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    Had to finish the snow dig out I started yesterday.  Took quite a while as I shoveled a while before breaking out the snow blower.  I had used a lot of ice melt in an area and it got slushy so I didn’t want to blow that part because I didn’t want it to freeze in the blower later.

    Made sandwiches with left over roast beef- put it in meat grinder, added onion powder (I prefer onions, DH doesn’t) and beef base for a little more flavor, mayo, pickle relish, pepper and it tasted pretty good.  We had already had leftovers with the mashed potatoes and gravy (hot beef sandwiches).


    Red Carnation

    Today I made a double batch of wheat crackers from scratch and roasted a whole chicken for meals for the next few days.



    Had some leftover ring bologna so I ground it up and made a bologna sandwich spread for lunch. Made a chocolate buttermilk cake with a chocolate buttercream frosting and then made a pan of bars for a church funeral tomorrow for a member of our church who passed away earlier in the week. For supper I made Italian enchiladas since they are soft for hubby to eat. I was able to use home canned spaghetti sauce and salsa for the enchiladas.




    Made some egg noodles for the first time.  Had to do it by rolling pin so got them a little thick.  Still tasted ok when I put them into some chicken soup made from scratch.

    Had to fill out some forms online for some insurance stuff…took quite a while.

    Have a nice evening.


    Amy Dixon

    8Greenbeans – I am very sorry to hear of your uncle’s passing.  Hopefully, you have many good memories of your past times with him that can help ease the pain of your loss.



    Finally made the sourdough pretzels. Uses 1 1/2 c of sourdough starter. Probably said that already. Here’s the link to the recipe.

    I didn’t do the egg wash. And maybe I was a little too generous with the salt, but overall quite tasty.


    OldMt Woman

    Made scrambled eggs for breakfast.  Then fried onions and the rice I cooked last nite.  Added some frozen spinach too.  Mushrooms would have been nice…didn’t have any.

    Tonite I made a roast in an heirloom Dutch oven @ 400*.  I try to get it so the inside is rare….cuz we often fry it to reheat in other meals.  And it tastes better.  Just don’t let the inner temp rise above 160-165*. It will be for tomorrow…needed to get it cooked.

    First tho….I’d also sliced off several very thin strips from the roast to make stir fry for supper.  Added frozen broccoli/cauliflower; chopped onion, pineapple, spice/soy sauce/etc.  Finished rice from last nite.  {sigh}  I forgot I asked DH to bring up a can of pineapple….and ate mine before he came up.  End of a busy day…..  {roll eyes}

    Then since the oven was heated to 400*, decided to make one more thing.  Auuuugggh!  DH said he saw the oven at 450* and turned it down.  WHAT?  HOW did I manage that?????  I wish he’d thot to check and get it OUT of that overly hot oven.  Had to scrape a lot of dark brown off.  Well….it’s edible anyway but SO annoying when my brain goes on vacation briefly.

    OldMtWoman   ….see why I don’t can foods without supervision anymore?  Hmph!



    Hi, Tartan Kitty….this is an awesome group of folks….I’m learning so much from them….

    Thanks so much for the recipes ya’ll are sharing…I’m going to try the homemade laundry and hand soaps for sure….and the vegan sloppy joe recipe sounds yummy…

    I broke down and bought fresh milk when I ran out…I’ve some canned milk and dry milk in the pantry but my morning coffee addiction demands fresh milk, so since I’m not at a point in life where I want to stress my mind or body too much, I gave in. 🙂

    Excitement reigns – I finally broke down and allowed myself to purchase a new kitchen range! The old one, though like me a bit haggard and wrinkled with age, is still usable so I donated it to a private Christian school who were thrilled to get it. The new one will be delivered tomorrow. And, my dehydrator should arrive today so I will be spending quite a bit of time with my new toys. But, they’re practical toys, right? 🙂 I can see OldMtWoman grinning and rolling her eyes.

    Today’s from scratch meal will interesting to figure out as friends took my old stove out yesterday to prepare space for the new stove tomorrow…a bit awkward, but I think I have some cabbage rolls I made last month in the freezer and I can put them in the microwave.

    Traveling family are sending great pictures back but different time zone means they’re coming in during the wee hours of the morning.

    Everybody be safe if you are where bad weather makes driving tricky. We have some freezing rain headed our way this weekend I think. I stay off the roads during those times. Hopefully no power outages but if so, I’m a prepared prepper!..:)


    Nana Mike

    Not much accomplished yesterday since the day was spent waiting with spouse at the hospital for outpatient surgery.  I worked on knitting scarves.  No cooking yesterday.  We had homemade breakfast burritos in the freezer for a quick meal.  Today I can work on catching up on a few projects I got started this week.  I need to make laundry soap and more multi-purpose citrus cleaner.  Hopefully I can get to the sewing room to finish making the cloth pads for my daughter.


    grannyj smith

    My days seem to be getting longer and loner these days with so much work to do. This morning I am using laundry detergent I made last evening with Dr Woods baby mild soap to wash all the bedding. Yesterday I made all purpose cleaner using cinnamon and tangerine essential oils and it really smells nice.

    <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>Recipe for laundry detergent</span>


    My compost bucket I started last week is looking ok, eventually I will get it in the big composter that tumbles and mixes everything, hopefully it will be ready to use in a Spring garden.

    I found in my pantry a stack of gallon size mylar bags and oxygen absorbers that I plan on using to vaccum seal macoroni for food storage.


    grannyj smith

    Forgot to post recipe for laundry detergent and cleaner

    1 cup baking, 1/2 cup baby mild soap (grated), 3/4 cup washing soda, 10 drops essential oil,

    Multi Purpose Cleaner

    3 cups warm water, 1 tbl baking soda, 1 tbl borax, 1 tsp glycerin, 10 drops cinnamon & 10 drops tangerine essential oil,  mix ingredients together in spray and shake to mix.


    Dala Barnes

    Wow I am really having trouble checking in everyday.

    I have been working on making an index for our crafting supplies. This is how it came out. (Picture file is too big) anyway they turned out cute. I used some old plastic type folders, cut them to 4×3, and then used the punches on the them. Had to do a quick repair on the rotary cutter I was using. I am using some post attachments to keep them together. I hope this counts as ‘made from scratch’.

    Dinners were all ‘made from scratch’.





    Usual breakfast smoothies from scratch and added some sprouts to them that I had gotten started at home.

    I froze my leftover homemade noodles in piles and will put them into freezer bag tomorrow in portion size.  Have asked our super shopper daughter to go looking for a pasta machine at Good Will.  We tried today in Astoria and they said that the machines come in all the time but nothing at the moment.  Our daughter lives in a bigger city in Oregon so she may be able to get one fast.  After watching a video of a crank one going, it was obvious that I had not gotten my dough thin enough by like a 1000%.  So if we get a cheap…really cheap and get it working…I will branch out to something we could dry on a hanger or whatever and store that instead of the freezer which is getting a little full.

    Also made more thousand Island dressing and used some of my homemade mayonnaise 1/2 cup, 2 T of organic ketchup, 2 teaspoons of onion, 2 Tablespoons of relish, 1 Tablespoon of apple cider vinegar, 1/8 teaspoon of salt and a dash of pepper.  Also used 1 teaspoon of Truvia (Stevia plus sugar…)   Tastes pretty good and keeps my sugar down.  I have made several changes to recipe that I found on this website.

    Also for dinner we had left over chicken soup and our salads plus we stopped off at a place that cooks Tuna similar to fish and chips.  We do not get the chips and I ate mine portion with homemade tartar sauce and homemade ketchup.  We did not fry the fish but they buy it down on the fishing docks in Astoria. Too expensive to buy the tuna on our own I think.

    Here is a picture of the boat that they sell this from.  It a style of boat called a bowpicker.  That is the name they have on the side.  It is on land but used to fish in river back in the day.









    I canned 9 pints of raspberry preserves today. House smells great.


    OldMt Woman

    Yes, Muffy.  I’m grinning cuz you likely needed a new stove and you will have all sorts of fun with the dehydrator!  Keeping your family in my prayers.

    I cut off thin slices from last nite’s roast and made Adapted Stroganoff.  I didn’t have any egg noodles and tho I have done that with my mother’s recipe, this wasn’t a day to make them from scratch.  [see why I’m sitting in the back of the room?] 😉

    We’ve been having weather…and with animals ….  Anyway, we had some other type of pasta – tube shaped.  It works.  Made sauce from a packet but added more sauteed onions, and stuff.  Would have added frozen peas but…apparently we don’t have any up here.  Wishing for mushrooms but had dried and was running out of time and energy.  Small kitchen and constantly doing dishes to make room!  As it was, DH had to help with the last – cuz I was completely overheating!  It was good… tho we never have leftovers.


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