even worth?  No one can possibly look into the proverbial crystal ball and guess.  So who’s going to buy it for what they planned to get?  🙁   They’re running it as well as is allowed but retirement with a large chunk of money sure sounded better.

    You got everything situated up north now, LL?


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    Loving Life

    OldMtwoman I agree with your logic. I am getting out while the getting is good as I think the next year is going to be very rocky (shortages, rioting/looting, power outages, etc). So sorry to hear about your friends and their restaurant. In the Philadelphia area, restaurants are failing by the scores with 50% not expected to make it past 2020.

    Thanks for asking about my house up north. I will be so glad to get to my rural house. I am fairly set up there — no mortgage, solar power, wood stove, well. I need to do a few things like build my garage, generator, etc. Unfortunately with everything involved with getting the house ready to sale, I didn’t put in a garden this year at my northern house. I do have enough in the pantry to get by just in case of shortages.

    What shortages are people seeing? I had to have a roof repair and my roofer told me that roofing supplies are in short supply. My friend had her refrigerator die and discovered that appliances are in short supply. A couple months ago, I couldn’t get yeast. Over the last few months, I have tried to get my necessities and some wants stocked up enough to last a year if possible.

  • #29724

    OldMt Woman

    AAAAck!  Lost the whole post cuz got phone call and it timed out.  Did not know it does that.  Let’s see if I can remember…HMPH!

    Regarding anticipation of WHAT will go scarce next…  Roofing materials…yike, who knew? I sure wouldn’t have anticipated the magnitude of people making their own bread!  Good for them…but it caught producers of those products short of supply.  Or short of packaging.

    So many folks buying canned goods who’d normal not accept anything but fresh….so materials for the cans, speaking of packaging?

    How about candles, flashlights, batteries [already short] , and fire extinguishers?  I’m thinking of households who might get their electricity cut off  after months of less income?  Solar items to get around the battery problem?

    Our propane just got first fill for the coming winter season.  We only use propane for furnace…all else is electric.  Hope there isn’t a shortage of that.  We’ll also be stocking extra pellets for the wood pellet stove….when they come available.  Have some ahead from last season.  Heat is absolutely essential at our altitudes and it takes a lot to keep warm enough for survival here.  [not best place for survival, eh?]   Of course furnace and pellet stove are both electric-dependent….

    DH just made a B List purchase recently.  “B List” for us is something that we may never use….unless there is a massive shift in life.  THEN B List items will be extremely needed/vital.  He bought a chain saw and accessories.  Because the pellet stove sits inside a very nice brick fireplace.  If we weren’t renting, we’d have chucked out the pellet stove for a nice wood-burning insert long ago!  LL, you’re wise/fortunate to have that option up north!

    As we move into fall….yes, up here it’s turning colors of fall already…heat begins to be a primary issue for survival here.

    And with the derecho plowing down corn and soy bean fields in midwest croplands….what is made from just those two crops?  Lots!

    OldMtWoman  ….what ELSE odd might get scarce that we should jump on now?

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  • #29726

    grannyj smith

    I have not did any thing this month that I would consider preparing, I did do nine bags of red, green, yellow and orange peppers to store in the freezer for later use.  Checked on my supply of chesses in the freezer and need to add Monterey Jack and adding it that should give me enough to last a couple months. I did a new soup this month “Cheddar Broccoli” with  some extra broccoli I had in the freezer and really liked it, I will make this soup again this winter.

    It doesn’t look like thing are getting better with this rioting, I saw a video of a young man being pulled out of his truck and beaten, the parents of the ones who did the beating need to turn their violent kids in and get them off the streets, what parent in their right mind would protect someone who did that beating.



  • #29727

    Loving Life

    OldMtWoman. Thanks for the additional thoughts on scarce items. I really like the B list idea. I am making a list now. I put another propane tank for the grill on my list.

    You also made me think with the corn and soy bean destruction from the storms. Both are used in a lot of animal feeds. That reminded me that I need to order more food for my dogs. I used most of my 9 months supply on the last months as I didn’t go to the grocery store. I just checked my supplies and I only have about 2-3 months of dog food on hand.

    You are right about the critical items, such as heat. At my other house up North, I already have about 3 years of wood stacked and seasoned for my wood stove. Another neighbor and I are bartering for him to either cut up my wood or bring me another years worth of wood. If I needed to, I could chop up my own firewood; but I need to be realistic.

    Speaking of cold weather approaching, I will also inventory my winter kits for the vehicles. I also need to get the snow blowers, etc serviced.

    Speaking of strange shortages, I also heard that certain building supplies, such as some timber, are in short supply. Boat parts and many camping supplies are also an issue.

  • #29729


    So in these parts the summer is quiet as far as gardening. Been checking the tropics weather daily as we are going into peak hurricane season now.My neighbor suggested that I get pee pads for the pup in case she cant go out. A facepalm/head desk why did I think of that earlier” moment. But thats what communities are for.

    I go through shoes quickly and have been taking advantage of the clearance sales.

    Saws, yes I got tree limb blades for my reciprocating saw. Its a battery operated one. And should do the job in case a limb or two lands on my home.

  • #29730

    Mama cando

    Hi all, Sorry haven’t been on lately. Have been knitting and crocheting early Christmas gifts. Don’t tell but the grands are all getting scarves from Gramma, DILs are getting hot pads for Christmas time(red & green) and regular hot pads in their kitchen colors. I’m also making an afghan for the living room couch. I’m a slow knitter/crocheter. hands cramp up.Things are still the same around here. Shelves are a little bit full but it’s been slow getting things per Son2. As for grandson1 Just found out when we called Grand daughter 1 yesterday(she turned 15, yikes ) for her birthday, brother is sick. He’s at his mothers GRD1 is living with dadSon1. (and ecstatic).   PLEASE pray it isn’t Covid, he is high risk and his mother isn’t taking care of him. Says the virus is a hoax, etc and so forth.Son1 and family are otherwise okay. DIL1 made it back last Sunday, She had a great visit with her family. They are doing well, everybody is still staying well.  GRD1 make the JV volleyball team out of 60 girls, I think she said. Had their first game last week, no they didn’t win but it was the first game,I am sure they will get better (if /when) the season continues.Son2 and family went camping last week end and had a blast. they were in an isolated campsite so hopefully they will be okay. I’m hoping they’ll be able to come for dinner this week and catch up with them.Kids are online learning for at least the first semester.  Garden is a fail other than my peppers. Deer has been chomping on everything else. We have 4 acorns that we’ve been babying. Oh,I have orphan corn growing in the one box we didn’t use this year , I may get some corn this year. The bird feeder is near it, pretty sure one of the squirrels must have buried it there and it decided to grow.My sisters weathered the hurricane, Sis 1 said they lost power for about a day but they were ready.Guess me nagging them is paying off LOL.  DH is back at the Census doing the counts on the campus and adult foster care places,etc. Next up is counting the homeless,then knocking on doors in the residential areas.Praying he’ll be safe.Nothing else is new here Am praying for you, little sister and Cinnamon and everyone. Was talking to a very good friend(prepper too) the other night and she made the comment, she feels we’re in a mini Teotwawki right now and is worried it’s going to get much worse.We had a good discussion that night.I think we alleviated each others fears. Sometimes it’s good to vent to friends.

    Well I’ve yapped enough Stay safe all

  • #29733

    Crow Bar

    Shortages: Lumber.
    Yep, we were planning on doing new decks this year, and our contractor said it was going to take an additional few weeks because of the lumber (pressure treated) was hard to find. Lots of people being home are doing home projects.

    We did see a flour and yeast shortage for a while there, but things are getting back to normal. We bake a lot, so we had some on hand, but always good to have some back up.

    Getting the other half of our hay in the next two days.

    Need about another 2 loads (7cords each) of wood for this coming winter.
    @Loving Life, it has been cool up here! 44 degrees this morning! I am drinking tea, and wearing a jacket as I type this! Good sleeping weather though.

    My daughter got out of her lease in Philly, she and her boyfriend lived 2 blocks from Temple University. They moved in with us and will be living with us until he can finish school. All distance learning now. My daughter graduated last winter, but her job allows her to work from home. We did have to upgrade the internet speed at the house.

    The live stock are doing well. Got more eggs than I know what to do with. Cannot believe I am saying this, but I am getting tired of eating eggs!

  • #29736

    Loving Life

    @corsaire. Hunker down for the hurricanes; hurricanes are no joke. My house in Philadelphia took some significant damage from the Isaias. Laughing about the doggie pee pads as no matter how much we plan we always overlook something. That’s why we have friends and groups like this to help with discovering those overlooked items or better ways.

    @mama cando. Praying not COVID and if it is that’s a mild case with no long term effects. Keep up that knitting!

    @crow bar. I was told lumber shortages were also affected by some mills shutting down for an extended period of time during the Spring and the Canadian border closures (commerce still allowed across border but greatly decreased). I was going to build my garage for my Northern house, but the lumber prices greatly increased. Also, many contractors were put on hold for several weeks as many states considered many construction projects to be non-essential. I will be making do with my shed and planning on the garage for next Spring. It will be interesting to see what lumber prices are then.

    I also have stockpiled more yeast and flour. That reminds me that I need to go grab more spices. I go to a bulk place that sells just spices here in Philadelphia. I noticed a big increase in spice prices and some shortages (spices only produced overseas). I will check upon my visit this week to see the current situation. I am doing minimal shopping trips: happy to have had that full pantry.

    @crow bar. 7 cords of lumber! That’s a lot of wood! I don’t go through quite 2 cords in a year. My usage may be affected by brand new energy efficient well insulated (spray foam plus ICF foundation) house with a Vt Castings Defiant Stove (love my wood stove, fashionista red). I can see with that much wood why you get the wood delivered. I usually use the wood off my property; but with the house sale fiasco, I am behind. I do have 2-3 years supply of wood stacked and ready, but I really like to have more stacked and ready. How much wood supply does everyone keep? Glad to hear that your daughter was able to get out of Philadelphia. Philadelphia is a powder keg. The violence is increasing. I am very concerned about the violence in the big cities and I don’t see anything happening to calm the violence.

    One of my neighbors wants to barter some seasoned fire wood for some extra household items I have. Does anyone else do much bartering? Maybe @crowbar can barter some of those eggs? Lol!

    Everyone stay safe!

  • #29738

    OldMt Woman

    Eh, Crowbar.  For farm fresh eggs, you know about waterglass, right?  Sodium silicate.  Diluted …um, 10 to one [or 7 to one?] with water.   We used to store the excess of spring/summer from our ducks/geese, in buckets with waterglass solution.  We have an always-cool basement tho.  They kept for months….even usable if they get a bit watery.

    So back in March when COVID had the potential to mess with many things, we tried the waterglass method to stock up [before the big rush] on grocery store eggs.  They turned watery within a month or two.  We kinda rushed to use them before they went to the unappetizing next step past “watery”.  Did….but got somewhat tired of eating ‘egg-everything’ too.  LOL   But learned that if you don’t know how long ago an egg parted ways with the chicken…waterglass might be less effective in storage.  Also, duck/goose eggs have a much thicker shell.  Might also be a factor?

    Mamacando…pray your grson gets any care he might need – recovers well whether COVID or something else.

    Corsaire…hold tight thru this ‘extra-special’ tropical storm season!  What kind of pup?

    ONE of my physical issues is finally healing….yay!  Up and about more…might finally get something DONE ’round here!  Don’t like being limited when I have things to do!!!

    Goals today:  match up dying flashlites with fresh batteries!  Set more mousetraps….invasion again.  Hmph!


  • #29739

    Mama cando

    Thanks all, Have to talk to Son 1 this week end to see how GRDS1 is doing and will let you all know. He’s supposed to go to Son1’s this week end but we’ll see. GRDD1 had another game today, got pics she is playing well. they were close this time but no win.  The toddler is doing good too. She’s just so happy Sissy is there ALL the time, now we just have to get brother there all the time too. HURRAH got 1 tomato off one of the small plants(not sure but I think they were a type of cherry tomatoes), It’s a little one, but at least that durn doe didn’t get it. Don’t think she’s seen the other little ones that are still green on the two smaller plant, she got the two on the taller plants (think they were the beefsteaks), so I have hopes the little ones get red soon. My peppers did good this year, we only did two plants but did they produce. Got to get the dehydrator out, tried freezing last year but they turned to mush in the freezer and didn’t smell or look good,  yuk. So going to try dehydrating them this year and see how long they last.That is if the two other grands don’t glom on to them LOL.They all love veggies, especially Gramma and Grandpa’s peppers. Seems we do great peppers, other stuff not so well. DH re planted the peas and put the box on the deck, so we’ll see if we can squeeze out some peas before the frost. Package said we could plant in AUG. Only got about 4 pods off the first planting,total 12 peas. So I’m drying them and will try again next year. Now the doe is chomping the tops of the carrots.Swear we can’t win for losing with the garden.Stay safe all.

    OMW have you tried freezing the eggs? or dehydrating them?I haven’t done that yet but I’ve been told dehydrating the eggs works well. Can’t use them to do fried eggs but they do well as scrambled or adding to other recipes.If I remember correctly a TBSP of egg “powder ” to 2 TBSPs of water equal approximately one large egg. So if the mix calls for 2 eggs, it would be 2 TBSP of egg powder and 4 TBSP of water to the mix in addition to the liquid added per the recipe on the box.

    Loving, will do.  IF the blanket works out, may I’ll do a couple of others and stash ’em. Wish I could do a little more complicated pattern but I had a very traumatic head injury when I was 12 and following patterns on paper is very difficult for me. Had to relearn how to do Math, read, etc. (still count on my fingers LOL) Don’t have anyone near me to “learn” me the more complicated things I see. I do pretty good when someone (patiently) shows me how to do something step by step.

  • #29740


    Hurricanes are no joke, indeed LovingLife. Thanks OldMTWoman,I have a Brussels Griffon. She is a sweetie with lots of energy. The general feeling of everyone here is that things arent going to be pretty.

  • #29743

    Josefina Arenas

    Mamo cando and others…have any of you preserved eggs in hydrated or slaked lime with water?

    I’ve watched a few videos, but wonder how the eggs taste afterwards.  I think the principle is that the hydrated lime fills in the pores on the shells and prevents the eggs drying out.

    This year, I invested in a vacuum sealer and am preserving my tomatoes by roasting them in the oven for 30 minutes, removing the skin, then sealing in a vacuum bag.  The real advantage, other than removing oxygen, is they lay flat in the freezer and I can fit more in.  I’ve also vacuum sealed blueberries, strawberries, and peaches for use during the winter.  For my jalapeños, I use them in salsa or pickle them and they’re great at holiday meals.  Can’t seem to grow regular bell peppers without some pest eating them before we do!

  • #29744

    Mama cando

    Josefina, No I haven’t tried to use those methods. Will ask my friend if she or any of her group have tried that.Oh PS I’ll trade ya some tomatoes for the peppers, we cant seem to get the tomatoes to grow, LOL

    This year they were coming in really good but that doe showed up this year and has decimated  the big tomatoes.We don’t have fencing yet, (long story) so the garden is in the open.The raised boxes makes it seems like we’ve provided tables for her to “dine” on. This is the second year in 19 we’ve been here and had the deer, squirrels and chipmunks and birds go after the garden and feeder like they are starving. Seriously we’ve had fights break out around the feeder between the birds,Suzy Q, red squirrel and Mr.Chips, our resident chipmunk for the seeds and then the doe comes around and snarks up what’s left.

    Have an oopsie, For some reason, we missed a box of applesauce, pints, I had water bath canned in 2011. Not going to take chance that they will still be good even though the seals are intact. Suspect we moved them to make room for something else, they were in the box the jars came in and I didn’t (stupidly) mark the box, just the jars on the lid. So how do I dispose of them? Don’t have compost pile (yet) and I don’t know if I can empty the jars down the disposal to save the jars. Any advice from those who regularly can??? Much appreciated in advance.


  • #29747

    Crow Bar

    I had a orphan tomato plant come up out of nowhere.
    But the 6 pepper plants . . . so far, nothing!
    They have flowers on them, what appear to be small beginnings of peppers, but have been that way for a month!

    The bulbs of garlic I planted came up and look good.
    I did let three goto seed and will plant them next month.

  • #29748

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All

    Well, it is that time of year – things change. Getting ready for school and Autumn

    Had dinner with my daughter’s family on Thursday; and on Saturday, Grandson #1 was driven to college. Not happy about the in-person learning. But, for physics, you do need those labs. At least he has enough masks to get through a week of school with no problem.

    Garden is finally starting to come in and I am very grateful for the eight foot fence surrounding it. No green peppers yet, though. So far we have been able to eat all the tomatoes, but there are finally enough for cooking. (Well, daughter took a bag home with her last Thursday, selfish child. Lol) Finally, enough yellow summer squash to blanch and freeze. We had dinner yesterday of baked broccoli, yellow squash, green beans, cherry tomatoes, in a lemon dressing, with onion and garlic and parmesan cheese. It was missing something, but I still liked it. I said Green Beans – I did not plant any. I still have 100 jars on the shelf. I planted purple beans, just for fun and for having fresh.

    There are finally two heads of green cabbage that are ready, and a couple of purple are nearly ready. Some of the seeds I RE-planted for the cabbage and broccoli are coming up, most are not. I will really miss having a lot of home grown broccoli over the winter. I am not sure what to do with the cabbage. I have never made sauerkraut, and I have enough coleslaw on the shelf. I guess some soup/stews.

    I can see that I need to redo my amounts of, and garden areas dedicated to, tomatoes and sugar peas and broccoli. I need more of them and less of some other things. And I don’t like the squash domineering the gardens so perhaps a trellis system?

    We have been hauling branches to the city compost site, and Hubby has been cutting up the downed trees, every day, hauling the wood to a place for them to age/dry out. That kind of takes over the time I need him in the vegetable gardens digging some new beds. My flower gardens are full of weeds, too.

    Plus, with the cataract surgery this week, and two weeks later, I am out of the heavy lifting jobs leaving it all to him for a month. Not a good timing. The after effects of the surgery will be interesting, as in how quickly does poor eyesight in one eye improve.

    Took Hubby to the Dietician at our clinic. I did not really need it, but I wanted HIM to hear what was good and bad about what he was eating. He was shocked about several items. I was thinking, “Good, now perhaps you will listen to me.” He dismissed my suggestions that he was eating too much candy, and that he should not have bread with spaghetti and then ice cream for dessert. He has tremendous will power and cut some things out immediately while reducing the volume on other foods. Good for him. Now if I can only stop eating a “bag” of potato chips at night we would both be in better shape.

    The golden rod flower is blooming here. I do not like it because the yellow tells me that summer is over and get ready for the cold. The horrid plant signals that it is time to do the work that needs to be done before the snow flies, and that can be in two months! So, change of mindset – finish the projects and no more procrastination.

    Hope all of your families are doing well and staying safe.

  • #29749


    @Cinnamon Grammy or anyone else who is interested

    This is an excellent resource for making sauerkraut. She has a mini-email course which also is great. Its how I learned.

    Good news is that Laura wont hit us. Bad news is that it will hit Louisiana and Texas. For those in the affected areas of Laura and Marco prayers are with you.

    Moved hurricane preps around to make them more accessible. I reviewed food inventory with a purge-didnt use the sharpie to rewrite the sell by dates; ugh and donation bin-( probably wont eat this).

    Also ordered a stove for sterno for indoor food heating.

  • #29750

    Mama cando

    corsaire, glad you’re not in the path but am praying for those who are. Face Timed with GRD Son 1 this morning, he’s fine,seems his allergies were acting up and his sister thought he was sick.Way to scare the grandmas and grandpas, kid,LOL.  No Covid, he tested negative 2x’s. He’s wearing his mask in school and they have been real good at making sure the kids stay safe. Since it’s a very small Christian school, only 120 students total K thru 12  they’ve not had the problems the bigger public schools are having with the “social Distancing”. Yippee Hurrah Son1 is working now!!!!! Starts Monday. He’s going to be the “Covid liaison” for  a TV show. For those who may not know, he works in the entertainment business,  TV and movies and has been off work since February. Thank you all for the prayers   Went to the grocery store this am and surprise, the TP racks were fully stocked, paper towel still only a few packages there. No wipes,no Lysol spray either. the racks are getting filled , I see more and more food on them but Rice and beans are sparse. But that’s a hit or miss some weeks the shelf is full others barely a bag to be had.. Resupply may be tight as it will depend on whether or not people wise up about the deracho in Iowa and start panic buying AGAIN. Niece and family are there and they say it’s horrible, they didn’t get hit too bad where they were but, some of nephew in laws family are farmers, he thinks they lost ALL their crops. Communications have been spotty there so he hasn’t heard anything more as of last Thursday. SIL has been keeping track of them and I haven’t talked with her since last week. Will have to check in with her and see how it’s going there.

    OH have gotten several pearl onions and 4 carrots out of the garden so I put them in the crock pot roast for dinner tonight. They were yummy. It looks like we may get a few more pearl onions and carrots from the garden. We figured out why no cantaloupes, the soaker hose DH hooked up got knocked out of whack so they didn’t get enough water. The way he hooked it up to an old sprinkler pipe (In ground system) evidently wasn’t completely secure. He turned it on today and it spewed the water about 6 feet away to the Pine trees and almost nothing went into the soaker hose. Did get 6 acorn squash but someone??? took a couple of chunks out of two of them, so only 4 good ones and because of the hose failure, the plants in that box are now dead. Now that we figured that out next season we’ll do better getting the hoses hooked up. It worked before we left in July to visit Son1 but we now think the doe may have knocked it loose while she was perusing the garden boxes last month and every time the water turned on it would loosen even further..The squash got water but the cantaloupe didn’t get enough to keep growing.DH replanted the peas and we have sprouts now, yeah. SO all is well here and I’m much calmer now that I know GRD son1 is okay and Son 1 is back to work.

    Stay safe everyone. mamacando

  • #29762

    OldMt Woman

    Mama Cando…I’ll bet you’re relieved that GrSon was merely allergies.  We’re all ready to get wide-eyed if someone we care about feels ill.  Been a tough year!

    Up here in the mountains, things are turning colors.  On a dog walk, saw a clump of aspens turning golden.  Auuugh….it’s not even September.  And I’m really not ready to even THINK about snow after last year’s inches and feet!

    H. Laura is roaring in as Cat 4.  That’s an unpleasant surprise.  Can’t even imagine the highways heading out from the coast.  🙁  Praying for one and all down there.  Glad you get a ‘buy’ on this one, Corsaire!  Cute breed of pup, btw.

    Since we live in the arid West, we’ve had the opposite problem:  wildfires.  I’ve been staying inside when the smoke gets too thick in the air.  We aren’t near any big wildfires but small ones pop up all the time.  They are only called “small ones” because they are put out quick enough.  Some days you win that; sometimes you don’t.  ALL are cause for ALARM in these drought conditions!  So far…none out of control near us.  YET we breathe smoke constantly…..and dust from dry gravel roads.  I’ve always had to use a mask for that.

    My current prep is reviewing the list for our evacuation from wildfire.  I’ve been in one hurricane – big one.  But many, many wildfire situations.  Most were put out before we had to evacuate but were close enough that packing commenced immediately.  So…it’s a good time to update that list.  Sometimes I move where I put things…a frustration that updating the list will avoid.  So that’s my prepping focus right now.

    And redo BOB…..again.  {roll eyes}

    OldMtWoman …..that, and annihilation of our rodent invaders!  Hmph!

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    • #29766

      Crow Bar

      Agreed about Hurricane Laura.
      The waters closer to the coast must of been warmer.

  • #29768

    grannyj smith

    We made it through the storm, that little jog to the East saved us from getting hit worse.  We did get wind and rain and I have been through hurricanes my entire life and there comes a time in life when enough is enough and I think this one has done it for me.

    We need a good meal today and many prayers thanking God for keeping us safe, so grilled steak, spaghetti with meatballs, cheese bread and a cold glass of ice tea time before stating clean up.


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  • #29771

    OldMt Woman

    Glad you and yours are safe, Grannyj.

    Just watching it creep onto the shore last nite on Doppler radar….enough to give me the ‘willies’.

    OldMtWoman  ..careful in clean-up too!

  • #29776


    Thats great news GrannyJ. Glad you escaped it.

    Paper. I gave in and am getting those metal encased credit card size accordion files. I have been hesitating on purchasing cause of the price point, but they are handy as heck. All necessary info in a water resistant ( maybe waterproof case). Dont have to rely on the phone or computer.

    Lots of organizing now. Gave some equipment another test and of course the 5 mode flashlight has gone kaput. Found a basic one with just an on/off switch. is having a sale, so thats done.

  • #29775


    Goodness. It’s been a while since I checked in. So pleased to see Old Mtn Woman still hanging in there. Hi! Right this minute I’m sitting in a power outage situation. I live in rural West TN so I guess some of Laura’s winds and rain got to us last night. Probably trees down over power lines so it may take a while. What it has done is brought me up short on how prepared I am, mentally and physically, to deal with a more extended outage. Well, I’m definitely not. Hrmmmppp as old Mtn Woman says occasionally. My generator kept needing repairs last year so I decided to just let that go and think about getting a new one. At my age, now within a couple of weeks, 82 years old, spending any significant money on a new house size generator just doesn’t make a lot of sense. It would add any real value to my rural property. I do have gas and a gas grill I can fire up for cooking. I do have a small camp stove with sterno cans for heating up coffee/tea water and soup later on as a possibility. I also bought a stove that uses butane for cooking. But, that’s not what is bothering me. I must admit, I LIKE my modern conveniences. I WANT my power back on….NOW, PLEASE. Doing all this other stuff to heat water for my tea is making me grumpy. I like pushing a button!!! LOL….know what I mean?

    And, on top of that, I thought I was being so smart getting a landline for my telephone rather than just relying on my mobile phone, but (DUH) I bought cordless phones that only work while being plugged into an electrical outlet. In my decluttering efforts I tossed my old fashioned plug-into-the-telephone-outlet- directly device….DOUBLE DUH….

    And, I don’t have a good radio to find out what’s going on out there….I have a little emergency hand crank radio recommended by FEMA, but a nice larger battery operated radio would be nice to hear there’s still a world out there….somewhere….:) LOL

    Whatever, I am basically fine…being grateful for life, for my loving family, my amazing grandchildren…all back in school from kindergarten to first year of dental college for the oldest. WOW. I am so blessed to own my little home in rural America. A fairly well stocked food pantry, thanks to my time with ya’ll. Good neighbors. God is good, faithful and always on time. Sending my warmest prayers that each of you will be blessed today. And, (digital) hugs cause that’s what we do down South.

  • #29781

    Mama cando

    Muffy, Glad to hear from you.  Hugs back. So sorry the power is out, I hope it comes back on SOON!!. I sure wish I was closer, y’all could come and sit a spell til the power comes back on. I have two old fashioned phones that plug into the wall, wish I could get one to you. We have a stand by generator, so IF the nat gas is still running, we have electricity.  Still working on the alternative sources though. Elon Musk announced a couple of months ago he’s NOT going to continue to produce the slate shingle solar roofs. Not sure why but there goes my undetectable solar roof.The roof would have looked like we just put slate shingles on it and no one would know we had power. Now I have to have to get the (ugly and obvious) panels on the roof.  Found out why Missy the deer has been raiding the garden AND birdseed so heavily. This am DH got a pic of her AND her little one (about a 2-3 month old fawn). Baby is sooo cute, SO I don’t begrudge her the plants she ate, although DH is not too happy about the birdseed. Between the wrens tossing it about, Suzie Q red squirrel, Mr. Chips chipmunk and Missy the doe snacking on it, he says its going to to get expensive soon. Told him I think as soon as the fawn is eating the greenery and off mamma’s milk, I don’t think they will be raiding the birdseed any more.We’ll see and see how hard the winter is going to be this year Well all is still well here You all take care and I am still praying for all those who have been affected by the weather.. Stay safe folks

  • #29782

    grannyj smith

    We live in a rural community three hours from the city and along the TX/La border in the Piney Woods of East Texas which has me concerned for our safety during hurricanes or if looting or rioting comes.  It takes law enforcement time to come from the local town to get to us which concern me.  Our grown children live North of the city and have enough room that a travel travel could be put there along with room for gardening and chickens and would help us if needed.  I don’t know what decision to make in the coming months, we would be keeping this place and could come on weekends. Does this make any sense or am I having fatigue over the pandemic and hurricane that I will get over.


  • #29785

    OldMt Woman

    MUFFY!!!  Hugs back to you.  I was hoping you were still circling back here too.  🙂   I laughed out loud when I read that you forgot to keep a non-electric-dependent phone for your land line.  I have two princess type phones…set back.  Cuz our electric still drops for no discernible reason now and then.  You can probably find one at thrift stores.  It’s very awkward to talk on them….cuz I’m one that paces and clocks in miles walking when I talk.  But many times it’s saved us from isolation and allowed us to “report in” so our elderlies won’t worry.  Cell phones don’t work waaay out here.   {….if I keep getting rewarded for NEVER throwing anything out, how will I ever declutter this tiny place?  LOL  }

    Yes, I do know what you mean.  “Camping” – whether out in the woods or in your suddenly non-electric house – isn’t as fun as it used to be!!!  Partly an energy factor and ….I tend to be annoyed when I have to spend more energy.  It feels awful to be so depleted.  Partly it’s a mental drain.  How many times have you flicked the light switch….with no result.  That also gets annoying to keep in mind that so many of our routines are…switched to emergency mode for now.  Mental fatigue is no fun either.  BUT….nonetheless, you ARE READY.  You CAN heat water for tea and any meal you want to bother with.  You’re ready for this!!!  You do have radio for news….but might want better quality next time cuz UPDATES/NEWS is so important.  Are you okay for water?  Dress rehearsal!!!  You’ll pass this test!

    Speaking of generators:  Has anyone read that at least 8 people died in post-H.Laura due to CARBON MONOXIDE poisoning….from their generators?  A door left open a crack to the house from garage, killed a whole family.  Set those generators outside or in a non-attached building!!!  What a tragedy that didn’t need to happen.  And heaters inside campers…another way for CO1 poisoning.  🙁

    Mama Cando …. it must be a delight to watch wildlife…especially the babies.  They can do a lot of damage to gardens tho.  I’m not nearly as fond of them then – LOL.  Birdseed – in our area, that can attract the bears, especially in this next season.  So we’ll likely stop putting out the suet for a month or two till they’re all sleeping.  Not laying out THAT welcome mat.

    Those slate solar roof tiles would be great….for just as you say.  No one knows you have solar!  Hope someone produces something like that!

    GrannyJ ….I personally think that any time one has a back-up plan in place, some day they’ll be glad they did.  And right now in 2020…. double that thought!  Sounds like a way to multiply your numbers with family but not be crowded in.  We’re all getting weary of the 2020 challenges.  But ….they don’t seem to be stopping, do they?

    We’re getting rain….nice steady, not a deluge.  In these arid mountains, that’s always a blessing…and kinda rare!  Eases the mind and clears the air of smoke from fires near and far.

    OldMtWoman   …be careful all of you!

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  • #29789

    herbal Tea

    Hello All. I am new to this forum, but was thrilled to find you.

    It has been a strange year to say the least.Parts of my garden just sat and glared at me all summer. Refusing to grow. I never saw that happen before. Even my swiss chard that has been in the ground for 3 months is only 1 inch tall.I guess I should have known something was up when my lilac refused to bloom this year. I live out on the west coast and we have had fires and a lot of wind this year. Went to the local store today and all the canning jars and lids are sold out. Good thing I got mine months ago.  Well just wanted to say hello!

    • #29791

      Crow Bar

      Hello and welcome Herbal Tea!
      Great name!

      Yeah, I sprouted half a dozen green pepper plants indoors, transplanted them. They seemed to be doing fine, a good 6-7inches tall. Blooms, little peppers.
      Then nadda!
      Go figure.

  • #29790

    OldMt Woman

    Hello to you, Herbal Tea.  Too bad about your garden.  Too dry and hot?  We had a year where the pea vines, which are usually 6 feet, only got to 6″.  Just too arid that year.  The very air sucked the moisture out of the plants.  Hmph.  Nada that year!  I can relate to the disappointment.




  • #29796

    Mama cando

    Hello Herbal Tea, Lovely name. Welcome to the forum. Sorry about the garden. Not sure what’s going on with ours either. But I keep trying.DH replanted the peas and we have sprouts, YEAH. and the orphan corn is growing. Seed came from the feeder near the box we didn’t plant in. Took root and now have about 4-6 stalks growing.

    Granny j, hang in there. I’m worried and a bit tired too, maybe you can do practice runs to the kids and camp out for a bit and see how it goes.  Son1 has been tracking the trip(and practicing alternate routes) from where they live to here and has it under 10- 12 hours now. They live down south for his job.

    OMW, EEK… Bears!! I concur DO NOT want to put it out there’s FREE (LOL) food around the house and here I was worried about the occasional coyote/fox that roams the neighborhood. Yeah I’m in a subdivision that has still has a few acreages that are undeveloped or are designated protected wetlands plus an agricultural college about 10 minutes away with lots and lots of farmland. Coyotes are a problem here, got fooled the other day though. Campus has these REALLY real looking statues of wolfs out in the fields where they grow the feed for the cattle and farm animals. I thought it was a real wolf because it moved it’s head. Called the campus and got told, NO, they were not real wolves, but animated figures to ward off the wild life that munches on the crops. So far it seems to be working because I was not the only person to call about seeing a “wolf” out there but no deer or coyotes. HEE HEE.

    Most of the “garden” is in planter boxes about 30 or so inches off the ground, DH figured that would keep the bunnies and others off the produce, we just didn’t figure on Missy having a ready made buffet at her disposal with the boxes, HA HA HA. Since the deer never bothered in ground beds ( at least we didn’t think so), we just didn’t think to cordon off the boxes. We’re still learning to grow more food rather than one or two tomato plants and a few peppers.

    Muffy, Offer to send phone is open,, PM me if that’s allowed and you feel comfortable.

    OMW know what ya mean about “traveling” while on the phone, that’s why my dad got us, years ago a 30 foot cord for the receiver to the wall phone.So I could keep an eye on the boys while on the phone. Step brat worked for phone company and was able to get one. Sure wish I had it now.

    Read somewhere that lids are so scarce, people are taking them off the cases of jars, well it happened here. Our grocery store sells canning supplies. Thought I’d add to the stash,  get a case of pints and geez, one of the cases of pints had half the lids gone. Plastic wrap opened and about 6 lids, no rings , just the lids were gone. Looks like they are going to pull the cases of jars and dole them now by a store personnel. Crappy people. I put aside lids over the last few months, picked up a couple of boxes every time I went shopping, something/someone (my grandma??) just nudged me to start doing that back in March, didn’t know why, just seemed like a good idea. Glad I did now.

    Well gotta go do the laundry, take care and stay safe. Mamacando


  • #29797

    Olivia Green

    a neighbor just got this type.
    it can be added to in series.
    and the panels can be rigged to be hung in a south or west facing window.

  • #29809

    OldMt Woman

    Thanks, Olivia Green.  I’m trying to talk ‘kids’ into a solar genny.  No gas needed.  No carbon monoxide poisoning.


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