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    No way to fix this and remember they are not paying off any of your debt jus giving money to rich and we have to pay for it with real work to you great grear grandkids

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    Crow Bar

    THAT, was an issue before the covid19 crisis. Add that into it and presto! Stick a fork in it, the economy is dun!

    I am sensing the Fed is going to go into a full blow panic, trying to keep the economy going.

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    Shakes magic 8 ball all signs seem to point to yes.

    It was bad but 4 trillion in a few weeks no vote nothing over a 10 percent increase in a week of total debt with no benifit to tax payer.

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    At this point we should be glad that so far its only the SHTF. Worse case, the trucks stop, the power goes out for months or years then we have TEOTWAWKI. Let’s all pray that doesn’t happen.

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    Rich Sullivan

    It is all fiat so one should ask who benefits?


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    Well first of all let’s look at who does not, every retirement package gets hit. The 1m3 trillion and growing does zero for regular person just the fat cats at very very top. Who pays for that we’ll that would be all of us and great great grandkids …. and what did we get from it zero.


    But it a all fiat… is your labor fiat? Is the goods you make and sell fiat? The currency might be but unless you are wall street or a banker you have to trade your work and effort to get paper fiat which they extort a portion of for “public use” and what did we get for 1.3 trillion in a week absolutely  zero it’s a Giant fucken scam and you have to pay for it… fiat currenct or not you pay with sweat and effort.

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    Hi, I just signed up to this forum. I was trying to figure out how to message Selco? I don’t know if he monitors these forums at all? I was on his course way back in 2012 or so.


    Anyway, if he or anyone has an idea, I wondered -for this scenario that we are in- where the government is 100% tanking the economy, what is a good business to try to get into when it is all over?


    I was thinking Selco probably observed the Balkans coming back to life at the end of the war over there. So maybe he had some observations about that kind of thing.



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      Crow Bar

      Morning Jason, and welcome.

      Selco pops in every now and again, same with Daisy.
      I will pass along you question.

      We too have been wondering what things will look like on the other side.
      One thing that I came up with is PPE made here in the US. I know a lot of it is made overseas. IIRC India halted all exports of their domestic PPE production.
      To me, that should be a national security issue, and the US should have a domestic supply.

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    Mouse Wizard

    I think people are figuring out we need domestic supplies of a lot of things.

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