The Media Vilifies Preppers and Those Stocking Up as “SELFISH HOARDERS” While Po

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      Legit question: are people bad for stocking up or being preppers?

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      They are equating now rush buying as what preppers  do… um we have supplies from years ago this is purely the unprepared masses creating the issue. It fits narrative to then seize your private property for good of all…  amazing how fast everyone becomes communist when they have nothing and others do. Who cares how they got it and how much they sacrificed for it, I deserve the efforts of their hard labour because I am me mentality of free stuff army

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      It actually was a way of life until the 20th century .

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      So what?
      Last I knew “hoarding” was a clearly defined mental condition. If you aren’t emotionally attached to every bit of precious treasure, like that newspaper from 2003, you could use it as toilet paper but you won’t, then you are probably safe.

      Obsessed perhaps but a “hoarder”?

      They want to call names, again “So What?” When did we start caring what the media says?

      Sit back, stop panic buying and take a breath.

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      OldMt Woman

      Too right, Namelus!  DH and I topped up on medical supplies we used when I caught some bug in January.  AND we’ve been gulping down fresh fruit/veggies to build our systems back up again……in time for this next onslaught!  So other than filling in a bit here and there…..several weeks ago….we’re out of the stores.

      These new folks who are “stocking up” are hurricane/blizzard shoppers.  They are not preppers in the same sense that we are.  We’re not ‘rainy day’ preppers….it’s a lifestyle.   And we’re all horrified to have something come along that actually might use a LOT of our supply.  None of us NEEDS to see a great big event happen to justify our stored supplies.  An occasional power outage, time of unemployment, or hurricane/flood/blizzard will justify our little habit just fine.  We’re all hoping this is NOT THE BIG ONE.

      But if it is….we’ll do what we’ve planned to do and mind our own business.  And hope others don’t even notice us.  If we haven’t been blabbing….they probably won’t.

      OldMtWoman  ….nothin’ to see here folks, move along…

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      Going back and reading a lot of these post is giving me a renewed wake up call. I have been off and on the forum for a while now. More off than on.

      I was thinking a biden win will provoke them having the national guard going house to house. biden already said he was coming for our guns. Good luck on that one. But they would as a socialist, communist party take our food as well for what they call the better good.  One reason I am trying hard to figure out a root cellar in a place it won’t be noticed and deep enough it won’t be picked up by medal detectors. I can my own food for as much as I can but do have store bought cans as well because of not being able to get a garden in this year. Wanted to make sure I had enough to get through winter months as I am not going out of house this winter, except for DH’s doctors and therapy appts.

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