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    Should organize a drive by ice cream bail out protest throw at her house in case she runs out…. the cheapest s$@t you can find.

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    Crow Bar

    Her fridge costs $9k?

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    @$11k fridge and freezer each.

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    Geez … one does not know what on earth is going on in the USA between Pelosi and this …
    April 24 (Reuters) – Lysol and Dettol maker Reckitt Benckiser said on Friday its disinfectants should not be administered to humans, after U.S. President Donald Trump said researchers should try putting disinfectant into coronavirus patients’ bodies.

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    You might want to read the entire speech, the media is once again cherry picking the sentence instead of the entire quote.

    Of course we cannot forget that we have to tell people not to eat the Tide pods and repeatedly say that there are only two genders.

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      I did … and all the other “amazing” things he has said to date.

      Have also seen how he reacts when he is “cornered” by what HE said himself, on live TV.

      See, when the entire world can see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears EXACTLY what is being said, in the EXACT same context as in being on live TV, I cannot for the life of me see how on this earth that can be construed as “fake news” or misrepresentation. 🙂

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    Mouse Wizard

    Look at Trumps face when he says that. He’s not being “bombastic” or “habitually exaggerating” or “baiting the lefties” like his supporters supposedly love. He’s totally serious.

    He has no clue. How do you get through college and not know basic stuff like this?

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      When the camera angle was focussed on the Dr’s sitting to the side, when he asked them what they thought … the one female Dr sitting there looked like a “deer caught in headlights” … she dare not say no so she tried her best to deflect the question with an answer that was not related to the question: Fever is good for the body … or some such.

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    Here is the Dr being asked to respond …

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    <i>He has no clue. How do you get through college and not know basic stuff like this? </i>

    How does one get an economics degree without knowing anything about economics? AOC

    How many parts per million are we dealing with when talking about chlorine in an indoor pool?

    How many grains of AA2230 do you use with a 55gr bullet in the .223/5.56?

    Trump was putting forth ideas, giving people hope.

    That we aren’t going to stick with the old tired ideas that ain’t got the job done.

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    Mouse Wizard

    Whirli, it’s not like knowing a detail of a subspecialty. It’s that ingesting chlorine is bad. Universally bad. Like everyone who’s been around a washing machine knows. People who took high school chemistry know, and chemistry was a required course in high school at his time. Look at the faces of the experts he’s asking. It’s like they just witnessed him turning into a reptile.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Mouse Wizard, yes and no.  I am two years younger than Trump and chemistry was not offered to me – my grades and math were not good enough.  That said, most people our age know that you cannot “ingest” or “inject” disinfectants to “clean” up your lungs.  His remark was not a sarcastic reply, he was being downright stupid.  He should not be thinking out loud in front of television cameras.

    Whirlibird, telling people such tales is not giving hope.  It is just plain dangerous.  He should leave the speculation and musing to the scientists.  If he was paying attention to his scientists, and actually interacting with them, he would have learned a few things about treating viruses.

    There are scientists and laboratories all over the world doing research. Probably on in each country. Each one is coming from a different background, perspective, and someone somewhere these researchers will find something that works.

    Mr. Trump should stick to managing and not throwing out ideas.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Logman:  Look deeper to understand the reasons for the differences between the parties stands on the bell  The Dems wanted more help for the hospitals, state and local governments.

    “Democrats, however, are interested in adding a few other items to the bill. One of their stipulations is some conditions on the small-business money. Pelosi and Schumer would like to see half of the new funds, or $125 billion, allocated to community-based financial institutions to increase access for this money to businesses that have been less likely to seek out funds from the large banks.

    As the Wall Street Journal reported, minority-owned businesses and rural businesses are among those that are less likely to have relationships with larger banks. Additionally, one of the biggest issues to emerge with the PPP is that institutions like Bank of America, TD Bank, and Chase require businesses to have an existing relationship with the bank in order to even apply to the program. That limitation is shutting out many small businesses and is an issue that Democrats are trying to address by putting requirements on how these funds are distributed.

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    Well it went so well this bail out the vampire squid Goldman Sachs  knew the fix was in and bought billions of dollars of bad mortgage paper to reap windfall. Thanks to both dems and Republican… they both suck they cheat steal and lie to everyone. Give you a dime and keep $20 for themselves and their backers.

    Both parties are worthless piles of excrement when have they ever done anything without enriching them selves in process?




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    I just cannot believe that the USA politics, leaders of the Free World, has fallen so far lately.

    And the news conference held by the USA president, the infighting, that is NOT helping the USA’s international image at all.

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    Cinnamon Grammy
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    US politics has been a cluster for about 150 years.

    That being said, how many other countries have as many illegals coming every year?

    I don’t see boatloads of Americans sneaking into Venezuela or England to “escape”.

    Trump may say some stupid stuff, but you haven’t? What he had accomplished before this virus, like him or not had been great for the US and our economy.

    I can’t say about you, but since Trump was elected, I had finally recovered from the hosing I took under obammee. I was finally looking at giving up the second job. But alas virus. And I’m still doing better than before.

    He wants to keep saying silly stuff, and people are stupid enough to drink Clorox, shoot up meth or eat tide pods without it being a presidential order, backed by scientists, I simply cannot sympathize.

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      There was a president by the name of Jacob Zuma … till he was not.
      He opened borders.
      He enriched a lot of cadres, “best ever” employment figures … according to him.
      He lead the country to new heights … according to him.
      He never ever did anything wrong. The press and law were against him all the time … according to him.
      He replaced ministers, fired them on a whim if they don’t agree, him doing a sterling job … according to him.
      He was the best thing ever for his party and the country … according to him.
      He said the most stupid things on national TV … he thought he was being super clever … according to him.
      He made SOE’s into massively successful enterprises … according to him. (They robbed and pillaged the SOC’s to the point of bankruptcy.)

      And he STILL has supporters that will follow him to the end of the earth … after he completely raped and pillaged a countries economy with panache and gusto, thinking he is the best thing ever … according to him.

      The fallout after he was forced to leave office is beyond belief, as more and more drama surfaces each and every day. We are so deep in the shiite today financially as a country with Covid-19 just bringing it FASTER out into the open.

      So with all due respect Whirlibird, we know EXACTLY what can happen seeing that we have experienced it first hand – Been There, Done That – Got the T-Shirt – as they say.

      Watching Trump going on and on and on, what he says, HOW he says it … from what I see, he has read Jacob Zuma’s playbook, following it to the T.


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    I have been of the belief for some time that the dims and the repubs are taking the US to the same place.Just that the repubs are doing it slower. Slower is better until something comes along to reverse the bs. I’m not holding my breath.

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    Crow Bar

    Well, personally I am doing way better with Trump than I was with Obama.
    Trump put money in our pockets, whereas Obama took money out.
    Does that mean I like Trump. Not really. He is a politician. Just like all the others.
    COVID19, the only way anyone could of stopped it was by closing all the borders, stopping all international travel, only allow in food, and medical supplies imports into the US. Back in early January.
    Had Trump done that, then maybe we could of avoided COVID19 completely. But then everyone would of screamed Trump was a fascist dictator, trying to unsurp the election.
    The response to COVID19, it is questionable if shutting down the economy and the social distancing thing is working or not. Wont be till everything is done, the numbers tallied, the analysis complete will we be able to look back and say was it worth the economic damage or not?
    The response in all these monies bills being passed, both being supported by both Dems and GOP, is dang insane. What kind of repercussions will it lead to is anyone’s guess. But this is also a pandemic, the likes we have not seen on this scale since 1918. Trying to pin the blame on anyone (except maybe China) for this pandemic, is like trying to blame someone for a hurricane or tornado. But if anyone is pushing the US toward a Zimbabaw like situation, looks to be the Dems and with their wanting to spend more and more and bailouts.

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