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    Hieronyma- also praying for your daughter.

    Molly- In my craft room I have sets of clear drawers.  That works for me.  Easy to pull one out instead of having boxes stacked but that’s just me.  You’ll get there.

    Grannyj Smith- sorry you have the flu and hope it doesn’t last much longer.  I realized that when we were sick (not this year) that we sure went thru supplies fast.

    Muffy- I’m 78 and I wear purple when ever I feel like it- one of my favorite colors too.  One Christmas someone brought some of those little chocolate bottles with booze in them.  The bourbon tasted real good.  I need to buy some vodka for tinctures and chaga.

    OldMTnWoman- I looked up the ‘thumper’ the price-Yikes.  I had never seen one before.  I do have one of those heavy back massagers that feels really good on your back when you’re tired.

    Cinnamon Granny- I do morse with earphones that way I can concentrate and DH can watch tv at the same time.  After a while you will be memorizing words by sound instead of just letters.  I will do some tomorrow as I did snow today and now I am too tired.

    So… today I made scalloped potatoes and ham and for prep I did research on essential oils.  Priced some from different companies and copied some recipes in my notebook.  I really like lemon-eucalyptus for bug repellent.

    Also ordered a gardening book someone mentioned.



    Use the lemon eucalyptus in soap recipe, it works well along with permethrin treated clothes and thermacells. 3 layer defense.


    Amy Dixon

    Hieronyma Textor – Sending prayers for your daughter. I have had electrolyte problems myself. I know how that can make a person feel extremely weak and can cause their muscles to not work properly or to spasm. Fortunately, it is usually corrected once the electrolytes are back in balance.  (I mistakenly posted this in the February Check-In thread then realized I should have posted it here;  sorry for the duplicate post!).


    Amy Dixon

    GrannyJSmith – I’m sorry you’ve had such a nasty flu but am glad to hear you’re starting to feel better!

    Columbia River – Thanks for mentioning Tammy Gangloff’s book “Quick and Easy Dehydrated Meals in a Bag”.  I had forgotten I had a digital copy of it.  So now I’ve finally started to read it and am enjoying it already 🙂


    Columbia River

    We were much warmer last night even though thermometer said 0. Some preps are urgent need and so glad we did that one before the temperature dropped although we have sunshine today.

    I ran across my emergency evacuation list and realized the list is from “before transition” when there was a semblance of order to our lives. So that got updated as best as possible today.  Had to also add a few new things to the list as we now have son’s animals and space heaters.  Don’t plan on evacuation (and it’s definitely not fire season) but prepping is prepping


    Columbia River

    Just realized some of you may not identify with cold weather forecast — sunshine means no clouds. No clouds at night means no blanket for the earth and thus cold at night. We’ve basically had a mild winter but obviously not so right now and a very strong wind out of the north. I’ve found that generally the coldest weather for a block of time is with a full moon -especially if no clouds.  I didn’t pay that much attention to this stuff when I lived in warmer places.


    Nana Mike

    This has been a busy weekend.  Yesterday I made up jar meals with canned chicken and beef.  Got two large bags of green beans to go in the dehydrator.  Got rain barrels and ordered the kit for putting my rain harvesting system together.  I was going to purchase all the parts separately but the kit was cheaper and included the drill parts.  Daisy’s book as well as the dehydrator meals in a bag book should be arriving today if Amazon is to be believed.  This afternoon I’m meal prepping for the coming week.  I enjoyed the January cooking from scratch challenge and am continuing that this month as well.  It really saves us a ton of money and time.

    Prayers for healing going out to everyone that needs them. Prayers for continued good health for everyone else.  Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!


    Columbia River

    OldMt woman

    I’ve been meaning to tell you when I’m around someone who could share germs or I feel something “coming on” I use Oil of Oregano.

    Maybe up to a half dropper full a few to several times a day. It’s spicy hot but I stay well


    Josefina Arenas

    Columbia R….I use oil of oregano, too.  It’s burns just about anything bad out of you!



    Feb. Prep everyday report: This has been a good day. I’ve accomplished some things but managed to pace myself so though I’m tired, it’s a good tired.

    The big project today was trying to get my favorite recipes organized into a special binder. I didn’t get it completely finished but far enough along I can see the end of the project. Couldn’t believe how many duplicate copies of recipes I’ve printed out through The best recipes were those where I had made some notes about how I like them or tweeks I might try next time.

    I want to thank Amy Dixon for her really thorough response to my pleas for help in vacuum sealing my powdered eggs! I was able to get all but 2 jars finally to seal. Those 2 I’ll just use up first as the powdered eggs wont go bad, and as I noted I use them primarily for baking with good success.

    Hope everyone is staying safe and well….g’nite all



    Hieronyma Textor

    Thank you so much to everyone who is praying and has given suggestions about my daughter. That has really been encouraging. GrannyJSmith – praying for your recovery.

    Today’s prepping task was researching and printing out articles on EMP/Faraday pouches and containers for electronics. I found the usual plastic plus aluminum foil or garbage can instructions, but also found these interesting projects for a phone pouch made of conductive cloth ( and a scarf with a built in pouch made of conductive cloth as well ( Of course, the point of the conductive fabric projects is to prevent unwanted entities from tracking you – which could be a worthwhile project by itself 🙂



    Well, I got busy and missed a day. Need to go back and do some reading on what I missed. I do enjoy reading the things you guys are doing to prep.

    I was watching the you-tube on solar oven. I do have one that I got a great sell on last summer but have not used it yet. So I want to try it out on a warmer day. A bit to cold right now to go out.  Got the car washed Friday as it was 78 degrees. So thought I better get it done. My hand has been hurting and swollen and yes the rain is coming both Monday and Tuesday. Still going through recipes. I have way to many. So lots to sort through to get in the binders. I also have an emergency binder I am working on as well.

    Hubby did something to his shoulder and it has bothered him the past few days. I kinda thank he slept wrong as it seems to be bothering his neck as well. I have done that before and yes it does hurt.

    Also went to church today and found out one of our friends has colon cancer. He just found it out Thursday. He is seeing the surgeon Tomorrow. His wife is very upset and not taken it well. We don’t know the extent of the cancer yet. But family is in our prayers.

    I am still praying for all those on here that have illnesses and such. Hope everyone will be well and back on feet soon.

    Hieronyma Textor thank you for that info. I am going to check into it as I to am checking out things on EMPS. I do have one trash can set up for such an event and it is already full of things I know we will need. I still need to get another one as well for other things I want to try to save from an EMP. So much to learn about it.


    Olivia Green

    lamb shanks; brown well in some oil on stove top. bake at 275-300. time depends on weight. at least 3 hours.


    OldMt Woman

    Oooo, thank you, OliviaGreen.  I actually forgot about them and made spaghetti tonite.  Now I know what to do tomorrow.  🙂

    Woodsrunner….the back massager is probably closer to the device we use.  …I didn’t even look at the price of THAT thumper…  😮

    Tonite DH is at store after work to stock back up on the basics we’ve run out of in the past 3 wks.  Not a really long list.  The stock up for medical supplies will be longer.

    I soaked the wick of our humidifier in vinegar for hours today…rinsed and put it back in.  Used the same vinegar to soak the shower head….still soaking.  Did bleach/water to give the reservoir for the humidifier a good sanitize.  Don’t want to throw microbes into the air via the humidifier.

    Have just a few more things to use up from the freezers…..




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    I’m working on using things up from the freezer too.  Today went to church this morning, made some progress on Morse code, read Lucifer’s Hammer for a while- still haven’t got to the part where the comet hit. I’m a little over a hundred pages in.

    Also have some old cans and such in the cupboard and using them up and will replace them.

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