'The Hunt for Red October' has this timeless message for Americans today

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    That was a interesting read.

    He is right though, Red October will never go out of style.

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    Artur Urih

    If you read Tom Clancy’s novel “The Hunt for Red October,” then the film will involuntarily be compared to a book. It is clear that it is simply impossible to transfer the panorama of all events from the book in full to the film strip. Clancy on the pages of the novel has developed such a scale of military operations that if the authors of the film dared to repeat the plot in detail, they would turn the film into a series. And still, they could not retell in detail. Where to get so many ships, planes for filming? .. Especially Soviet. Try to recreate on a screen in a large number of YAKs – deck aircraft of vertical take-off, or the Kiev-carrying aircraft cruiser. And computer special effects in this case would spoil the “live” picture.

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    The movie has been one of my all-time favorites….never took the time to read the book, so now I think I will….lots of time on my hands….:) or better yet, I’ll see if I can get the audio book….easier for me to listen than hold a book, especially one with larger type…

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