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    Columbia River

    Using up the last of this batch of potatoes as they are starting to sprout. In the transition we’ve lost our kinda sorta root cellar and produce doesn’t last as long. Not sure what I’ll do with them but they are cooking.

    Had DH pick up more tofu (not fooling with making it with busted shoulder). Went through all the grocery ads. Not a thing on sale that I want or need so “done” shopping for the week. Yay!  Well, we still have to pick up Azure order Thursday but I’m through -DH can do it when he drives me to work.

    Surgeon said come back in 3 weeks and basically told me this is not going to get well as fast as I want it too so just preparing my mind for a loooong medical process

    and DH is snow blowing as the snow just keeps coming down.  A lot of school districts closed today but we’re just on the edge of the worst of it.

    Thinking about how I want to arrange my favorite recipes in a notebook when I get my cookbooks again




    Columbia River


    thanks for heads up about free kindle book Glimmer of Hope by Ryan King

    it says vol 1 but it’s over 400 pages. I can handle a series like that!


    Red Carnation

    Yesterday I stocked up on cheese that was on sale $2 off per package and purchased two chickens on sale.

    Today I roasted one of the chickens along with some frozen vegetables for meals tomorrow.


    Hieronyma Textor

    Feb. 12: Daughter ate more than I did for supper. Now I KNOW we’re on the road to complete recovery. Thank you for all the prayers.

    In other ways, the day was a disaster. I lost a file I had been working on when my computer restarted without warning, and I had to start over. I had it saved, too, but it just disappeared. So now I am approximately 24 hours behind and have to ask all my clients for extensions. What a mess!

    Then there is the minor financial disaster we’re going through right now because cash flow went so low in December and January. Had a bit of a breakdown early in the day, but recovered, and we’re just pushing ahead. Still determined to follow the steps of the financial plan and lower our payments while getting out of debt. It’s going to take a lot of discipline and hard work, and I can’t have a meltdown every time there’s a surprise. 🙁

    Otherwise, no other prepping. Just more determination to do so.



    Hieronyma- just keep moving ahead.  We’re all rooting for you.

    Another zucchini and breakfast idea-  A while back when out of town I had an omelet at Denny/s with zucchini, onions, summer squash, tomatoes and I forgot what else but it was very good.

    About free kindle books- does anyone else get emails from Bookbub?  You can go to the site and sign up.  Most books cost a couple of dollars but there are free ones too- mostly for just a day or two.

    Today- stormy and I’m not feeling very energetic at all.  I dread going out and blowing snow again.  getting very tired of winter.  I may be fighting off something- have a stuffy head.  Anyway I’m reading again today and halfway thru Lucifer’s Hammer.  It did get more interesting, but a comet hitting is not my main concern by a long shot.  Still interesting how people may react.

    Working on Morse code again.  I was doing it a few months ago and got sidetracked but now I’m going to master it.


    OldMt Woman

    Olivia Green….Yes!  Thanks again….the lamb shanks turned out WONDERFUL.  🙂  We love lamb but it’s been decades since I cooked it.  DH had gotten it on significant mark-down.  I browned in my heirloom cast iron dutch oven.  Then put into the oven with the lid.  Kinda thot that would be best.   I didn’t add any water but it was fine.  As happens with lamb, the meat pulled off the bone and was tender and cooked well.  It was a good surprise for DH when he got home tonite.  🙂

    Muffy….even if you don’t use your preps, someone in your family will find them useful some day.  We all actually hope we don’t HAVE to use them, but just for rotating our supplies and having them for daily use or minor emergencies. RE: free ebook….  I checked and found I already “bought” that book some time ago.  Haven’t read it yet so let us know how you like it.  Some of that genre are quite harsh to read.  Others…not so much…which I prefer.

    I scavenge for free ebooks nearly daily.  Have done so for years.  I’ll never read them all but have a huge selection to fit what I want to read.  I don’t get to libraries any more.   It’s fun to find the free ones….scavenger hunt.  😉     …..……. is a source of some free daily; some inexpensive ebooks.  Generally about dystopian scenarios …or how-to …or some western romance …or pioneer …or ….well, a variety.  But I keep overloading my Kindle For PC on my laptop….. {roll eyes}

    Yes, I’ve grabbed an occasional ebook from Bookbub too, Woodsrunner.  But don’t go there regularly.

    There is also the Amazon top 100 free ebooks list that changes slightly all the time.  [ But the covers of some of the books are enough to make me close my eyes!]   Still….I find a few good ones in my preferences if I check that every few wks.  I do check the reviews and descriptions to see if it’s MY type of book.  😮

    ColumbiaRiver …..shoulder incident in winter ….doesn’t sound like a good time at all.  Do be careful not to slip!   🙁

    Hieronyma……  Yay!! …. your dd is eating well.  🙂   As for your computer shutting down suddenly…I have a question:  Did your screen turn blue suddenly…with a message about having a problem and a  ‘colon’ plus ‘parenthesis’   type of sad face?    If so, that’s happened on my laptop twice recently.  2nd time just tonite.  And it does not restore me to pages I had open.  How very weird [and tragic]  that it did not retain your “saved” work!!!  I’d definitely be hopping up and down UPSET over that. 🙁

    So today…..I did quickly repair that annoying hole in the front of my tank top.  Not repaired well enough to wear out anywhere.  But will work for bed clothes.  And I pounded the loosened nail back in place above the dresser drawer so it doesn’t catch on anything else.  Didn’t get to the patch on knee of jeans….yet.  Been reading some of Daisy’s articles…I’d gotten behind.  Had some thots on an aspect of our preps….that I hadn’t realized.  Had long discussion with family member re: the eventuality for our elderlies. That was a bit grim….but best to prepare ahead of time.

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all

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    Amy Dixon

    Hieronyma Textor – You’re welcome!  If that link doesn’t take you directly to the info about the EMP shielding cloth, you should be able to find it by clicking on the “EMP” heading near the top of the home page at  I’m so glad your daughter is starting to feel better!!!


    grannyj smith

    February 13

    Reading all your post to learn new things and wanted to say thank you for your well wishes, not doing anything in preparing since being sick.  DH woke at three o clock this morning sick,  guess he caught flu from taking care of me.



    Yesterday I watched one of those real life survival stories. The characters however made some glaring errors amongst them were: Not telling anyone where they were going, didnt have an accurate map and didnt bring enough water. This of course made me think and research about water requirements. Hence this gem:

    Even though I live in a suburban area, one car breakdown in the Florida heat and I could be in big trouble.

    Today after uncorking a bottle of Riesling, I wanted to know how to reuse corks.

    At the home front, Someone came to give an estimate regarding siding repair. A con-man this one was. Asked a bunch of questions not relevant to the project. He was trying to feel me out and gave me a price at least double of what the project was worth.

    Anyway, my thoughts and prayers to everyone who is sick. Hope that healing comes quick.



    Everyday prep report: quite honestly not much specific accomplished toward prepping today….a lot of little “tweeks” on projects underway….my cookbook just doesn’t seem to want to go together easily…and figuring out how to find space for everything I’ve added to my stock is proving a bit challenging….and remembering WHERE I’ve put stuff can either frustrate me or make me laugh….my choice…laughter is my choice as the Good Book says that’s good medicine…

    Simply had to break done and get the hair cut today….have toyed with the idea of just letting it grow and grow and grow and then I could put it up in a little tight bun the way my great grandmother did her hair…nah, not goin’ happen….

    I listen to audible books….one I’m listening to currently is discussing the poet William Wordsworth whom I’m sure we all remember from our high school literature textbooks…well the poem I want to direct your attention to is “Lines Written in Early Spring” published in 1798….lovely, but thoughtful, could have been written yesterday….

    Nite all….


    Nana Mike

    Hi all,  Ended up with some kind of stomach bug the past couple of days. I was pretty sick for a day or so but much better now.  Today’s prep was to attend a water webinar.  The timing couldn’t have been better! I had just purchased Daisy’s water book and I’ve been working on my rain water catchment system.  Looks like a water distiller is next on my list of preps. I will be exploring building or purchasing one.  It seems the list of prepping things to do is never ending. I have enough projects to keep me busy until fall.


    Columbia River

    I found an REI backpacking book. I am no longer the younger person who spent three weeks backpacking through the desert and climbing mountains nor the one who was living out of a backpack all across Europe but it has a lot of useful information in it. And I have children who still do those things. No backpacking with busted shoulder so maybe later  I will think about that

    But even better I found a new road atlas. We have a few local maps but this is the entire continent. Since ours is 20 plus years out of date I felt like that was a great find.

    Also found a disaster response book for businesses which will help with some of what I do at work.

    Altogether a great day at the thrift store.


    OldMt Woman

    GrannyJ ….glad you are better but ….oh, not good that your dh now has the flu.  Hard not to catch it when someone in the household has it.  🙁

    Nana Mike….glad you are better too.

    HORRIBLE wind today.  I stayed inside.  Not a good health day.  Reading mostly….some prep articles and several keeping an eye on global/national situations.  Finished an entire paperback book [that I’ve read 5x before].  Just not much focus for anything challenging.  Was supposed to visit elderlies but postponed that.  Hope the wind doesn’t keep me awake – blasting the house tonite.

    OldMtWoman   …G’nite all.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    I am happy to hear the illnesses are going away and forum members are recovering their health.

    I enjoyed the Tuscan Bean Soup made with zucchini, kale and mustard, and leftover white beans.  It made 6 quarts, so I had five to can.  I put them in the canner – cold and let them slowly heat up for nearly an hour with fresh lids.  When the water was too hot to touch and the jars were warm, I put on the All American canner’s lid and turned up the heat.  I processed as normal, 90 minutes at 10 psi.  I thought something was wrong because the canner did not want to climb over 10 psi; normally I must turn the flame down.  At the end, I realized that the lid was not seated properly and steam was also leaking out the side.  4 of the 5 jars sealed. Proper pressure and time, so I am calling them good.

    On the other hand, I also tried canning some dry beans at the same time.  Those are not “good.” Since there was space in the canner, I put 1 cup of dry beans in a pint jar and filled with water.  Results:  1) Too many beans in the jar, 2) Not enough water, 3) beans filled to the top, squashed together and dry.  So, I need to figure out how to can the dry beans for a last minute canner filler, and what to make with the not-so-well-canned-beans.  Plus zucchini and kale.

    While the canner was processing, I worked on a recipe file and sat under my Sunbox Light. I had downloaded diet plans and recipes for diabetic and vegan diets.  I added page numbers, created a table of contents with the page numbers, reorganized the fonts/sizes, reduced the pictures and made it look more professional.  Now it will be easier to find the recipe I want.

    I started organizing a file for my grandson who will be off to college next year.  Mug Meals.  I found online recipes for breakfasts, some dinners, and desserts.  I figure he can make something simple, with minimal ingredients, in his dorm room.

    Other than that, still working or organizing the old files from decades ago and discarding the unnecessary ones.  It takes a long time. I need to finish it because the piles are blocking my sewing machine!

    Going out to dinner with my Sweetie.  Hope you all have a warm and happy day.



    I’ve been trying to be away from my phone more, so I haven’t been checking in.

    7th: Still recovering from strep. DH getting over flu. Worked on daily chores.

    8th: Went through winter clothes, hats, scarves. DH went on overnight camp out with his job.

    9th: Built Fire and spent the day going through papers, burned junk mail, paperwork no longer needed.

    10th: Organized paperwork, printed off forms for filing taxes.

    11th: Worked on cleaning and disinfecting my house. DH came down with something.

    12th: Doctors appointment for DH, oldest, and youngest. DH has pneumonia, oldest has a chronic cough, youngest (6 mo) is growing perfectly.

    13th: Built a set of shelves for master closet to organize more stuff. Went grocery shopping for the week. Secured bathroom shelves so they wouldn’t fall. Did all laundry.

    14th: spending the day doing crafts and having fun with my family. (Also taking note of what we need to stock up on more for power outages or SHTF to keep kids entertained.)

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