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    Well ladies and gents, for many of us, while not official winter is here!
    Got about a foot of snow yesterday and last night.

    So what better to keep the chill at bay than a bowl of homemade soup!
    This month, try making a homemade soup (or stock) and post it here. Let us know not only with what and how you made it, but what inspired you to make that particular soup.

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    Fun assignment! I love soup all times of the year but especially I guess when weather gets a bit chilly. As I live alone and don’t want tons of soup left over, I’d especially appreciate soup recipes creating only two servings. Perhaps there are others on the forum who face the same challenge. I know soup sometimes gets better the second day but it can get old fast if too much remains. Thanks

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    @ Muffy,
    Just me and the wife so I have to “adjust” sizes accordingly or we too end up with 27 quarts of soup!
    So I am looking at a French onion, or maybe a seafood/crab/shrimp bisque first. Busting out them cook books!

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    Just freeze the soup in boil proof ziplock.  It last for months and takes minutes to warm up.


    Right now a shoulder bone from a lamb is in pressure cooker with 1 gallon of water 3 tbsp salt (black Pakistani himalayas salt) 2 cloves of garlic and two diced onions.


    By tomorrow evening 30 min before meal cool till I can take off lid add 4 cups of chopped potato 1  carrot 1 bay leaf add 2 cups of winter mellon and 1/2 bag of baby Shanghai bok choi boil at low pressure for 20.mins serve with toasted cheesy bread

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