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    Almost half of the United States has once again started to restrict movement in the hopes of slowing down the spread of COVID-19.

    Whether you personally believe the virus is a health risk or not isn’t relevant. The point is that the second lockdown of America has begun and you need to make any last-minute preparations that you’ve been putting off before there’s a run on supplies.

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    Crow Bar

    We started back on FEB 4th.
    Well, we already had a well stocked pantry. We just upped it a notch.
    Since then, we “keep ahead” by just buying what we have used from that stock.

    We did buy a bulk meat purchase from a local butcher shop that sources from local farms.

    And, I made my own bacon.

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    I don’t think we will be doing a lockdown here this time.
    I’m still with you on stocking up though.

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Well my Governor has decided that covid can’t get you in a bar before 11pm but afterwards your in full danger so no bars AND that will “help get our kids back in school”.
      I guess all school kids parents are drunks or something because I’ve zero idea what one has to do with the other.
      I’d go fight it but I don’t drink and I gotta work at 0400 so nothing happens after 2100 round here 😂

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    This picture here says why you still need to stock up

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      Crow Bar

      SPAM! Ugh!
      My first FTX, I got a tuna loaf MRE . . . yeah. Since then, in a fix I could do Spam, or a MRE.
      But if I had my druthers . . .

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      In the book James Jones , there is a wartime cartoon , that show a beat up Japanese soldier , talking to a big Marine . Caption read ” We will surrender on condition that we do not have to eat the American delicacy called SPAM “

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      Matt In Oklahoma

      Poor guys dunno what they are missing. You can’t get me in the van with candy but …. 😂


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    OldMt Woman

    Yeah, Crowbar…we’ve always had lots of standard stuff but were watching China early in 2020.  Soon as “the check” came in for this year, we went shopping in Feb too.  Just to fill in but also greatly increase OTC meds and sanitation/cleaning supplies.  And DH saw that specific need with pandemic before I did.

    Thing is, DH was long in coming around to the Be Prepared model that I’ve always had.  He always thot I kept a lot of junk.  LOL  However, once he figured it out, he’s all in.  Now he’s the one who keeps us topped off at the level we’ve felt is right for us [and our creative storage space].  He’s the one rotating the stock – once I enlightened him on that too…lol.  It is so much easier to have a combined effort and I’m grateful to have him on board.

    Why tho, have folks not used this time of relative quiet, to get stocks up and keep them up?  Of COURSE this COVID or something else is going to come again…and again.  I keep warning dear friends….”Don’t slack back!  Get your quantity of T.P. etc increased gradually while it’s in stock.  Start yesterday, not tomorrow!  Cuz if you’re overly confident by restocked shelves this summer, you are not getting the picture!”

    I care about them enough to continue ‘prep coaching’ and they’ve listened enough to benefit.  Eventually, you can take the training wheels off and they will see the trends on their own.  They’re definitely improving.  Hmph, 2020 has provided a great deal of practice!  But keeping a larger-than-you-think-you’ll-need supply is a hard concept in our instantly-available culture.

    I only coach a few, select individuals that I feel are not a danger to me.  The only one local to me already has an invitation to join us.  Even she had to discover prepping for herself and then realized….that’s what I do.  Then I began to actually coach her.  [but she’d taught me canning!]  🙂

    Otherwise, I’m just a gardens and chickens type of person and very careful of my image.  ……I would realllly rather we didn’t get validated for our prepping in a big way this year…  🙁

    OldMtWoman  {sigh}

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      Crow Bar

      Well said OldMtWoman!

      I know of those who look down on preppers or people that have a well stocked pantry.
      “What are you afraid of? The grocery store is open 24/7!”
      Yeah, until it is not.
      And then they expect the rest of us to feed and take care of them!
      Ah, how about, NO.

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    Crow Bar

    Reading over some of the comments of Daisy’s TOP article.

    So what do we do?

    Everyone roll over and hide in our houses, while the big bad COVD lurks outside for . . . how long?

    Seems funny to me, there seems to be two different COVID camps.
    And that is where I can see the possibility of civil strife happening.

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    I spent the first round of corvid with DH in hospital. From the end of March till yes still going on but has calmed down a bit for now. But before this happened DH finally saw the need for prepping. He is now all the way on board and can’t help me do anything now. But now that I am able to go out to a store and today went further out to Lowe’s to buy a new dryer and things for stringing more clothesline in garage, he did very well. So I am about to go back into full gear as soon as I get my list of things we need. More rope was one. Looking into solar generator, grow lights, I now have 10 buckets for container garden. So that one is off list. garden soil is in shed that we were going to use last spring before he ended up in hospital. So might have to add to that for next spring.  I have 2 greenhouses and a warming bed of plexiglass for seed starting outside. That will be first time trying it out and hoping it works good. I could start seeds earlier with it. Also looking at ways for EMP. I have 2 medal trash cans. One is already lined with cardboard and I have the special tape to go around the lid. Right now that one is full with extra emergency radio, flashlights, and other things we would need incase of EMP and praying it never happens.

    I must say I am at a point where I really don’t know how to prepare for what when there are so many what if’s. Food we are doing fine and I just canned some barbeque yesterday. I have about 3 ways to wash clothes and dry both inside clothesline and outside clothesline. So good there. Still have skills I want to learn though, as soon as I get time and a lot of DIY projects I want to do also. Not in the country but working on where I live and making the best of it.

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    OldMt Woman

    @crowbar….you know, I’m not actually seeing the split between COVID camps lining up exactly with Red vs Blue.  That may cause enough confusion so folks won’t immediately know which side they’re on.  { ACK…who is my team and who am I supposed to hate?}  …roll eyes….

    I see a lot of folks who are in the higher risk categories more willing to wear masks and stay out of crowds.  They might be red or blue politically but the grey of aging might be a great leveler.  Also folks who have loved ones that are at risk or have had it.  Willing to social distance/mask.

    The young are always ready to risk, it seems.  Tho there are exceptions.  Some have already had that rude awakening…  Then again, the young DO survive most things better.  So how is anyone going to know who is on which side of COVID restrictions?

    If anyone wants trouble…wants to throw their weight around…they can find loads of opportunity in 2020.  Pick a complaint; plenty to choose from.  {roll eyes}   If they are just tense from all the adapting this year….yeah, go fight with someone; run up some adrenaline and feel better!   {roll eyes}  Opposite from my chosen style.

    I figure to do what I think I need to do.  I’m at risk.  I stay away but use the precautions I feel I need when I go out.  If someone isn’t masked, I back away.  Usually easy to do….I don’t like being in crowded places anyway!!!  No reason for me to demand that someone ELSE changes their behavior.

    Lock downs….I’m hoping they do not do that.  Getting to dicey for economy, IMO.  Getting dicey for the whole temper of the nation.  But…I don’t pretend to run the county/state or country.  {shrug}  Not my call.  I plan to survive if they do…..or don’t.  Take responsibility for myself.  Since we’re both at risk, if it gets real bad, we can do a personal lock down if we think it’s needed.  Don’t have to involve others.

    OldMtWoman  ..  just my thots

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    Matt In Oklahoma

    Yeah I see more than 2 camps here for sure.
    I’m in the camp of I’m wearing a mask because I’m directly dealing with several hundred individuals at work that have it so if I am walking around in tractor supply then ya probably want me to wear it.
    Theres the camp of: Masks are oppressive, Masks will save humanity, I’m just to lazy to wear it, I’m claustrophobic, the government will save us, the government will kill us, the vaccine is good, bad, the wait n see and of course the ever looming mark of the beast. You can even be in multiple camps and change camps as quick as Faucci changes his mind in wearing mask.
    The common denominator is that around here 3/5s of us are just trying to make it doing the best we can with the info we got and capabilities while 1/5 are bent on tearing everything and everyone down over it.

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      OldMt Woman

      Matt….your last paragraph states it well.

      OldMtWoman  …just trying to see down the road a piece and dodge the next avalanche!

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    Mothers Milk

    I live in Cali, masks are an everyday thing out here. Have been “prepping” such as it is for multiple years. Now to start eating up some of the older stuff.

    COVID is a real disease. I know people whose in-laws or parents have passed away from it. But I think it is overblown. And so many people are starved for human contact. Sigh.

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    Mother’s milk, I read a news article about a man that went through the line 4 times to get tested. Same place and same nurse tested him. It was the rapid test. He tested positive twice and neg. twice. He said this is the reason the count is going back up. Not that it really is going up but because there are to many false positives out there. He went to have the 24 hour test done and it was neg. So how are we to believe the true counts. The virus is real and my DH is 83 years old and was in and out of hospital and having 2 surgeries with another on this Monday for skin cancer. So yes I do wear a mask where I must and take the precautions just like I do for flu season. Will we get the vaccine? No. Something is in the wind with that. We don’t trust it and I am not alone in that assessment. There is no way a vaccine can be made within a year when it really takes over 3 to 4 years to produce a vaccine.

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    John Park

    The testing is still quite imprecise and is there are a great deal of false negatives (type II error). I do not know about the false positive rate (type I). Regardless, it means the tests miss a lot of positive patients.
    I can think of 3 reasons to wear a mask:
    1) To protect myself and my loved ones.
    2) To protect others, because it’s a pretty minor inconvenience. When I think of some of the anti-mask crowd, I simply cannot understand how anyone who is “pro-life” cannot find the time to wear a mask.
    3) To be a gray man and not draw attention.

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    John Park, I do agree we need to continue to wear a mask when we are out. I do that because I need to protect my DH. He is very high risk and only goes out when he has to go to a doctor. Can’t avoid that. But that is how it has been since March. Don’t see this virus dying off anytime soon. Looking at another year with this mess.

    Am I tired of the whole mess we are in yes. But I do what I need to be doing. But will not get the vaccine till I see how it will effect others.  I am not trusting it at this point. So for reasons I have stated, we will not be getting it.


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    I go full gray man, so mask when required.  I totally do NOT trust the vaccine.  Too fast and too many unknowns.  I will not be getting it.  I don’t even do the flu vaccine-had an allergic reaction to it many years ago.

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    I hate to admit it , but I kinda have enjoyed Covid . Not liking being around people all that much , its been rather enjoyable . Having many interests , I’m actually looking forward to another round .

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    Not me, I am over this corvid mess and want to get back into Church the normal way. Not just sit in a car in parking lot. No talking to each other, no Sunday school. Just a one hour church service while sitting in cars. Not my idea of Church.

    As for stocking up food and other supplies, it is no longer a matter of stocking for just Corvid or possible civil war but to try our best to stay above inflation. Seems every time I go to the store for the same things I bought the week before, the bill is much higher. So I have to now go to different stores to find the cheapest prices. I hate having to do that but it is becoming a much needed way to keep the grocery bill in check. We were unable to plant a garden this year and we had already had seeds started when DH ended up in hospital. They were coming up really good but was not able to get them planted. So we lost them all. So we have had to depend on the stores to fill in some gaps. I have 8 lbs of corn in freezer now that I am ready to start canning it in soups, stews.  I had started to can a lot of food from freezer and had to stop in part to having an issue with finding jars. So if I make soup and stews with the veggies and meat I have in freezer, I can use the quart jars as those I have plenty of. Other things I like the pints which I am in very short supply because the pints for the 2 of us is all we need. But will find ways to work on that. The dehydrator has gotten a workout as well.

    I have seen younger people in stores with no mask, mostly places like Lowe’s. They don’t enforce it.  But in the grocery stores I go to and the Pharm. They are required to wear mask and keep distance. I do wear a mask and keep my distance. I also carry sanitizing wipes and have a bottle of sanitizer in car that I use both before I go in store and again when I come out. Not taken chances with DH.

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