This might be an opertunity for someone to move out of city

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    Stewards of redwood forest offgrid


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    Crow Bar

    Even pre0-protests/riots, there was a new trend with Work From Home to leave the cities.
    One young lady took a 25% pay cut to leave the Silicon Valley area to move to Salt Lake city. Despite the cut, the lower cost of living she could afford to live.
    Read another one where a guy move three house to the East to a small town in the Sierria Nevadas. Same thing.

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    Josefina Arenas

    Thanks for sharing, namelus and CB…I think after people have worked at home for a time, this kind of thing will become much more common.  We are all re-examining what it takes to really live, and it’s not all the suburban stuff.

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    I think these articles go along with that:

    “Wealthy buyers reportedly in ‘mad rush’ to leave San Francisco”

    “As U.S. Cities Crumble, Demand For Rural And Suburban Properties Is Soaring”

    As U.S. Cities Crumble, Demand For Rural And Suburban Properties Is Soaring

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    All the super rich have their bunkers ready…. the two near here are full.


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      Crow Bar

      That would be the 1% or the 0.1%.

      What about the other 9% that makes up the rich 10%?
      I am talking about the ones in the Hamptons and the like.

      How hard is it to plug the air intake valve and bury the entrance with a few tons of dirt?
      Where is their comms antenna?

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    It’s fully self contained including aire scrubbing and cleaning like a submarine with hydroponics…..


    The perimeter is miles from site and it’s burrowed into mountain and valley. The security door is 2 feet thick and where there are escape tunnels I am sure won’t be easy to find.


    Best you could hope for is to loot the top surface stuff but I am sure they thought of that… probaby gun placements that would make it costly…


    Their problem will arise from how they treat others… a revolt… already in town most won’t sell to them.




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    wish I was able to move out of here, but to old for that and DH with his issues is impossible to do. But I do wish I could find someone trustworthy help me build a root cellar. I can’t do it by myself and if it could be done site unseen and hard to find in yard. I would do that to try to at least hide somethings like food and ammo, etc. But no one around here that I know of that I could hire to do it without asking questions. Though I would just say it is for hurricane and tornado seasons.

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