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    The people who are the most prepared are the ones who make preparedness a habit. Sometimes you may not feel like you’re doing much, but if you do just ONE THING each day that…

    ***Teaches you something
    ***Produces something
    ***Practices something
    ***Prepares something

    These baby steps will ALL ADD UP.

    Now, I know we’re getting a late start. It’s a week into November. But for those of you who participate and let us know ONE THING you did to prep every day for the rest of the month, you’ll get a free copy of my PDF, The Prepper’s Book of Lists. We’ll go by the honor system for this. (I’m not going to go through and check that you’re telling the truth.)

    Here are the rules to win your book (and get better prepared.)

    1) Every day, you must check in and let us know what you did to prep. If you can’t get to the computer, you can post the following day and let us know what you did the previous day.

    2) Prepping activities can be anything that makes you more self-reliant or better prepared. It can be as difficult as building a chicken coop or as simple as reading an article – we’re all at different levels here. Preserving some food, cooking from scratch, making a costume for your kid’s recital? All of these things practice the skills you need to thrive. Improving your fitness, going hunting – all of it counts!

    3) If you can’t think of something either constructive or nice to say about somebody’s efforts, please scroll on. Otherwise, you’ll incur the full wrath of Mama Bear Daisy. Or even worse, Selco will see it first and he’s far scarier.

    4) At the end of the month, I’ll provide instructions for you to get your book!

    I hope you’re in! This is a great way to make preparedness a daily habit.


    Crow Bar

    Great idea Daisy.

    I see a lot of those new to the prepping community who are so overwhelmed. They say they feel like they are so un-prepared. What to do? Where to start?
    Well, start at the beginning. Start small. Start simple. What can you immediately affect today to make yourself more self-reliant?
    Could be a easy as putting yourself on a budget, skipping that daily mocha lattee, half soy, half whales milk, dry, with organic lemon twist.
    Making dinner at home from scratch.
    Taking a first aid course.
    Starting a herb garden.

    I will try to participate.
    But I feel I am a one-off. Everyday I have to tend to the livestock. Nearly everyday I make a dinner at home, as much as possible, from scratch.
    I will try for doing things outside my daily routine.


    Coffee girl

    I’m in! Let’s get this party started!!! Today, I am going to a “going out of business” sale. They specialized in camping and hunting gear, so hoping for some great finds. Also, re-stocking my canning lids, salt, etc. I’ve gone through a TON of lids the last couple of weeks.



    I’ll see what I can do to participate. A lot of the prepping things I do are just daily things for me, but when I pull out something new I’ll be sure to add it. Today I’m going to be stocking up on some more plastic gloves and batteries. Might do more, not sure. Oh yesterday and this is huge for me I sewed up my husband’s pants, by hand!!! Trust me that is huge LOL.



    I’m in, sounds like fun.


    Toni Carey

    Excited for this challenge. Have been a little lax so need to step it up. So far this month: 1st sewing, 2nd redid winter pig pen and moved them, 3rd moved goats and planted garlic, 4th cleaned yard and emptied fire pit of ashes. 5th cleaned house and laundry catch up, 6th made plans for spring farm projects and today I am making jam.



    I’ll join. Mine might be a lot more article reading than normal as Nov is kind of crazy hectic this year.

    I love these kinds of challanges. They are fantastic for providing the oomph to finally finish those lingering projects.

    Ps. Thank you to whomever fixed the forum text input box! Wayyyyy better to work with.



    Woohoo! This is going to rock.

    Today, I’m working on organizing preps in my basement. We moved last week and everything is in chaos. It would take forever to find anything right now. Due to a flash flood that put a foot of water in the basement of our former rental, we ended up packing fast in just a week so nothing got labeled. Oh, the regret I am having right now!


    Crow Bar

    Today, move the cows for what should be their last time before bringing them in for the winter.
    Bringing the goats in today.
    Finish the last of prepping the barn for the live stock.


    Independent Junebug

    I love challenges! Since today is the 7th day of the month I am getting rid of 7 things in my closet so I can find what I need in a few seconds.



    My prepping has been a bit more lax since September because of illness and two surgeries. For now I think I’m getting back into ‘routine’.

    Here’s what I’m doing:
    dedicate $10.00 per weekly grocery run to stock up on canned goods of things we actually use.
    Stocking up on things from Tops when they have their 10 for $10 deals (but I’m picky about what I get and I don’t buy things we won’t use)
    Buy canning lids
    I’ve found that Aldi’s canned goods are reasonably priced and the quality is good.
    Recently I took stock of our Booboo/ouchie kit and found where I needed to fill in some places.

    What I am going to do this weekend is clean out my car and get my winter emergency stuff in there. A heavy winter has been forecasted, and I don’t want to be stuck.



    Looking forward to this! It’ll keep me on task, and I’ll definitely learn from the group.
    Thus far in November:
    ~I’ve cleaned out and mulched my gardens, and laid plans for new raised bed gardens.
    ~Learned how to back bread and cinnamon raisin bread from scratch. I’ve never successfully done this.
    ~Cleaned out and completely reorganized my kitchen pantry. I learned that I am very unorganized and need a better system for my food storage. A lot of food went to waste.
    That covers the first week of the month. Go me! 😁


    Odd Doll

    Ok. I’m in. Today I intend to drive into town for the first time using my emergency flood escape route. And I’m going to try to do it without GPS.



    I’m running low so I will be making some more laundry soap. This will be tomorrow though since I had a brain splitting headache today and don’t want to deal with any smells I don’t have to.



    I’m in. I do hope I remember to post in everyday!

    I’m always reading articles and researching info on the web, so that one is easy. Yesterday I came across a reference to the book “Locusts on the Horizon”, and while I couldn’t find the ebook, I found their website of the same name. Lots of good info there. Today I scoped out some shelving in the garage. Needs to be cleaned up (think mice droppings and dust– ugh) but once it’s clean it’ll be another place to store canned food.

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