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    Crow Bar

    It is June!

    Would not know it! High yesterday was 55. Low this morning was 34.
    We had a fire in the kitchen wood stove last night!

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    grannyj smith

    It has been cool here at night so we have been sleeping with the bedroom windows open instead of running the ac.

    My goodness families go from trying to stay safe from the pandemic to riots, don’t even want to think “what next”.

    DH finally got tired of the farm house having so much in it that we ordered a portable building for storage, but it will take weeks for them to build it and deliver it. The first thing I am doing when it gets here is organize my pantry and get things out of that don’t belong in a food pantry.

    This month I am blessed to have enough food that I can skip buying groceries and use that money to restock paper products and other needed items.

    The raised garden area is doing well despite having a large pecan limb come down on top of it due to high winds then small size hail and heavy rain beating some of the plants down.  That storm hit without any warning and it ripped the roof of the chicken house dh was building, but he got the tin back on and the chickens are safe.

    Gotta go start laundry before rain moves in.  Stay safe you’ll.

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    We had a heat index of 96 yesterday. Some tomatoes burst on the vine.

    As far as the protests, some interesting info:

    From the Miami Herald

    “Of the 57 people that were arrested, 13 of those 57 live in the City of Miami. OK? So, we have Minnesota, New York. Georgia. People from outside of the county”

    Its the hurricane prep sales tax holiday this week. Picked up plastic sheeting, and some bungee cords

    Canned Pork that was ordered from PleasantHill grain had another delay. Its due in July now.

    Started Whirlibirds challenge and picked up a can of baked beans from the dollar store.

    Started my quest for a corner hutch.That may be awhile cause Habitat for Humanitys Restore isnt open yet. And other thrift stores arent picking up furniture.

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    Mama cando

    Corsaire, If you can try Facebook  Marketplace. That’s where I found the dresser I got last month. I had a great birthday last week, Son2 and family took the chance and brought dinner(KFC) and a honking 3 layer chocolate cake, Ice cream for Grandma’s Birthday. The kids painted me pictures. Grdaughter2 did tulips and Grson2 painted me my very own Nintendo switch. They are both really good pictures. Son2 and DIL2 gave me an amazon gift card. So now It’s shopping time, LOL. Son1 and family did Face Time and they are discussing the possibility of heading here in late June. The grands REALLY REALLY want to see us and the other grandparents. So we’ll have to see how that works out. On another note , we have 7 raised beds/ boxes going with veggies . 2 kinds of tomatoes, green peppers, salad greens, carrots and peas. trying green onions, cantaloupes, a regular onion and acorn squash this year. DH had a couple of deck rail boxes for his flowers last year and he wanted 3 more, so we ordered 3 more to finish off the deck. We ordered them from Menard’s. Got here pretty fast considering but last Thursday, there was a package on the porch from them. DH brought it in and OH NO three more have shown up. We can’t use them and we didn’t pay for them so he’s tried to contact them but haven’t heard anything yet. We’ll have to wait a little bit longer to return them to the physical store as no one is taking returns until the 5th around here. Bottle returns are going to be horrendous.Last estimate was over $50,000 in returns waiting to hit the stores in Michigan from the people.I know I may have 15-20 dollars worth sitting here waiting to be returned.

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    Thanks for the suggestion Mama Cando, but I dont have a facebook account.

    We’ve had lots of rain and what a perfect time for a test drive of boots which for the most part been sitting around.

    Tall Walmart specials, epic fail. They were sturdy but they have an inside fold which rubs against your leg and it wasnt pleasant. ( its shorts and sockless in these parts ).

    llbean short wellies. Hmm one was fine, the other another rubbing issue, but on one ankle bone. Will have to take a closer look at the boot. But moving forward, will need to pad the ankle.

    So I ordered another pair of tall boots. The shorter ones, we’ll see what I can do.If nothing, then cha-ching.

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    @corsaire you can use a tensor bandage to wrap area that rubs to make them wearable.


    For muck boots amazon tidewe brand seems OK we are try a few sets now. The northikee (super cheap) are crappy to wear but easy to slip on for the emergency night run to barn because x has happened or birthing.


    Out favorite are bogs or the hunshielded the extra walking padding is a back and knee saver when walking for hours  on uneven terrain.

    The tidewe $80 northikee $60 huntshield $220 bogs $320. We are trying some ranchers that are in $160 range but too many open  right now lol. Best test is fall and winter cold slush… separates the good boots from the rest. Would only go with neoprene risers in much boots now no way would I go back to the horrible rubbing rubber boots.


    The lowet part of the boot ankle down needs to be rubber, a heel boot remover tab and a double layer of rubber over toes to get reasonable wear.

    Bogs is now 2 years in wear huntshield last about 1 year and rest unknown for now. Mind you that is min 7 km every day and hard use in heavy mud in some parts of the day. The heavy mud destroys boots by separating the soles from the suction…. has gotten so bad had to get someone to throw me a 4×4 piece of plywood so I could use that as I lost boot in mud in pig pen… then dig into wet cold mud to find mud filled boot….


    That pen is fixed now with way better drainage…

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    Thanks for the tips. I’ll def look into the bandage and the boots

    I ended up with Kamik ( got em, ultra-cheap because of the color) for the time being. We’ll see if they fit and if they hold up.

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    Crow Bar

    After another few days of crazy weather, I was finally able to plant some additional seeds: bush beans, spinach, chard, and a bunch of herbs.
    Also as a back up planted more beans in containers, and one for herbs that we will bring in over the winter.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Yes, I planted seeds in containers, too, in addition to the garden, so that we can move them into a grow tent over before first frost and continue to harvest through the winter.

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    grannyj smith

    I have so many bags of dried beans and peas that was given to us a month or so ago and one was split peas which I have never seen or tasted, so I looked online on how to prepare them.  I found a recipe for split pea soup that is made with ham.   I had a ham bone in the freezer I had saved from Easter and followed the recipe and made the soup,  it was really good.  Now I need to find recipes for using lintels which again never seen or tasted, maybe the lintels will be as good as the split peas.

    Things are not so safe here anymore, people are stealing here and we live so far out that we can’t count on law enforcement to get here to help us, so we now have to keep protection in our bedroom.  I try to convince dh to put up a fence and get a guard dog, but he said no that it would be it is difficult to cut the grass with a fence., I’m thinking to heck with the darn grass, we need a fence and guard dog.


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    @grannyjsmith a fence and a dog are a start… adding lighting helps as well..


    Lentils red or green? You can add to soups and stews to add protein and stretch meat input. Pressure cooking them 4 cups lentils with 2 onions diced fine 1 bunch cilantro chopped fine 1/4 cup mollasses  2 carrots diced 8 cups water pressure cook for 30/45 min once full pressure for meat cooking reached time depends on how mushy you like the lentils… once you can open add some chilies if you like some  bell peppers cook till soft then serve. Some like it with a bit of vinegar  (white) as a side dish or eat it with toast.


    You can soak and boil them then drain and cool to add to salads.

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    Josefina Arenas

    grannyj…I have a bunch of lentils, too.  I haven’t tried this recipe, but it looks good. My Mom always made pea soup with ham when we were young, and we’d have a competition for how many peppercorns we could find in our bowl.

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    Osito Arelano

    @grannyjsmith  Here’s some creative recipes that aren’t just curry. I like the fritters and the kielbasa.

    – june check in… garden is mostly doing well.  going to be trying some new seedsaver varieties I picked up and reading more about landrace gardening.

    Meat is getting pricey, so we’re adjusting eating habits accordingly.

    Nothing new in the neighborhood, so that’s a  plus.


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    Hello friends

    Things are starting to dry up after weeks of rain. Tomatoes are on their last leg.I didnt get too many, but that may be due to planting late. Pimentos are starting to ripen.

    Found paper first-aid tape for a dime at Walmart.It was on clearance. Boot saga continues. Ordered an ankle bone protection sock. Not sure how that will work out, so I found another pair of Kamik boots. These are low cut and they were on clearance at Sierra ( formerly known as Sierra Trading post).

    Plenty of TP at Walmart.Lysol spray not so much. I managed to grab one when they were being restocked last week.

    Thanks for the lentil recipes.I am going to try them out.

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    Crow Bar

    Hello all!
    Got family visiting for a week, so may not be posting as much.

    But my beans have finally sprouted! Looks like the spinach and chard are sprouting too. Potatoes are doing well.

    The Ducks have yet to find even one of the two ponds!

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    Hey, all….haven’t checked in for a while….I’m beginning to think I don’t have a green thumb at all….or maybe it really is just so much rain…whatever, I’ve decided to purchase as much as I can preserve from our local Mennonite gardeners…I know what they are using on their gardens and when the item was harvested. I’m going to do more canning and dehydrating this year in an effort to move away from relying on freezers…just seems like a sensible thing to do….feeling pretty good about my food pantry supplies and my “pharmacy/medical” supply cabinet….

    This month I want to think more about ways to communicate. I have an emergency radio but I don’t have anything for basic news should things really get interesting.

    Family members are all doing well. Two granddaughters have finished college, two headed to college this fall, two grandsons in college….rest are finishing up HS….good kids, I’m proud of them…

    I am well…really frustrated with this virus ballyhoo…hoping others doing well and wondering how OldMtWoman is getting on….

    Be blessed everybody….

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    Ah radios

    I just purchased this as a back up to my midland ER310

    NOAA Weather Radio – Emergency NOAA/AM/FM Battery Operated Portable Radio with Best Reception and Longest Lasting Transistor. Powered by 2 AA Battery with Mono Headphone Socket, by Vondior (Silver)

    Works really well

    And if anyone is in the market for an emergency radio with the bells and whistles, please avoid Running Snail.Yea they got a gazillion good reviews on Amazon, but the two I had were duds. I say 2, because the manufacturer sent me another and it was still garbage.

    Indeed, where is OldMtWoman?.

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    grannyj smith

    Took the last ham bone and cut it in half, now I have two ham bones, one half I am using today to make a large pot of beans, the other half back in the freezer for later use.  Guess I am getting more into homesteading and learning how to make due and conserve on things.

    My storage building is coming Tuesday so I get to started cleaning and organizing my pantry by moving things out of there that don’t belong.  Can’t wait to see what is behind boxes on a top shelf in the pantry, just don’t know about me getting up on a ladder.

    Going to make buttermilk today for I have been out it for some time, while in the store getting a few things the other day we overheard a man tell a little boy with him he had to get buttermilk and the little boy ask “what’s buttermilk. the man replied, ” son, it’s milk with butter in it”, my daughter just started laughing saying how cute she though that was.

    I have one little red tomato on one tomato plant and the eggplant and bell pepper on the plants are so small, don’t understand why they are so small.


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    Fran Franklin

    I finally, over the weekend, got a basic BOB put together for each member of the family.  I put in two changes of clothing along with toiletries.

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    Thanks Corsaire for the radio ideas….last year I thought about trying to get involved with a local ham radio group but never made it happen. Everything is still so “flaky” with the virus hullabaloo. I made appointment to get my hair cut for first time in about 3 months. When I arrived about 10 minutes early, I was told I would have to sit outside in 90 degree heat to wait or walk a football field back to my car and wait for them to call me. At 81, with some balance issues and a bit of a temper, I’m afraid I was not in the mood to comply….I said my piece and walked out; maybe I’ll just do as the grannies used to do and let it grow long and put it up… 🙂 would save a bit of money and trouble but the growing out time could get interesting….gotta keep my sense of humor….

    So, back to communications….assuming cell phone towers are down, what might be the minimum devices one might want to have on hand? Do they still make radio sets for longer distance communicating? I feel I’m so not prepared in my rural area for being cut off from knowing what’s going on “out there.”

    Good job Fran on your BOBs…if you’re new to prepping you’ll learn so much from these folks….

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    CB radios are an option. Here is some info regarding ranges

    Discovered a hole in my preps and that is sleep. Here in the sub-tropics power outages arent pleasant cause of the heat. And after a hurricane ya really need to be mentally sharp.

    I ended up purchasing a cot to put in the cooler place of the home. Nothing that you would climb Kilimanjaro with. Ended up with a coleman with the mattress.Nylon ones may not cut it with my fibromyalgia.

    Second batch of sauerkraut came out great. Pimentos are ripening nicely

    Outside in 90 degree heat, yea Muffy I hear ya.

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    Josefina Arenas

    I also purchased these and tested them last weekend and they worked well.  Replacement batteries are not prohibitively expensive.  I have another set for closer range.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    It has been awhile since I have posted. I hope all of you have been safe from all the mayhem that is happening around us. I pray that good hearts and minds will win the day.

    I have been busy in our vegetable gardens. We add compost to, and re-dig, 27 17’-long beds each year. I wish we would get a tiller. Soon, I hope. I am not going to try and start seedlings for the Cole crops again. Most of them died after being transplanted. The seeds come up almost faster than the transplants set their roots and succeed. So, that is no more.

    I must start the tomato seeds much earlier, and perhaps in their own pots instead of the multi-cell flat. Nearly 1/3 of them did not make it. Again, too small. On the other hand, I am hoping that the seeds from last year that sprouted from the paste tomatoes will hold true to the paste form because I needed more. We’ll see.

    The new strawberry bed is doing great! The weeds are easy to pull and the berries are turning red sooner that the “old” and original bed. There are still weeds in the old bed. That entire bed must be re-dug and reset. I think I’ll vote for a new permanent bed and transplant what I can this year before digging up the original bed.

    I could not find some seeds this spring that I wanted to plant. I discovered rutabagas last year and wanted more; and NO acorn squash! Plus, I could not find seed potatoes anywhere, so, another year without planting potatoes. I will need to order them next year and not look for them locally. Although, someone else I spoke to said his did not come yet.

    Despite the virus, we have managed to see my family several times. We visited over Memorial weekend and last weekend. The reason for the second visit was to congratulate our two college graduates and award them their “hoods.” Virtual graduation ceremonies are interesting, but when you have an advanced degree you need to celebrate and want someone to notice you. My Hubby has a Ph.D. and he put on his robes for our little ceremony. He first awarded the hood to our international son, Tuan, upon recognition of completing his Dentistry course. He moved back from NYCity and will have a job about an hour away from us. Tuan then turned and put his “mother’s” hood over her head to celebrate her completion of a Master’s Degree is Family and children’s Therapy. Then, sparkling wine, smoked salmon and other appetizers and a good, old-fashioned, bar-b-cue as requested by our D.D.S. What was cool is that my daughter requested (!) her step-father dress up to do the honors. He and Tuan also get along very well so that was especially nice. His family in Viet Nam was going to join us all in NYCity, but, of course, that did not happen. Now, Tuan just needs our local state licensure and he finally gets to make some money.

    I must say this, I am very grateful to my ex-husband. He has the home on a lake in northern Minnesota and invites me, and my current husband to visit regularly. We had the “Hooding” ceremony at his home, on what would have been our 51<sup>st</sup> anniversary. I am thankful that we get along so well. He and my current husband are good friends. It is all because I recognized my role in causing our divorce, even though he is the one that filed, and chose to accept the new reality as friends – putting the past aside.

    The family is wearing the masks I made them. However, the Scout Camp weeks have not materialized as hoped. One grandson was supposed to be managing the nature area at Cub Scout Day Camp and that was scuttled in favor of working 1:10 with the same boys for a weekend camp out. They are making do. The troop’s week at camp was also greatly changed. At least they are getting outside, but being careful about it.

    Last week I attended a Zoom Baby Shower for my god-child’s child. Lulu will be born next month. (Actually Lucia Noelle). My nephew’s wife is also due next month on nearly the same date. We have no idea what they are having, and there will be a “social distancing shower” this Saturday. We get to visit for 20 minutes.

    I learned that home-school did not go well for my three “sons.” Ha. College grandson failed at least one class, and #2 failed them all. Well, #2 is dropping out of school anyway to become an electrician. However, he cannot enter that school until he has his HS diploma. So, he is going to try an on-line school for next year. Best wishes, Kiddo.

    We were able to get help installing a true, long-range, ham radio antenna. This single wire can hear/receive around the world. Now, we need to upgrade our licenses so we can actually talk to those people.

    Meanwhile, we are thriving out here in the country. Shopping at odd hours and not buying much. I work in the garden in the morning and on to other projects, like sewing in the afternoon. I am looking forward to a bountiful garden harvest – without potatoes.

    I am grateful for the Prep Club. You all provide a valuable insight into the country’s events that we just do not get by hiding in the country. Facts not fear. Thanks to all.




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    Cinnamon Grammy

    WIt is good to hear from all of you.

    We have had temperatures in the high 80s for a while. Crazy this early here in zone 4. Rain is coming today – finally.

    Corsaire – we have never had tomatoes burst on the vine due to temperatures. I cannot imagine that. But then, 96 degrees would be a record setter. Our tomatoes do not even have flowers yet, but then, we get one growing season and yours can be continuous.

    It is interesting how different parts of the country are used to different foods. No okra for this girl, ever. My mother always made split bean soup with the ham bone, but that is the only recipe she used split peas for; plus, navy bean and ham soup. I wish I could get more from a ham bone.    I did not grow up with lentils, but find they are easy to include in various dinners. They are not as highly flavored as peas, or many of the beans. I will need to try the lentil recipes that are posted. There are a good meat alternative and simple to prepare.

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    Tomato season here is in February-March so I was pushing it anyway. You have to ignore what the box stores are selling cause the seedlings that they sell really dont apply to zone 10.

    Anyway broke down and did get a power bank from W00t. With this COVID-19 thing, the last place you want to be is in a hurricane shelter this season. So doing everything to prepare for a bug out in a campsite or SIP.

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    As for whilibirds challenge being week 2 and finally in town. I used up .75 cents for a box of strike any where matches. The remaining 2.25 was spent with bulk purchase of rice and beans getting me 1 lb rice one lb beans.


    Incase you have not been following the food issue while distracted by



    Buy more food  wheat crops is disaster this year, thialand India and thailand and have cut or stopped exporting rice.   Canada has no beans to sell nor to plant, with wet weather it’s gonna be a mess.


    Add to that everywhere in food chain being dis mantels by covid on purpose.  All over the world it’s gonna get rough having food for years might not be enough 3 months is certainly not. You will Have to grow your own and be able to defend it.

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    Week 2 was 30 cents for the paper first aid tape. Saving the 4.70 for week 3.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Where can I find the Whirlibird Challenge?  Thanks.

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    right here 🙂

    Four bill challenge.

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    Hello everyone. Been a while since I have been on hear. Lots have been going on.  DH had been in Hospital for a month.  Congestive heart failure. He had surgery to clam a leaking mitrial valve. He was to weak to replace the valve. Still having home health and physical therapy coming in. So we never got to plant a garden this year. DH is to weak and I couldn’t keep up with nurses coming in, house work and doctor visits. So garden will be next year if I can’t get a winter garden in. Going to be hitting the farm markets for my canning.

    Hope all is well with everyone with this Corvid 19 and all the riots going on. Hope everyone here has been safe through it all.

    I am now working on inventory to see what we really need to buy.  TP is good though I would like to stock more paper towels. Have been preparing for a long time but never thought it would be due to Corvid and riots. I fear there could be civil unrest if not a war in the near future.

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    Littlesister, I am so sorry to hear that. Prayers for healing to your DH.

    The order of Grabill canned pork chunks came and I gave it a try. It was absolutely delicious. Now to hide the cans so I dont finish them off before the end of Hurricane Season.

    Boot saga ended with 2 new pairs of Kamiks. I got both pretty cheap.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Littlesister…I’m so sorry to hear about what’s going on with your DH.  I will keep you both in my prayers.

    Hitting the farmer’s markets is a great plan–I’ve also been doing that as my garden hasn’t started producing yet, and apparently TP is the new gold!  I remember reading an article about the inner cities; that a bottle of Tide laundry detergent would hold it’s value @ ~$20 and was used in trades/barter.  I wonder what a roll of toilet paper will bring?  Only half kidding!

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    grannyj smith

    The virus is spiking here in our small community and I hear really bad in Houston, so we are staying home only going out when we have to.  The heavy rain has beat my tomato plants over and I haven’t got out to check on the eggplants or bell peppers, seven inches of rain in one afternoon and rain is forecast for the next four days, not complaining we needed rain.

    Worked in the kitchen yesterday going through things to donate that are no longer used or needed.  My shed was delivered but have not had a chance to start moving things out of the pantry that don’t belong in there.  I need some baskets for the pantry so I can organize smaller food items.

    DH is worried about getting food and supplies stocked in while there is tp and other things available, so may have to go to the larger town this week and get that done.  I ordered some freezer containers so I can use up the broccoli, corn and chicken in the freezer for making soup before it gets old.  Watching videos of how to do freezer meals to get some new ideas on freezer meals.

    Next month I hope to get started on stocking six months of food and supplies for the coming winter, going to try and do a little each month.

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    Mama cando

    Littlesister, prayers going out for you and DH. Very sorry to hear about him. I hope he recovers soon. Hope you can get to the farmers market soon.

    corsaire, how big are the cans of Grabill?  I do Keystone(24-28 oz) but they are a bit pricey when you add the shipping.My local grocery does the chicken and the beef but rarely has the pork in stock.

    granny j, sorry to hear about the tomatoes and garden. I hope they weren’t too badly beat up.We’ve been doing okay got 6 of the seven raised beds in and they are coming up very well. ANYBODY want salad greens LOL

    I don’t know if anyone has Costco cards but they (at least up here) are only allowing one package of tp and pp towels per shopper.So far we’re good and so is Son2. When they ask we get stuff for them if Son2 can’t get it at his store.

    DH decided last week, we’re going to take a chance and travel down to son1’s this week end. We haven’t seen them and the grands(in person) for over a year now. DH is getting antsy,  face time just isn’t enough for him, LOL. They were supposed to come up but since Oldest granddaughter has been accepted in a very good volleyball school, they are staying put.The coach was mighty impressed with her last summer when GRD1 went to one of her summer camps and when she found out GRD1 is going to live with Son1, she extended the invite to join the team.And DIL1 had both her hands done , carpal tunnel surgery last month. She got an infection in her right hand so they had to go in and fix it this month.  SO no traveling for her.

    DH has been fiddling with the in ground system(came with the house) and thinks he’s got it set to water just the garden beds so we don’t lose the veggies this year. The weatherman has been predicting  85-100 temps next week. So far it’s been working so we’ll see what’s left when we come back.

    Has anyone heard of any trouble(besides the protests/riots) along the highways going South (GA)?  I read an article about a trucker that got fired on along I think I-70 in Ohio but nothing else so far. One of Son1’s friends was posting about carjackings and shootings down in ATL but I haven’t seen anything on ANY news outlets (MSM or ALT News) so far about it. Stay safe friends and have a great 4th.

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    Fran Franklin

    I live in the Atlanta area.  Things have calmed down a bit since the last shooting, of Mr. Brooks, but I’d still consider it rather tense in the city of Atlanta south of I-20.  I have not heard anything about violence on I-75 south of Atlanta.

    My advice would be for you to take the 285 bypass around Atlanta.  75 goes straight through Atlanta and it’s the Downtown Connector (75/85) that has been blocked during the last two protests.

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      Mama cando

      Fran, Thank you for the update. Son is north of Atlanta. I don’t think we should have too much trouble then. I think we do take 285 to his house and stay off of 75.

      Little sister, corsaire, Thanks for the tip on Pleasant Hills. Will look into them.  I went with the Keystone because (unless they changed it ) cans kept in cool, dry area are guaranteed on their nutritional value for 5 years. After that they don’t guarantee it.

      I know how hard it is to control sodium levels. MIL taught me a lot because FIL couldn’t have any salt. So I haven’t cooked with salt in over 40 years and almost no store bought canned goods. Boys were raised on fresh or frozen and they continue that today teaching the grands how to cook from scratch.

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    Mama Cando

    13 oz cans. I got a case from Pleasanthillgrain for $80.00, free ship. You can get a 10 can sampler pack for $40.00 plus shipping. Not cheap, but its done.

    Covid cases have rose dramatically here in FL, but its a young population. Basically no body down here cares anymore as its been dominating everything, and people are gosh darn tired of it.

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    It’s not knocking me off this time.

    Thank you Mama Cando, Josfina and Corsaire for the prayers. DH had a great day yesterday and was walking a bit without the walker. Still very weak but was able to walk a bit. Today he felt good but stayed in bed with legs propped up. He is still having swelling but not like before. If you could have seen his stomach before the surgery to clamp the mitrial valve, it looked like he was beyond having twins. He had so much trouble trying to breath. He had gone into Afib. and that is what set everything in motion. His defib. went off 7 times and he was clinically dead. No blood flow to kidneys nor brain and don’t know for how long. Found him in bathroom unconscious. He came to when I called to him and lifted him up. Got him to the bed and after he laid there a few minutes he said he felt fine and went back in bathroom to take a shower. So while he did that I called his heart doctor and he said take him to ER. Worse than we thought. So the process began. He still has the another valve that they are going to clamp. They couldn’t do both at the same time. He is to weak to have a replacement at this time.

    No nurses nor phy. therapy nurse today, so I have been cleaning out the pantries and going through all our food stock. Need to see what we really need, so I won’t be buying what we already have. Still need to go to the farm market. I want to get hamburger to can.

    Mama Cando, I like Pleasant Hill. They have a lot of great products. I have some of the canned meats and they did last way past 5 years. Never heard of Grabill canned meats but will check it out for price difference.  Normally I can my own meats because of the salt. DH cannot have the salt. Used to be he could have only 2000 mg. a day and you had to break that down for all meals and snacks.  Now it is less than a 1000. That one is a Hard one to do as everything has sodium in it. One of the reasons I can my own food and make my own soups, spaghetti sauce and lots of other things. NO SALT. No processed foods of any kind.

    Trying to get all this done between nurses has not been easy. It was for 4 weeks and that would have ended this week but now with the surgery it starts all over again. Really don’t want them to see what I have stored. So need to be careful what I am doing when they are here. Didn’t get to start cleaning out pantries till this afternoon and a nurse will be here tomorrow so will wait till she leaves to finish going through everything. Sure slows my day down. But it is what it is.

  • #29489


    Spent the whole evening and until 3:30 this morning in ER.  DH’s potassium bottomed out again. This time because of the new fluid pill. He lost 20 lbs. in one week. So when physical therapy came, I told her about the issue and she called home health. We got things going as to the problem and nurse came and took labs. Potassium was 2.4. Not good. So off to ER for IV potassium. DH is in bed asleep now which is where I should be.

    Right now I have a splitting headache and I don’t normally get headaches. I know it is coming from my neck. I have a plate with 4 screws and Godiva bone. C4 though C7. I think I got things out of wack having to pull on DH to get him up before he was able to do for himself right after hospital stay.  But is what we do for our loved ones.

    So got nothing done today that I really needed to do. But Sat. is another day.

    Two days ago I had started reorganizing the food pantry which is really a bedroom closet and a hall closet that is very long. I separated all the salt free foods from everything else for DH since he is on a salt restricted diet. That is now all on a shelving unit that no one is allowed to get food from unless they are fixing it for DH. The other foods are for everyone else. Still have some things to do in the 3ed closet and then get all the food inventoried again so I know just what I have.

    Hope everyone here is doing well and preparing for what’s to come. I don’t think it will be anything good coming out of this election.

  • #29493

    Crow Bar

    So sorry to hear that Littlesis!

    Thinking about you and DH.

  • #29494

    Fran Franklin

    Ouch!  I’m sorry you’re having all of these struggles, especially with your DH.

    (I don’t think anything good is going to come out of this election, either.)

  • #29495

    Fran Franklin

    Not sure if this counts as “prepping” but I am doing decluttering this weekend.  That may give me an idea of where I can store supplies. 🙂

  • #29496


    Thanks for the updates Littlesister, and please keep us posted. Will continue to pray for healing.

    Purchased a nice TV cart with storage at the thrift store. Will be using it for my toaster oven.

    Also found coffee on clearance at Walmart.

    Registered for the mother earth news online fair. Now I need to sit down and watch it. I have until the end of the year to watch all the modules.

  • #29499


    Thank you all for the prayers for DH.  He is tired but doing better and getting a bit stronger though it is a slow process. He has lost all muscle mass, so it is taking a long time for him to get his strength back.  This has been a long few months for us with 4 ER visits and 3 hospital stays. I have learned a lot about how the medical field is going. It has gone down the tubes for sure.  I have to fight for what DH needs when it comes to getting a doctor’s appt. or anything else. But they have found out I don’t play around. I to have been in the medical field and see what is happening. Lots of learning for ourselves in order to keep our loved ones well.

    Now that all the nurses and physical therapist have gone, I am concentrating on things we need.  I know a famine is around the corner and I have been doing inventory of all our food supplies.  Today I ordered 24 cans of long term meat.  12 of chicken and 12 of a mix of chicken, beef, pork and turkey.  I also called the market DH’s cousin owns and ordered 12 lbs. of hamburger to can. So just waiting for the call when it is ready.

    Checking on a lot of other things as well to make sure our home is secure. Cameras, and security systems. Going through my seeds to see where we stand for next years crop. I was unable to plant a garden this year. Hoping for a fall garden if DH does well enough that I can leave him in house for a bit while I am outside. Going to be using walkie talkies while I am working in garden. That way he can get me fast if he needs anything. I do want to plant my blueberry bushes in the ground this fall as they have out grown the pots they are in. I have a place set up for them already. Just have to wait for them to go dormant before I can transplant them.

    I am working on a list of needs so I will be set if the Corvid virus hits us hard again and I think it will. I need to go through the rest of the closets and clean them out so I will have more storage.  Yes Fran decluttering counts as prepping for more room for the more important things we will all need. Right now I have 3 closets and under one bed, 2 book cases and a steel rack for all the food items.  DH is on a very low sodium diet now. It has changed from 2000 ml. a day to 1000 ml a day or less. So on the metal rack is all the no salt store bought foods as anything I can has no salt anyway so that is in the other places I have for storage. It is much easier to find when it is all in one place for the things he can eat.

    Still need to order extra sheets for both beds as one is a double and the other a queen size. Want to get more blankets as well. Can’t have to many blankets.

    Checking all my ways to wash clothes.  Need to get more clothes line as mine was old and has now bit the dust. need to see if there is a clothes line that I can put up that will last much longer than what I have. That is the green plastic coated with wire through it. Doesn’t last more than 4 or 5 years.

    Also looking into the water situation. We have a well but not the best. Very old 220 volt pump. Going to see about getting that changed out and having a hand pump with a 110 volt pump. I have about 15 or 20 5 gal. water containers but that will only be good for hurricane season. Need to get water barrels and such going.  I have been reading and planning but it has not been an easy task. But with the Lord’s help, we will get through all of this mess this country is in.

  • #29503

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All.

    It has been raining here. We had a four-inch heavy thunderstorm and a lot of it ended up in our basement. Hubby thinks he has discovered the reason and location. This is not a seep-through-the-wall kind of flood, it is a waterfall. The lawn is poorly landscaped/sloped away from the house. Too much rain in a gutter that is too small to handle it and a downspout that is too short to take the water away from the house. A hole has been eroded from the outside, and now we need to dig down and create a dry well to lead away from the house. I don’t know what is going on inside – yet, or how to block that entrance.

    Fortunately, the old part of the basement that flooded is a step down from the newer part where we store our food and stuff, furnace and water heater. We are glad to have a shop-vac and a working sump pump in the newer part. The floor did get wet, but there was not much cardboard on the floor; most of our stuff is on shelves or pallets. The basement is not a finished room, just concrete and cinderblocks.

    That same rainstorm, increased as it headed to our grandson’s troop campout in Wisconsin. They are on private property and needed to cross a small bridge to get to their campsite. The bridge washed out. We were supposed to teach the Environmental Science Merit Badge to them this week. Thankfully the Scoutmaster, our Son-i-l, went over the requirements with us before he left and the scouts can at least work on the field requirements. I am wishing them good luck establishing the bridge somehow so they can actually leave at the end of the week. At least the boys will learn about “watershed” and erosion this week.

    Our currants are ripening and the black-capped raspberries are getting there. The currant bushes do seem to have a virus of some kind and do not look healthy. The plum tree that we planted 9 years ago, produced about six plums. The apple tree did not produce at all. The cherry tree is loaded but they cherries all have a spot, probably from a bug. We lost the blueberries. So much for our fruit this year.

    The vegetables are looking good, at least the ones that came up. I have replanted the cabbages and broccoli twice. Either last year’s seeds are bad, which I doubt, or the soil is. We saw evidence of a raccoon’s footprint in the broccoli bed. Are the broccoli and cabbages being eaten? At least the snow peas are doing well.

    This has not been a good summer for produce. We rely on our garden for much of our vegetables. We can, at this point, resupply from the grocery, or the farmer’s market; the market is very small here in our small town. I would not want to depend on our garden produce for all of our food as they did hundred years ago.

    Meanwhile, we are staying safe and rarely leaving the property. When we do it is with masks and gloves. We were supposed to spend the weekend with our ham radio club and participate in the annual national contest. We chose not to go and worked from home. Even though we only have the basic license, we did manage to make a lot of contacts as a couple. I am impressed with the people who made twice as many as we did – and by themselves. We will improve. It is all a learning curve and depends on the “airwaves”.

    I hope you all are staying safe and your houses are dry. Take care.

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