The military’s obsession with energy drinks is contributing to PTSD, study finds

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    I remember many years ago a report I read where they gave Navy crews caffeine pills to see how long they could keep them awake and alert for work conditions. I thought it was a bad idea then.

    I’m all for a good caffeine dose but the body is only made to do so much. I get slightly unsteady, mentally off balanced, and beyond emotionally cranky when I hit 24 hours no matter how much caffeine I got going. I need my sleep and I’m not good without it.

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    OldMt Woman

    It is astounding how many energy drinks are sold… young, middle, and old.  Some of them are quite potent and do they realize that at some point….you will have to “pay back that loan”?

    I DO have powder for making energy drinks ….in my emergency kits.  Under certain circumstances, they could be very useful…like EVAC from wildfire or other deadly situations.  But other than testing to see what my personal reaction will be if I take it, I leave it for a real emergency.

    OldMtWoman …also can’t stand taste of coffee- I drink well water mostly.


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    I think we have just produced a very weak society as a whole . That lack of strength will become part of our military , it cant not travel into it . Things don’t help the situation , when there are no goals , or intention of winning . They come back with too many questions , that have no positive answer . I also think that technology dependance has already reached a point that is destructive to our society . People cant cope , because they have never had to deal with anything real . It would be easier for a junkie to give up heroin , cold turkey , than an American to give up their cell phones for a month .

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    You make a very good point Tolik.  Technology has become it’s own type of drug.  Entire generations are losing the ability to exist on their own two feet, to do and think for themselves, to prove themselves on their own abilities.

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