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    Columbia River

    I used to put Kombu (seaweed) in my beans but now we just let them cook overnight in crockpot after a long soaking.

    The other name for the thermal cooker was pot cozy. The DIY version I saw used foil coated bubble wrap.

    Going to update and return to my “brain” – a paper planner and information notebook like DayPlanner or Steven Covey’s planners.  I have everything in there but just had gone to carrying only drivers license, credit card and phone.  There is just too much info that I need so I’m returning to the system I know works with tabs for health, books to get, best thrift shops when we go to the city, short term and long term shopping lists, and on and on.  Phones are great but being able to stick a post it note on a page is just more useful for somethings. so I will have to haul around more but I’ll have it when I need it




    OldMt Woman

    Gaaah….gotta be quick tonite.  Somehow it’s gotten late again.  🙁   And tomorrow we’ll be doing snowmageden again.  Actually, I don’t know that we’ll get as much as threatened.  …….or…..we might.  So today’s prepping was all about incoming weather.  Drastic drop in temps too.  That’s harsh.

    I’d put a note on bathroom mirror last nite when I realized  [-while typing here-]  that we needed to fill big animal water tank BEFORE it turns too cold.  First thing on the agenda this morning and it was still warm enough to run water.

    DH then went to the village to pick up more pellets for the stove…..and found a scarcity.  Huh?  Two bag limit.  If this “new and improved” furnace didn’t blow cold air while it heats up….and cold air again while it cools down each cycle, we might feel warm with just the furnace.  Like we did with the old one.  But now …and we’re lots older….we need pellet stove to be comfortably warm.  And we dress in layers!!

    DH also picked up essentials for the week:  chocolate, ice cream, 😉  bread, meds, fruit, etc.  Picked up his check and filled gas in car.  Spoke to folks on cell regarding business.  Bought 2 new [-cheap and light-weight or I can’t use them-] brooms and another plastic snow shovel.  🙂  Those were my necessities.  Why didn’t I notice our old brooms are down to nubs?  Life doesn’t have to be so hard as that!  Anyway, he was back in good time.  The snow just began and we hustled down to get PM feeding of critters done.

    Snug inside when it REALLY began to come down.  Then slacked off later….?  Temperature which was about 35* for a high today and now in the single digits.  We’ll at least be waving at ZERO tonite.  Might be on the far side of 0* by morning.  { I HATE subzero!  Dangerous!}

    So that’s most of our prepping but….I also decluttered a couple of small areas.  Found some EDC-type stuff….which I have a tendency to ‘stash’ all over everywhere.  Duplicates but they need to be somewhere more usable.  No tellin’ how many duplicate EDC packs I’ve stashed…. uff tah.

    OldMtWoman needs sleep tonite to survive tomorrow’s labor –  G’nite all


    Columbia River

    The library was featuring cookbooks this week and one was The Storm Gourmet: a Guide to Creating Extraordinary Meals Without Electricity by Nikolopoulos.  She’s from Florida so her thing is hurricanes but any storm will do.  It’s full of meals you can make with shelf stable and some fresh foods (onions etc) so that in a (presumably sheet term) grid down situation you don’t have to just eat canned beans. It also has several helpful reference charts.  While I rarely use those kind of foods and I eat a plant based diet I could substitute some things and have my version of shelf stable foods (home canned potatoes instead of store bought etc) so it’s a good resource

    a book I own is Apocalypse Chow: How to Eat Well when the Power Goes Out (or a different subtitle for a different edition but similar thought) by Jon and Robin Robertson   Which is a similar book for vegetarians.  She writes a lot of cookbooks so it would be good food.  Meat eaters could add canned meat to the recipes just as I would remove them from the othe book’s recipes. Again I would substitute for some store bought stuff just because I am persnickety.  But they are interesting books.

    Caution!  do not just order Apocalypse Chow as a title or you might end up with some novella.

    And a note: Florida power and light had several post hurricane outages over two weeks and at least one over five weeks.


    Columbia River

    Short term not sheet term – phones!



    Great month, everyone! You can find the March check-in thread here.
    March Prep Every Day Check-In

Viewing 5 posts - 271 through 275 (of 275 total)

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