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    What are you up to in June? Getting prepped? Gardening? Canning? Camping?

    Let us know!

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    I ordered several 5 gallon buckets and related stuff last week. There must be a shortage, as near as I can tell from the shipping manifest they sent me, they have shipped less than half my order! Arg! Supposed to be here tomorrow, I’ll know for sure tomorrow. I have increased my staples buying at the grocery.


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      As it turns out, I actually received everything I ordered. The shipping manifest I received was misleading. Received the last item, a pail opener, today.

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    Amy Dixon

    Haven’t checked in for awhile.  I hope everyone who was going through health challenges is feeling a lot better now!  Here’s what I’ve done for my preps since I last posted here: On my last road trip to the closest city, I tried again to get some used 55-gallon barrels from the apple products’ outlet store to use for water storage and learned, sadly, that the company is no longer purchasing their ingredients in that sort of barrel.  So, unless I want to store water in an off-white barrel with a big screw-top lid instead of 2 bungs on top, it looks like I’ll have to find another source for reasonably priced, food-safe blue 55-gallon barrels <sigh>.  I suppose I could use those off-white barrels outside but I’m concerned the light color would make it easier for algae to grow inside them even if chlorine is added to the water.  I also worry that the large, screw-top lid wouldn’t be as air-tight as the bungs are on a “typical” 55-gallon barrel.  I’ve started gradually acquiring yellow-gamma seal lids to use on the buckets of grains I plan to eventually purchase.  I added some more bags of charcoal to my storage when Lowe’s had their good Memorial Day sale on Kingsford brand plain charcoal briquettes.  My goal is to someday have about 300 lbs of briquettes in water-tight storage buckets so I can, if necessary, cook one hot meal a day for a year in a camp dutch oven or on a grill.  I tried the Thrive Life freeze-dried Mango dices that I had ordered during their Spring sale.  They were very tasty.  I snacked on them right out of the can!  I recently ordered a small can of their freeze-dried sausage crumbles to try but they haven’t arrived yet.  When Goodwill had a sale in their online store a couple of weeks ago, I ordered used hard-copies of the books “Seed to Seed”, “It’s in the Bag”, and the fifth edition of  “Putting Food By” for my preparedness library.  I also got a couple of older model Goal Zero Flip 30 power banks during Emergency Essentials’ recent clearance sale to use to recharge my cellphone and other small electronic devices.  A few days ago, I watched the online “Outdoor Cooking” mini-e-course taught by Wardee Harmon of the Traditional Cooking School.  It was, IMHO, worth the modest cost, especially since the mini-course allows you to download the written instruction book that covers all the subjects included in the pricier, full course.  Just wish I could afford to purchase the complete course so I could see all the instructional videos, but my budget won’t stretch that far right now, lol.  To help pay for all these prepping purchases, I sorted through two boxes of my older clothes to see which ones I can alter to wear this summer and fall to avoid having to spend money on buying any new clothes this year.  Last night I watched the last episode of HBO’s excellent mini-series “Chernobyl”.  The acting is very good and, from what I have read, the story stuck closely to the facts that people have been able to piece together thus far (so much of what actually happened appears to have been covered up by the authorities who were in power back in 1986-1987).  I’ve also watched several good YouTube videos on preparedness topics posted by Modern Refugee, Pennsylvania Prepper, and Obsessive Prepper AZ in the past several weeks.  Well, that’s pretty much what I’ve been up to.  I look forward to reading your updates <smile>.

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    Great report, Amy Dixon! You’ve really been busy.

    My gardening efforts are so-so at this point. We had so much rain I think that affected how well things grew and then although I was trying very hard to go all organic, insects attacked my plants with an intense purpose to eat everything – so I had to break down and use some chemical insect control before I lost everything. When I drive to town, I notice huge swathes of the fields that apparently flooded out after planting so crop production is definitely going to be down for our local farmers. And we haven’t had near the flooding other areas have. Will prices be higher this summer? I don’t know but I am stocking in more flour than usual.

    I attended the 1969 class reunion I mentioned in one of my previous reports. It was fun seeing former students I had not seen in 50 years and they seemed really pleased I attended. Oldest GD is in Europe studying for six weeks this summer – college credit is granted for what looks like a really fun experience. Recent college graduate, Hannah, is headed home for the weekend and I look forward to seeing her. Carolina, who has been studying in France for the past six months, will be headed home in a couple of weeks. Just turned 16 year old GD has her driver’s license now. And, my recent annual checkup indicates I’m still going strong enough for an 80 year old. Woohoo.

    As for prepping, I continue to purchase pantry items, still working toward having a year’s supply put by for one adult as per the LDS guide I am following. Space is becoming a little bit of an issue but as I live alone, I can pile things up where ever I like. I working on getting a couple more rain barrels to add to my water storage efforts. I guess what I’ve come to realize is that in a complete grid down (no electricity, gas or water) I wonder are any of us who still live primarily on the grid really going to be able to cope for an extended period of time? I like to think I can just because I’ve always been a fighter – but the reality of the difficulty of hauling water, cooking outside on a fire, staying cool in hot weather and warm if it is cold makes me wonder how long I could tough it out alone before exhaustion would stop me in my tracks. One can only pray we never have to confront a total grid-down situation.

    Oh, that sounded like such a downer….sorry my friends. Just thinking out loud. Hope all ya’ll are doing well and hope some others we haven’t heard from in a while will catch us up on their doings.

    G’day and be blessed.

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    Getting prepped? yup

    Gardening?, Will start in September( seeds ).

    Canning? Once I move, get a oven/stove and a garden

    Camping? Would love too, still too hot. See ya in January

    so the post. living without ac. Gonna be an issue with hurricane season and 90+ temps.

    Aldi has an icemaker only 110w. My inverter generator can handle it easily. So swamp cooler for me. Also the ice would make a great bartering item.

    Note to self. Ya gonna need alot of water to keep it up.

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    Well, everyone has been busy I see and doing better health wise. That is great.

    As for me. I am going it alone as DH just doesn’t seem to be able to get much done without getting out of breath. Working on getting is meds in order and changing some things around with the help of his doctors.

    Garden is not fairing well at all. Way to much rain and more on the way. We do have green beans I will be picking tomorrow before the rain starts. So will be getting them ready to can. It won’t be a lot but hopeful I can get a second crop in. I am planning on hitting the roadside stands when they start up. I can get somethings now at the market DH cooks collards at for cost. So am going to be heading down there in a few days.

    Working on getting estiments for the driveway. It is in such bad shape now and the rain is washing the sand out from under it really bad. Got 5 wheelbarrows full of sand from end of driveway the other day and then it rained and I now have more to clean up.

    Grandson graduated from high school and he will not go to the ceremony. Daughter taking him to get pictures in cap and gown as he would not do that through the school either. It is just how he is. Has refused to get school pictures since the 8th grade. He has applied for an apprenticeship at shipyard for welding. I really hope and pray they except him.  He is not college material. He hated school but did well. He was even able to skip the 11th grade and go into the 12th grade to graduate a year early.

    I am suppose to be teaching canning to a friend and my niece, but if we can’t get the garden going there won’t be much to can. Hoping weather will change for the good in the next week.

    Had to order a new toilet for main bathroom. Can no longer get parts for the 52 year old toilet.  Hope the new ones last as long as that one did. Will have to get a plumber to put it in as DH can’t do those things any longer. We have one lined up and waiting for Lowe’s to call us when the new one comes in.

    Well that’s it for tonight.  Off to bed. Night all.

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    Mama cando

    Hi Daisy, Glad you’re back in one piece LOL. Most of the windows are in because of the rain the last few weeks, guys aren’t fast enough to dodge the drops HA HA. The Kitchen window and the fake french door will need three people to do it. Contractor will be back down here next week to finish everything. DH got the few veggie plants in the boxes in between the downpours. Just hoping they’ll do okay since we’re late to planting them. Just picked up an old cedar blanket chest from CL, it’s really in good shape for being as old as it is. Got it home and realized it matched the dresser and nightstands my MIL gave our oldest. We got them back when his psycho ex left. Sounds like you all have been busy bees. Went to the store for Grand daughter 2’s birthday present, thought we’d say hello to Son2(manager meat dept.)  while we were there and DH is looking around and noticing the prices of the pork have already jumped. Told him to it will get worse  due to all the flooding,etc.

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    Littlesister, sorry to hear about dh health problems.

    Daisy, I tried to post in today’s report about your experience in Croatia but having trouble with posting there so doing it here.  Too bad you had a cold although things don’t usually happen at the most opportune times.  It was a very good article and I am very interested to hear more.  I’d like to read your 30 pages of notes- maybe another book?

    Off topic but about the book you read on the plane on the way to Croatia- there were a couple of characters who tapped maple trees in the summer for something to drink.  I don’t think that was realistic because the season for tapping trees is in the spring when nights are cold and days are warm enough to make the sap start rising.  Later in the spring when the rains come the sap tastes bad and then in summer it stops.  I believe that drinking the fresh sap does have health benefits.  When I read I a shtf type book I try to consider things I haven’t thought of.

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    Forgot to answer the question what have I been doing.  Very busy on many fronts since the weather is finally warm.  Trying to get yard and garden in shape for one,  We had high winds and rain and it tore the roof off the garage so have been dealing with that too.  mainly taking care of outside stuff and Dr appts. and bailing water.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hello in June, everyone.  Lot of folks talking about too much rain.  Yep, I can relate.  I have been still rather wiped out by the medical stuff from 6 wks ago.  I was expecting the usual-for-me extended consequences.  But it’s been a lot more than even ‘my usual’.  I finally got on my horse to ride….which is good therapy for my legs.  Wonderful.  Forgot how it felt to function with ‘normal gravity’ instead of the plodding as tho gravity is turned up double.  🙂  Hopefully we can keep cranky horse working better.  He got a long hiatus over the icy/snowy winter.

    Course my hip muscles were screaming at me that night…hmph.  Have gotten that out of shape!  Have finally resumed walking dog.  Walking after riding was great.  Previously, I was barely making a fourth of what I did pre-surgery.  UfffTah!  But I’ll slowly get back to where I was.  That is definitely my most important prep right now.  Makes me uneasy to be this weak and unable…

    I’ve been making lists and having DH pick up a few things here and there.  Filling in the small item holes.  As in:  not much $$.  Medical bills have put us into a crunch.  Working on getting out of that.  Was way more than expected…unfortunately.  But expecting the unexpected is wise.  I do have a list of larger expense items.  If things began to go south…..I’d try to get those.  Ice machine is definitely one of those.  Selling ice, huh?  Good idea, Corsaire.  If you have the means for powering the device and getting water.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, all.

    Whew, the last couple weeks have been stressful – in a good way.  Grandson#1 graduated from High School.  There have been many events.

    I have spent the last two days baking – in a kitchen that has poor ventilation on a day that was 85 outside.

    I learned several things:  we definitely need better ventilation/air flow.  There is no Exhaust Fan.  No real air cross-flow to sweep the heat away.  A fan just redistributed it.

    If I am going to do more serious cooking, I need to rethink my baking pans.  To make bars like cream cheese rhubarb, and frosted lemon bars, I need deeper pans.  The cooky sheets that I use barely have sides/lip on them, they are not dual purpose.  I need some with a good inch or more on the sides. Then, again, with so much baking,  cookies and thick bars, I needed multiple pans and had to borrow some. This is something to think about; getting rid of pans that really are not very useful.

    I took a five minute walk last night to cool off from the heat of the kitchen.  In that five minutes I received a black fly bite.  After all these years, I still do not know how to treat them.  I am plagued by insects that bite.  It is safe to sit next to me.  The bugs will bite me and not you.

    It is time to make a topping for the rhubarb cream cheese bars then shower and depart for the party.   Tomorrow Hubby and I have agreed to just sit and relax.  Sleep in.  As we age, it becomes more difficult to handle all of these events, with driving times over 1/2 hour away, and through city traffic.

    Enjoy your June.

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    Olivia Green

    cinnamon granny,
    if you can find Sting-Eze and have it with you…
    it has camphor, NOT ammonia, which will draw out the poison quickly.
    had a yellow jacket hit me near the adams apple, throat was swelling up.. ran into bathroom and used the sting-eze.
    swelling went down within a minute.

    here in the NW, walmart is the only place i’ve been able to find it.. in the food area of all places!
    bought enough to send to all kids & families.
    ps: the bugs seem to like me too.

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    Columbia River

    Apparently I missed the June thread and just thought everyone else was very busy (as I am) and this no posts for several days.  And then I posted on here and thought it went through but it’s disappeared  oh well.

    We started moving some things into the “new” house because the electrical is almost through and I would rather “camp out” in the house than the cabin. I guess my energy is going to prepping for life because getting settled back in the house will just free up so much physical and mental energy and lots of time for all the other things in life. Gardens fruit trees etc etc

    I did find an absolutely incredible deal on organic peanut butter and bought all 12 jars.

    We are facing fire season so I need to update my evacuation list. The move out of house last fall and now the move back to house now means nothing is where I think it should be, so that is a major project.   My post over in “April” before I found June talked about a drought here.

    don’t send money, send rain. 😉

    Glad to see everyone is still doing things.

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    Mama cando

    Columbia, you can have some of our rain (If I can figure out how to send it,LOL). Windows are coming along. This is the first day we have a solid day of NO rain.My cold is just about gone, just a few bouts of hacking now and then (usually when I’m trying to go to sleep). Thought we were going to lose the vertical blinds in the bay window but we got lucky the framing fits, YEAH!!. Trim in bedrooms is narrower than the old stuff so we’re going to have to touch up around windows. Thinking of maybe changing the color in the one bedroom. Son2 did it when we moved in(18 yrs ago) as that was his bedroom til he got married and move out a year later. Paint has held up really well and we don’t really use that room unless the grands come. Have to think about that. Veggie plants are in the boxes and it looks like they’ve all taken. Does anyone know off hand what type of food for poinsettias need? DH got one two years ago and I haven’t killed him (yet). We transplanted him to a bigger planter, he’s doing okay but I thought someone might have a tip or two . By the way I’ve named him “Fred”, he usually sits on the kitchen sink ledge (north facing window) and has done really well there. Right now he’s sitting in the covered deck area til we get that window done.  Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    Columbia River

    Dear bug bitten folks. I admit sting eze sounds quick and handy, but I do something else  p

    I carry French green clay when I go places. I have a little jar of it. It is dried clay and if I need some I pour a little in my hand, add a little water to make a paste and apply it. It draws poison or infection and I love it. Even used it on a brown recluse bite alternating with charcoal poultices- stopped a red streak running up the leg.

    The clay is easier to use than charcoal but both work. Years ago in Europe friend’s baby had impetigo (nasty contagious infection with blisters) and just put clay on it for a few days and all gone.  Wonder stuff. I try to keep it in glass instead of plastic so it doesn’t try to “clean up” the plastic. Glass is pretty neutral.

    Not a medical person, just a mom, so apply all kinds of disclaimers as needed.

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    Columbia River

    You wouldn’t want to put charcoal on an open sore or it might cause tattooing – another reason I love the clay. No such problems

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    Green clay. good to know

    BOGOs at the grocery store, and some it was actually worth purchasing. Mac in cheese with the cheese in the foil pack, but some had expiration dates only a couple of months away. Duck tape was a BOGO, but the store ran out, got a rain check for that.

    Ordered Butane, and Daisys book also.

    My next door neighbor has been poking around when I am not around. Saw her come from my property while driving in. Looking at Solar security systems now, for when the power goes out.
    Ready and waiting to file a police report for trespassing. Just need proof ( eg pics)

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    Corsair now you have reason to get motion activated NV trail/game cam..


    Speaking of tattooing charcoal does was early ink for tribal tattoo. Ironically so does mint dental floss the green kind from j and j. I had to use to stitch up someone and it left Lil green dots when removed.

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      Ha, yes indeed @namelus, I was looking at those this morning, inexpensive, and doesnt require wifi ect, can be easily moved. I have a tree in my yard where it can go.

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    Sounds like everyone has been busy.  Glad everyone is doing much better health wise.

    We have been getting estimates on driveway. So far my neighbor wins. But one more to go. My neighbor put in our patio a few years ago. Did a great job. I did find out we may have to get a permit for the skirt at end of driveway to street. So will have to go to city to get that. He is about 6 weeks out if no more rain but we are going to get more rain tonight.

    Garden is a bust. We have had so much rain that we lost the butter beans, part of our tomato plants and some of our pepper plants. Not sure if we will do anything more as it is starting to get to late in season to replant some things and DH is really not up to the task. I am going to do what I can but so busy with work in the house and getting the things done for the driveway is a lot. Will have to disconnect the well pump and move it for the driveway. That pump is very heavy but my neighbor is going to move it, but DH will have to disconnect it. Neighbor is not a plummer but not hard to do as long as DH won’t have to lift it off the pipes.

    Going to start hitting the local farms for veggies when they open the stands. I think this year that will be best for us as DH with having congestive heart failure is better off not working much in the yard this year. We will see what next year brings.

    Going to go do some reading as I see some e-mails from Daisy that I want to check out. Looks like I have some reading to do.

    Later all.

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    Columbia River


    do you have no trespassing signs up. Sometimes that makes a difference with the ability to press charges and it would also put your neighbor officially on notice that your place is off limits.

    And then there’s always the mad neighbors make really bad neighbors deal.

    Really thankful for good neighbors- so far.

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    Morning all….I have pandemic issues on my mind this morning….is anyone else following news reports of the massive numbers of individuals being brought in from African countries where Ebola is raging?…there is apparently no health screening of these individuals and various cities are being told with short notice of their arrival….

    As I recall the Ebola scare several years ago, there was great concern and care for persons who had been affected and were ill. What’s different now? I’ve contacted my government reps for answers but none forthcoming…

    Anyone else see this is a potential threat greater than even a grid down scenario? Just curious if anyone else is thinking about the reality of a major pandemic.

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    Crow Bar

    You are not the only one.
    Daisy did a post over on TOP concerning it.

    Fact is, we are a global economy and that includes travel. Someone infected could come to the US via air and start a pandemic here.

    The fact the Southern border is not secure and being overran only adds to the risk.

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    No trespassing sign, yes of course thanks for the tip.Its up now on the side where she wonders in from. Trail camera is on order; if its decent, I’ll get another of the same brand for the back.

    Ebola is concerning me too, and with all the hurricane preps, I need to look at pandemic preps as well.

    The future doesnt look too pretty, but we’ll make out ok. I am going to help a friend with her preps. She is new, but sees the signs and wants to be ready.

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    Columbia River

    Interesting (very interesting!) article on making “cloth” out of single use bags

    spokesman dot com

    I’m not going to do the whole address. Do a search for “fuse plastic bags”. The example given was of a zipper closed bag but the same process could make a tote or whatever.

    I try to always carry cloth bags with me when I go shopping- to the point that I will go back out to the car if I forget, but somehow we end up with plastic bags now and then anyway. I take them to the thrift store, put them in the “bag box” at work for people to use or turn them into garbage bags for nasty garbage but find this creative use just so incredible I thought I would share.

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    Columbia River

    Went by a second hand store (not a non-profit) and they had a big wood cook stove for sale with a water jacket on the side and a warming box above. New ones run around $6,000.  But this one had to be fed by lifting a lid on the top of the stove.

    I cooked on a wood stove for 3 1/2 years – we were WAY off grid. If you find one check to see if it feeds from the front. It is much easier to both feed it and check it without having to move your pot (especially while canning). If it’s the only one to be found it’s better than a rock ring in the backyard, but if you’re shopping look for one that feeds from the front (a big door on the front left) and there will always be a small door on the bottom front left to remove ashes.   This particular brand from Canada has been updated and newer ones feed from the front

    just an FYI for those who have never used one

    Also it can get really hot in the summertime- I tried to do all my cooking in the early morning and then be creative later in the day – but I had a creek to keep things cool.


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    Columbia River

    Large door as in bigger (taller) than ash door. Not as wide as oven door.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    With summer here, we are outside working in the gardens and not trying to keep warm in the house as we do on below zero days in the winter. Trying to keep cool without using the A.C.

    Columbia River: I have not heard of green clay. I will keep my eyes open.

    I was bitten yesterday by something sneaky, on the inside of my elbow. I put a bit of ice on it when it was noticed, and the swelling went down. After supper, I realized that the swelling extended to the side of my arm; the bend in the arm prevented it from swelling up so it went sideways. More ice did not make it go away. Hubby sits right next to me and gets nothing!

    Corsaire: Sorry to hear about your neighbor. Did you have a good relationship with her? What could she be doing? Just snooping?

    Our immediate neighbor put in a trail cam after a known drug user opened the door to his house and just walked in. He also hunts on the property so it is double useful. Have had no other uninvited guests since the sign was put up.

    About my immediate neighbor, I would trust him/her here at anytime. But the first family on the easement? Not so much. The only time they come up here is when their beautiful husky gets loose.  They keep to themselves and that is fine; they are not country folk. But, you must know your neighbors.

    Little Sister: Sorry to hear about your pooped out Hubby, and washed out garden. Time takes a toll, even with gardening. Why do you say it is too late for the garden? You have a longer season there, don’t you? Experiment. I hope your grandson does well at the apprenticeship. Welding is useful.

    Pandemic: Totally scary. While we live in the country, our children live and work in the big city. I would accept them here in a heartbeat, but perhaps we should set up an isolation room for them, if they don’t get here right away. Two grandchildren go to a school with students of many ethnic backgrounds, another one with a thousand students; it would be easy for something to spread there.

    There are reports about cyber bugs, and even a possibility of a Carrington effect.  Many ways to lose society.

    Fused plastic bags? Interesting idea. Thanks, Columbia River. I’ll check out how to make one. I am personally not consistent with remembering my personal shopping bag. Our car seems to be a magnet for mice so we don’t leave much in the car unprotected.

    Thanks for the info on the wood cook stove. I’d let to get one in the future. I would make a four season porch, with a chimney, and put the wood stove out there.

    Muffy 1938: Surviving will be a challenge. Even here in the country it will be a challenge if the grid goes down. We have one wood stove, but it does not heat the house at below zero temps. We have a few oil lamps, but not enough. Gas stove, but electric water heater. No outhouse. I think we have some work to do. I have food put by for the two of us, but not enough for family. Generator to pump water, but no real storage containers. Need to rethink that.

    I did ask family what their favorite foods were so I could store them. Soups – no problem. I   will need more real eggs for the one guy, and more flour for a year’s worth of bread. Always learning.


    Personal stuff: Grandson #1 had a nice graduation party, then immediately went to work at a scout camp nine miles away. Two days later Grandson #2 went to work at a scout camp 5 hours away. This is a big deal for Grandson #2. He is quieter. As a new camp counselor, he was chosen to be at the high adventure activity at that camp – sleeping on rafts on the lake, running small motor boats and ATVs. That is a place where more experienced staff counselors want to work. I expect that he will be a very different person when he gets back. Meanwhile, #1 has the use of our truck for the summer. While it is a scary thought, one of my “babies” is driving, but he is responsible and will not be driving much other than from camp to home or here. It will give him a feeling of independence before he goes out of state for college. With both older brothers gone, #3 is home alone. He does not do well alone. Time for him to mature a bit too. He is 13.

    I had Grandson #1 pick a salad for supper. Yes, he got salad greens from the garden, but I also showed him the weeds we use: violet, creeping Charlie, Lamb’s quarters, pigweed, clover, wood sorrel, plus mint. I told him he could bring a couple of his counselor friends over for supper some night and then pick weeds for supper. Every day is a learning day, right?

    When he comes to visit next week, I’ll start talking to him about what supplies he thinks he should take to college, and what I need him to take for safety.

    My intestines have settled down after that bout with the pro-biotics, but not under control yet. I have better control, but still more spontaneity than I would prefer. Hubby and I were thinking I should just go on an elimination diet to see what is wrong.

    Garden: In May there was rain on our days off, and sun when we had commitments. Then many graduation activities in early June. We are finally putting in the home-seeded tomatoes. Here in zone 4 they cannot be planted until the end of May anyway. They were transplanted into medium-sized pots so they are not stunted, but are small. We will have, hopefully, a lot of paste tomatoes this year. I planted more of those to make better tomato sauces than just the large slicing ones. Plus, more squash than we ever had before, too, and they are doing well. So far.

    The garden slowly grows with new beds created. I just need to figure out to rotate the squash with their need for large beds, and something in between squash years. Perhaps several big beds of potatoes; I never have enough potatoes or onions. Always learning.

    I wish Cole crops could be canned, but the freezer will work (as long as we have electricity). This year I planted cauliflower and Brussels’ Sprouts from seeds. Have not planted either of them before. It will be nice to have another crop if I can figure out how to get the B. sprouts to actually grow and not the leaves. I planted two different types of broccoli. One came up better than the other: better soil? Better variety? Or washed away? I have a third variety to plant, too, to find out which is a better grower for us. Always learning.

    We found three blueberry bushes that we had planted a few years ago. I thought the deer had eaten them. They may have been browsed, but the plants are still there. Time to move them into a better fence. No berries this year, but perhaps next year.

    You know that they say “medical practice?” We should say “garden practice.” Every year there are new conditions: weather, mammals and/or insects that eat the plants, garden soil that is too rich or too poor, or wrong pH. Always learning.

    For those non-preppers who think they can just plant a garden and have a year’s supply of food -they should think again! We do not get a year’s supply because of our -20F in the winter – need a greenhouse, inside or out. Plus, we have not figured out a good way to store potatoes and carrots and cabbages over winter. When I have tried to grow greens inside, I do not have enough light for them even with supplemental lamps. I think raising greens will be my winter project. Still working on learning how to dehydrate crops and USE those items.

    So much to learn.

    Time to go to the store and replace what I used for the graduation party (I still have more, but don’t tell Hubby.) The rhubarb custard cream cheese bars were a big hit. There are few rhubarb stalks left in our garden; we need to plant more. Wednesday is senior discount day. Plus, I like to go at least once a month to check out the sales that he does not look for. Then out to the garden and distribute the compost we purchased over the beds that need it.

    Take care everyone. Stay healthy and safe.

  • #20086

    grannyj smith

    Cleaned out my closet and all the baggy old clothes are gone, my wardrobe now consist of two new pair of soft skinny jeans I found at Walmart and two tops,  if I have to pack in a hurry it all fits back in the Walmart bag.

    Going through the jewelry my sister in law gave me and taking all the heavy gold and vintage jewelry to a place that claims they buy it, hoping to get that done this weekend and hoping they will buy it so I can add that to paying down debt.

  • #20088


    Cinnamon  granny try mint in your car nice smell and mice hate it… if you keep letting mice into vehicle soon you will have electrical problems as they chew wiring and go to the heat of warm circuitry.


    I put dry rice in an old sock and treat with mint, keeps the inside fog down and mice out you can tell when it fails  as you will see rice grains..   if you treat rice with plaster powder mice will only eat it once the plaster sets when inside them.. but plaster only sets once so no chance of killing pets or prey animals.

  • #20094


    Cinnamon Granny. She is recent transplant who is renting. At first it was short friendly convo.But she became snappy at my dog, and argumentative. With that I stopped speaking to her. She also listens in on conversations and come out look outside to see what I was doing. This is just about stalking. Earlier I would walk the pup down the street passing her yard, where she would call me just to show me a bird on the lawn. Very strange behavior. Now whether she is just a weird busy body or something more. I’ll find out soon enough. The woman needs to know some boundaries thats for sure.

    The rainy season has begun. Found sheet set at Walmart for $9.00. Its in the thick plastic bag, where it will stay dry and uncontaminated for emergencies. Butane came today and will do a trial run when the rain stops.

  • #20096


    Mice in car is not good. Need to find a way to control it. I hope the mint works. I have never heard of using mint to deter mice but if it works, that would be great.

    Corsaire. Hope you get your neighbor under control. You don’t need nosy neighbors checking out what you are doing at your own home.  We have one that as soon as our garden is in, he is over here to see what he can get. I don’t mind sharing but that is the only time we see him.  Though now he has stage 4 throat cancer from smoking and not over here like he was when the garden was planted.  Though I do hope he gets through this.  Cancer is a bad thing.

    Had funeral to go to on Monday. A friend from our church passed away.

    As for our garden, We need some dry weather really bad. We have lost some tomato and pepper plants and all of the butterbeans. DH does not want to try to replant butterbeans but to plant more green beans instead. Cucumbers are in bloom. What green beans we got from what did come up only gave us about 2 quarts of beans. Didn’t fare well with all the rain.  It has rained almost everyday and the garden is to wet to plant right now. DH did till up the garden again, but the tiller got away from him and he fell. Cut his arm and scraped his knee. But otherwise is ok.I am now thinking maybe of getting things together for next year and doing raised beds. I am also looking into permaculture.  I think that these methods might be easier on both of us.

    Got back into going through things in office and pitching things out and reorganizing some things. Now that I have gone through the clothes, things are so much easier to find. We donated something like 5 large bags of clothes. Glad they are gone.

    Grandson is going to help me go through my shed and get rid of some things and get that better organized. I keep my canning jars and very large pots on shelving along with christmas items on loft shelf. All my water containers are in there as well and I need to get them off the other side of loft as we are now in hurricane season and I need to get them filled. Just need to get several days of dry weather for the shed to get done. So going to clean out kitchen cabinets while I am waiting for dryer days. They said that June will be a wet month. I don’t think they were kidding.

    So far I have not had anything to can this season as of yet. So am going to be watching for sales for chicken and hope to get some salmon and tuna on sale to can as well. I have plenty of beef and pork canned already. Need to hit the market for corn and peaches. I want to can some for this year as well. Corn is just coming in and peaches are just starting to hit the markets now. So got a bit of shopping to do soon.

  • #20120

    Mama cando

    Good job on the clothes (and the other organizing) Littlesister, it really does make it easier to find stuff to wear doesn’t it?. Windows are in but the “french” door  frame is on re order, seems they sent it with a 6″ wide frame, CB ordered a 4.5″ frame. They went to put it in(other door is still in), that’s when he saw it was too wide. His asst. said he really blasted the company when they went to lunch Monday. That is on top of the one sash having a large crack in one of the layers of window pane for the bedroom. It was delivered that way. CB is really hacked off as he’s done a LOT of business with this company over the last several years, this is the first time he’s had problems like this.Now that the door is unwrapped, the hinges and door sill aren’t right, we ordered the hinges and sill in a dark bronze. We went and had new door handles and locks in the dark bronze installed on the doors instead of brass. DH said we’re not going to have the door re-ordered just for the hinges and sill plate and I agree. We will however let CB know when they come back to install the french door. At least the hinges will match the new front door hinges so it won’t look out of place. New front door was a special order someone refused so it was a GREAT deal. Now DH has to paint it but that will have to wait until we get back from GR nephew’s memorial next week.

  • #20125

    OldMt Woman

    Everyone sounds busy and most of you are tired of rain.  Even our high Rockies are getting plenty.  Some parts of the Rockies got cold enough to snow…. Yeah, the day before Summer Solstice.

    DH was finally able to get the old van running.  Ahem, we didn’t use it for hauling hay this past fall …or any other time.  So we had rodents of some sort in the engine.  Squirrels, mice, rats, bunnies….   And yes they DID chew up distributor wires.  Half of them.  3 trips to town in past 2 days to finally get parts he needed.  Van is very old and had to order but came next day.  It fired up…fortunately he had the manual for getting the firing order right.  We’d had a deluge of rain/hail some time back…for hours!  Put great channels in the driveway and the van is the only thing that should be pulling the heavy drag.  I did some shovel work for diversion ditch…..we’ll see how that works.

    Our mice ignore full strength essential oil peppermint.  ‘Course our hordes of mice had no control from ANY method until we could finally use poison.  Yeah, we tried the plaster in cornmeal….and it might have worked but who can tell?  There were so many mice….we didn’t see a noticeable difference.  They did eat it.  I knew it wouldn’t hurt my cat if they wandered up.  Now she’s gone and we use the green rodent ‘candy’.  But for the van….there is poison in there but maybe it ran out.  One suggestion we got was to lift the cover on engine so it’s not nice and cozy.  Since we have old van with that part of engine inside the vehicle between the front seats, we’re going to do that.  Running it more often would help.  Rural living = rodents…..and lions, and coyotes, and bears, and bobcats, and…..SKUNK the last two nites.  Dog barks her head off smelling it.  Uff tah!

    It’s all about rain this year, isn’t it?  Unless one is from the far SW where they have a bad dry spell.  🙁   And fires.  CA is having their electricity shut off preemptively.  😮  So PGandE doesn’t get blamed for their broken wires causing fires.  Wellllll, that’s one way to handle it.  >_<

    Since surgery I’ve been struggling!!!  But finally, I’m feeling more normal.  I took car and clocked out a quarter and a half mile down the road.  Now I’ve walked a half mile a couple times this week.  Walk with a big dog and a cane….but it’s a great improvement for this old mountain woman!  🙂

  • #20135


    discovered this in my travels

    also Flex o glass. thick sturdy plastic on a roll. I have some on my windows now, taped with clear gorilla tape- which took the paint off of stucco-old paint though)

  • #20137


    There is one think mice avoid at all cost but stinks….. weasel pee. The barns where we have weasels living in never have mice so far no chicken deaths we occationally feed them breakfast sausages raw and the odd broken shell egg expecially in winter…


    No cats as I am super allergic to their saliva.


    Also impossible here to not have mice 150 acres of hay feild around us….. Field mice /vole heaven. Our old dog used to catch them and he was stupid just so many you can’t miss fish in a barrel.


    We have gotten mice traffic down by growing mint in rows about 20 feet from house shop and one barn… I notice less mice as traps are no longer full twice a day.


    As a plus you get lung fulls of minty fresh sometimes instead of pig sty if wind in wrong direction




  • #20153


    Old Mt woman, Glad you are getting better now. Glad you were able to get your van running. Mice can do a lot of damage. We had a very large bug come from our foyer and ran into den. I killed it but not sure what it was. Looked it up on internet and it resembles a box roach or water bug. Not what we normally have around here. But we have had so much rain. There was one also several months ago. Got that one as well and then went through all the food in closets but everything was fine as food is packed in glass, cans and 5 gal. buckets with O2 oxygen absorbers. So not in the food. But I am going to pull everything out of closets and use some home defence around the baseboards and also spray the outside of house as well. Don’t like any kind of bug in house. Though it was only one. I need to find where this thing came from. Never had problems like this before. The rain is not helping. We had a bad storm yesterday but today has been really great and cool.. More rain expected next week. Hubby is going to plant tomorrow in hopes we don’t get as much rain this time. He got things ready to go today. He can’t handle doing it all in one day and I couldn’t help him today as I had things to deal with in house.

    Corsaire,, Loved the video. Very informative. I do vac. pack a lot of my dry goods but never heard of the break bleeder vac. pump. Will be checking into that. Looked easy enough to do, even with my weak hands.

  • #20157

    OldMt Woman

    Namelus…rows of mint around house…..  Hmmm, if I ever live in a place where one can grow something besides granite and pine trees, I will definitely remember that.  Know anything about keeping roaches away from dwellings?  Some areas of the country have them in the grass.

    Hope you don’t find any more mystery bugs, Lil Sister.  We have most things in tight containers too since this old house is a sieve.


  • #20161


    Lol roaches…. um yeah I do we called it voodoo chalk….. do you have a china town near you ask a dry good person for roach chalk. ….. what ever it is they won’t cross it.


    If your building is infested hard to deal with other than let it freeze solid for a few days.


    Other plants they hate are strongest is catnip, garlic, hedge apples, cucumber. Garlic or cat crushed in oil (let it sit for a week if  possible) then sprayed  keeps them away for weeks…. the other two you need fairly fresh which is a pain.

    If outside get a guinea foul… those things love roaches

  • #20171


    These are not your normal run of the mill roaches. This is some type of either water bug or what they call a box roach. Seems those like to eat on boxes. This is the second one I have seen in almost a year. So not a problem. I am cleaning out the front hall closet as I do have boxes with pictures, etc. in there. That is also where we keep our coats and sweaters. I pulled everything out last night but found nothing. So I am cleaning up and going to spray in there. I am then going to spray up in the attic as I keep my paper products up there. I have some things I have been wanting to put in plastic containers. Will be doing that as soon as I feel better.  Got up this morning with a sinus infection. Don’t know where that came from but now working on keepin DH from getting it. Though he may have been the one that gave it to me. He has been having sinus issues for a month or more.

  • #20228


    Forgot to mention, my sweet GD Carolina (age 17) is back safe and sound from her six months of study in France. She reports it was an excellent experience and her French is now really superb. At least that’s what I’ve been told. I don’t speak French. And, according to her, apparently the Yellow Vest French are still protesting every weekend.

    Granddaughter Davis (age 21) is still in Europe doing the grand tour bit and getting college credit for it. So far two weeks each place: Greece, then Italy, and now Germany. Wonder why they didn’t do that back in my day? 🙂 And, my sweet GD Fairlight (age 16) is headed to Italy in July for a month’s study in Rome focusing on Latin. Yep, Latin…… It’s a long story.

    As a family we just believe in the value of travel and languages for our young ones. It’s a whole different world they will live in. We’re blessed to have the resources also to make these travel adventures possible for them. Plus we make these things a priority over stuff.

    Bye again, all…I think of you as my digital friends….so happy to know you through your posts…

  • #20227


    Hi, All….Just love reading your posts!!! I’ve learned so much from all of you as I’ve spent the past 6 or so months following this forum.

    This past week has been interesting as we’ve experienced several power outages (the result of some fairly strong wind storms). Each time, I’ve had the opportunity to reflect on my “readiness” to cope with an extended outage. These outages were brief…just a matter of a few hours…but they were eye openers for me.

    The first question I ask is always “is it just me or is everyone else out as well?” Any idea how long it might be out? I don’t live where I have neighbors close enough to see whether they have lights or not. Usually, our power outages are really brief, just a matter of minutes, but when the power didn’t come back on I had to think about what I should do next. Especially when one storm with attendant power loss occurred in late evening. Scary.

    Bottom-line: I’ve been focusing so much on long-term situations I’ve neglected preparing for short-term situations. I’M NOT READY! How am I going to fix a quick cup of tea or coffee? Or heat up something from the fridge to eat? Where is everything I need for these activities? That generator I’ve not been able to get repaired? is it time to get a new one?

    Not to bore you with details of this most enlightening week, the big issue is that I stupidly decided to get something from a high shelf and fell, really hard. Saw stars when my head hit the floor – a first time for that in my entire life. After determining nothing was broken, I then had to crawl on my hands and knees some distance to find something I could actually use to help me pull up. Wow. Where’s my phone? need to call someone for assurance I’m okay. Find the mobile and it isn’t working!!! No signal or something like that.

    Well, it’s been an awakening and today I’m starting needed preps…ordered a medical alert device with GPS tracking. Check. Finally admitting to myself that I simply must accept physical limitations and climbing up on ladders is not in my future. Check. Putting together in one place the quick things I need during those initial hours of power outage so I’m not stumbling around in the dark looking. Check. Learning more about how to trouble shoot my mobile phone. I just needed to turn it off and reboot it occasionally. Check.

    So, that’s my report for the right now. Excessive rain seems to be affecting my gardening efforts but I remain positive about this new hobby. I’m learning a lot and have high hopes of harvesting a few things.

    Keep on smiling, ya’ll!!! God is good…

  • #20270

    Columbia River


    yours might be some of the most practical preps done by the whole group this week.

    I liked seeing the “check” – means you didn’t just say I need to get that done but you took care of it.

    Good job!

  • #20318


    Muffy 1938, you are doing great with your preps. Getting things done.

    We just got rest of garden in after all the rain we have had. I just hope it won’t be to late for butter beans. We are however losing some of our tomato plants because of all the rain. DH thinks it’s to late now to replant. I want to do all raised beds next year to make it easier on DH. So am planning for that and figuring out where I want to set them up.

    I just received the 2 books I ordered from Daisy:  The prepper’s pantry and Be ready for anything. So I now have more reading to do. I have been trying to read every night before bed for about one or two hours.

    We are in hurricane season now though usually we will get effects near end of summer. But things with our weather has been so crazy that I am getting things together now. I am getting ready to fill all my water cans. Checking generator to see if we need to change oil and filter yet also. Don’t think it is quiet time yet but will have what we need when the need arises. Getting our gas cans and propane tanks filled as well. Like Muffy, these needs are not on the checked off list as of yet but getting things together now so I can hit the store and gas station soon.

    Cleaned out the front hall closet Sat. and mopped floor and dusted things as the front hall closet hasn’t been cleaned in over 2 years. We usually just hang our coats in there. So today I took all the coats, jackets, hoodies and washed everything except for the 2 coats we have to have dry cleaned. I did put them in dryer on air dry though to make sure there was no dust in them. Coats are something I don’t wash often unless it is the ones we wear a lot. We really haven’t needed to wear our heavy coats in the past 2 years as it never got cold enough to need them. But I am going to hang on to them because we have had to use them in the past over a 3 or 4 year period.

    Heading to bed now as it is almost 4 am.  Later


  • #20388

    Mama cando

    Muffy, please take care on the ladders Glad you’re okay. Good check on the phone, still hate mine but I will NOT get one of them “smart” phones. DH got the veggie plants in and they are doing good even with all the rain we’ve gotten. Of course he goofed and planted both the discs of salad greens again.My friend and hairdresser is really happy. We’ll have LOTS to share LOL. Apples are looking real good this year so I’m looking forward to putting them up. My cross the street neighbor is also looking forward to them. hope to get a couple of bottles of cider this year from his friend. Other than starting the Christmas gifts and rotating the pantry. Don’t have too much planned. We are going south to see Son1 and Family after the 4th. Grand daughter 1 is in volleyball camp 3 days a week but Grandson1 decided not to do the camps other than swimming this year just wants to hang out with DIL 1 and baby sister for the rest of July till they have to go back to their mother.

    DH’s cousins are heading this way, one end of July, He’s a bowler and there is a big tournament about an hour away from us and the 2nd leg of it’s in city about 1/2 hour from us.  Since we’re in the middle miles wise from both cities we’re having them stay with us for the weekend. Then his other cousin is in Labor Day weekend , we’ll be taking her to the State museum and library for a day, then DH and sibs are headed to the game on that Sunday with her. Since school will have started, am picking up Grandson 2 (8yrs) after school the 29th Aug and we are going to make a caramel apple cake  with home made caramel sauce for dinner the next day. Can’t wait to get him in the kitchen with me. They came over for dinner last Friday, I pulled a few recipes off the PC  for him to look at. We’re going to make “UGLY” Apple cake with the homemade sauce. Had to disappoint his little sister though. It will be her turn next time to “cook” with Grandma. We will be having Chicken, Mashed potatoes (don’t forget WITH GRAVY grandma!!), steamed carrots then for dessert the Caramel Apple Cake.He’s a bit disappointed the apples on the trees won’t be ready then but he’s okay with “store” bought ones. Other than that have been reading a lot and watching a few U Tube Vids. Came across one, gentleman from Australia/England making 100 hour candles. It was really simple. He said take a pint jelly/jam jar,cleaned out with the lid,  what looked to be a 6″ candle and solid shortening, NO LARD, he was specific about it. Showed his block of shortening and thought US’s was called “cresto or something like that” I think he meant Crisco. Melt the shortening, cool for a bit then pour it into the jar about an inch from the top and let is solidify awhile(10-20mins) then stick the candle in the middle of the shortening. He lit his and to see how long it would last put it in what he said was the playhouse and checked on it . That durn thing lasted almost 120 hours lit continuously, surprised even him.. It look like it put out a good amount of light as well.He said you could add a few drops of essential oils if you wanted, to make the candles smell pretty.  Looks like I have a new “gifty” project this year .Both DIL’s LOVE candles and if they last as long as that guy’s, win win.

    Oh almost forgot I have a new grand dog.Son2 has a new puppy and he is going to be humongous. One of his friends dog had a litter. Son 2 and DIL2 decided it was time for a puppy.Both kids are old enough to learn to take care of a pet.Hope you all stay safe and have a Good Fourth.

  • #20392

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    84 degrees today. Not really that hot, but it is humid. Outside for a while, then back in; intermittent outside work at our age is best.

    Muffy: Take it easy. You might have a concussion if you are dizzy or nauseous.

    Get your sweet granddaughter together with my #1 grandson (18). He has had five years of Latin. At Scout camp, a cabin roommate brought in a ceremonial sword- should not have, but, they are teenagers. Goofing around, he said he wanted to be knighted someone told Max to do it. So, Maxwell, a bit of a showman, took the sword and, in Latin, proceeded to “knight” him with some flowery prose. It surprised the others. Yes. You can “speak” Latin. Besides it is good for the biology/medical fields.

    Little Sister: If you had the giant water bug, I hope you got it before it got you. They have a terrible bite.

    Try replanting the tomatoes. Ours have not been in long and you have a longer summer. Do you have a bucket with a cracked bottom? Try one at least. Buckets are not that difficult to find, or expensive to purchase. Drill a couple holes in an old bucket and replant your tomato.

    We did a bit of shopping today. Found a couple things at Aldi and did not find the one we wanted. Apparently there was a folding chair that has a table for beverages, not one of those that come in a big sack of a tube. Did not find that, but we found a 6”x6” fan that can run on batteries – that went immediately into the camping box. Plus, a butane stove.

    I had been told that a butane stove is safe to use inside and wanted to order one. Well, this was only $10. Now to get extra butane. I want it for my basement tornado shelter. I don’t really have a shelter, but am putting together stuff to have ready. Meanwhile, we try to open up an area and make it comfortable. [We have a propane kitchen stove so we can cook even if the power is out – just not use the oven because it has an electronic control pad.]

    Our portable radio did not have useable batteries, so batteries was also on the list. I think we need to go to CostCo to get more Eneloop. But, the Energizer said they had a 20-year (waiting) life span even though they could not be recharged.

    Next time we go to a Walmart-type store, I need to get some large plastic boxes, the same size and kind, to better store emergency/prepping things in. Paper boxes are terrible: cannot see inside, break down from stacking to high, get wet, and difficult to relable.

    Oh, our STRAWBERRIES are producing a good crop this year!!! I put some on a cooky sheet and froze them right away – future use. We had some last night in a bowl with a tiny bit of sugar and some whipped cream. Oh! So good.

    The squash vines are doing well, perhaps too well for how closely I planted them. We will see. Cucumbers are slow. Sugar peas are starting to bloom and the lettuce is large enough to pick some. Seeded some more lettuce for future use. Gradually the vegetable garden moves forward.

    So, to all of you who post pictures of what you are harvesting and canning already, enjoy your climate. All of ours seems to come in at the same time.

    Oh, Deer! A friend told us that she uses that flimsy plastic netting over the plants she does not want eaten. We bought some and installed it over the flower gardens next to the house. Finally, the Coral Bells, Sedum, Dianthus, and Mums are growing! I don’t care so much about the Hostas. One poor Sedum has been eaten back several times. The covered one is already 2-feet tall and will stay that way (she says doing a little dance). Finally Coral Bells will have leaves AND flowers and grow larger. Thank you plastic netting, and friend Kathy.

    So, all of you, don’t climb ladders, watch the heat, and stay safe.

  • #20394


    Oh I didnt realize I hadnt checked in for this long. Been reading all the posts and blogs though

    Littlesister. I am glad you liked it. I went through some of her( prepsteader) other videos and learned alot; eg I can eat the clover in my yard

    CinnamonGranny. I have that Aldi fan and gave it a trial run. It works well. Butane came so I need to give the Aldi stove a trial run

    Its been quite brutal heat wise. Rotated preps. Made a list, with priorities. Things I need soon and things that can wait. I noticed that the bottled water section at Aldi is slim. Walmart shelves are also getting bare.

    Nice to hear the family and garden updates. Kudos to all.

  • #20495


    Getting very hot here. In the mid nineties. Heat index has been triple digits today and will be for next couple of days or more. So got the well going to water. Seems strange to have to water after all that rain. But garden dried out fast. We just replanted green beans and butter beans a few days ago. Hoping they will come up this time. All the rain we had I guess rotted the first planting. Though in the other garden we did get a few green beans to freeze. Wasn’t enough to can as they were three different pickings. Blueberries are just about done. Maybe one or two more pickings on  those. I might have to get another blueberry bush. Hubby and grandson ate those faster than I could pick them.

  • #20515

    OldMt Woman

    Hello Everyone!  Muffy!  I sucked in my breath when I read you fell, and didn’t breathe again until it was apparent you weren’t injured too badly.  But could have been ..and alone.  Glad to hear you took precautions.  It’s so hard to keep a phone close to hand every moment.  My last spectacular fall …..toe caught on dog’s body harness strap and slammed me down hard.  I was actually talking to DH on phone when it happened….meaning he was at work.  [some years ago now]  Well phone fortunately didn’t fly too far.  Tho I was unable to move much for quite some time…stuck where I landed on the floor…I was able to reach phone and explain what happened.  He ended up coming home to help ….tho I wasn’t injured, just nervous system froze up and wouldn’t ease up.  So the Alert thing around one’s neck is such a good idea….always with you.  But they won’t connect our here in our boonies or I’d have gotten one years ago.  So we do what we can.

    In prepping for a sudden blackout, everyone remember to get a whole 10-pack of those $1 flashlights.  Be sure to take out the circle of paper that keeps them from accidentally turning on and running out battery.  If you need them, you don’t want to be trying to take out that paper.  Put them EVERYwhere.  They are cheap.  Any where you sit or stand or dark places you can’t see well anyway ….like bottom shelf of pantry.  Bathroom….so dark and must have light!  Vehicles, obviously.  And they should be down low enough to reach….if you’re on the floor.  AND high enough to reach when the lights go out.  Near the chair….where you’ll automatically reach….etc.  Memorize WHERE you put them.  Best safety investment is being able to SEE!  This place has so many dark areas that we use them all the time anyway, without outages.  Drop the pencil down wrong side of bed, reach for the flashlite and find it. …just did that yesterday!  🙂

    Good to hear from the rest of you. Gardens drowned but mostly recovering.  I’ve still got low stamina so I’m up and down in function/energy.  Still walking my half mile.  For my physical challenges….half mile in 20 min is goooood!  Increase what I can.  I still spend a lot of time down….but can still prep and keep myself busy.  [or I’d go crazy!]

    I’ve been researching more about KNOTS.  Learning and relearning knots. Identifying ones that I use a lot but might not know the name. So far I haven’t found a name for a simple loop I make mid-line. Use that often to tighten tie-down ropes…leverage. LOL Maybe it’s too simple to have a name?   LOL

    Learning more about dish-type oil lamps. DIY type. In my case, remember in January when I was trying the Altoids tin and could not keep the wick lit. Trouble might have been the wick not wicking due to materials that I tried. Will be trying cotton mop strand and/or a real cotton ball stretched out and spun into a cord. [Old cotton shoe laces?  BUT there is another possible answer to the trouble. Up here at very high altitude, fire does not burn like it would at lower altitudes. We do have to jimmy it a bit. Might be that too but need to eliminate other errors first.

    Mama Cando…..I’d seen some talk of putting a wick into a can of Crisco for a steady light and heat [cooking] source.  The idea to just slide in a slim candle and presto….you have a wick that is straight in!  Good idea…thanks for sharing!

    Also, from January Challenge, I’ve been thinking of why I could NOT get fire started with my magnesium block.   I’ve started fires all my life…burn trash on our farm.  Camping lots and lots.  But started them with matches, mostly.  Embarrassing …but I might not have been using a steel knife to spark the flint.  Just some old kitchen knife I had at the fireplace.  I can fix that!  Secondly, that the magnesium/flint block that I bought at Walmart might not be the ‘real’ thing. Hmph! Got a Doan’s brand coming from Amazon with some humidifier filters we’d be paying shipping on anyway.  So I will be trying that again.  Still have plenty of cig liters and wooden matches but…better to have options.  Besides, it bugs me!  Hmph!

    We’re finally having some 80+ degrees in afternoon.   Nites chilly as always.  Nice!  Have had a lot of rain for our area this year.  Nothing like you in the central and east.  But we don’t want fires so not complaining!!

    OldMtWoman     G’nite all

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