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    We are not going to get it. Anyone that knows the Bible end times, may just know what this really is. And besides it takes a good 2 years to make a vac. Not a few months. I don’t think they could force it on you to get it. But anything is possible with the far left. They will have to show me in the constitution that the vac. is mandatory.

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    I never in my wildest dreams ever thought I would live to see what is happening to my freedom, my rights as an American. I’ve already thought through this “forced vaccination” idea and KNOW I will NEVER agree to being vaccinated. I’ve never had the flu and I’ve never in my entire life had a flu vaccine. Whatever vaccine they rush to market would probably kill me very shortly. There will be the tyrants’ ways of forcing folks to yield, such as “you can’t buy or sell” unless you have evidence of being vaccinated. At my age I don’t worry about those matters. I’m nearing the finish line of my race which has been long and interesting and I’m a Christian unafraid of death. But who I do pray for are my children and grandchildren and all of you out there who will really have to struggle to survive if you don’t want vaccinations, or tattoos, or whatever might be conceived to force you to bend to their will.

    So this is what I think, Namelus. Be blessed and have a great day.

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    In Florida they can if its in the interest of public safety. Check your state laws.

    In regards to the medical mafia; I have had appts scheduled without my permission. I went in for a simple recheck of thyroid levels only to find out I was having a physical. Both I fought. I was also badgered about the flu shot. Oh that depression questionnaire. Was given it twice, handed it back not filled in twice. Was tempted to put in “I feel sad when I am given a questionnaire which is obviously sponsored by big pharma” Apparently it is sponsored by Pfizer.

    Gonna be fun.

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    We have been getting our regular flu vac. from the friend that goes to our church. She always brings in the vaccine to give to anyone that wants it. So we have been getting that at church. She is not going to bring any Corvid vaccine to the church for anyone. Not trusting this vaccine so no one will get it.  As for being forced on us, that is a whole new ball game as if any of us go into hospital, they will ask if we had it and give it to us even if we refuse. So my answer might have to be yes we got it at church. Though we really won’t be getting it. Don’t know how they are going to know if it was reg. flu injection or corvid vac. I won’t tell them which it was. Play the game of duh, yeah I did get it.

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    Crow Bar

    Someone pointed out, I think it was Tucker Calson, that they do not have a vaccine for SARS, or any other of the coronavirus family and they have been working on those for years.
    I am not expecting to see one any time soon.

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