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    Feb 14-

    Found a pile of herb magazines I had forgotten about- still decluttering.  Studied some info about essential oils and herbal medicine.



    Today Feb 15- had planned to go to city and take DH to Dr Appt but weather prevented that.  Ordered some stuff over the phone- some supplies for making dogfood and some essentials oils I didn’t have.  Also back to Morse code.  Every once in a while I take a day off to let it jel in my mind.  I am working on using up old stuff in the freezer and on the shelves to replace with new.


    Columbia River

    The main prep of the day was to get home ahead of the snow which pushed the partly sunny sky away and turned the sky dark and very heavy looking.  The snowfall could be pretty heavy tonight so we’ll see how the morning goes

    We picked up the Azure order, bought a second comb for my hair so I would have a spare if I lost my comb again (2 is one  and one is none). I also got a major project off my desk at work and we got out of town just as the snow started coming down right when predicted.

    I think that’s enough for right now. Will do some office work on line and then get the granola in the oven before bed so it can slow bake all night.



    Haven’t been on in a few. Very busy. Been trying to get a lot of medical things done as we have had a quack doctor for a couple of years that did nothing for us but collect from insurance. So we have been starting over with a new internal med. doctor. Guess you can call it all part of prepping. Making sure we are phy. fit.

    Still going through recipes and getting them in binders as well as my emergency binder. That has been slow going as I am coming down with a head cold. Not really feeling up to par.

    Got estament on new air conditioner. Price is great so that will get installed in next few days. Hubby used to work for gas company and installed air conditioners in past so knew just what questions to ask. Plus the time of year gives us a good discount.

    Going to be 70 degrees tomorrow so going to make good on that and do some outside work as we fired our yard man. This contract thing and us having to keep on him about his not doing things was enough.  As he cracked a window. Was told not to cover the drain pipe to air conditioner up and he used roundup on my flower beds after told not to do it as well. So we have to get window replaced. Had to dig out the drain pipe that he also sat a trash can on top of and cracked the end of it off. As well as now we need to replace the flowers in flower bed he killed. So we ended the contract. As it is he was suppose to trim trees and he never did that either.

    So not been a fun week with this cold coming on. But will survive that to. All in all, I do see better days ahead. Starting to check out the seed catalogs and going to be getting the garden ready for planting by end of March or April depending on weather. We have been known to have our worst snowstorms in March. But so far we have had no snow this winter.   I can feel for those of you that have had snow. Be careful, no slipping and sliding. It’s just not good to be falling down and getting hurt.



    Prep everyday challenge report Feb 14: busy day, lots of little piddly things, baked a loaf of bread from a mix base I put together from the dehydrating book just to see how it would turn out. Flavor was great but used my powdered eggs so it didn’t hold together well…makes me wonder if eggs had deteriorated as they have always worked before….hmmm…

    Worked on boxing up some books to take to church library….surprise call from my granddaughter who’s a graduating senior at Univ of MO…sort of blew a hole in my plan for the day….so proud of her…completing her degree requirements in three calendar years….woo hoo!!! A film production major with two minors – in Spanish and French….she’s fluent in both languages…

    Sorry this is suppose to be about prepping….well, in some ways my prepping efforts are about my grandkids, especially my granddaughters….they are going to live in such a different world and I want them to be prepared for whatever might come….no snowflakes in my family…:)

    nite all…stay safe those of you in all that snowy bad weather….


    Columbia River

    Mugfy 1938 said “we’ll, in some ways my prepping efforts are about my grandkids, especially my granddaughters…”

    Ah. That is the bigger picture of prepping and why I look for children’s books or toys of all ages at the thrift store.

    Yep I can be a hyper prepper but my family is why I prep.

    Blessings to all   May we continue to improve. This challenge is a bit much with my shoulder but I’m being conscious of prepping every daily and I just look at thing through a different angle. I’ve been doing this as a lifestyle a long time and have learned much over the Years but there is much I learned -especially the 31/2 years with no power (2 1/2 with no running water) and children including a newborn. But I learn things here and the daily posts force me to review how I frame my life and think about things

    Thanks for the training everyone


    OldMt Woman

    LilSister….oye!  Rotten doc and yard man.  Yeah, fire his rear outta there!  Round-up?  Ack.  Hope you can ward off the cold quickly …Vit C and any immune booster you may have…before it fully gets you.  But glad you have a good deal on new A/C.  And your dh is experienced.  The things we need to know these days…to keep from getting ripped off!  Hmph!

    Muffy…did the recipe account for the liquid you don’t have when using powdered eggs?  If it’s a recipe for dry ingredients, I guess it should have.  I hate when I spend time, resources and energy and it doesn’t turn out.  Oh well, nothing is a waste if we learn something!  🙂

    Muffy and Columbia River….good thots on the bigger picture of prepping.  I agree.


    Today I felt better but DH has a spastic muscle in back.  So I went down for chores with him AM and PM.  I walked dog.  I try to do that anyway, for light exercise.  I barely made it far this morning but by PM, I did fine.  I just never know.

    Reading a lot today again.  I read Selco’s latest article about movies and that they might be just fun but not at all educational for dire situations.  But some can, as well.  But he made a statement that caught my attention:  Quote:

    [Now, survival movies may give us those stupid ideas about being faster than a bullet, or mess up our opinion about what cover is good enough for coming bullets, but they can mess up at a higher level, too.

    <b>They can give us an opinion that everything has to make sense.</b>

    <b>When SHTF you may easily end up dead looking for that “sense” in everything.</b>

    No, there does not have to be any sense in events happening around you when SHTF, and be careful in categorizing people and events in good or bad and similar because you might be surprised many times.]  End of Quote    <Bold is mine>

    Well since I’ve always been one to cherish logic/sensible/productive/genuine….. Hmmm, yeah well, this is something that WILL be a problem for me.  Not that I haven’t worked in social service type jobs where I met so many NOT genuine folks with hidden motives.  Great percentage of any folks are not actually striving for logic/sensible approaches to their lives — they’re based in the emotions of the moment.  But this IS how my brain automatically works.  As if:  one would not do that if it’s that illogical and unreasonable.

    Hmph…I’m also aware that no one, including my leaning-toward-logic-perspective, can always stay logical/reasonable.  MUCH LESS in a huge stress situation.  Logically I can see that, of course.  But I can easily get confused on motives of others if I can see NO SENSE…NO ADVANTAGE from their side.  I cannot ‘read’ that sort of situation correctly.  A weak spot I’m mostly aware of …but the article rang that bell again…loudly.

    Ahem….I’m also one who does love to ponder on such things….in preparation for when such awareness must already be firmly in place.  Anyone else here a ‘ponder-er’?

    Thanks, Selco!

    OldMtWoman  G’nite all



    OldMtWoman: I am definitely a “ponder-er.” A blessing? A curse? I’ll need to ponder that for a while. Have an awesome day! I always look forward to your posts.


    Loving Life

    It’s been a few days. I have been down with some flu. Good thing I had recently stocked up on my medical supplies.

    During my down time, I did some reading. I finished the “Catalyst” series by JK Franks. I would recommend it.

    I have also been reading everyone’s posts. I am a very logical person; it may be in large part due to my military career. Reading @oldmtwoman post made me smile. I agree that the vast majority of the public run on emotion. Many don’t even think about why they do things, the vast majority just follow. The majority are lemmings. I am in the minority, a ponder, a thinker.

    Having been in various war and emergency zone, I have seen many things that don’t make sense. Irrational behavior always throws a spanner in the works. You must always be prepared for the unexpected. Flexibility in a situation is key. Don’t expect logical behavior by most people. Be flexible in your plans to cope with this irrational factor. Crowd mob mentality can especially be very irrational. More for @oldmtwoman to ponder. Lol.


    grannyj smith

    February 15

    I started some Spring cleaning in my daughter’s bedroom by clearing clutter from her closet and organizing her drawers and in going through her drawers I found mates to the socks that had been missing for weeks.

    While I was sick I printed out calendar pages for each month until December, on each monthly calendar page I list the debt, due date, and monthly payment, I also printed out full page check register pages and printed the 800 number to the twenty four hour banking line so I don’t have to wait for the monthly bank statement to come before I know which checks cleared and exactly how much money is left in the bank.




    Yesterday I looked for alternatives to bleach and ammonia. I needed the ammonia to remove window film from the house windows. Finding bleach alternatives was easy, ammonia not so much. Since it was effective, I decided to find something similar in PH, as it is a strong base. Going to try castille soap and leave it on for a bit

    Now today was to find info in helping the severely mentally ill prep. Couldnt find anything, so I will probs have to develop my own plan and practice, practice, practice with this family member.


    Columbia River

    I realize I need to get in better shape so I found out which programs my insurance supports and tried to call about various facilities.  There was no answer so maybe they ran away from the snow (yes it’s dumping on us again) but I did get signed up with insurance company – just need to pick a facility and start going.  Even with a busted shoulder I can do some things but I’m certainly not going for a brisk walk in the country or in town until roads are clear of this mess that caused shoulder issue in first place.

    I probably will have to get a boatload of physician waivers, but I need to do this.  even without the shoulder I slow WAY down in the winter and it is not very healthy.


    Hieronyma Textor

    Hi all – the last 3 days have been crazy for me – not fun. I have missed reading everybody’s posts and really enjoyed it this evening when I finally got to it.

    @oldmtwoman: My computer itself didn’t crash (although it could at any time…), it was the software I have to use for processing documents. In the industry I work in (translation), we use something called a CAT (computer-aided translation) tool. You load up your document, whether it’s a Word doc, a PDF, Excel file, InDesign, whatever, and the program puts it in a form you can easily work in, i.e. see everything clearly instead of having to glance back and forth between the computer screen and your desk. It is supposed to save everything automatically so you don’t lose your work. And then it spits it back out at the end as the same kind of document. For instance, I don’t have to have InDesign or PageMaker on my computer – I can simply load the file sent to me and translate it. What happened is the software failed me. It failed to save my document, for some reason, and when I walked away for a bit and the computer restarted without warning, I lost everything.

    So for the last 3 days, I have been playing catch up. Every waking hour has been at the computer unless I absolutely had to fix a meal or go to the bathroom. It’s been a nightmare because the client had a deadline to meet.

    And by the way, a CAT tool is not machine translation, that pie-in-the-sky miracle that politicians bring up every once in a while, promising the end of language barriers. Clinton talked about it – and there was some other president a few years back that touted it as well – had to go between laughing myself silly and shaking my head in disbelief at the ignorance.

    @corsaire: Yes, that’s a challenge. I have a brother with autism and a father with Alzheimer’s. My brother has a difficult time handling money. For instance, he would get his SSI at the beginning of the month, and even though, logically, he had everything he needed in order to get through the month with money left over, he was always broke half way through the month and would come to us for more money, which was not a good thing. I told him he needed to learn to make it last, that he had enough, and we were only going to give him food if he ran out of money again. Of course that didn’t work. Then he started going to the church telling everyone that I couldn’t help him any more, and could they help him please. I was horrified.

    So we came up with a “psychological” plan where he gave me at least $200 at the beginning of each month. Then he had to also put 30 or 40 dollars in his underwear drawer for emergency taxi rides (he spends a lot of time in the emergency room in the middle of the night –  social worker and psychiatrist are working with him on that, too…). Then if he ran out of money, it was there. And it worked. He learned that he could make it last and didn’t have to ask others for more money all the time. Last month, we decided to do a trial run of him keeping the $200 in a secret place in his apartment, and then he calls me and talks to me about it if he needs to spend some of it. So far, so good. I told him if he ran out again because he went out to eat too much, I would have to start keeping the money for him again.

    I think that with someone with a mental illness or cognitive deficiency, it’s a matter of repeat, repeat, repeat. And there probably has to be some sort of teaching aid that really motivates (like me keeping his money back until he really, really needed it). My husband and I have been trying to work with a couple down the street from us who both seem to have cognitive deficiencies as well – they are actually sweet people (with horrible families) who are really trying to do better. But it’s repeat, repeat, repeat, and it can get really discouraging.

    So I really enjoyed Daisy’s article on “Doomsday Hoarders”! It reminded me of myself, and I am definitely going to use her method.




    Columbia River: take care of that shoulder.  I need to start walking again as I have been feeling like my legs and back are getting a bit weak. Muscles not what they used to be. It has been way to cold for the most part to get outside and walk. Might have to drive down to one of the malls but that is about a 30 minute drive. So not so sure I want to do that.

    Meanwhile, I vac. packed some flour, oatmeal, and non fat dry milk with 02 aborbers and got those put away.  Cooked steak on grill and had baked potatoes, corn and green beans. Veggies were from garden that I had canned last summer.

    Still fighting this dredded cold. Head hurts now but am ignoring it.   I have to get the linen closet emptied for the air condition guy as our drain pipe from attic goes down wall of closet and under house. He is going to make some changes to it.



    Snow just keeps on coming, I had to go out and snow blow today and keep backing it up and going forward again it was so deep.  Drifts three feet in some places and windy.  Anyway got it done again this afternoon, but not much energy left today.

    I’ve been working on using up old stuff- made some dogfood with some of the oldest.  Realizing that I wasn’t getting it turned over like it should have been.  Its in so many different places in this house.  Murphy’s law says that as soon as I took it all out someone would come over without calling first.  I liked Daisy’s article though on organizing and have started work on it.  But I just can’t bring myself to pull it ALL out at once.  All from a shelf or an area ok.

    I am a ponderer too.  One thing I am sure of- God is always right and Satan is evil and that makes a lot of things make sense.  When people get mad at God they are mad at the wrong person and people so not always make sense.

    Been reading Lucifer’s Hammer and almost finished with it.    Its the kind of book that sticks in your mind a long time after reading, but I don’t see myself reading the whole thing twice.  Selco’s books are better.


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