The next target in the climate-change debate: your gas stove

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    Climate change is a way of controlling the people. Our weather has always had changes over the years.  Maybe they should try planting more trees instead of cutting them down to keep building so much.  That is a lot of the problem. We need the trees for what they do best. Remove the carbon from the air. DH retired from the gas co. here.  He has this house piped for everything we need.  Even our grill can be switched from propane to natural gas. The pipes, etc. is all set up to switch it at anytime.

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    Actually I think you go the real source of the problem  “. . . keep building so much.”

    Tell them to reduce their carbon foot print, like smaller houses, driving less, stop getting your products from 5,000 miles away, etc. and their heads would explode.

    They want meatless Mondays?  Tell them to join one of our cut the electricity challenges for a weekend.

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    You mean like greta thunberg sails on 4 million yaht to climate conference and 6 of the sailor fly back… boy that saved some carbon. Or decaprio flying 8000 miles on private plaNE for green award gee that’s reasonable


    You claim recycling saves world… we package it and ship it around world to process, that’s brilliant eco bs.

    Tax on carbon yeah sure that will help instead of making European efficient cars available.

    Don’t you dare make a change like composting toilets but use the brainless idea of smaller flush toilets so you save 20 percent of water per flush but need to flush twice some brilliant move there.


    Empty all the dams from over flow flooding in spring but in sumber don’t let any out for farmers in summer keeping resovoir over full  at flood levEl for fall and winter and cause the flooding. Some cover up bs there


    Some meatless Monday impossible burger has so much glycophate it’s toxic. Why not address the real problem we have too many people and it is not the top of the best and brightest procreating. Want to tell the protected races to stop reproducing?












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