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    James Mitchner

    Most of us have a tool box.  We don’t depend upon the same tool all the time.  As the job changes we use the appropriate tool for the job.  During a bank “holiday” when the doors are locked and the ATMs and CCs don’t work, cash is the appropriate tool.  PMs may be also, but to a lesser extent since most businesses are not set up to accept PMs as payment.  But, individuals may be.  Another appropriate tool at that time.  If food/fuel and other necessary items become scarce or even unattainable, then barter items will be the proper tool, backed by what preps you have managed to stock.  But it will be a mistake to think that those who have been pulling the economic strings all along have gone away and will not be demanding debts be paid in some fashion.  You can bet they won’t be suffering physically or financially like we will.  Some medium of exchange will appear.  We just don’t know what it will be.  You can be certain that once the new economy surfaces using the new currency, PMs will still hold their value.  Another sure bet is that a government, whatever shape it will take, will still be in power at some level.  In essence, Joe S the Rag Man down the road may not want silver as payment since his needs are much more basic.  But you can bet that the emerging robber barons that always surface will want it.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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