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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    More dinners from the freezer.  I do not know what to do with all of the zucchini and kale I froze.  Ideas?

    I have three afghans started that got put on hold in order to knit/crochet the hats and mittens for family. I had decided that I would make baby blankets for future great-grandchildren; now, my goal is to finish up those that are started. I know I was pleased that my grandmother had made and put away an afghan for me.

    Plus, I am organizing the yarn by type and color, into clear Sterlite containers, to make it easier to store and find.  Some odds and ends will put into a car bag to knit while we are driving; hats and mittens to be given to shelters next Christmas. I just do not like to have my hands or brain idle.

    I kicked Hubby’s butt yesterday to push him into getting rid of old documents.  It is so easy to sit by the wood stove and read, or play on the computer.  Well, he found a lot of tinder.

    We must get more of our wood split today.  Temperatures will be in the 20s.  More snow expected overnight.  Minnesota was behind on moisture in January and is making up for it in Feb. Our neighbor plows our combined drive.  Thanks to him.

    I sat and tapped my pencil last night; learning letter combinations. Hubby is amused.

    Stay warm and healthy, everyone.




    Still working on binders and recipes that I have copied from different places. I have used a great many of them. But want to put the ones I use most often into a binder of their own to keep in kitchen.  Getting laundry done before the prepping for colonoscopy tonight. Going to be a long night. But will all be over in the morning. Then I can come home and get some much needed rest and then start clearing more stuff out. Trying to get to our closet to go through clothes. That is one job I am not looking forward to as it is hard to decide what to keep and what to pitch out. My office/craft room is coming together now but hubby just noticed my sewing machine is no longer in this room. I put it in dinning room under the window. He loves his formal dinning and living room. To me it is wasted space that needs a use. So sewing machine stays. I am not a formal person. No need for formal rooms. I can find a better use for those two rooms. We don’t even use the dinning room except for Christmas. And in after this coming Christmas my daughter will take over and we will be going to meet at her house. So the dinning room will just be sitting there. So I have two more rooms to use for whatever. Need to finish going through my freezer as well as I have some meat I want to can. Never canned ham before but got a good price on some and got 2 good size ones to can. Will be trying to get to that in about a month.



    We’ve been so busy the last two weeks that I almost forgot to take notes for the challenge. Being that we are bound to travel a lot in the upcoming weeks/months, I am going through everything once again! Can be anal this way on certain topics. But I believe it can be a strenght more than a weakness.

    Just re-read an article about which blankets you should keep in the car in the Emergency Car Kit. I was proud to have added more blankets, but now considering adding at least two sleeping bags. They are quicker to dry. Plus it’s better adapted for our kind of Extreme cold weather. Luckily, found one at my thrifstore not long ago. It will do for now. My vaccuum sealed bags fit nicely under a carboard in the trunk.

    A family member was recently injured and will need surgery. Made me realize that we were not really fully prepared for that. My partner and I will assist in any way we can, meal prepping, organizing etc… Gives us a good practice run to know what needs to be improved asap.

    My to-do list seems to grow every day. My notebooks follow me every where we go. Jotting down every thing done, to read, to research etc… People are now used to see me reaching for one in my carry bag. I don’t carry a purse, hate them.

    Spent time teaching loom-knitting to more than willing kids. Their friends want to learn too, so that is scheduled to happen this Summer, probably on rainy days when they are bored inside lol

    Learning to mend more types of clothes. Got fabric glue and fuseable web as well as more thread bobbins. Not planning on only using duct tape for repairs, unless really necessary.




    Columbia River

    Got an order placed with Azure Standard before the cutoff this afternoon. Needed more sunflower seeds to make a big batch of granola (there are some things I can do even with a busted shoulder) and DH and I started adding things we “could use more of” and so it grew.  Now we just need to show up later this week and pick it up.

    I told my physical therapist about the corn syrup and she said she likes either the alcohol/water mix or corn syrup and that the corn syrup definitely has a nicer texture.

    Therapist also told me of her experience dealing with before the storm shopping-only one loaf of bread left and it was pumpernickel and she didn’t think that would make good PBJs so she bought the supplies to make a loaf of bread.  Creative thinking wins!

    Otherwise enjoying the sunshine and glad for my cabin fix. The heat is out in part of the office so there are little space heaters everywhere and it’s so nice to be warm at home.



    And good Monday to all

    Yesterday another aha moment from one of my prepper feeds. This talked about the realities of bugging out and bug out places. What struck me was the need to be super fit physically. Now to some that may not be possible, but I am thinking little by little, step by step.

    OldMountainwoman. The recipe I used for elderberry syrup came from Wellnessmama.

    I tasted it, but havent used it

    Elderberries was one of those hot commodities this fall. Prices were and still are high.

    These are the ones I purchased back in September.

    Today looked at the farady pouch project. The vendor link, wasnt valid as the company wasnt selling the fabric anymore.. Found another one though

    Also looked at land to purchase. I dont need 9 acres, but a water source is critical.


    Loving Life

    I have been busy packing things up in my Philadelphia PA house. I hate moving! I have been donating a lot of items. I am looking good for my expected end of April listing time.

    Combining my preps between the two houses will put me in really good shape.

    The last few days I have been reading various herbal remedy and essential oil books. I also signed up for a boot camp on essential oils starting Feb 18.


    Loving Life

    Ok. I have to make an admission. I have been stockpiling supplies for my furkids, but I hadn’t done a full inventory for them . I finished the furkid inventory for my spaniels. Yikes. I have over three years worth of ALL supplies for my furkids.



    Cinnamon Grammy, thanks for sharing your interest in needlework and sewing. In times past I’ve done quite a bit of that sort of thing but gave it up for travel. Now, my traveling days may be definitely more limited so I’m taking a look again at what is in my supply room. I think making baby quilts for my someday great-grands might be a fun thing to start. Like you, I need for my hands to be busy….

    My prepping today was more of the same…putting things away in long-term storage, finishing up my special recipe binder, scratch cooking my meals.

    A pleasant surprise visit from my oldest sister today. She’s widowed now and lives several hours away so we don’t get together it seems that often anymore. But, I gave her one of the 115 hour candles I had bought back some months ago on sale and a pack of the six varieties of the dry soup mix I had vacuumed sealed. We also spent a little time talking about why we perhaps need to be a bit more prepared for the unexpected things in life. At least she’s thinking a bit more of what she might need in an emergency.

    The rain in my area is drowning us….day after day after day….and I noticed what may be a leak in my laundry room….oh, bother….but I’ll definitely have to get someone on the roof to check it out. Still, I’m warm, have a roof over my head and food in the pantry, taxes are paid, I’m relatively healthy for my age, so I’m focusing on gratitude. And, lots of super cool folks who post on these forums so I know I’m not alone in prepping.

    G-nite all…stay safe and warm those of you in the northern climes….




    Amy Dixon

    Muffy1938 – You’re welcome!  I’m glad you were able to get most of the jars of powdered eggs to seal 🙂

    Hieronyma Textor & Corsaire – There is EMP shielding cloth available at Dr. Arthur Bradley’s website also:   but it might be thicker than you’d need for making pouches.


    Hieronyma Textor

    Amy Dixon – thank you for the link!

    Daughter is significantly better today! 3 balanced meals and a snack or 2, and she actually took the initiative to make sure she had 8 glasses of water today – and even got up and made her favorite snack of peanut butter coconut raisin balls! I am ecstatic!

    As for preps, it seems like I never get to completely finish anything. Progress is being made, but I don’t have a picture of my grinding and dehydration station yet because it’s still not finished! Prepping time today was taken up, out of necessity, by a visit to the bank to take care of an item which will, however, put us on the road to better financial health. So that will have to count as a prep. For this year, there is a personal financial plan (for getting out of debt and developing stability), a business plan, and a prepping for collapse/disaster plan. They’re all related. At least we made some headway on the personal financial plan today.



    Namelus- When spring comes I will need all the layers I can get- we have black flies first, then mosquitos and also wood ticks.  Ugh

    Cinnamon Grammy- how about a casserole with zucchini, rice, tomatoes, onion.  hamburger, cheese and whatever else you would like in it.  I really like it.  The rice soaks up the juice from zucchini.  No exact recipe- I just make it up each time.

    Today went to town to do errands that needed to be done- no grocery buying as we will be going to a large city this week.  For prepping caught up laundry.  If it starts to pile up I think what if EMP.  Also worked on Morse  code words and read more.

    Have also been reading the Bible daily.  Sometimes I used to get busy and not do it for a few days so that’s my new years resolution.  The more I read, the easier it is and the more I want to.  Spiritual Prep.


    OldMt Woman

    Cinnamon Grammy…..zucchini and kale?  I’d use some in scrambled eggs.  I’m always looking for different stuff for breakfast.

    LilSister…..ugh, good luck with tonite and tomorrow.  Then it will be done!  Unpleasant but wise.

    Corsaire….thanks for the link.  I’ll get that copied into my Lil Blue Book [things I might need most some day]

    Hieronyma…..GOOOD news on improvement for your daughter.  \0/ Tell her we’re all cheering for her.  Financial is always a good prep.

    Muffy…hope you can get some sunshine but a family visit does that pretty well too, doesn’t it? 🙂

    Whoa, we’re down to zero right now.  Must be a clear nite again.  The daytime isn’t too bad tho yesterday was much warmer.  I was not functioning for most of today.  So I sat in a chair and just reached for things in my piles to sort/discard.  I made some progress on throwing out old catalogs that inundate me during the holidays.

    AND…..I FINISHED SOMETHING.  {don’t ask home many half-finished projects around here…groan!}  A embarrassingly long time ago, I set out to repair a fairly good nylon knapsack.  But the seams were not sealed in it’s construction and a couple had frayed/ripped out.  I’d already done the hard part which is to seal those nylon seams:  Turn it inside-out and trim the frayed nylon edge.  Then carefully run the nylon edges thru the flame of a candle [ do outside on a non-windy day].  Try not to burn fingers or melt anything but the very edge.  Then the project sat by my chair for ….  >_<

    Today I threaded needle and began to sew up a small hole, 2 seams and replace a broken buckle.  It didn’t take long.  And something I could do on a sit-down day.  Thot I was on a roll and would get a small hole repaired in a tank top….or the really long-ago project of putting a patch over the knee of jeans [I need those jeans now] by hand sewing.  Easier than working a machine with heavy denim.  I have the two long seams done on the patch and most of a third.  Really, it can’t take that long to finish!!!  We’ll see.  It is a good skill to have…repairing clothing and such.  And yeah….not always with duct tape.  LOL



    Olivia Green

    was a bit muzzy when i wrote about lamb shanks yesterday. forgot to say add a little liquid, either some water or broth. and put on the lid. for small amounts of shanks i used a dutch oven. for large, had to bake in 9X13 pyrex covered with foil.
    about 18 years ago discouvered this works amazingly with corn beef. no browning. just put in covered kettle with a little water. at 275-300* oven for 3-4 hours. it is pink like you get at the deli. all the flavor is intensified cause not simmered in water. very good.
    can’t figure time zone this forum is using. for me, it’s now 3:15pm


    Cinnamon Grammy


    Greetings, all.

    I had some leftover, soaked, beans in the Fridge for a week.  Checked and they smelled good, so I added some pint bags from the freezer:  parsnips (carrot allergy), zucchini, kale and mustard greens. Tuscan bean soup, with 6 slices of bacon instead of 1-lb of pancetta.   I asked The Forum and got two answers about using zucchini and kale from the freezer.  Casserole and scrambled eggs.  Can do.  Thank you.  The zucchini just seems to disappear into things.

    I have been going through a file cabinet of un-filed papers.  Today I started putting the ones I want to save into folders.  An entire grocery bag of papers to recycle.  I can only take a few hours of that before my brain cannot function again.

    I started piecing together the one baby afghan that it ready.

    My god-daugher is getting married next month.  Must think of a good gifts.  Getting married 150 miles away.  They have not had apartment so there are no furnishings.  Plus, they did not “register.”

    Now, time to practice Morse while the soup cooks.  Maybe I should have added more bacon.

    Take care and stay safe.




    Good news about your daughter, H. Textor….she is in our prayers….

    Feb everyday Prep report: had ordered new gamma seals which arrived today…found food grade 5 gal buckets offered by Lowes with free shipping so ordered 5 new buckets…Space organization is next big thing to think through….Also, ordered a few of those N95 face masks after viewing several youtube videos to get a better sense of what was best and also added in some disposable gloves for my emergency medical bucket….beginning to feel a bit sheepish about all this extra prepping activity I’m doing…one thing seems to lead to another….is there no end? hmmm….On balance, though, I’m finding these activities to be enjoyable and helps give me a sense of purpose and meaning for my days. I guess I’m also figuring that should there ever be a need, I have things to share with those who’ve not thought ahead to possibilities.

    And, it’s hard to believe, but somehow I stumbled across a FREE book to download, a post-apocalyptic thriller, Glimmer of Hope, and the book is actually set in my part of the world!!! Uses the names of real cities and towns I know well. One town I shop in regularly and the University that is an integral part of that community. Obviously, it’s fiction but it’s likely the scenario this writer has imagined is not that unrealistic. Quite sobering to put it mildly.

    Hey, the sun finally broke through this afternoon and it was lovely!!!

    G-nite all…be blessed

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