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    Crow Bar

    Here we are! That much closer to fall and then winter!

    Yesterday we got another load of fire wood in. We need one more for a regular winter, but after this past winter, we are going to get two more loads.

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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Well, I said August was an expensive month, and here is more. A brake line went out on the truck. $300 bill there. Got it fixed then Hubby drove brush to the city compost site. On the way home, he was stopped because his license plate tags were out of date – two years! The truck had been sitting for a year and Hubs just forgot about it. So, the ticket, if you can believe this, was nearly $200! Just for having expired tabs! I do not understand why it was so expensive. When he found the notice for getting the tabs, and purchased them, he had to pay for both LAST year’s and this year’s tabs.

    We still do not have a new microwave or dehumidifier. The window is still cracked, and the chimney cap is still sitting on the ground. Nor is the wood splitter fixed. Those costs are yet to come. Plus, I may need a new computer.  This one is getting old, does not want to charge and will not open the new programs. I am typing with one hand while I hold the charging cord in the only position that works.

    Right now, Hubby is up on a ladder cleaning out the gutters, because there was a large rainstorm last night and the old part of the basement flooded again. He had filled the hole, from the outside, with gravel but not found the leak in the basement. We need more gravel to fill the hole, and fill the wear on the driveway from the rain run-off, – so that is another expense.

    On the good side, removing the cataract from my worst eye is a blessing. I do not really need glasses to see, just to read. Well, I still have astigmatism in both eyes, and need a prism to fix the double vision, but I could get by with just reading glasses if I had to. (Great for a crisis.) The day after Labor Day is the second surgery. By October, I should have a new pair of glasses.

    I like the Zoom meetings with my family. I get to see them and ask the grandsons, one on one, how they are doing. Two are back in school, and two more start next week. They all sound optimistic about this school year. My oldest said that his college classes were all designed to be online. With an ensuite bathroom, the addition of a refrigerator and a microwave, he will not need to leave his dorm room. He is choosing to attend some more challenging classes in person.

    Meanwhile, I continue to make masks whenever asked. One international student, Mushtaq from Afghanistan will be doing distance learning for three weeks. He is in his third year of college. I am making him a dozen masks to wear if he needs to go in person. Another student is returning home to China in a month. I will make him several, too. I asked if he wanted more, remembering all of the videos of Chinese people wearing masks in the streets. He said that they do not actually all wear masks in the streets. When I asked if we are seeing “fake news”, he said, “yes.” I need him to explain more about that.

    Our bodies are really being picky in our old age. Hubby has cut out all candy. He still has one little can of Pepsi a day, and a smaller dish of ice cream. I am sure his blood sugar has improved. I am sensitive to some food now and must figure that out. I hope it does not affect our preps and my canning.

    Gardening: Got some good heads of cabbage after washing off the green worms, with more to come and some small bok choy for freezing; plus, a few heads of broccoli, and some great tomatoes for canning. I’ll take the leaves from the broccoli and freeze for more stir-fry greens. The larger tomatoes are splitting and rotting before they are ripe. The beans I planted, ‘red Mexican’ and the black beans, are drying and ready to harvest. The supply of garbanzo and lentil beans from my pantry sprouted but did not grow; probably should buy seeds for those. They were an experiment anyway, along with some new seeding of spinach and lettuces to see if I can get a fall crop. Only one squash! I hope to harvest the elderberries. Or at least, what is left after the birds have had their fill.

    Canning: I made tomato soup with our tomatoes. I canned a “stuffed cabbage”, but with pork; it has raisins and nutmeg and caraway. I have more cabbage in the garden and need to find more dishes to make with it – preferably canned. Cabbage does not do well canned so it needs an acid to make it work, or be frozen. (Like the tomato in the above stuffed cabbage recipe.) Amish Cole Slaw is a good dish to can with its vinegar base. I’ll do more of the pork stuffed cabbage since it only made 4 ¾ quarts with one cabbage head and 1 pound of pork. I found this for my daughter since she cannot have beef.

    So, I was feeling successful while isolating/staying at home and continuing to prep. Proud of moving ahead, not spending, working on the garden, being healthy, working on a mostly successful garden. Bad idea. Don’t feel too smug. Something always happens. At least we are not really sick, out of a job, or broke.

    Stay safe and may all be well with you, Friends.


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    ?Happy? September?

    I sincerely hope that things improve for our country and ourselves here on out.

    Welcome, Herbal Tea!

    I understand your garden situation. It is September and I have NO peppers and most of the broccoli and onions did nothing.

    Muffy, hope you have your power back. And Happy Birthday!!!!!! Sending virtual Balloons and Confetti for you.

    Mama Cando, glad your grandson is ok and your son has a job which is hopefully nearby. I agree about the solar roof tiles. They looked good for a lot of reasons. Perhaps Tesla will sell the patent. I remember those very long phone cords.

    Hope you are safe from the wildfires, Old Mountain Woman.

    Congratulation to the Hurricane survivors.

    Granny Smith, although I enjoyed the unique piney woods of E. TX when we visited, personally I’d move to be closer to family. I agree with Mama Cando. Make some practice trips.   If you can, get an RV/trailer–type in place now, even if it is a small one.   Or, maybe a shed for storage in case you must move quickly.

    Hubby spoke to a nephew yesterday and was told the nephew was moving his family out of he country. His wife is from South America so they are moving there. They have had enough of our current national situation and are scared for the future. (They currently live in Oregon, but far from Portland, and will be leaving his two brothers and father behind.)

    This camping in a house with no electricity is interesting and fine in the summer. Not so much in the winter when sunset is 5 PM. We need more of everything – lights especially. Also, with a well pump, we’d need larger water storage containers so we don’t need to run the generator often. Plus, add battery powered fans to move the wood stove’s heat around the house, and put blankets on every window to keep the heat in. Hmmm, looks like I have more work to do. New curtain rods.

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    Cinnamon Grammy for Windows use 6 mil plastic over the ones on the north if not use styrofoam to hold in place just let it get frosty and use ice from water to hold in place.


    For cutting down on gen run get a battery bank and an inverter. Can use cheap batteries from a recycling place that remakes batteries, old batteries are not so good with two exceptions. Cell tower ones and  microwave tower ones. But they are heavy like 4to 500 lb each one.


    If  buying new hurry as 90 percent of batteries and sub components come from China as do the inverters. The brand we buy for batteries are surrette rolls. Inverters are either magnums (cheaper) or sma made in Germany which are the best plug and go no electrical knowledge needed hyper efficient but expensive.

    Top Solar inverter manufacturers in Germany

    There is a company called Gen silencer made in USA we have used on ours with great success. Uncluding utv and atv all you need is exhaust diameter to match



    There are heat fans that run off heat from your wood stove you just put on top when the stove is on they run.

    Would only get power fan for if you have high ceilings to get hot air down. If low ceilings and cold.. don’t bother with fan get more insulation.

    Best Heat Powered Wood Stove Fan Reviews and Ultimate Buying Guideline




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    OldMt Woman

    Fall is here in the high Rockies.  So is snow.  Thankfully not where I live….yet.  But we’ve gotten down into the 40’s at nite.  A COLD front will be here at the end of the week. {groan}  I like to ease into winter more gradually!!

    Guess we’ll dig taters and see what we got this year.  Kinda accidental….from a store-bought bag, sprouted in the closet.  Didn’t invest anything but mild labor so won’t be a tragedy if there is not much return.  Other plants under cover…frost will be here soon.

    Ouch, an expensive month, indeed, Cinnamon Grammy!  🙁   It does seem to come like that.

    Yeah, Happy Birthday to Muffy!

    OldMtWoman  …time to pull out the long red woolies?  Not quite yet.

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    grannyj smith

    Went out to town this morning to pick up lunch food for the kids and I found brioche bread and croissants marked down half price, which was a big savings for making French toast and breakfast sandwiches.  Chicken breast was marked down and T-bone and Porterhouse steaks were on sale so that save me a bit more, but frozen vegetables along with canned vegetables are hard to find here. Each month our food menu changes due to what we find on sale and what is available.

    The kids go off virtual learning at home and back to in school learning Friday which means packing lunches each day for them, the school will not allow kids to warm their food, so we had to get soup thermos, cold & hot food containers and insulated beaverage holder along with lunch kits.

    I am not happy with kids going back to school but to be positive it will give me some free time during the day to start downsizing in the house again. Have to start back preparing to get myself out of my gloom & doom mood I find myself in, this hurricane just wrecked my sense of well being and stability.


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    Believe me when I say that it’s about time tht the kids go back.
    Not because I think that all the parents need babysitters, but because kids normally lose @25% of what they learned the previous year over summer vacation, and these kids lost an additional three months despite the online attempt.

    Speaking with friends who are teachers, as well as my own kids, who thankfully kept up, but the kids in general were giving up within weeks of the shutdown.

    The lack of socializing and group interaction has been readily apparent as the kids have gone back and sports started.

    In a lot of respects, these kids have lost a year of their lives through no fault of their own, and they seem even more “done” with it than the parents.


    Other than that, we have had a couple of mornings where we have had frost on the windshields. It’s gonna be a short fall and hard winter, plan ahead.

    Basically got none of my intended projects done, although I did get most of the wife’s projects finished.

    Ah well, time to work on stuff between the shoveling.

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    herbal Tea

    Hello everyone.. I harvested my tomatoes today. I had quite a few and am ready to pull the green beans and onions out. I am thankful for what I got , even though  it was a poor year. I am healthy and happy. Looking forward to a another year, with a new start.

    I know things are trying this year and the future is in doubt, I have to leave my faith in God and that’s all I can do..

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      Crow Bar

      Due to the late spring and summer, my tomatoes have not done too good. Only been able to get one ripe one off them, and that was a week ago!

      Green beans did well! Got to harvest a few dinners off them.

      The hay is in. Got two more loads of fire wood to get in, then we are set. One really, but the second is a just in case back up.

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    grannyj smith

    I put in my food order of soup and quick bread mixes for this winter and going to try and order a case of chicken breast and ground beef for canning.

    I hear many people stating that all heck will break out during and after the election but all heck is breaking out now with riots in some cities, so what will be different and what should people do to prepare.


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    Abby Wise

    Hello all; Well the smoke has cleared in our area, thank the Lord. As I read your posts I had to check myself for wishing we had some land and a large house, etc. It’s still on my prayer list.  10 or so years ago I was wanting to try homesteading as we had just started a private school at home (btw the kids did projects, math, sports all summer too). Husband is more of a city guy now I guess, even though he grew up driving tractors and his family was actually farming. We now are in a small rental, with no basement, so prepping, canning– room for jars, is limited, plus there could be earthquakes, but for husband there is no maintenance issues he ever has to worry about. So, like one said, my faith is all I have, which has been tested to the max lately.  All my children are now graduated and doing their own life and destiny, but we get together and open up a prepping item to use up soon to be expired items, and label if we will order it again. By the way, @grannyj smith, where do you order your soup mixes?

    We have an extended truck with a camper top. I have tried to prep in it, but can’t seem to organize it. Either I have too much for the space, or not the right things. Does anyone have a prep list they use to pack a camper? I wonder if I should sell it or not now too. I just paid someone to put in a new escape hatch recently.

    We have an all- year- round water system garden in our patio, as it rarely freezes here. So, many fresh above-ground salad items, edible flowers and herbs. Cucumbers, squash, tomatoes do not do well on it, as we keep getting white mildew on the leaves. I see I need to find out how to dry and package some things, like dill, basal. Growing more mullein would be a good idea if in case the world was out of toilet paper again. 😉 😀

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      Crow Bar

      Soup mixes!
      The real bummer about this CV19 thing, is all the various festivals, craft fairs that got canceled!
      We used to get soup mixes, honey, craft made sauces and more from them.
      Feels like a real bummer to have missed out.

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    grannyj smith

    Abby Wise

    Some of the soup mixes from Walmart and some from Blain’s Farm & Fleet.

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    OldMt Woman

    Well the arctic decided to take a mini vacation and come way down south.  Which means a lot of the Rockies will feel a drastic drop in temperature and …. snow.  Good!  Might clear the air of some of this smoke haze.  One doesn’t even have to have a fire near them to be experiencing breathing issues.  Too many wildfires!

    We’ve had a paltry tater showing this year…but we didn’t put much into it.  But disappointing because the store potatoes have had black spots inside in these recent years.  Annoying to purchase them and find so much needs to be cut out.  Hmph!

    Fast shift to cold is going to be rough.  I overdress in the fall…as my body transitions.  I hate being cold and don’t care if I look odd.  By October I’ve shifted and I’m wearing more normal layers.

    OldMtWoman  ..prayers for those with kids back in school…for so many reasons.

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    Nice to see some new faces in this thread 🙂

    Well, the past weeks its been hot to the tune of heat indexes over 100.

    Nimble fingers is at it again. I lost yet another jar of sauerkraut due it dropping out of the fridge and smashing on the floor. Both were in quart mason jars which are hard to find and pricey now. Maple syrup also was gone, but there was just a little bit in there.

    So the plan is to get anti-fatigue mats with the hope that the cushioning will stop things from breaking

    Ordered a crock for sauerkraut-easier and a lower chance of mold and such.

    I think I have at least another month before sweet potato harvest. Its looking good.

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    grannyj smith

    This was my prep for the month of September,  twelve package of soup mix, four beef roast, two package of boneless chicken breast, celery, one package of sweet potato patties everything in sealer bags and in the freezer, except the soup mix..

    While I was in town today picked up two produce boxes and four gallons of milk that is given away weekly, one box of produce and two gallons of milk go to an old homesteader that lives a few miles from us and needs the extra food and milk also.

    I will be making up our Winter menu and shopping lists for food preps and supplies for October..


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    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All.

    Have not been paying as much attention to everything in the last two weeks what with the cataract surgery, and staying off FB/internet not being able to see well, and spending time at a family member’s home over the holiday weekend – therefore no news. My “brother” is of the opposite political party and mindset so we try not to talk too much about current events so we can get along.

    Well, the cataract surgery is completed, as of yesterday. The vision in the last eye to be fixed is still goofy. I see some (nerve induced) blinking lights off to the side, and halos around other lights, plus is a challenge yet to see clearly. However, the Doc says that once the swelling goes down, things will be much better. It has only been 24 hours after all. Looking forward to that. Before the second eye was done, I was pleased that I would be able to function without special glasses – if I had to.   My vision will be much better tomorrow. There will be five trips to the Ophthalmologist to get this done! Five trips to the big city! Thank you dear Hubby for driving me to each and patiently waiting in the car since you cannot be inside the clinic.

    Since we were at a guests over the Holiday Weekend. I brought home several items to fix/sew. He is so kind to let us visit frequently, so, stitching up an American Flag so it does not unravel or mending a hole in a dishtowel is a simple thing. I should be careful what I offer though. I ended up taking home a duvet cover to make into two sets of curtains for one bedroom (one large window and one “piano” window. That will be a project. I will need lining and stiffening and other supplies, but there is enough fabric in the duvet cover to make them. Maybe when I finish his I can make some thermal curtains for home. I have the thermal insulation that I have purchased over the years; I just need to decide on a fabric and way to hang them.

    Hubby goes to the grocery at 7 AM without me. I perhaps go once a month to stock up on things that I see on sale. I have been making a grocery shopping list that includes the items needed for pressure canning some meals during the week; trying to be specific and plan ahead. This coming week it will be (freshly picked/farmstand) corn and black bean salsa, and more of that pork & cabbage dinner with raisins, nutmeg and caraway seeds. I hope to be able to stay home and away from civilization in early November. Took a turkey out of the freezer to bake next week. Time to make room for more sale turkeys. So, turkey chow mein, soup, broth…hmmm, what else?

    It has been raining for the past three days since we came back from visiting with family, so I have no idea how the vegetables in the garden are fare-ing. Hopefully the garden has dried out because I’m heading out there with baskets. Looking at someone’s picture of snow in Colorado yesterday, I hope our tomatoes finish soon before we get a hard freeze. Canning just tomatoes for casseroles in the next project. I’d like to get some peppers from our garden, too, but there were none when we left. Do I need to put a clear plastic tent around them so they produce? I also planted some spinach a few weeks ago hoping that I’d get a nice crop, before the freeze, that I can freeze for future dinners. Ha ha. Time to find a way to preserve those cabbages. I have several cole slaw recipes that can be canned – I’ll pressure can to be safe.

    Ok. I’ve had some time off, and it is time to get back to homesteading work. The temperature drop makes it’s point that we need to finish outside before the snow covers everything. The hummingbirds are departing and the local birds took about 10 minutes to find our feeder ane there is a line-up for the few perches. Time to put out the second one already – they were ready for food. They had better enjoy it while it lasts because if society crumps, their food is the first to go.

    Take care, everyone. Stay safe.


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    grannyj smith

    This past week I have been dumping old jelly from the pantry that was canned years ago with most of the jars being half pint size. I was going to sell them till I found canning jars are in short supply and expensive when found.

    So while at Sam’s Saturday I found large packages of sausage patties that I may purchased next month and try canning them along with some chicken in these jelly jars.  I would appreciated any advice on canning.


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    OldMt Woman

    Hi EVeryone,

    GrannyJ  [don’t know what level of experience you are].  This would be for any canner that might need basics or for total beginners:

    The best canning advice I got early on was:  1)  Follow the Ball Blue Book directions EXACTLY.  Their recipes are always correct.  There are many other very good recipes but that one is known to be updated with latest scientific testing.  Really best not to use Grma’s recipes until you understand why they might not work now.   (acidity level in tomatoes, for example)  2)  Be “absolutely manic” about cleanliness.  3)  Know exactly what needs pressure canning and what can be done in water bath and why some things are really not safe to can.

    Anyone completely new to canning…those are starting points.  And there are many more too.  But…really, once you have the basics, it’s not that scary.  🙂

    Well, that arctic mess whistled down our mountains and I was glad to see it.  Got rid of the smoke!  Snow gave us the assurance of some moisture!  Melted quickly, of course.  Rather it wouldn’t have gotten quite that cold.  Put a heater in the greenhouse and our as-yet-GREEN-tomatoes survived just fine.  C’mon, already!  Other things like collards would not have even shivered.  The temps are back up to normal for this time of year.  90 degrees in the sun right now…I came inside.  I like it on the cooler side.

    Having some needed repairs to house done this week….what a mess!  Hopefully done in a day or two.  At least now these problems won’t occur in winter.

    As we age, we retire from some of the activities that would be pretty handy if a dire situation occurs.  But we can NOT keep up with everything.  Have no ‘next generation’ near us.  Best advice for aging out of all this Do-It-By-Hand stuff?  Live near your next generations! Or adopt some.

    Next advice, keep back equipment for what would be very vital.  So that, if necessary, you could restart….like poultry.  If we saw it all collapsing very badly, we’d have to get some birds back again.  We’re still set to do so…and won’t shut it down further.  Add birds [baby or adult or fertile egg] and we’re back in eggs/meat.  Sooner or later, we could score some birds at some price.

    We’re also handling any aging health issues as much as possible.  Like getting cataract surgery done.  Good one, Cinnamon Grammy!  DH needs meds and we’re always slowly increasing his supply.  Also supplementing with herbal/nutritional products where possible.  This can decrease the amount chemical meds he needs.  He’s knowledgeable enough to make those choices.  Reduce need for the pharmacy as much as possible.

    Trying, as always, to keep exercising.  But one of my health issues is being annoying!!!!  I’m not able to be mobile right now…..Hmph!  But stretch and work the other muscles while not mobile is still possible…

    OldMtWoman….trying what is still possible

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    Osito Arelano

    @cinnamon granny Cabbage plus salt plus time Equals Saurkraut. SUPER easy, give it a try.

    We finished off most of the garden and replaced the old raised beds.  Next year I’ll have nearly double the real estate. Woooo hoooo!

    Been saving seeds. Got nearly 2k zucchini seeds,  oh my. So those can be gifted to new gardeners. A good way to make friends.

    Started some cool weather crops awhile back for a fall harvest,  they didn’t take.  Not sure what happened there.

    Rain barrels not looking good.  That’s the next project.

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    grannyj smith

    There is an All-American pressure canner in the pantry and it has the instruction book with it,  but it is so big and heavy that I am afraid to use it until I get comfortable with canning.  I am waiting for the Presto pressure canner which is smaller to get back in stock so I can order it for canning.  Still have about five more boxes of jelly in the half pint jars to empty so I can get those jars washed and packed away.  Have almost finished getting the pint jars empty, just have to wash, dry and get them bubble wrapped and packed away.

    The baby chicks I got back in April are now laying six to seven eggs a day, which is fine for now, but if I had to feed more family it would not be enough eggs.  May add Rhode Island Reds next Spring for I had them before and they seem to get along well together, these chickens don’t get along with each other, don’t know if it’s because I have two different breeds together in the hen house, of course DH says the hen house needs a rooster to rule the hen house, but don’t think so.

    I have an extra five pounds of potatoes that was given to me,  I am making mashed potatoes to go in the freezer for later use, didn’t want them to ruin and that was the only thing I could think to make.


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    Heard from a friend in the Florida Panhandle. No power, but doing ok.Asked if anything was needed. Said no, and it wouldnt be able get there anyway because of the downed trees.

    Prep wise, Mostly inventory, organizing and cleaning.

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    Mama cando

    Hi all. Been pretty busy getting ready for the fall frosts and the start of winter.We still have carrots and pearl onions, so DH is going to cover them tomorrow night (frost due over night ). the tomatoes and peas were a bust.Gave the last two peppers and some carrots to Son2 for the grands when he came over. DH was told he is facing total knee replacement on left knee if the new shots he’ll be getting next week don’t work. SO he’s off ladders and stairs for now, but he still treks downstairs(big TV is there) for the FOOTBALL games. So Son2 came over and climbed the ladders for us to put the plastics on the screened in area.Getting old REALLY sucks!!! DH will start back up with the census Tuesday. They will be counting the homeless now. Going out in groups of four, the hours are 10pm to 7 am. I just hope he’ll be okay, he turns into a pumpkin after 9PM LOL.Just hope he can stay awake!!. I’ve done the DIL’s Christmas hot pads and 4 of the grands scarves and a little afghan for my couch. Just have 1 grand and my two boys scarves to do, then I will make “everyday” hot pads for the DIL’s in their kitchen colors. IF I have time I may even get to making the DIL’s afghans for their couches but we’ll see. So far we’ve been able to restock a lot of the things we’ve used but I can’t get canning lids, everybody is out. I have some but I don’t think I have enough.  So I’m not sure how much canning I’ll be able to do this year. The apples are just about ready can’t wait to do the apple sauce, butter and pie filling. The “natural” store I go to is looking pretty good most shelves are full and they have had yeast packages available. I pick up a packet every time  I go. They are vac sealed and in the freezer. The regular grocery is still sparse on a lot of their shelves.      Praying friends out west are okay, Brothers are all okay so far. Lots of smoke but thankfully no fires their way.Stay safe people and God Bless .

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    grannyj smith

    It is a beautiful day here in East Texas after a cool front made it this far South, hope it stays for a while.  I opened the widows only to find the bottom of the windows need cleaning along with the window screens from all the summer dust and bugs.

    Reorganized the kitchen moving things away from the wood stove, hoping DH will fix the pipes in case we have to use it this Winter for heating and cooking.  The kitchen looks so nice just moving a few things around made it seem larger which has inspired me do some other rooms.

    When I was given the five pounds of potatoes there was also three pounds of apples that I need to do something with soon, maybe some apple bread for the freezer to have for Thanksgiving.  I think Thanksgiving will be a sad day for us this year with family members unable to come due to this pandemic and some family that are away.

    It has been a most stressful year for my family and many other families who have lost loved ones and many who lost their homes due to the fires and hurricanes.  I sometime find myself lost in sadness and praying more for things to get better for my family and other families.


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    I finally got a new computer.  While spending so much time at home I’ve made genealogy scrapbooks for the grandkids.  What a way to trash the house.  Kept hauling more stuff out for the project till the whole room was in a mess.  My way of doing things is to spread it out so I can find what I’m working on.  Done now.

    Today I canned burritos in a jar- a recipe my daughter gave me.  You put dry pinto beans, rice, ground beef, tomato and some other stuff and spices and all you have to do later is heat it, wrap it in a tortilla and you have a meal.

    Too much to do before winter and now its 12:32 AM, so bedtime.

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    OldMt Woman

    Hello everyone.  We’re back to our normal weather.  The tomatoes are finally starting to turn orange……red soon?  We just don’t get a lot of sunshine in this location.  Having the area doused with wildfire smoke from elsewhere, adds to blocking sunshine.  Still, I’m ever grateful when it’s not OUR wildfire smoke.

    GrannyJ…an All American pressure canner is a treasure.  Yes, it is heavy but it is finely made.  Enough that it doesn’t require a rubber gasket….meaning your supply of gaskets would not run out in a time of shortages.  Like now, when no one can find jars, lids, etc.  Make sure you have an extra gasket or two for your Presto.

    MamaCando says: Getting old REALLY sucks!!!   Yes, It Really Does, doesn’t it?  Seems like every time ya turn around, you’re looking for a way to be able to do something you USED to be able to do easily.  ADAPTION and COMPROMISE seem to be the passwords right now.  Most things can be done but with different approach……or a better tool!  Or a grandkid!  LOL  Homemade things will be such nice Christmas gifts.  I’ll bet your next generations will appreciate them.  Give and take between generations is a wonderful thing!

    Corsaire….yikes.  The flooding and such for the Panhandle region must be tragic.  Wildfires in our area and crazy amount of hurricanes down in your area.  Prepping is going to become more and more popular, I think.

    Everyone stay safe as we ride out 2020….. {rolling eyes}



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    Indeed. OldMtWoman.My friend has power now. So a few days and it looks like the Gulf coast is getting another hit by Beta…

    Canned meats are now in stock at PleasantHillGrain. I havent tasted the others but the Grabill pork is scrumptious

    Except for coffee makers, household goods are scarce at the thrift stores. Pots and pans are very difficult to find.I had to pay retail for a new skillet. People are holding on to things now.

  • #29928

    Mama cando

    Hi, OMW, yes It’s adaptability time for the both of us. Just not looking forward to having DH flat on his back for a month. Told him he has to get the crutches out and practice NOW. Other wise he’ll be falling all over the place LOL. Going to have to figure out a diet for him so he doesn’t gain too much weight while recuperating. I put on about 30-40 lbs from my two back to back surgeries couple of years ago and am still trying to lose it. Got 10 off, working on the last 25-30.

    Corsaire, glad your friend got power back. Son1 didn’t lose power but due to the rain, the basement leaked, not too bad but enough that they are going to have to figure out how to keep it from leaking again. And you’re right corsaire, the thrift shops and Goodwill don’t have a lot of household goods right now. That is IF they are open, Ours just opened last month and I have a boat load of things to take there. Things I’ve been purging are clothing, holiday decor we don’t use (or need), misc. stuff,etc.

    We made it thru the first frost and it looks like we may be getting MORE peppers too, YEAH. Carrots and onions made it and believe it or not we may get tomatoes from the 2 smaller of the four tomato plants, they have flowers on them right now and they don’t look like the frost got them. just hope the weather holds out but DH thinks not. Apples are ALMOST ready to pick.Told DH we’re going to have to dehydrate a lot of them as we may not have enough lids for the jars.We’ll put the dehydrator on the enclosed deck, cuts down on the noise in the house. I just hope the vac sealer is up to it, mine is about 11 years old, just had to replace the seal ring in it recently. Works okay now but it IS getting old, been keeping an eye out for one on sale. Hoping to get one that uses the jar sealer caps I have for the old one, have seen a few comments that the new ones may need new sealer caps. Don’t really want to have to get new ones.

    Stay safe everyone.

  • #29929

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Greetings, All

    Yes, another long missive from the Cinnamon Grammy.  I have a tendency to save thing up before writing.  Grab your caffeine.

    Well, the cataract surgery is done and my eyes are healing. The bad eye is actually more focused and better than the previous good eye.   Trip to the eye doc this week to get a new prescription. I can mostly read what I am typing at font size of 12 but at 150% zoom. Still, I need glasses for reading and to fix the astigmatism. Reading glasses are not quite right for the computer. My eyes are a bit strained by the end of the day still trying to focus with and without the reading glasses. So, Thanks for the surgery! and I will appreciate my new glasses, soon!

    I still have not tried to make sauerkraut, but that may happen this year yet. There is still a large head of cabbage waiting for inspiration. I made “Rotkohl” this week. It is red cabbage with brown sugar, onions and apples that is meant to be fried. Now, it is canned and waiting to be drained and fried for a pork or other German Dinner. Still have some red cabbage left, too.

    I took advantage of my quart of canned hamburger in beef broth. Hubby accidentally purchased Andouille pork sausage when I asked for plain ground pork. So, to use it us, I mixed the sausage with some hamburger and made dirty rice. Had not had andouille, dirty rice, or used the ground hamburger before. It worked out well, I could control the seasoning since there was none in the jar. Need to can more plain hamburger.

    Woodsrunner, I like the sound of your burrito recipe. I’ll need to find the recipe. Sounds like a quick dinner and I like those.

    Granny Smith, I love my All American Canner. What size do you have? Mine is a 915; it holds 7 quarts and only one layer of pints. Yes, it is heavy, but it is stable and safe. I am able to drain it if I need to, but I usually let Hubby do that. I have a large plastic bottle which holds the right amount of water for it, so filling it is easy. It is rattling on right now canning Chow Mein. I baked a 15 pound turkey a few days ago. We had one dinner, one sandwich and the rest was made into a Turkey Mushroom Soup and Chow Mein. Looking forward to using up more frozen treasures.

    We picked up some Kabocha? Squash from the farmer’s market, also butternut and a cute little stipey thing. I love baked potatoes, meatloaf and squash dinners in the autumn, so I will try these two new squashes baked first. Then, I hope to make some squash soup. I have never canned plain squash.

    I have a lot of red potatoes. Hubby did not see that I had requested RED potatoes one week and RUSSET potatoes the next week. I’ll need to can some potatoes and/or potato soup. His screw-up is the pantry’s gain.

    Granny Smith, I just read about canning sausages online. Good thing to try. The directions said to add NO water. Water makes them spongy. If you do yours before I get to some, please let me know how they turn out. Oh, sorry. We can them for long term storage. LONG term. Forget that request. I canned some dinner sausages about a year ago, kielbasa type. I added water because it made no sense to can them without some kind of liquid. While the flavor was there, the texture really threw me off. Plus, they don’t need water with their fat content.

    Have not had a freeze, yet. Shhhhh. I’ll keep harvesting the broccoli leaves until after frost and have plenty of greens over the winter for stir fries or it is stir frys. I blanched and froze some, others I will dehydrate and try adding some to dishes like, omelets, etc. I planted some mustard green seeds and I think that was a mistake. They really have a bite. What do I do with them? Still no peppers this year on a dozen plants. Weird. Our local farmer who raises delicious sweet corn has not brought any into two for the last two weeks. The cooler weather and (smokey) cloud cover have kept the corn from ripening. I wonder if I will get to make Corn and Black Bean Salsa this year.

    I have noticed the lack of jars and flats in the local stores. I am happy to be a prepper and purchase jars during the winter, and a box of flats each week when I go to the store. No canning problems for this gal. I can, punny, at least do one thing right.

    Hubby has been doing the repairs around the house. Slowly, but surely. He looks and is fit for 81, but does not have the drive I wish he did when he was younger. There is so much to do. I have fits and starts also. Some days I feel organized and on hyper-drive and other days, I am happy to get up to make dinner.

    We chose to stay home yesterday and NOT attend our little neighbor’s 4<sup>th</sup> birthday party. It was just supposed to be relatives, 15 – 20 is what her dad, Matt, our fantastic helper said. Well, that was too many and people that, while I would like to get to know, I Don’t Know or where they have been. I’ll make a date to see her when it is just us. I need to make more masks for her because she is now in preschool and needs them. Plus, for her mother who is also working at the school.

    We are also seriously thinking about NOT having a traditional thanksgiving dinner. We have always had our joined families come the week BEFORE Thanksgiving so we can spend all day together and they can visit the other relatives on TDay. Last year with one grandson in college, we managed to do it the day after T Day. This year? One son and son-in-law are working from home so they are safe.   Not so excited about having people here who have been in school. Two Grands are in a hybrid situation and their mother has chosen to work at the school since her job was eliminated last Spring. A para-professional is still exposed to many, too many, people. And the college kid? North Dakota S.U. is doing ok, but…At least he can stay in his dorm room and take classes in isolation. He says he goes outside for walks to get exercise and fresh air. He still needs a ride to and from school to come home for the holiday weekend. Is it worth it? We have Zoom meetings nearly every week. Tough decision.

    While the canner is doing its thing, I must do mine. Clean up the mess from canning 12 meals of a sweet unstuffed pork and cabbage dinner, 7 quarts of turkey mushroom soup, and the 6 chow mein that are in the canner. No more canning until I clean up my current mess. Right? Right.

    Mama Cando, I hope the census workers have success and safety.

    Be careful everyone. I hope you are safe from the wildfires and the heavy smoke-filled skies. That you have power, your basements are not flooded, and there are no trees on your houses. These are certainly interesting times, as the old “blessing” goes. With more interesting times to come in the next few months. We hope to stay home and away from civilization as much as possible.

    Stay healthy and safe.

  • #29932

    Mama cando

    Thanks Cinnamon Grammy, Looks like DH may not do this portion of the census work, one they haven’t called him as to when to report and second, his knee is really acting up.Friday can’t get here too soon. Hoping the set of shots he’ll get will do the trick.  As for those mustard greens, you can dehydrate the leaves and use them in chili or other recipes when you need a just little bit of a kick. And dried will make a great mustard plaster for the chest or any other area that may need a little heat, IE sore muscles. Just remember not to leave it on too long. I think my grandmother used to put a little sugar in the pot when she cooked them but I could be wrong. She’s been gone this 30 years, just wish I had been more attentive and learned more from her and wrote things down.

  • #29934

    grannyj smith

    cinnamon grammy

    I know the canner came from Lehman’s, but I don’t know the size or cost.  I may have to use it for canning for the one I want is still not in stock and I really want to try canning some sausages and chicken. The first week of October I have challenged myself to do start canning at least one different food per week.

    Sure wish Daisy would start a new challenge for this forum in October.


  • #29935

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Granny Smith.  If you look at the lid of your canner, it will have a number on it near the handle.  The number indicates the number of quarts of water it will hold.  So, my 15 would need 15 quarts of water if I were to fill it with just water.  It does not mean I can put 15 quart jars inside.

    The number will just tell you what you can do with it as far as how many pints and quarts, etc.

  • #29936

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Mama Cando,  I’ll try that with the mustard greens.  We are not into spicy foods, so a little will go a long way.  I’m not planting them next year unless I figure out what to do with the ten plants I have this year.  Keep your Census Worker’s knee safe.

    I blanched the broccoli greens to use in stir fries, plus the bok choy.  Checking the peppers there are some finally growing, although they are quite small.  There is hope yet.

    Talk to you all later.


  • #29937

    grannyj smith

    Cinnamon Grammy

    Thanks for the info on the canner, I found a sticker on the canner and it states 910, so I went online and found it to be a ten quart canner. I found a video on YouTube on how to use the canner and have the Instructions & recipe booklet for the canner, so maybe canning will turn out ok.

    Lots of rain bands moving over from TS Beta and lost electric a couple times Monday and Monday night, just be happy to see Beta move out from us.


  • #29939

    OldMt Woman

    GrannyJ….don’t know if you know:  With the heavy All Am. canners, don’t try to carry them filled from the sink or to dump them afterwards.  If the weight is a problem, fill them with another container and empty the same way.  Good luck!

    Hope these crazy tropical storms slack off for those of you in the Gulf region.  What a year!

    Fall weather is holding in the mountains.  It’s getting pretty with color.  Leaves fall off quickly tho…..and then….WINTER.   Course we’ve had a taste of that early this year.

    I’m pushing a bit to ramp up my stamina again.  Have had illness [not COVID, thankfully] and injury both this year.  That’s very unusual and I’ll be glad when I’m back to my normal functioning!!!  Been doing the morning in-bed stretches that Daisy introduced in our Sept’19 challenge.  I think sometimes I hear creaking!!!  Hmph….battle the encroaching age.

    OldMtWoman  Nite all.

  • #29949

    grannyj smith

    Our back porch faces the West toward the road which is a problem,  for when we are on the back porch we are visible from people passing the farmhouse.  DH build a gate on the back porch that we keep close and use it for the smaller kids when they are on the back porch with us, I have never let any of my kids younger or older on the back porch or yard unless I or dh are outside.

    Yesterday I put up a no trespassing sign on the gate because people would just come on the back porch, some we don’t know and have seat in one of the chairs as if they were invited.   I want my family safe from this virus and I want my home and family safe, but people don’t understand and just continue to stop at the farmhouse when we are on the back porch. My next step is to fence the front of the farmhouse and have a locking gate,  DH says I am over reacting that these people are just friendly in the country, I don’t think I am over reacting.

    This cooler weather has my chickens laying eight eggs a day now, with one chicken laying the largest egg I have ever seen, so we are overloaded with extra eggs at this time and don’t know what to do with them.  One lady at the church has been helping a few families that need extra food during this pandemic so I may ask her to take some and give them to these families also.

    October is almost here and I will be shopping for enough sausage to do ten half pint jars to start with.  I have read that canned sausages makes good sausage gravy.

    I have decided to use the apples that was given to us for making apple jelly some apple jelly and next week I want to try canning some ham from a ham that has been in the freezer for a while, the kids love sweet potato biscuits with smoked ham & apple jelly, oh my goodness am I getting ahead of myself with trying to can.


    • #29950

      Crow Bar

      There is a difference between being friendly and trespassing.
      And I think people should know better then to just assume they can take a seat on your porch.

  • #29951

    grannyj smith

    I took the three pounds of apples and came out with four half pints of apple jelly and I am happy because I was able to save this food and make something out of it that will last and we will enjoy.  It took a little longer to get to the jelling stage because I cut back a little on the sugar.

    The way food prices are rising and the coming food shortages we are going back and trying to do things that the  grandfather did on this homestead.


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