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    Are you working on building a first aid kit that will help you get the people you love through just about anything? Check out this article that provides a look inside the medical bag of an old Army medic.

    This is a really awesome list.

    Here’s a Look Inside the First Aid Kit of an Army Medic

    PS: Chuck, the writer of this article is my friend. He isn’t actually that old, but since he called himself old in the article, I may never let him live it down. 😉

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    Crow Bar

    Great list!

    His last section about training and it wont always be like sunny and 68 is spot on.

    Ever try to take a BP in the back of an ambulance while moving?

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    Nope. So far, I’ve only practiced on my kid hollering at her, “Be still!”

    I definitely need to expand my horizons.

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    Its even more fun to start an IV in the back of a Huey with people shooting at you! Thank you Daisy!

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    You’re welcome, Chuck! Fantastic article. 🙂

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    Loving Life

    I loved the article.  I just finished inventorying and organizing my first aid kits.  The main kit is on the first floor, but I have  basic kits in each of the bathrooms.  I also put super glue, quikclot and the Israeli bandage in the basic kit.

    When I was building my house,  one of my contractors severely cut his hand and finger.  I heard the scream and his buddy was vomitting (can’t stand the sight of that much blood).  I grabbed the kit from the bathroom and quickly went to work.  This big guy almost passed out.  Using my kit (the quickclot, bandage and lots of duct tape!), I got the bleeding stopped and drove him the 30 minutes to the ER.  They were able to save the finger and he has full use of the hand.

    I have taken many a first aid and refreshers in my military days.  My wish is that everyone took one.  You highlighted the big item that you never know how someone will react in the real situation.

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