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    Are you ready for a new challenge that will help you learn some skills, save some money, and make some cool things?

    Join the “Make It From Scratch” Challenge!

    This challenge will last the month of January and it’s NOT just about food. It’s about meeting ALL of your needs (or as many as possible) without storebought solutions.  I will be posting articles all month about ways to cook from scratch and to DIY everything from your beauty products to your home products. We’ll be creating all sorts of things from basic ingredients and supplies. You can learn all about the challenge and the rules here:

    Join the 2019 “Make It From Scratch” Challenge

    As Selco said when I told him about the idea, he loved it. He said, “Honestly, when the SHTF no matter how well you are prepped, sooner or later you’ll end up in a situation where you actually “build” or “invent” stuff from scratch.”

    So why wait? Let’s get started right now so we know what to do if we’re ever in that situation.  Don’t forget to read the rules of the challenge and learn about the super-awesome prize.

    The Rules

    Our Challenges never have rules that are engraved in stone. You still have to meet the needs of your unique family in your unique situation. So consider these rules more of a general guideline.

    • If you’re in, comment on this post and let me know.
    • You will make ALL FOOD from scratch. That includes bread, sauces, dairy products, mixes, etc.
    • You can use up any items you have on hand that you already bought that might go bad. But do NOT replace them. And if they won’t spoil or get stale, put them aside for later.
    • Work on DIY replacements for laundry products, cleaning products, remedies, and hygiene products. You don’t have to remake everything on the very first day. Just be mindful of the products you use and figure out how you could make their replacement. Start a list of things you want to DIY.
    • Post every day on the Challenge letting us know what you Made From Scratch and what you are adding to your DIY list.
    • If you want to help others, post your own DIYs in the forum. (And if I have permission to put them in the PDF book, let me know!)
    • Do this for the entire month of January and watch for my post and email letting you know how to get your prize if you’ve won.

    By the end of this, you’ll be making noodles, laundry soap, and all manner of Made From Scratch awesomeness.

    PS: Because our Prep Every Day Challenge has been so popular, we are going to keep it going. Here’s the new PREP EVERY DAY Check-in Thread.

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    • This topic was modified 2 months, 2 weeks ago by  Daisy.


    I am in for this challenge.  If I can come up with something that is useful, please feel free to use it in the PDF.  Thanks for these posts, it has been fun and useful to see what folks are doing.



    I’m in! Sounds like fun!


    Independent Junebug

    I am in.  It does seem like quite a challenge.  You can use anything I post in your PDF.



    I’m in but since DH is a cheese lover and I don’t have a cow or goat I’ll probably be buying dairy.  I do make a LOT of stuff from scratch and Dasiy, you can put anything of it you want in your PDF book.  Does still buying dairy disqualify me?


    Gypsy Hart

    This sounds interesting. I’m in, and you can use any tricks I add to the PDF



    Woodsrunner, buying dairy is just fine. You might be able to do some cheesemaking (at least cottage cheese and farmer’s cheese) with milk – I’ll be posting about it on the site.

    Thanks everyone! I think this will rock!


    Christi Crabe

    I’m in. My stuff is your stuff, Daisy, at least for the purpose of this challenge, lol!


    Rainy Acres

    I’m in…This challenge will be fun!  We ran out of deodorant a couple days ago and I had been wanting to make our own so I found a recipe online, had the ingredients onhand, made it up and we are really liking it so far!  Want to do this for other items we use too!



    I am in. I suspect I already make a lot more from scratch than most folks, and for years the only home cleansers I have used are vinegar and baking soda. The real challenge for me will be remembering how to get on here! I’ve more or less got Facebook figured out now, but remembering how to find this is hard. Maybe the occasionaly click link from the FB page might be useful for us old technophobes LOL!




    I’m in!
    Am I losing my mind? Shouldn’t it be the 2019 challenge? What am I missing? lol



    I’m definitely in!! Wanting to learn how some of you all make your own stuff…not just food from scratch…this will be fun and whatever I might come up with please feel free to use if it’s helpful…



    Bellatrix, do you know how to use your browser’s bookmark feature? Bookmarking will solve your issue.


    mae fringer

    I am in and looking forward to the challenges




    I’m in. It’ll be modified (DH is a huge milk/cheese person too, and we don’t have milk cows) but it sure will help me find the gaps in my preps for the real thing– plus pick up on some ideas from you all too. We’re big scratch cookers here, and both of us are packrats so repurposing things is just an excuse for us to save more stuff.

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