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    Crow Bar

    I am a day behind!

    Daughter had to inform me yesterday was the 1st of OCT . . . I was like, “Already?”

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    I am on week 2 of the vanilla extract, 6 more weeks to go to make is usable. But ideally it should be at least 6 months. Started my apple cider vinegar yesterday. Cabbage is out, but the heads are small, so I’ll wait a bit before starting the sauerkraut.

    Like Daisys idea of having wind-chimes attached to inside door knobs. Going to do something similar, using different chimes/bells for different doors.

    Sticker shock at the grocery store the other day. And thrift stores shelves are sparse. I’ve never seen it this way.

    Hope all is well with everyone.

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    It has been awhile since I have been on here. Been very busy now for a few months. DH has been very ill and not regaining his strength like I had hoped. He is in congestive heart failure and I have been really busy trying to take care of him and clean house and other things as well. Lots of doctor visits.  He has been in ER 3 times and hospital 4 times since the end of April. And has had 2 surgeries.  He was in heart rehab for a bit, but had to put it on hold till he sees an othopedic doctor for his knee. He has no warning when it goes and he falls. So this is an issue. Very high fall risk. though he is using a walker. I have to stay right with him when he gets up to walk anywhere. They clamped his mitral valve and had the watchman put in to get him off the blood thinners. They have done more damage than good.

    We did not do a garden this year and I am going to miss that as veggies and everything else seems to have doubled in price. Though I am set for a good year or more. I only go out for RX’s, eggs and milk and to fill in the holes in my food supply at times.

    I am getting very tired these days as I have broken sleep getting up and down with DH. But by the will of God, we will get through this rough patch. This has been a year no one will ever forget. Fires, Corona virus, floods, hurricanes, you name it, it has hit this country hard. And now our president and his wife has come down with this dreaded virus. Praying for a fast and full recovery for the both of them and anyone else going through this mess.

    Hope everyone here is safe and sound and above all well.

    You know you are getting old when you have more doctors than friends.

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    You know your old when you take more colored pills/drugs now than as a teenager.




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    OldMt Woman

    LOL…..old age comes to all of us.  ‘Taint fun, neither!  Hmph!

    Hey, where’s Muffy been?  She laughs at my “Hmph!”

    Chimes on door knobs….ya mean anyone rattling your door could get past the Dog Alarm, Corsaire?  Couldn’t get past ours.  Deep and LOUD tone on our Dog Alarm.  Might just encourage one person or just a few to move to better odds.  Obvious that it’s a real dog cuz she’d get right up close and personal at the door….as tho she’s about to claw it open and find out who’s out there.  …Don’t tell but she just loves anyone that will fawn all over her.  Anyone in the mood for doing us wrong …not so much tho.

    DH and I have been trying ….mostly succeeding…to get our health at maximum for this era of our lives.  Some set backs this year have been aggravating!  I’m crawling out of that hole….slowly.  But it means the Debris of Disorganization in a small house has been winning the battle.  Hmph!  Next in my plan….

    And it’s Change Of Season so of COURSE  I’m looking thru the BOBs …. and GetHomeBags …..   and the Out-For-Walk in Forest items….    and stuff for an actual EVAC.  LOL   I can’t seem to stop specializing my emergency bags.

    EDC…always there and is already most of the Out-For-Walk items.  GetHomeBags live in vehicles.  Have adequate stuff quite similar to BOB, but if stolen from vehicles, not best stuff.   Usually things I acquired before I could find/afford the best stuff. [ two is one and one is ….]

    BOB will finally be all the best specialty equipment consolidated and condensed. I have SUCH a problem with ‘kitchen sink’ items somehow sneaking into those BOBs when I’m not paying close attention!  {roll eyes}

    EVACuation bags….we’ve done that.  If we get warning, load the BOBs and the whole “Business”  Satchel first to each vehicle.  BOB has some basic paperwork already in there but some needs to be kept more secure than sitting next to the door.  Yay, DH and I have gone thru the Business Satchel already!  It’s lighter and updated!

    Then if there is time in the Evacuation:  Medications/Medical Devices… and more specialized First Aid bags.  More clothes/footwear bags. Some food and definitely water in case of getting stuck in the evac lines on highway.  Precious Items.  Camping gear lives in my vehicle so that’s already handled.  Etc.

    Already have a detailed EVAC LIST and updated it at the beginning of our mountain fire season.  It’s a notebook that includes location of items.  But I also hang a basic Run Out Door LIST.  Written without my glasses on large piece of cardboard [cereal box] with a marker.  SO I can READ the list without first finding my reader glasses!  [age is aggravating!]  Some items on that LIST are in code….

    Whatever is wise to be on shelves near door, is there.  Other things are on that LIST.  Cuz I can’t remember nothin’ in a hurry!

    …been taking notes on Daisy/Selco/Toby recommendations for a slim BOB!  Mine need a diet!  LOL

    OldMtWoman  …be careful everyone; times are volatile!  🙁

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    Could they get past my pup, dunno, but its an extra layer of protection-one that doesnt require power. One little rattle and the bells would ring. And that most certainly get the pup barking.

    Read Cruellas comment on the main page about the robo vacuums. I thought about getting one, but now—nope.

    And yea where is Muffy?

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings All. Happy October.

    It is my grandson’s birthday today, and mine in a couple weeks. No big parties. Just Zoom Meetings. Although we all isolate pretty well and getting together for dinner at home would be fine.

    We are pulling plants from the garden. The determinate tomatoes are finished and the indeterminate, table-type, just seemed to have problems, so out they all come. Clean-up time for most of the beds, add compost, and hopefully dig as much as possible before the ground freezes.

    I hope to add a bed of parsnips this Autumn, yet, to see if overwintering will produce a crop for next year. I planted the inside of three broccoli beds with parsnips seeds this Spring and was rewarded with one plant. Not many broccoli heads either this year even with three 2.5 x 15 foot beds. Better luck next year. It turned out the cabbage did better than I thought, after cleaning out the cabbage worms. I don’t need to plant as much next year. Time to try that sauerkraut that you have all mentioned. Plus, possible some kim chi. Some late seedings grew, others did not. Just not a two crop summer for us here in zone 4. But, it was my first time trying some new things. Gardens are a learning process.

    Purchased some squash at the farmer’s market to make squash soup and to store. I continue to can meats, and meals to stock up for the winter. Looking for the sales this Autumn on baking items. My freezer is full, I need more shelves in my pantry. While missing a few favorite fresh or short lived foods, I think we could survive a serious shut down for a while.

    The ham radio club is holding its monthly meetings on-line. We get to still see each other and “interact” that way. One of the club members had a serious stroke and has been in hospital for two weeks with at least two more to go. He is single. We cannot visit or do much to help. This virus is making things challenging. He needs to go into assisted living. Hopefully there will be one where he can use his radios. Being retired it is his main hobby.

    A young friend has a baby boy. Her parents, in order to visit from BRAZIL, must quarantine for two weeks – in another country. At least grandma will be here soon.

    My family was supposed to go to New York City in May to attend a doctoral graduation ceremony and see the sights. NYC was closed – Trip Cancelled. We had also planned to visit Yellowstone over Christmas and see the park’s geysers against the winter snow. Day use only; hotels closed – Trip Cancelled. My daughter and her father are itching to go somewhere over Christmas and have now picked Hawaii. I think they are getting antsy and just want out of their houses since they are all working from home. I lived in Hawaii and it is easy to want to go back and visit places, friends, and events, again. I just don’t think it is safe. We are eight people and would make up our own ‘tour group’. But there are things you cannot do as a tourist with virus conditions. You cannot visit the local entertainment and enjoy a local meal. They want to wait until Dec. 1<sup>st</sup> before making any real plans. Hubby does not want to go. What if someone gets sick while there? Who stays behind? If one of eight become sick will the rest be allowed to leave at all? At least it is one of our states and not a foreign country. I am simply hoping that they realize it is not a good idea. Or they may need to go without us.

    The battery on my computer has died. It was getting hot, and having charging issues before. Now, it is simply X. Hopefully we can just replace the battery. Another expense and task for this month. Although, even without charging, it is working just fine.

    I finally have a new prescription for glasses. I am more than read to wear them again. Having the cataract surgery was good for long term vision. In the mean time, reading glasses do not have the range of magnification that my no-line bifocals had. Stretching my neck at the computer, misplacing glasses somewhere in the kitchen, not easily seeing my kitchen knife or fingers. Glad this is almost over. I have not tried sewing or crocheting and I miss that, too.

    I don’t like Autumn because it means that below zero temperatures and thigh high snow is just around the corner.  So, we prep in order to handle the extremes.  May the extremes be just in amount of snowfall and cold temperatures this winter.  Be careful, All.


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    grannyj smith

    I ordered some BPA free reusable food storage bags so I no longer have to buy storage bags only to throw them away after use, these bags are washable and will cut down on cost and waste.  Next month I am ordering refrigerator bins to organize kid snacks and egg containers to hold the eggs our chicken give us instead of using many egg cartons taking up space.  In our kitchen we have two refrigerators and it seems they are never organized,  crazy to have two refrigerators, but we use one for kids snacks and school lunches and the other for milk and vegetables.

    Did not get to food shop Friday when I was in town for the store was crowded and may go in today to get extra water and bread for there is another storm coming in the Gulf.

    Saturday I traded a dozen of my eggs for a jar of blueberry jelly and three dozen eggs for two bags of chicken that I will give to a man that needs the extra food.


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    Crow Bar

    We bought two extra storage racks and move a bunch of stuff around. More room in the pantry!
    The attic is now very organized!

    Also bought about 200lbs of meat: Chicken breast, bacon, ground beef, sausage, and two 10blbs slabs of fresh bacon I am going to make into maple style bacon myself.
    Got it all for about $3lbs.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Ok, I did it.  I sliced five pounds of cabbage, salted it, and put it in a food grade bucket with a weight.  Time will tell.

    Have fun processing all of that meat CrowBar.  Enjoy.


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    Crow Bar

    Wife went grocery shopping yesterday (the usual weekly thing).
    She was shocked to find it looked like the shelves had been raided!
    BIG gaps in soup, pasta, paper isles.

    Not sure if it is people are stocking up for the election, or it could be the day before they restock the shelves, the truck comes in the next day.
    She stocked up on somethings anyways.

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    Likewise here Crowbar, paper products are thinning out again.

    Sauerkraut was started today. Did round one of grocery shopping. Will need to hit another store later.

    Starting to dry out after a couple of weeks worth of rain. We had a stalled front. However the rain took a toll on my roof as I a noticed a puddle. Roof guy is coming out on Friday. Apparently I am not alone as the roofers were swamped and I am lucky to get someone who will respond.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hope you get roof repaired, Corsaire.  And can ya share some of that persistent rain with those of us out west here?  We’re hurting bad.  Never have see this pond with so much mudflats around the edge.

    For those making sauerkraut, homemade is tasty.  I had a great batch a few years ago.  The next year I tried it….got some OTHER type of action going and yucko.  Dumped that.  I do wish I knew why it happened….I use very clean procedures.  I’d like to hear how yours turn out.

    Renewed shortages:  Yeah, I’ve been talking about that with friends in various parts of U.S.  It really is happening again.  But many food corporations are saying that they’re stocking their back storage more fully.  They don’t want trim so close on their Just- In-Time policies like had been done for years.  That keeps their overhead down but it became a part of the Spring 2020 disaster that will not easily be forgotten by consumers.  They’re making “Pandemic Pallets” and positioning this extra product in case stores get a massive shopping hit again.

    Okay…I hope all of that is true.  ….but we’re STILL seeing the same ole bare shelves.  Soups.  Canned fruit/veg.  Tomatoes.  Pumpkin.  Paper products, tho off-brands are seen more often.  Some shortages in frozen foods too.  No canning supplies available this side of Mars!  [Be careful – some fake lids are being sold in recycled Ball boxes and they are trash!]  Some OTC medical products are more available than since March….for now?

    If we see what we haven’t seen in a while, we grab it, right?  AND if two is one and one is none…..we grab three.  {or more}  But it’s not just those of us who have always done this.  A WHOLE LOT OF OTHERS now know to stock up with more!  LOL  There is good and bad in increasing the percentage of folks who stock up like we do.  Good mostly, I believe.  As long as it isn’t just all beer and Doritos.  {roll eyes}


    Want to know how much wound bandaging materials you need to stock up on?  My family member had a massive wound on the leg some time ago.  Once out of the hospital, dressing is changed several times a day.  A lot of padding/packing…then the outer wrap to stabilize the dressing.  Add any topical antibiotic cream or whatever.  Several times a day for two or three weeks.  How much?  LOTS more than you’d think if you haven’t experienced this.  A case is not too much.  A box that comes in the pre-packaged First Aid kits are worthless beyond a paper cut.

    Here is one hint tho:  The dressing that will make contact with open wound needs to be as sterile as possible.  The materials for padding and wrapping in place need to be clean but not quite sterile.  Some of that can be washed and reused.  AGAIN: not anything that touches the open wound.    A trick from a LONG AGO First Aid class:  Iron the clean bandaging materials with a hot [not scorching] iron.  AGAIN: for the materials not touching open wound.  When/If it comes down to desperate times, we’ll need reusable bandaging materials and will have to make them as sterile/clean as possible.  Until then, I’m stocking up on commercially available STERILE products.

    My health issues are receding…yay!  Have finally gone back to walking dog with no repercussions.  Taking it slow tho….but progress forward!  🙂  ….BOBs are still waiting patiently.  { Hmph! }

    OldMtWoman  …stay safe, all!

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    Absolutely OldMTWoman

    When my part of my index finger got bitten off ( pit-bull) It was 3 weeks with bandage changing 2x a day, then I moved to band-aids. First week and half used a petroleum-gauze first, then gauze ,then the wrap. Got a bunch of sterile/non sterile gauze and pads when they were on sale and some at thrift stores.

    Prepackaged first aid kits are pricey too. And indeed they contain lots of crap.

    I am using a crock this time around for the kraut. Got a factory second at StoneCreektrading. Its in my wine cooler cause its too hot to put it in the cupboard.

    Roof is 15 years old, bracing myself for the “Its needs to be replaced talk”

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    Looks like everyone has been busy.  Didn’t read through all of the above but will get back to reading post. Very interesting stuff.

    Took DH to orthopedic doctor and the knee is fine. It is the muscle that has gotten so weak it cannot hold him up. So that is why there was no pain and the knee just collapsing on him. Makes for high risk falls.  He now has a brace to stablize the knee and will be doing therapy to try to bring the muscles back.

    Went to Ledil’s today and bought canned potatoes, corn and green beans. Got a case of each.  We had no garden this year because of DH’s ongoing illness. It has been one thing after the other with his health and we are not there yet. But he is starting to get a bit stronger.

    Watching prices now for sweet potatoes and white potatoes to can. I bought 50 chicken legs to can as DH loves them with barbeque sauce for a snack. I can get 5 of them in a quart canning jar and since they are easy to can, I hope to have them done tomorrow. We still can’t go to Church here so I lesson to the sermon on line while canning. At least I have something for church right now other than just reading my Bible. And I can get things done at the same time.

    I turned my small bedroom into a pantry since this house does not have one. Already it is full. I keep my first aid kits in there and I have 6 of them.  They are very full at the moment. DH being on blood thinners still, is one reason I have so much. We go through gauze, bandaids, and a lot of other things with him. I have had to use stop bleed or quick clot on him a few times as his skin is so thin it doesn’t take much to cut himself. It happened at the orthopedic doctors yesterday. DH had to have x-ray and when he got on table he hit his elbow and we didn’t know it. So while the doctor was fitting him with the brace, he saw all the blood on his shirt. It was soaked. So he got some gauze and covered it and then used an ace bandage to hold it on him.  So I got a nice ace bandage out of that deal to add to my stash. I had to change the bandage a few times already today. This is how it goes and you can go through a first aid supply fast when someone is on blood thinners. He should be off of them in 4 months.

    I was going to plant a winter garden but don’t have the energy nor the time now. Heart rehab and phy. therapy, plus going to so many doctors with DH, it has just worn me down. All this couldn’t have happened at such a worse time as this year has been. So the stores will be my friend this year to keep what I have already canned stocked with store bought foods. But next spring will be a new day dawning and I should be able to get back to having my garden and expanding it next year. I have removed the huge bushes from across the front of house and have mulch in there for now. The flower beds all the way around the house are raised beds to make it easier to plant. So I am going to plant potatoes on one side of house and sweeet potatoes on the other. On front of house will be cherry tomatoes and herbs. Not sure what else yet but the boarder of the front flower beds will have flowers edging it.

    Working on our bobs as they have been neglected for a long while now. So have to get them out and redo them.

    Don’t know what is going to really happen after this election, but I am sure it will not be good. So trying to prepare for possible riots and who knows what else but whatever it will be it will not be good.

    Stay safe everyone and God bless.


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    grannyj smith

    Went out to town today to take the dog to the vet clinic and went by Walmart and I got an instant pot with money saved from vet cost and water deposit refund.  I pick up Mexican Street Corn, Roasted Chicken and Tossed Salad for supper tonight which is such a nice treat not having to prepare a meal this evening.

    I am behind on getting my food shopping list done and shopping for food,  I think we are having a burnout on food after months of eating meals at home.

    We were so blessed that hurricane Delta didn’t come closer, just lost power for a while, hope that is the last storm for a great while


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    Mama cando

    Hi all, been “slacking” off a bit as the 4th was our anniversary and today is DH’s birthday(69th) .He’s got all but two of the raised boxes cleared out and stored under the deck. I’m still getting pearl onions out of the one but we’ve had a couple of frosts now so he’ll be able to clear that one out now. Little sister , hope DH is getting better and that leg gets stronger. DH had the last of the shots for his knee last Friday and so far it’s doing so-so. The doc had to go into another area in the knee and he warned DH it probably would be a bit more uncomfortable till the knee settles down. Yup, he was right, the knee was a bit pain full but DH says its settling down now. I can tell he’s not walking so bow legged now. Still trying to figure out if my SIL will be hosting Thanksgiving this year. Her house is a small bungalow (think 50’s) and with at least 10-12 of us not real conducive to social distancing.  DH talked to his brother (here) and they were wondering the same thing so DH will be calling his sister soon.Our house is bigger and everybody can spread out so DH may suggest everybody come here and Christmas.But we’ll see.Told him I’ll just spray everybody with Lysol  when they come in , that oughta take care of the germs and virus LOL. The apples are ready so it looks like this week we’ll be trying get as much processed as possible, depending on the jar and lid situation.Told the neighbors if they want some help themselves but leave us some HA HA. Still working on the knitting and crocheting. I have3 more scarves to do and then the DILs hot pads. IF there’s time I believe I WILL make them a lap afghan for their couches.  The stores around here are not too bad, still a few things that can’t be had BUT I did get 2 more large cans of Lysol Spray Sunday YIPPEE!!. It looked like they only got a case of them in and I finally was in the right place at the right time

    Son 1 is on the phone with dad right now, He’s been put on furlough,get this the Covid liaison officer has tested positive so he’s been put off work for now. He says its for 10 days . PLEASE,Pray he doesn’t have it. Am praying for all of us, stay safe


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    grannyj smith

    Disinfecting sprays have not been in any of the stores here in months, so if I want disinfecting spray I am going to have to make it myself, if I can find alcohol or peroxide in the store.  Have been able to get Clorox disinfecting, wipes, hand sanitizing wipes and masks, but need more masks for I am almost out and here if you don’t have a mask on one can’t go in the store.

    I made broth out of the left over roasted chicken and Mexican street corn in my Instant pot and then I dumped Tortilla soup mix in the broth and it only took a minute in that pot and we had soup for lunch.

    I went shopping on Amazon and purchased some things that is going to make prepping food and preparing meals easier for me, can’t wait for these things to come in so I can go food shopping and use these items for storing foods.


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    Granny j smith  buy the alcohol and peroxide at a chemical dealer it’s way cheaper and you can get consentrated chemicals. Peroxide loses 1percentry per year is  dilution per year off stored properly.


    You can buy 5 gallons of 35 percent peroxide for $40 plus 5 dollars deposit. Store peroxide is around 3 percent I mix mine at 5 percent. You need gloves and eye protection to mix as that consentration will damage skin and eyes. 7 water to 1 peroxide is what we use you can go 9 to 1 for percent.


    Also buy calcium chloride WITHOUT ALGICIDE it’s powdered bleach last decade if you store proper. Only thing is its not shelf stable once mixed light breaks it apart. Last for about 2 days. 1 table spoon Ina galon of water is strong cleaning bleach that passes standard for for commercial food processing we use at our slaughterhouse. A 50lb pail of it is $35 more bleach than most will use in 10 years.





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    Mama cando

    Hi all , just a quick update Son1 is NEGATIVE!! Seems the rapid tests they have are running about 84% accurate but he still has to be off set until the 22nd. He’s working from home so he’s staying busy. the grands are happy Daddy is okay. GrDaughter 1 will be starting in school learning  first part of November. The state has been doing a good job of opening the schools slowly and according to Son 1 it’s been good so far, at least around them. So stay safe  Prayers going out for everyone.

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    Osito Arelano

    @mama cando – That’s Good  news!

    Scored a lot of canning jars someone found in their late mother’s shed.  No rings or lids,  that’s still a challenge.  Although there was a lonely case of lids at Walmart a few weeks ago. I’ll call it good fortune and took my share.

    Took a look at preps and where the gaps are. Fats. I didn’t have any besides what is in the meat.  So, a new one for me,  I canned 16 lbs of butter. Takes a while, but the result looks good. Supposed to have 3 year shelf life.

    The garden is done for the season, fall crops didn’t take and its not likely I’ll get anything to set before a freeze.   But new beds are mostly ready for spring so that’s a plus.

    I’ve given up finding ammo or that 20ga I had been looking at and didn’t buy. Lost that opportunity.

    Hearing from a lot of people they are starting to feel the pressure to do some prepping. These are people that never considered it before.  Rough time to start,  but better late than never.

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    Mama cando

    Osito, thank you, It’s a load off our minds.

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    grannyj smith

    This year Thanksgiving will be different for us because some family members are unable to come.  I wanted to cancel Thanksgiving this year, but other family members will not hear of it, guess they are worried as we are that more people will contract the virus during Winter and bring another shut down with stay at home orders.

    In order to try and keep our family and other family safe that are coming we will have an outdoor dinner with a food & dessert table on the back porch and chairs spaced out around a campfire,  just enjoy the great outdoors  and good food, thankful and grateful for all God’s blessings.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy Winter!

    Well, since it snowed on Monday, and everyday since, plus temperatures hovering around freezing, it is winter to me. We just picked up a load of wood for the wood stove. It is not the main heat in the house, but sure makes some rooms more cozy.

    We had my daughter’s family over for a birthday party. They are about the only people we see in person now a days. Just the 8 of us. Cannot go out to a restaurant, so I made my grandson’s favorite meal and dessert. Just hanging around the house and being together. She gave me a cookbook about making vegan dairy dishes. Since I cannot tolerate milk sugar, I am learning to substitute with non-dairy options. There just are not good options for sour cream, though.

    College Grandson, decided to move home from North Dakota. He is taking classes remotely, in his dorm, and decided he wanted to be with family at home. All three grandsons are learning remotely.

    We decided to NOT have a big Thanksgiving Dinner with extended family. Daughter’s in-laws have stayed in frozen MN and not traveled to TX as they usually do for the winter. They will have an opportunity to spend a holiday together. Still don’t know if we will have an opportunity to see Hubby’s son and his family. They just don’t communicate very often. The invitation has been extended for just the four of them and us.

    I have canned potatoes – plain, and potato soup. Just took frozen beef from the freezer to make/can a Scottish Beef Stew with root vegetables: potatoes, carrots, parsnips, rutabagas and red wine. I hope to can more potatoes, and onions, and freeze some fresh veggies to get us through the winter and away from the stores in the Covid crisis.

    We got most of the garden beds prepared for next season, but the broccoli is still out there. I doubt they will survive the 28 degrees we are supposed to get overnight. Finally harvested peppers that spent the last two weeks under a plastic tent. Sliced, blanched, and froze them. They were the carnival peppers, deep dark color/purple. Tasted just like green peppers but a rather thin flesh though; I was hoping for more sweet red bells

    As much as I would like to be able to have fresh greens and tomatoes in the winder I am glad our growing season is over. With the garden done and the snow staying on the ground, I felt an immediate relaxing into the winter. The last few weeks have been busy cleaning up the yard and gardens. Now, I can sew, or read, or whatever without worrying about harvesting or canning. It is nice to have the season over.

    We picked up new ceiling lamps for my sewing room. Someone was selling a set of strip lights, with three bulbs on each one, which will be perfect to bring more light into that room. Hubby gets to change them out.  Someone else on our local “for sale/wanted” site has a microwave that we can get for $20, too. I like that local FB site. They want new stuff and we can have the old.

    We are looking forward to voting in person on elections day, then staying home until all of the votes are settled and there is a victor. Perhaps stay home until it is time to visit our family for an extended stay at Christmas.  I am already gathering recipes and making lists of foods to purchase so we don’t need to go to the store during a heavy Covid outbreak at holiday time. Plus, thinking of things to do as a family that will keep us at home and avoid the crowds; like games, Pictionery, maybe do a radio play.  Bonding time, yet not boring, is the goal.

    Enjoy your Autumn while you can.  Stay safe, please.



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    grannyj smith

    Our governor has called up the National Guard incase of civil unrest on election day. I saw on the news where rioters in Philadelphia are looting, ransacking stores and hurting police.  Where will people in communities that stores are looted or destroyed be able to find food or things they need during this pandemic.

    I guess it’s like Daisy’s stated  stock as much for all situation as one can, which I am taking her advice and heading out to the dollar and grocery store Saturday for extra food, snacks, stocking stuffers, Christmas decorations and gifts for the kids incase of lockdowns or worse.

    It has turned cold and rainy here and still can’t use the wood stove for heating, saw one at Tractor Supply I really like, but not in the budget until I get some debt paid down.


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    Well October was mostly a bust.

    Greenhouse froze overnight  a week back. Hunting season was a pain at best, it unusually would have been cheaper to just go out and buy a bunch of chicken.

    One serious positive did occur and will be mentioned in a different thread.

    Here’s hoping that November is better.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Happy Halloween and Election Day.

    We still have snow on the ground. The temperatures are supposed to rise into the 40s but so far, no warmth or thaw here. Yup, it is winter.

    Well, Covid hit our family. Granddaughter got it. Her family met with her uncle, other side, and went to an apple orchard. A regular thing here in MN in October, pick and buy apples and pumpkins at the orchard, sometimes a corn maze and entertainment, it is usually a fun thing. She picked it up from her uncle’s family. She had mild symptoms and only for a few days; after quarantine she is now testing clear. We were hoping to spend some Thanksgiving time with them, somehow, but that will not happen. We thought the rest of the family understood how to be safe, Hubby has told his son repeatedly. Apparently not.

    This could be bad…Hubby is going to transport a friend from a physical rehab center to a doctor’s visit and back again on November 3<sup>rd</sup>. He is in our radio club and had a stroke. He is 67, lived alone, and could not access his phone to call for help. He was alone, paralyzed and isolated for four days. It wasn’t until a club member went to his house that he was found. His current location is 37 miles from here, and his doctor is 67 miles from there. Round trip is 204 miles. Hubby has been in contact with the assisted-living/convalescent home to understand how this is going to happen since Art is wheel-chair bound now. The safety procedures that are in place include goggles and masks. Other club members are working to get him a small radio that he can use while he is there to keep his mental outlook up.

    I thought about going along with Hubs for company, but he told me no. So, we will vote first thing in the morning, and I will get to spend the day sewing something new for me – a new nightgown probably. He will take off to spend the day being a friend. I have made sure he knows how to use the earphone when he drives so he is not distracted. When he gets home he will shower immediately, clothes into the washer, and we’ll settle in for the rest of the day with a pick-up order of food and a good book while we watch the election returns.

    I finally got my new glasses. Upon first putting them on, after not wearing glasses for two months, my vision was really strange because of the new correction and prism. After one day, things are much better. So, this was two months worth of rigamarole to get my cataracts removed, and seven visits to opthamologists and optometrists. I happily gave up about six pairs of old glasses to be donated. I found a set of reading glasses, a FB ad, that has three “magnificaions” – Distance, reading, and computer. I was thinking about getting a pair of those Foster Grants to keep in the bug-out bag, car, purse, etc. I faithfully wear my glasses, but you never know…Plus, now I can get back to crocheting and sewing seriously since all is in focus.

    I have been canning and stocking up. Adding frozen broccoli and Brussels Sprouts, cheeses, butter, fish and other items that I cannot or do not can, plus removing the meats that I had already frozen to transition to canned items. I can barely keep the cover closed on the chest freezer and I’ll find canning candidates as soon as the freezer is defrosted.   Hubby has complained about how much he has been spending at the grocery and the department store/Walmart. However, I am pretty much ready to stay home and not venture out after election day, so spending will drop. I do need to purchase Christmas presents, but I think they will be gift cards. If we cannot visit my family at the lake house, I’ll send cookies.

    As a couple we are alive and well and still cooperating, and talking, and talking about a more serious isolation since our pantry is stocked up. Living in the country is peaceful. We are ½ mile from the country road, on an easement, and very few people know we are here. Delivery vans, that use Google or Waze, cannot find us and items are delivered to our neighbor. That is just fine. The only serious thing that could go wrong would be is we lose our satellite signals for TV and internet which could affect our communications.

    We will watch with interested how events unfold next week from the comfort and safety of our home. Please everyone, be safe.


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    Crow Bar

    Happy Halloween everyone!

    We have carved pumpkins, got costumes at the ready, and just waiting for the fun to begin!

  • #30149


    We had fun Halloween on farm haunted hay ride and lots of in sanitary games of old…. bobing for apples, pie and hot dog eating contest … no hands. Kettle corn. Home made hard candies, jellies sweets and caramels


    Was good to see the kids running around sugar crazed at bon fire roasting marshmallows and drinking hot cocoa or spiced apple cider.



    Hope everyone else had as much fun



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