They should sell gas mask next to the onions!

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    OMG my eyes and I wasn’t even cutting them. I’m in the other room. Who in their right mind figured out these noxious things were edible?

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    Crow Bar

    I have been told to put an onion in the fridge for anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes prior to cutting.
    Supposed to keep the fumes down.
    Or was it the freezer?

    I cannot say, as we keep our in the pantry that is usually much cooler.

    The type of onion may determine the noxious.

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    We have tried the freezer, fridge, running water, the works. Today was major onion, pepper cut cook day. It’s a rough day. I was breathing through a washcloth and still choking LOL. I love my husband, I love my husband but dear lord I hate those onions and peppers!!!

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    Wolphene Howlett

    I saw the title of this topic and just had to come see what was going on! I’ll share a story about me and my kids from a few decades ago. I, too, tend to get beat up by those doggone onions. If I’m cutting onions, I try to do it in batches so its not a daily suffering. So, one day I rummaged through the kids’ toy boxes to find a pair of swim goggles, snorkle and their plastic swim fins. I waited until just before they got home from school and slipped on the gear and started dicing the onions. They came through the door and I turned to look at them and greet them with a wave of my hand as they came into the kitchen. They shrieked and laughed so hard when they saw me and instantly knew why I had their stuff. The kitchen was practically clouded with onion fumes and they had to run out immediately, laughing all the way. So that is how I won the Onion War, at least for that day.

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    LOL I think, minus the snorkel, we may have tried that! My husband cuts up huge amounts on onions and peppers at once to cook and freeze for some of this meals later in the week. This was our cutting day. He is picky about how his stuff is cut and cooked so he makes his own, no problem for me :), and I just reheat it later. It was rough for a while but we survived!

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    xtron jones

    if you think onions and peppers are bad, try horseradish. defanantly do that stuff out on the poarch.

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    I’m thinking about making my husband fresh horseradish, one day.

    I grow some hot peppers for my husband and when they go to the dehydrator it gets plugged in outside and stays out there until the drying is done. At the height of the season I was filling up like 6 trays of peppers every other week after he sliced and seeded them. My utility room was intense for a while!

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    xtron jones

    an alternative storage method that works for me is to shred the onions in a food processer, and freeze them in 1/4 cup containers. after they are frozen, you can pop them out of the container and store them in a freezer bag. each 1/4 cup is about 1 onion. if you don’t have containers that small, or want smaller amounts, ice trays work well too.

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    I keep my onions several different ways depending on how I am going to use them. Freezing them can get tricky if they are strong smelling and I have ruined containers, or rather made them onions only containers before.

    I’m not sure what happened the last time I used a processor to cut up my onions but I ended up with an onion goo, still usable but rough to figure out LOL.

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    Old Goat

    Onions, garlic and hot peppers

    Did 10 pounds of Onions and about the same with the garlic this summer for the dehydrator. If you are just starting out dehydrating them remember to do it (the dehydrating) out doors because of the neurological effects on pets (and people) of the liquids when done in large amounts.

    I love the swim goggle thing my grand kids and kids would laugh their buts off! I’ll have to try that just to see the reaction.

    Haven’t tried horseradish. I’ll have to give this a whirl, we don’t use a lot of it but some would be good.

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