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    This month, we’re going back to our roots and doing a Prep Every Day Challenge. We want you to check in every day with ONE THING (at least) that you did to become better prepared. If you check in daily, at the end of the month you will win a prize!

    This month’s prize will be a PDF copy of The Stockpile Cafe, my book on using stockpile items to make tasty treats.

    So let’s get going! What are you doing to prep today?


    Hieronyma Textor
    1. Can’t see in my frig and want to become more independent of it anyway, so every time I put something in (even if I had it out only a minute), I have to take 2 things out that are expired or spoiled. Have been doing this for 2 days now. My family is holding me to it. Once it’s “dejunked”, will clean it and re-evaluate everything I buy for whether refrigeration is necessary or not. Also clearing a shelf for more robust fresh produce.
    2. Making out February’s menu today – will be designed for using stockpile + fresh items that have to be refrigerated as little as possible. Darci Isabella has a shelf in her kitchen for fresh items that can last a week outside the refrigerator. Will be working on that, too, today. ( around minute 5:20). When I was in my twenties, I used to visit a convent where the refrigerator had broken down. The sisters were completely dependent on donations, and no new refrigerator arrived, so they decided they needed to learn to go without. People would donate fresh garden produce all the time, however, so they used up the more fragile items immediately and put the more robust items, like squashes, peppers, tomatoes in bins on the wall. They had no significant problem with spoilage because they used things wisely, and the meals were lovely. I want to learn to do that.

    grannyj smith

    February 1

    Today I had a twenty gallon propane bottle filled and hope to be able to do one every month.



    Love this challenge. My plan for the month is to live off my pantry items and use up whatever is fresh in my refrig. I’m not going to go to the grocery store at all! This should show any current holes in pantry. I know I will miss fresh veggies but that’s where my start at indoor gardening may help a bit. I still have spinach and onions growing in the tool shed.

    Today, I bagged and vacuum sealed the veggies I dried yesterday: celery, sliced carrots, red and green peppers, and mushrooms. Focusing on learning more about preserving staples that don’t require refrigeration or the freezer is going to my number one goal.



    Twenty-six below zero last night and the water froze in the bathroom sink.  Snow blower had gas frozen in the carberator (sp?) so had a neighbor fix it and put something in the gas so it won’t freeze again.  So I guess that was the main thing for the day.  For supper- leftover bean soup and cornbread and cheesecake for dessert.

    Also worked on gardening info to organize it so it will be more useful in the spring.  Testing some seeds too for viability.  Gotta get the earphones to work so I can practice morse code.



    Today I learned about the different types of nails; eg galvanized, bright, sinker.

    Tomorrow I plan to create my “sane space”; as the Kitchen is unusable due to the remodel, and I want a clean corner for my toaster oven, hot plate and coffee maker.


    Red Carnation

    Today I stocked up on some sale items at the grocery store.  As a matter of fact, only 2-3 items I bought were NOT on sale.  In addition, they blessed us with a $5 off any purchase coupon in the mail.  We also bulk ordered some cornmeal.

    My goal is to bulk order one item per month, preferentially one that is on sale.  Last month was black beans.

    I also put in our bulk health and wellness product order and ordered extra items there.  My goal is to order extras every month to have just in case. 🙂

    Wow, I guess it was a productive day.  I got a decent amount of housework done too.



    Feb 1st: New Month, New Fun!

    Added plastic hooks on my front door in order to put a curtain in lieu of privacy screen. The vinyl we had did not last with this cold weather.  Bonus is that it will keep that area warmer, it’s a big glass pane inside a wooden door.

    We are traveling a lot lately, so we added more items in our Emergency Car Kit, on top of rotating the ones already in it. With the degrees going down, we added winshield liquid, wool blankets and extra clothes in a spacebag. Printed a list of items that cannot stay outside for long, like water bottles, and attached it to our other Car Kit that follows us wherever we go. Without that list, I would loose my bearings. Too much stuff to think about, that I would forget my head if it were not attached to my body.

    Have fun and stay safe with warmth


    Nana Mike

    Okay I’m up for this challenge!  Today’s prep is putting holes in the collected milk jugs and soda bottles to start seeds for the garden. I winter sow outdoors as well start some seeds indoors to be ready for spring.  I started a notebook to keep track of projects, things to learn, things to buy and inventory of preps we already have. I’m determined to kick up the preps this year.


    OldMt Woman

    Whoa….y’all are off to a big start here in Feb ’19.  Planning to participate fully this month [not audit the challenge like January].  🙂   So today DH and I have been trying to record WHAT we’ve run low on due to the illness/almost illness.  Since we haven’t been going into stores much [to save energy more than anything] we have gotten low.  DH checked inventory on the illness-prevention formulas[ that he’s in charge of].  Making note to reorder and get those stocks back up….this winter isn’t done yet.

    I’ve been updating my Ongoing Master Shopping List.  I have really liked having that on my computer desktop….when I think of something, I can record it immediately.  I have low-tech scraps of paper/pencil in the kitchen.  That’s my other point of inspiration/revelation on things we need.  So I’ve made a separate List Subcategory:  Grocery/medical =  soda crackers, 7-up or substitute, ginger, honey, garlic, green tea, Gatorade powder, Brach’s [not Broch’s] lemon drops, lemon juice concentrate, cayenne pepper, …..  We always have some canned soups for exhaustion emergency food.  But if at all possible, I make my own soups/stews.  Freeze some for later emergencies.  Canning my soups would be better but….I’d need help with that now.

    OldMtWoman  ….glad to have had what we’ve needed.


    Mama cando

    Don’t know if this qualifies as a Prep but got a manual pasta roller on clearance from BB&Y and was able to use the 20% off coupon on it as well, cut the price down to $20 after taxes. DH is on a low carb diet and this will help me make low carb chips, crackers for him as well as low carb home made pasta.My hands aren’t doing too good due to “Arthur-itis” so it’s hard to roll out the dough thin enough for the chips and crackers to crisp up.


    Type A

    Might be a day late since it is after midnight 🙂

    My husband read an article by you tonight at dinner to all of us. He tries to read something each night and then we all discuss it.  So that is how I even heard about you!

    So – I have actually gotten everything out of the pantries and gathered it all together so I can combine things I have multiple of and make note of things I need more of.

    Its a long process but this will help me prep better because now I can see what I actually don’t have and not waste money on things I have plenty of.



    Day 2 of challenge, I’ve a big plan and just hope my energy holds out. Recently I purchased a special sale on six varieties of dehydrated soups in #10 cans by Auguson Farms. Well, I’ve learned that once a can is opened the product will begin to deteriorate rather rapidly. As I live alone, there’s no way I could consume all that soup in a timely manner. So, my plan is to put 2 servings of each soup in individual small Zip lock bags; then, I will put six of these small bags into a larger bag which I will vacuum seal with one of those oxygen thingies. That’s 12 servings of soup per vacuumed bag. Then I will put these bags into a five gallon can with a gamma lid on it. That’s my plan for today. I’ll report back how well the day goes.


    Xant Dewit

    I fell of the wagon during the January challenge. I found it also a bit difficult to think of what I make from scratch which is most of our food. Even the granola I make are from whole oat berries which I flock.

    I have been reading up with daisy’s Financial book and stockpile cafe (I’m taking the course building a better pantry). Also finished my eco veggie gardening course and started my another course (bee related). I made honey propolis cough syrup and propolis healing balm. I bought a bigger car (an oldie but good one) and now I can put the sweet dog in a bench so she is not bouncing around while driving. I bought a couple of books about propolis, beeswax candles, honey wine and beeswax in general.

    This week and next week 2 papers are dues from my work related study. So have to do something about that.

    In februari I will continue with my food inventory and how to use the stuff I already have in my menu planning.

    Today I went with a friend to an orchard where the farmer didn’t pick all the apples. I got three bags. Will dehydrate and make apple compote. I also got some potatoes and Jerusalem artichokes. The lather will be made into soup and I will can that.


    Another reason I fell off was that I’m not so well health wise.  (My blood values are/were worrisome)February 21th I have an appointment in the hospital and they will check me before probable admission later on. What I did do was sign me up for the gym and I’m going there three times per week. Hopefully an improved overall condition will help the blood values as well.

    Steadily working on improvement. I will try to get on more often.


    Hieronyma Textor

    Feb. 2: Made progress on emptying the frig of non-essential items. Putting food dehydrators right by the place for more robust veggies that can last a bit outside the frig, so I will remember that if I have a lot, I need to dehydrate them pronto. Setting up work station in utility room/pantry for both dehydrating and grain/bean grinding. Will try to remember to post a picture when it’s done.

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