The coolest you should keep your house is 78 degrees, federal program recommends

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    Good grief NOOOOO.

    One of my favorite things about living in the modern world is air conditioning. We probably keeps ours a little “too” cold, especially at night. I don’t sleep well when I’m hot.

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    Yeah, I sleep better when it is cooler.
    Last night, the low here was 46 (according to my weather station), 53 when I got out of bed around 0700.

    BUT! This is the kind of thing the CA government might take a few puffs of the good idea faerie dust, think this is a good idea to combat CC/AGW and try to pass a law.
    And I would expect the reaction from the public to be that of the Yellow Vest movement in France with the gas tax increases.
    Fighting CC/AGW is all good as long as they can have AC. Take that away, and you are gonna see some riots.

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    Um no

    82 degrees while ( trying to sleep) in a climate with 70+ humidity daily.

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      Dorothy Cameron

      I absolutely agree with you. Now the main work is done by the air conditioner. After all, if you think about it, it does all the things without which it would be difficult for us to live. IT can cool the room, and can on the contrary heat, it can also remove moisture from the air and in General a lot more than that. To be honest, I couldn’t live without air conditioning at all. I remember that when it broke I immediately took it to socool and I calmed down only when they gave it to me. I am very dependent on air conditioning. You know, there are people who depend on Smoking, there are people who depend on alcohol, and I depend on air conditioning.

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    We keep ours at 75 degrees all summer. So far it has worked for us. But I must say at night it tends to get a bit hot at times. I don’t lower it because DH with his medical issues stays cold a lot due to his blood thinners. We also keep the ceiling fans going when we are home and turn them off when we are away. But AC stays on. I can’t see the govenment trying to regulate us the way they do. But they keep on trying to find ways.

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    They recommended 55 speed limit at one time as well , they can get stuffed .

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    It really is an ever-growing encroachment. That’s a lot of nerve, telling people what temperature their homes are allowed to be set at.

    I bet they enforce it by making it where new units don’t go any colder than their “recommended temp.”

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    Well DOE sets the standards for minimum SEER ratings; eg in the southeast the lowest you can put in ( central ac) is a 14 SEER. So I wouldnt put it past them.

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    then get a cool bot… it overides ac limits. Used for making coolers for produce and meat.

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    What is this air conditioning that some speak of?

    Ain’t got it.

    We have maybe a couple of weeks where it hits the high 80’s. At night, @53’ish.

    These are our cheap months. No AC, no heater running. Choose your location wisely.

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    I get what you are saying, we dont have AC either.

    But when you have these yahoos trying to tell us it is for the better, I am inclined to tell them to pound sand.

    Now, if there is some extreme heat, people are cranking up the AC, straining the grid, and potential blackout, ok, maybe rolling brownouts are the solution.

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    This one goes into a bit more detail as how to keep your energy bills down.

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    Casper Ship

    Gosh, I hate to comply with gov recommendations, but 78 is exactly where we keep our thermostat set on summer days. That’s because in our house, that’s exactly where it feels comfortable.

    On the other hand, 78 is exactly where we keep the temp At Night too.  🙂

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